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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4.5/10
  • Offline trophies: Base Game: 45 (38, 4, 3); DLC: 6 (6)
  • Online trophies: Base Game: 6 (4, 1, 1); DLC: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Story Mode, 5 Abyss Runs, 1-10 Unlimited Mars Runs, 500 Challenge Trials, 24 Highlander Runs
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, PS3/4 and Vita versions stack
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None Available


With a two year gap spanning the release of “Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend” in America, Arc System Works has released the next turning point of the Blazblue series: Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma. Introducing a host of new characters, stages, game mechanics, and an entirely remixed soundtrack, Chrono Phantasma promises something to enjoy for 2D veterans and newcomers alike.

Trophy wise, if you’re familiar with Blazblue trophies this is about what you’d come to expect from a Blazblue title. You have your standard “character specific” trophies that are tied to completing a certain action with a character and trophies for completing certain tasks in all of the game modes, but there are very few trophies associated with online play this time around. In terms of difficulty, this one of the more tamer platinums in the series, but Highlander mode and completing 500 challenges will definitely be obstacles to keep an eye out for on your road to obtaining the platinum.

Game Mechanics:

With the arrival of Chrono Phantasma comes a few new game mechanics. Don’t worry though, most of the game mechanics from Continuum Shift Extend have remained intact. The main new mechanic that was added is called “Overdrive”. Overdrive is activated by pressing “ + + + ”. Doing so will put your character into a “powered-up” state for a few seconds (duration is dependent on the amount of health you have) and will also freeze the timer. But do know that activating your Overdrive will not let you use your “Break Burst” for a period of time until the gauge replenishes gradually.

On the subject of Break Bursts, there are no longer “Gold” or “Green” bursts, nor do you receive two per game. Lastly, Crush Trigger is an attack that breaks a guarding opponent’s defense (ineffective against barrier guard). For reference, you will be using Overdrive for: Driven to Win, Driven To Succeed, Rolling Blackouts, Galactical!, Difficulty Does Not Scale and This Is The Nail That Will Pierce The Heavens!, and Crush Trigger for The Most Wonderful Thing About Triggers and I've Got A Crush On You. Because of this, you should become familiar with the aforementioned mechanics as soon as possible.

Input Notation:

Input notation is used in fighting games like Guilty Gear, Persona and Blazblue to convey combos and inputs in an organized fashion, since writing down move names isn't visually appealing. In this guide I will reference moves in this format a few times; if you don't know how to read it, reading input notations is as follows:

1 = Left + Down
2 = Down
3 = Right + Down
4 = Left / Back
5 = Neutral / No input
6 = Right / Forward
7 = Left + Up
8 = Up
9 = Right + Up
J = Jump
ODC = Overdrive Cancel

Patch 1.1 Note:

The latest version of Chrono Phantasma is 1.1, a balance patch that has affected all of the playable characters in one way or another, either from a change in damage values or a change in a character’s move list. Because of this, make sure you have this patch downloaded as some of the combos and methods to obtain trophies that worked in the 1.0 version (base version) of the game may not work in the 1.1 version.


Due to Blazblue being a fighting game, you are free to approach the trophies in the order you feel most comfortable with, but I will detail the route in which I believe you can obtain the platinum most optimally.

Step 1: Tutorial Mode + Training Mode

The first thing you should do before playing any other mode is complete the Tutorial mode, as you’ll be introduced to the game’s more intricate mechanics and overall have a better understanding of the game once you’ve completed it. Even if you feel that you’re prepared from playing Continuum Shift Extend or a later title, Chrono Phantasma has a different “feel” to it than the other titles in the series: and you may need to adjust accordingly. If you don’t need to then feel free to skip the tutorial lessons. Afterwards head to training mode and practice with a character you like for 30 minutes, primarily because of the trophy tied to it and secondarily because finding a “main” character that you know how to play with will make playing and beating some modes easier.

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies:

Hello World!
This Will Be On The Test
Practice, Victory, Friendship!

Step 2: Story Mode

The next step is to complete the Story Mode so that you can unlock Kagura (assuming you didn’t buy him as DLC) and Highlander Assault Mode, since you’ll need those for trophies later on. The Story Mode of Chrono Phantasma is comprised of three separate story arcs: Six Heroes, Sector Seven, and Chrono Phantasma. The story mode is considerably long, lasting about 8 to 10 hours if you don’t skip any of the cutscenes or skip all of the dialogue. If you want to skip cutscenes press (default layout); if you want to skip over dialogue entirely press start, go over to “Text Skip" and choose “All Text”. Now by holding down you can skip cutscenes and dialogue, bringing you to fights more quickly. Chances are you won’t be familiar with most characters in the game, so I suggest choosing Stylish Mode when the game first brings it to your attention when you first start story mode. If you ignored the prompt, go to “Story Select” while in story mode and press to enable it. The CPU’s difficulty can also be changed, so it would be to your advantage to do so.

