Try It All Trophy

  • Try It All


    Hit yourself with every possible weapon.

    Quite simply, hit yourself with every weapon that it is possible to do so - this equates to missiles, slime and the saw. This is cumulative and does not have to be done in a single race. You can check your cumulative progress by going Main Menu > Career > for Statistics. You'll need the Harakiri medal for catching your own saw, Rocket Jump medal for catching your own missile and Wet Confusion for catching your own slime. You will more than likely pop this trophy naturally during the career. If not, it's simple to get any of the missing medals. For the saw, simply shoot the saw off a wall where you know it will rebound back onto you (offline party with 2 controllers works best for this). For the missiles, shoot one and then immediately boost. If you do not ram into it, it will redirect it's target as you and hit you anyway. For slime, use the same tactic as the saw. You can also hit your own stationary slime for this to work.

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