That's Not Gonna Stop Me! Trophy

  • That's Not Gonna Stop Me!


    Drop a slime while in the lead.

    The description for this isn't very clear but basically you need to be in the lead, shoot slime and then run into it yourself for this trophy. There is a medal of the same name as the trophy which will pop in the top left corner of your screen when this happens. This is another trophy which will most likely unlock over the course of the career. However if it doesn't, it can be done in party mode. Go into the lead and find some slime (they look like small canisters with a green liquid inside), turn towards the wall and shoot by pressing , bouncing the slime onto yourself. The trophy will pop immediately.

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  • not popping for me. any ideas?
  • get a boost, then boost into the slime. that's the best way to get it i think

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