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies:

To Be Continued…
And the Story Goes On…

Step 3: Character Specific Trophies + Astral Heat Trophies

From this point forward you’ll be focusing on all of the offline content that the game has to offer, though I would suggest completing all 24 of the character specific trophies just to get them out of the way so you don’t have to worry about them later. Remember that these cannot be done in training mode, so it’s best to do them in Versus mode with a second controller instead of the CPU. Since you’re in Versus mode you may as well finish up all of the Versus mode related trophies by using every character’s Astral Heat, using Amane’s Astral Heat on all of the male characters, and using Relius’ Astral Heat on all of the female characters. Make sure you’re keeping track of which Astral Heat you’re doing on who, as it’s pretty easy to forget if you aren’t keeping track.

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies:

Number of the Black Beast
Blizzard Warning
Chamber Music
Hurricane Rachel
Gone In 62 Seconds
Air Traffic Control
Mahjong, Mahjoff
This Is The Nail That WIll Pierce The Heavens!
The Grand Finale
Did She Fire Six Swords Or Only Five
Out Of Sight
Difficulty Does Not Scale
More Like Kusonagi
There Wolf
Why Don’t You Have A Seat Over There
Reproducible Results
Sweet Sixteen
Cash In Your Chips
Rolling Blackouts
Your Weakness Is Your Weakness
Black Suits Men Best
I’ve Got A Crush On You
Astral Neat
All Mine
It’s Time For Science

Step 4: Offline Cleanup

At this point you’ll be tasked with dabbling with the rest of the game modes: clearing 5 stages in Abyss Mode, Arcade Mode, Score Attack Mode, etc. You should also work towards any miscellaneous trophies that didn’t fall into any of the categories that I described above such as Burst Your Bubble and Throw Me A Bone Here. If you have any questions or need tips for some of the offline modes, refer to the respective trophy in the trophy guide.

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies:

Who’s Got Next
I Think You’ve Hit The Ceiling
Attack On Highlander
Combo List
Ikaruga Tour Guide
P$ Can’t Buy Everything
Driven To Succeed
Driven To Win
The Most Wonderful Thing About Triggers
Throw Me A Bone Here
Burst Your Bubble

Step 5: Online Mode

All that’s left now is to do a few things in the Online Mode. This includes: watching a Replay, editing your “D-Code”, reaching level 11, winning a Player Match, and fighting three battles in the Lobby Mode. Once you’ve done all of these things you will have unlocked the Platinum; congratulations!

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies:

Please Turn Off Your Cellphones
Talk Of The Town
Level Elf
Don’t Hate The Player
Lobbying For Change
Phantoms Of Time

Step 6: Terumi DLC (Optional)

Terumi is a DLC character that can be purchased on the PSN store for 7.99 USD, and his trophies are pretty easy to obtain. You will be required to beat arcade mode using him, finish 20 out of 30 available challenges, and use all of his Distortion Drive attacks in one round. If you’re having difficulty meeting the requirements for Combo List, you may want to consider doing some of Terumi’s challenges: as they lean towards the easier side in terms of execution.

See Setsuna's DLC Trophy Guide for more information.

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies:

Get On My Level
How Engaging

Step 7: Kokonoe DLC (Optional)

Kokonoe is a DLC character that can be purchased on the PSN store for 7.99 USD, and much like Terumi her trophies are also a breeze to obtain. Terumi and Kokonoe share the exact same Arcade and Challenge mode related trophies, the only difference being you need to perform a combo that does 10,000 damage for her last trophy. After completing this step along with all of the above steps, you’ll be among the mere hundreds to earn the 100% for Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma.

See Setsuna's DLC Trophy Guide for more information.

At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies:

Took You Long Enough
Shocking… Positively Shocking
Final Fusion, Overload!

[PST would like to thank Monarch for this Roadmap]

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma (Vita) Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

57 trophies ( 48  37  )

  • Mastered BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.

    After obtaining all of the below trophies (except the DLC trophies) you will unlock the Platinum. Congratulations!

  • [Tutorial] Finished the BlazBlue Tutorial.

    The tutorial in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma consists several segments, each of which come with a specific number of lessons that teach the player about certain things in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. While we would advise you to pay attention to these lessons as they provide helpful and key information for playing the game, you can skip the dialogue and actions by pressing start when dialogue pops up and when you’re prompted to perform a certain action. Once you’ve finished all of the tutorial lessons, the trophy will unlock.

  • [Arcade] Finished Arcade Mode.

    In Chrono Phantasma, Arcade Mode is the story mode from the original arcade version of the game that consists of eight stages instead of ten as in the previous games. You can make the process of unlocking this trophy faster by changing the number of rounds to 1, and if you have Kagura unlocked/Kokonoe and Terumi downloaded, you can also stack this with their respective arcade mode trophies. Once you’ve defeated the final opponent of the Arcade Mode stage, the trophy will unlock.

