360 NO SCOPE Trophy in BlazeRush

  • 360 NO SCOPE


    Do a NO SCOPE, while doing a 360.

    How to unlock 360 NO SCOPE

    A 360 NO SCOPE is achieved by hitting another racer with your autogun as you are spinning in a 360. There is a medal of the same name which will pop in the top left of the screen when you achieve this. This one is highly likely to unlock during career but if you somehow don't have it, then it can be done in party with 2 controllers easily. Make sure one racer has the saw and one racer has the autogun. Go to a nice straight piece of track where there are no height differences between the vehicles. Have the vehicle with the saw hit the other, sending you into a 360 degree spin, then immediately press to shoot the autogun. If even one bullet hits the other racer, the trophy will pop.

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