200 Trials Trophy in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

  • 200 Trials


    [Ranked Match] Fought over 200 battles.

    How to unlock 200 Trials

    You must play 200 Ranked matches online win or lose. You can do this by yourself, you can play normally and fight back or you can just stand there and let the other player pound on you, which ever you prefer. However if you decide you want to boost this and get it done faster then follow the method below.

    Boosting Method:

    Go into the online menu and select Custom Ranked Matches, it should pull up a list of players who are searching the list just like you. You and your boosting partner must find each other on that list and challenge each other, if someone tries to interrupt you then you can back out and try again. In your match you want to follow the same steps from “Warrior“.

    If you are looking for someone to boost with please refer to the following link: Trophy Boosting Thread

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  • Need help boosting! Online ID: RIVERA_Jon
  • I need help with this trophies,i will help you back. Add me: MonkeyKuroRZ
  • The trophy for 100 popped at 185 anyone else have issues like this?
  • i don't need help anymore thanks!!.

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