  • [Score Attack] Finished Score Attack with more than 200,000,000 Points.

    In Score Attack, you obtain points by completing certain actions such as Break Bursting, using a Distortion Drive, or even obtaining a Perfect. This trophy can be difficult, as getting 200,000,000 points without relying on a number of the bonuses that I listed above is nigh impossible. The best way to earn the trophy would be to ensure you’re doing the following:

    • Whenever you have Overdrive available, use it.
    • Always end every round with a Distortion; doing so for every round of all the ten matches will almost ensure you’ll reach 200 Million by the end of Score Attack.

    If you’re not comfortable with a character yet, I would advise picking a character like Ragna or Jin and using “Stylish Mode”. While in Stylish Mode, combos are done for you automatically by pressing or repeatedly. It will even throw in a Distortion provided you have the Heat for it. While this strategy is more augmented with Terumi since he gains Heat at an incredible rate (and therefore is able to use Distortions five or six times in one round), it is still possible to reach 200 Million points without him.

    At the end of Score Attack mode you will receive a 600,000 completion bonus. If you don’t have at least have 199,400,000 by the time you defeat your final Score Attack opponent, you will have to restart. Once you’ve finished Score Attack mode with more than 200,000,000 points, the trophy will unlock.

  • [Unlimited Mars] Defeated 10 foes.

    Unlimited Mars is a mode where players will fight against stronger versions of the game's default roster from the original launch of the arcade version of the game. Like Score Attack, there are three courses players can select: Route A, Route B, and Route C.

    Thankfully, you do not have to complete a course, as you will need only need to defeat at least ten opponents to unlock this particular trophy. You can exit out of Unlimited Mars and fight the same opponents you have fought until the trophy is unlocked, but we highly advise that you take Route A as Noel and Jin are fairly easy to deal with in this mode. Once you have defeated your tenth opponent, the trophy will unlock.

  • [Training] Trained for over 30 minutes consecutively.

    In order to obtain this trophy you must practice in training mode for over 30 minutes; leaving the system on and idle with training mode up will not unlock the trophy. Though if you have a turbo controller or “rubberband” it, the trophy can be earned while idling in that regard.

  • [Challenge] Executed over 500 challenges.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to finish at least 500 challenges in challenge mode. This mode deals with having the player perform moves in different situations, such as basic moves, crush trigger combos, and advanced combos. Each character has 30 different challenges that they can do, all of which are described below:

    • #1 - #10: Basic Moves, Specials, Distortion Drives, and Astral Heats
    • #11 - #19: Basic combos
    • #20: Combo into Astral Heat
    • #21 - #24: Intermediate combos
    • #25: Crush Trigger damage combos
    • #26 - #29: Advanced combos
    • #30: Character-specific situational combos

    In addition, if you have Terumi and Kokonoe downloaded, you can also do their challenges to unlock their respective trophies while going for this one as well, but be sure to refer to the roadmap for more information regarding Terumi and Kokonoe.

    If you’re having trouble meeting the requirements for the 500 challenges, I would suggest you rely on the DLC characters, as with them included that makes a total of 26 in-game characters, meaning you would need to only do the first 20 challenges for all of the characters to unlock the trophy.

  • [Abyss] Finished 5 dungeons.

    In Abyss Mode, the game shifts towards an “RPG” type of play. You can adjust your stats such as speed, power, and heat, obtain items, and most importantly explore “dungeons”. Dungeons are basically enemy gauntlets; you start out fighting a regular opponent, but every two hits you do advances you closer towards a “boss”.

    Once you reach the twentieth floor of a dungeon, you’ll encounter a boss who is essentially just a powered up version of a regular enemy. Once you defeat a boss, you will be given an opportunity to take an item or increase your stats. For the sake of this trophy it would be best to focus on items and stats that increase your damage or defense, keep a close lookout for Aura’s as they offer great stat boosts.

    Once you’ve cleared five dungeons, the trophy will unlock. If you’re having difficulty trying to clear dungeons, it doesn’t hurt going back to previously cleared dungeons and grinding for more items and stat boosts; they’ll help you clear other dungeons faster in the long run.

  • [Gallery] Unlocked 50% of the Gallery.

    There are four sections of the Gallery: Illustrations, Videos, Sounds, and Items. On the top right of the screen you can see your total progress in percentage for each section, making it easy to tell how close you are to obtaining this trophy. This is a trophy that you should save for last, as you’ll have a lot of P$ from clearing Story Mode and other trophies. You should be aiming to only buy the cheapest items at first, as you’ll be able to get closer to the 50% requirement this way. Once you’ve unlocked 50% of the gallery, the trophy will unlock.

  • [Replay Theater] Watched the first Replay.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to watch a replay in the Replay Theater for the first time. Depending on your settings you can either save replays after a match by pressing , or they will save automatically.

    Once your replay has been saved, you should head on over to the Replay Theater (found under "Gallery") and start whichever replay you have saved on your HDD. The trophy will be unlocked once the selected replay has started.

  • [Network] Edited your D-Code.

    Your D-Code can be accessed by going to “Network > D-Code Edit”. From here you’ll see a number of things you can edit such as your character icon and Avatar. Make changes to any of these things and the trophy will unlock.

  • [Network] Reached Level 11.

    Levels are only assigned by playing Ranked Matches; more specifically, “Rank Up” matches against opponents. Once you win a Rank Up match you’re deemed “Level 1”; you must then win 10 more Rank Up matches in order to reach Level 11. If you’re having difficulty finding or winning matches, refer to the boosting thread.

  • [Network] Won a Player Match.

    For this trophy, you will need to win a player match for the first time. Player matches come in many different varieties online, such as the classic match/spectating rooms, free-for-all, and online training mode, but this trophy will only count towards your victory in either match/spectating or free-for-all matches. Once you’ve won your first player match, the trophy will unlock.

  • [Network] Fought 3 battles in the Lobby.

    Depending on the version you are playing, there are two different ways to unlock this particular trophy.

    In the PS3 version of the game, you will need to complete at least three different matches in the new arcade lobbies. But if you are playing the Vita version, you will need to play at least ten network matches across player and ranked matches, since arcade lobbies were removed in the Vita version. Once you’ve fulfilled the respective condition depending on your game version, the trophy will unlock.

  • Unleashed a character's Overdrive.

    For this trophy, you will need to activate overdrive for the first time during a match. This can be done by pressing + + + at the same time.

    While in Overdrive, characters will gain new properties, such as Ragna utilizing Blood Kain, Bang activating Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan, and Jin freezing his opponents with sword normals and specials alongside his drive attacks.

    The timer will also freeze while Overdrive is active, but the duration on how long Overdrive will last will depend on how much health the player has left over (for example, if you have a high amount of health, then Overdrive will only last a few seconds, but if your health is low, then the effects will last longer). Once you’ve activated Overdrive, the trophy will unlock.

  • Won a match with an Overdrive finish.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to win a match using an Overdrive finish for the first time. This occurs whenever the player defeats the opponent using a Distortion Drive while Overdrive is active. Once you’ve ended a round with an Overdrive finish, the trophy will unlock.

  • Used the Crush Trigger over 100 times.

    Crush Trigger is activated by pressing “ + ”; use this 100 times to unlock the trophy. Note that it doesn’t have to break the opponent's guard for it to count towards the trophy, so feel free to use it any time you have the required 25 Heat.

  • Escaped 100 throws.

    A throw escape occurs when you press “:triangle: + ” during the time frame when there’s a green arrow above your head. This can be obtained much easier against a second controller in Versus mode; just have them grab you repeatedly as you escape it. Once you’ve escaped your 100th throw, the trophy will unlock.

  • Executed all Astral Heats.

    An Astral Heat is a finishing move for each character that can only be performed once the following conditions have been met: Opponent’s health is at or lower than 35%, you have 100 Heat, and it’s the final round of a match.

    To earn this trophy you must use every character’s Astral Heat. To ensure that you don’t lose track of what character’s Astral Heats you’ve used, choose a character from one side of the character select screen and move towards the other side. Once you’ve used every character’s Astral Heat, the trophy will unlock. (For information on how to make this grind progress faster, refer to All Mine)

  • Welcome to the world of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma!

    This trophy will be unlocked upon starting up the game for the first time.


Secret trophies

  • [Highlander Assault] Defeated the monster with all characters.

    In order to obtain this trophy, you must complete Highlander Mode with every character in the game (DLC characters do not count towards this trophy). Highlander Assault is a special mode that is unlocked after you complete the "True Ending" of story mode. Highlander Assault could be considered a Boss Rush type of mode; you're pitted against the final boss of the game and must defeat it with various characters in order to win. Of course, in comparison to the Story Mode fight, there are quite a few differences.

    Firstly, your character will not be enhanced by and you cannot select "Unlimited Mode" while in this mode. Secondly, the health values will be put on a much larger scale than what it normally is: this goes for both you and Take Mikazuchi. And lastly, while you're free to use most of your moves, Astral Heat isn't permitted here (but Take can still Astral you, so watch out for that).

    The only way to seriously harm Take is to attack it while it is charging up it's beam, if you successfully stop it from charging the beam it will fall over and reveal its core, giving you a chance to inflict serious damage. If you fail to stop it then the beam will do severe damage to you regardless of whether you were blocking or not.

    For a more advanced understanding of Highlander Assault mode, please refer to the Highlander Supplement Guide.

  • [Story] Watched episode 1.

    See "And the Story Goes On..." for more information.

  • [Story] Watched all episodes.

    You will need to complete Story Mode to its entirety in order for this trophy to unlock. Unlike past games, Story Mode is split into three different scenarios (Six Heroes, Chrono Phantasma, and Sector Seven) instead of individual character stories. Once you have watched and played through all of these story arcs, the trophy will unlock.

    Note that you’re free to skip most cutscenes and dialogue by pressing start during a scene, going to “Text Skip” and selecting “All Text”. Now you can skip everything in a matter of an hour or two by pressing “ and Yes” except for battles and “dialogue choices”. Regarding these choices, if you’re stuck in story progression and can’t figure out how to advance, you most likely have to choose the opposite dialogue in order to advance the story.

  • Penetrated Bang's guard using a Crush Trigger.

    A Crush Trigger is executed by pressing “ + ” when you have 25 Heat. Go into Versus mode against a second controller and make your opponent Bang. When the round starts, gain 25 Heat, then hold “” for the second controller while you use Crush Trigger against Bang, breaking his guard and unlocking the trophy.

  • Missed a Break Burst.

    A Break Burst is activated by pressing “ + + + ” while you’re in hitstun. A Break Burst can only be “missed” if you burst a projectile like Jin’s “236” or if your burst is baited by an opponent.

    To make this trophy easy, go to Versus mode against a second controller and pick Nu-13 as the second player. When the round starts, have the second player press and hit you with . Break Burst immediately after you’re hit and the trophy will unlock.

  • Used Amane's Astral Heat on all male characters.

    In order to earn this trophy, you must use Amane’s Astral Heat (input:22) against all of the male characters in the Blazblue cast (including Amane himself). Here is a list of the characters you should Astral, in order, as it’s much easier to keep track of who you have Astralled if you’re moving from one side of the character select screen to the other:

    • Relius Clover
    • Hazama
    • Hakumen
    • Ragna The Bloodedge
    • Iron Tager
    • Azrael
    • Amane Nishiki
    • Jin Kisaragi
    • Arakune
    • Carl Clover
    • Platinum The Trinity
    • Valkenhayn
    • Bang Shishigami

    An easy way to get these Astrals out of the way would be to set the Versus mode rounds to 1, go to Versus mode against an idle controller and beat up Amane to around 1% health. From there, his Heat will automatically build over time. Once it’s at 100, use his Astral against the male opponent and move down the list. Once you’ve Astralled the final male character, the trophy will unlock.

  • Used Relius' Astral Heat on all female characters.

    The input for Relius’ Astral Heat is “214214”. In order to obtain this trophy you must use this attack on all of the female members in the cast which are listed in order below:

    • Mu-12
    • Makoto Nanaya
    • Taokaka
    • Bullet
    • Litchi Faye Ling
    • Noel Vermillion
    • Izayoi
    • Rachel Alucard
    • Platinum The Trinity
    • Nu-13

    Once you’ve used his Astral Heat on all of the above characters, the trophy will unlock. For tips on making this grind faster, please refer to All Mine.

  • Dished out 666 damage using Ragna.

    Fitting of the proclaimed “Black Beast”, you must deal a combo worth exactly 666 damage to an opponent in order to earn this trophy. This may sound near impossible at first glance, but it’s not too difficult. Go into training mode against an idle second controller, attack the second player with 3C then wait for about 2 seconds, stand over their body while they’re still on the ground, and press 22. If this is done correctly, 22 should have red beated and done exactly 666 damage earning you the trophy. (Credit to QuantumMercury for the method).

  • Hit the opponent with Jin's Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm) over 9 times in one round.

    Jin’s Snow Flower Storm has changed from past games (mash ) to 22. You must hit the opponent 9 times with this attack in one round in order to obtain this trophy. The attack doesn’t deal too much damage, so you shouldn’t have any trouble worrying about the opponent dying before you’re done. Once you’ve hit the opponent with Snow Flower Storm for the ninth time, the trophy will unlock.

  • Performed a counter hit using Noel's Type XVII: Chamber Shot.

    As of Chrono Phantasma, Noel has acquired a new special attack called Type XVII: Chamber Shot (236). In order to earn this trophy, you must counter hit an opponent using this attack.

    While you could take your chances repeatedly using it against a CPU hoping to get a counter hit, it would be best to go to Versus mode against a second controller and have the second player hold (crush trigger) while you hit them with 236, counter hitting them and unlocking the trophy.

  • Used Rachel's Silpheed ability over 20 times during a round.

    Rachel's character specific trophy requires the player to use her drive Silpheed, which allows Rachel to manipulate wind to move her, the opponent, and any projectiles she summons in eight different directions by pressing her drive button along with a direction. For this trophy you must use Rachel’s Drive 20 times in one round.

    Rachel can only hold up to four charges of Silpheed at one time before she has to wait for all of them to recover before she can use her Drive again. To make this trophy pass more quickly, go to Versus mode against a second controller and lower Rachel's health to near zero, use her first four stocks by pressing 5 or 2, then activate Overdrive (increases the rate of Silpheed recovery). Continue wasting wind as the gauge recovers and on your 20th consumption the trophy will unlock.

  • Knocked the opponent out with Taokaka's "Aerial Dancing Edge!!" with 62 seconds on the clock.

    Taokaka’s Aerial Dancing Edge is executed by inputting j.236236 or simply J if you’re using “Stylish Mode”. In order to earn this trophy you must defeat the opponent using the above Distortion while the timer is on 62 seconds.

    To make this easier, lower Taokaka’s health to near zero and activate Overdrive immediately when the timer hits 62 seconds. Doing so will give you a more generous time frame to input the round winning Distortion. When you defeat the opponent with it while the timer is on 62 seconds, the trophy will unlock.

  • Hit the opponent with Tager's Air Driver 3 times during a round.

    Tager’s Air Driver is executed by inputting J.360 or simply if you’re using “Stylish Mode”. Since you can’t make the CPU jump, we would advise using a second controller in Versus mode and “rubberband” it by placing it upside down analog stick first so that it makes the opponent jump repeatedly. Grab the opponent with Air Driver three times in one round to unlock this trophy.

  • Counter hit the opponent with Litchi's Nine Gates of Heaven.

    Litchi’s “Nine Gates of Heaven” is her Astral Heat (only usable with 100 heat and during the final round of a match), which is performed by doing 5 (staff set) > 214:square > 46. To earn this trophy you must counter hit the opponent while you’re attacking them with her Astral.

    The easiest way to achieve this would be to go to Versus mode with a second controller and hold down (crush trigger) while you’re doing the Astral Input. Successfully counter hitting the opponent will earn you the trophy.

  • Executed a 100+ hit combo using Arakune.

    To obtain this trophy, you must perform a combo that does over 100 hits with Arakune. While Arakune is not normally a combo oriented character.

    This trophy can be easily achieved with the following method: gain 100 heat, lower your health to near zero, activate Overdrive, use 23236 twice. Doing those steps will net you a combo of 107 hits, unlocking the trophy.

  • Knocked the opponent out with Bang's Overdrive ver. Ultra Technique: "Hyper Shadowstep Strike".

    As of Chrono Phantasma, Bang has acquired a new command grab called “Ultra Technique: Hyper Shadowstep Strike” (236236). To earn this trophy, you must defeat your opponent using this Distortion. Note that this Distortion can only be used when you have 50 Heat and all four of Bang’s seals active. You obtain the four seals by doing “5, 6, j., and 2. After defeating the opponent with this Distortion, the trophy will unlock.

  • With Carl, knocked the opponent out using Cantabile followed by Fermata

    In order to unlock this trophy, you must defeat your opponent with a combo of: “623 > hold 214214 release ”. If you’re not familiar with how Carl plays, then this combo may seem strange once you first attempt it but don’t worry about it too much; you can blue beat the combo and still earn the trophy. Once you’ve defeated the opponent with the above combo, the trophy will unlock.

  • Dealt over 10,000 damage using Hakumen.

    Hakumen is a character that is infamous for high damage combos, and fittingly for this trophy you must perform a 10K combo that does not “blue beat”.

    To make this trophy a lot easier, you should use the “negative warning” debuff that attaches a damage multiplier to the opponent. Negative warning can be obtained from either back dashing away from an advancing opponent for too long, or by using up all of your barrier gauge. Go to versus mode and pick Tager, make Tager get a negative warning and then perform the following combo: (in corner) charged 6 > j.214 > j.214 > JC > j. > 5 > ODC > 5 > 623146 after performing the following combo the trophy will unlock.

    For a visual reference, please refer to the below video:

  • Used all of Nu's Sword Summoner abilities during one single combo.

    Nu’s Drive is comprised of her firing swords angled at different degrees depending on the direction pressed along with the drive button. For this trophy, “abilities” actually means all of her D “normals” (not special attacks), so you only need to use all of her D normals in one combo in order to unlock the trophy.

    Perform the following combo in Versus mode against a second controller: 214~ > 5 >6 > 2 > 4 > 22 > 2 > 4 > JC > j. > j.2. After doing the final combo, the trophy will unlock.

    For a visual reference, please refer to the below video:

  • Used all of Tsubaki's "D" version special attacks in a single combo.

    A core part of Tsubaki’s Drive mechanic is being able to enhance her special attacks by using the “D” version of them, provided you have the appropriate amount of stocks. In order to unlock this trophy you must use all of the “D” version of these special attacks in one combo, go to Versus mode against a second controller and gain 50 heat and acquire 5 stocks to perform the following combo: “214214 > 421 ~ 236 > 623 > j.236 > j.214 > 236 > 214 > 22 .

    For a visual of this combo, refer to the video below:

  • Knocked the opponent out with Hazama's Overdriver ver. "The Serpent's Unholy Wrath".

    As of Chrono Phantasma, Hazama has obtained a new Distortion Drive called “The Serpent’s Unholy Wrath” (input: 214~632146), which is a command grab. In order to obtain this trophy you must defeat the opponent using the Overdrive version of this distortion. It is much easier to idle with a second controller in versus mode than to rely on the unpredictable nature of the CPU. Once you have defeated an opponent with the Overdrive version of this super, the trophy will unlock.

  • Used the Ikutachi Blade over 10 times in one round.

    As of Chrono Phantasma, one of Mu-12’s new moves is called “Ikutachi Blade” (input:62314). In order to obtain this trophy, you must use it ten times in one round. Note that you don’t have to successfully hit your opponent with the move in order for it to count towards the trophy

  • Hit the opponent with all Lv.G attacks in one round.

    Makoto’s “Level G” attacks are only accessible via her Overdrive mode. For this trophy, you must hit the opponent with every single one of Makoto’s Drive Attacks; this includes her Distortion Drive’s and Astral. Here are a list of all of the moves you must use in order to unlock this trophy:

    • 5D
    • 2D
    • j.D
    • 236A~D
    • 623C~D
    • 46~D (parry must successfully hit in order to use followup)
    • 214A~D
    • 214A~C~D
    • 214B~D
    • 236D
    • 236236D
    • 623146D
    • 236214D

    Contrary to the the trophy description, you don’t have to do all of these moves in one round, so long as you do them all before the match is over. Be sure to keep in mind what moves you have and haven’t done across the rounds though, so you don’t waste your opponent’s health on a move you’ve already done.

    To earn this trophy smoothly: take a second controller to versus mode, set the round time to infinite, and choose Tager as your opponent. Take your health down to as low as it can go without dying, then use Overdrive to start having moves count toward the trophy (Overdrive will automatically regenerate at a faster rate, so stay put once it’s expended). The first thing you should try to get out of the way is Makoto’s parry “46~D”, as it can be hard to time it against yourself. After that’s done you can do the other moves in any order you want; after you use her Astral in the second round, the trophy will unlock.

  • Dominated your opponent using Valkenhayn.

    Valkenhayn is a technical mode change character that requires high execution and a great understanding of the game to use; as a result it would be best to use Stylish Mode when going for this trophy. In order to obtain this trophy you must receive a “Perfect” (condition: don’t get hit) round when fighting against an opponent. Since even a CPU set to “Beginner” level is prone to hit you at least once, it’s best to obtain this with a second controller on idle. When you complete a Perfect round, the trophy will unlock.

  • Successfully executed Happy Magika 3 times in one round.

    One of Platinum’s new moves is a charge move called Happy Magika that serves as a counter attack if the opponent hits you while you’re doing it. Happy Magika is performed by holding for about 2 seconds then pressing + . In order to count towards the trophy, the opponent must hit you while you’re doing it and get hit with the counterattack. Because of this, if you’re trying to do this against the CPU it may be to your advantage to increase the CPU difficulty to make them more aggressive. Once your opponent has been hit with Happy Magika’s followup three times, the trophy will unlock.

  • Used Geara Lugia 10 times in one round.

    Relius' character-specific trophy requires him to use his new Geara Lugia special at least ten times in one round.

    Geara Lugia can be done by tapping twice and pressing either , , or . Each of the three buttons allow a Sawblade to pop out from the ground in a different position, all of which are as said below:

    • - Sawblade appears close to Relius
    • - Sawblade appears midscreen between Relius and the opponent
    • - Sawblade appears far away from Relius; useful if the opponent is far away from him.

    We highly advise measuring the distance between Relius and the opponent before performing each one of the three versions of the move before executing it (example: If Relius is close enough to the opponent, then use the version, but if his opponent is far use the version.

    Once you’ve used Geara Lugia ten times in a round the trophy will unlock. Note that the attack doesn’t have to hit the opponent for it to count towards the trophy.

  • Gathered 16 charges of Izayoi's Zero-Type Gauge in one round.

    For Izayoi's character specific trophy, you will need to acquire at least sixteen charges in her Zero-Type Gauge within at least one round of the match. Izayoi gains 2 charges by successfully hitting an opponent with an attack that gives her a charge, and 1 charge if an opponent blocks an attack that gives charges. Here are a list of all the command moves that give Izayoi charges:

    • Sonic Sabre: 236
    • Crusade Seraphim Gamma: 236
    • Crusade Seraphim Beta: 236
    • Crusade Seraphim Alpha: 623
    • Aegis Blade: 623
    • Noir Edge: j.236

    My suggestion would be to use 236 until you’ve maxed out all available charges (can only hold up to eight charges at once), then deplete your charges using 236 until you can no longer use it anymore. Max out your charges again using 236 and you will have reached your total of 16 charges, unlocking the trophy.

  • Used Amane's various drive attacks to chip the opponent down to victory.

    Amane’s Drive allows him to deal a significant amount of chip damage to his opponent while they’re guarding, but the amount of chip damage that he does is dependent on his chip level (located above his heat bar). Get his chip gauge up to level 3 by using his command move “236D (hold)”, but don’t charge it over level 3 or else it will go back down to level 1. Once you’re at level 3, make sure your second controller or a boosting partner is blocking and chip them out by pressing or the drive button. Once you’ve won the round by chipping your opponent out, the trophy will unlock.

  • Knocked the opponent out with Bullet's Overdriver ver. "Blackout".

    One of Bullet’s Distortion Drive’s is a multi-staged command grab where the final stage is called “Blackout”. In order to obtain this trophy, you must input all three inputs for the command grab and successfully land the final stage of the command grab, Blackout, while in Overdrive mode. The full input is as follows: 720 A > 720D > 1080D (these are rotation motions, both of which require Bullet to be at level 2 in her heat up state).

    If you are having trouble using these motions, switch to Stylish Mode and press after every part of the Distortion. Once Blackout has successfully defeated the opponent, the trophy will unlock.

  • Landed a Black Hawk Stinger with Azrael while both of the opponents' weak points were active.

    Azrael's character-specific trophy requires you to use his Black Hawk Stinger super on the opponent while both of their weak points are active.

    To activate a weak point, you will need to attack the opponent with Azrael's drive (The Terror), which can done by pressing . Depending on which direction is pressed, a high or low weak point will be added (for example, attacks like and Valiant Crush () will give the opponent a high weak point, while attacks like and Hornet Bunker () will give them a low weak point instead).

    Once you have applied both weak points and have 50 Heat, hit the opponent with Azrael’s Black Hawk Stinger Distortion ( ) and the trophy will unlock.

  • [Arcade] Finished Arcade Mode using Kagura.

    In order to unlock Kagura Mutsuki, you will need to complete Story Mode for the first time, provided you didn’t just purchase him from the PS Store. Kagura is a slow but hard hitting “charge” character. If you don’t want to learn his combos by playing Challenge Mode, we would suggest using Stylish Mode and setting the CPU difficulty to “Very Easy” to cruise through Arcade Mode. Once the credits start rolling after you defeat the final opponent, the trophy will unlock.

DLC: Yuuki Terumi

3 trophies


    Secret trophies

    • [Arcade] Finished Arcade Mode using Terumi.

      For this trophy you must clear Arcade Mode with Terumi. Self-explanatory, to make this easier on yourself you can use Stylish Mode if you don't want to learn how to use Terumi as well as switch the settings to best out of one round and beginner difficulty.

    • [Challenge] Executed over 20 of Terumi's challenges.

      For this trophy you must complete 20/30 of Terumi's challenges. Challenges 1-20 are all simple and should easily be obtained.

    • Used ALL of Terumi's Distortion Drives in one round.

      For this trophy you must use all of Terumi's Distortion Drives in a single match. Terumi has a lot of distortion drives compared to other characters in the cast, all of which cost 50% each (one costing 100%). Here are the distortions as follow:

      • Jakyou Messenga (41236C air OK)
      • Gouga Soutenjin (623B air OK)
      • Orochi Burensen (63214B)
      • Ouja Zanrouga (236236A)
      • Jabaku Fuuenjin (632146D)
      • Jarin Renshouga (236236D)

      You can do this with a second controller or a friend online or against a beginner level CPU and abuse the 100% meter from taunting. It would be advised to do this under best out of 5 round settings to give yourself more time and life to complete trophy.

    DLC: Kokonoe

    3 trophies


      Secret trophies

      • [Arcade] Finished Arcade Mode using Kokonoe.

        For this trophy you must clear arcade mode with Kokonoe. Self explanatory, to make this easier on yourself you can use Stylish Mode if you don't want to learn how to use Kokonoe as well as which the settings to best out of one round and beginner difficulty.

      • [Challenge] Executed over 20 of Kokonoe's challenges.

        For this trophy you must complete 20/30 of Kokonoe's challenges. Challenges 1-20 are all simple and should easily be obtained.

      • Dished out over 10,000 damage using Kokonoe's Golden Tager.

        For this trophy you must deal 10,000 damage with Golden Tager using Kokonoe. For Golden Tager you must go into overdrive and use "Final Fusion Authorized!" (2363214C) which requires 100% heat. Go into arcade mode and taunt for an easy 100% heat go into Overdrive and do the following input; 2363214C > Hold C+rotate stick.

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