• Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10 (greatly skill dependent; Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Trophy Breakdown:51 (38, 10, 2, 1)
    • Offline trophies: 44 (35, 7, 2)
    • Online trophies: 7 (3, 3, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 50+ hours (greatly skill dependent; Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Story Mode/Remix Heart Gaiden/Highlander Assault/Score Attack/Online Mode/Arcade Mode
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: Trophy lists are separate between PS3/PS4 and Vita
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats


BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend is an updated version of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma that was originally released in Japanese arcades as “Version 2.0” on October 8, 2014. This version of the game adds Celica A. Mercury to the roster along with the return of Lambda-11, a character whom previously replaced Nu-13 in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. This version also includes balance changes and brand new content such as “Remix Heart Gaiden”, Extend stories, and customizable player rooms.

Trophy wise, this game is harder when compared to its predecessor, which was easier, with challenge mode now proving to be more of a challenge than before, going for more practical stuff. Despite this, some of the trophies featured in the game are easier than their counterparts in Chrono Phantasma, while retaining some of the more practical tasks such as those found in Tsubaki’s and Hakumen’s respective trophies.

Button Configuration:
For those who play fighting games with a standard PlayStation 3 and/or PlayStation 4 controllers, or any fightpad, here are the default settings for the controls in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend:

A (Light Attack):
B (Medium Attack):
C (Heavy Attack):
D (Drive Attack):
A+B (Crush Trigger):
A+B+C+D (Overdrive/Burst):
Function 1:
Function 2:


Like most traditional fighting games, all trophies in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend can be earned in any order that the player may wish unlock them in, but while there are easy trophies that players can obtain, there will also be some difficult trophies that players will pack up a challenge for. Unlike the original version of Chrono Phantasma, there is no trophy that one can obtain for starting the game up for the first time.

Tutorial Mode
In this mode, players new to the BlazBlue series can learn about the traditional gameplay systems found in traditional fighting games, features that are unique to BlazBlue, and character-specific techniques. The following trophy will be unlocked upon completing this step:

Lesson Is More

Training Mode
In training mode, players can practice or learn specific character combos, matchup strategies when going against one character, etc.

Additionally, unlike the previous games, you cannot unlock a trophy for spending a specified amount of time in the game’s training mode; but rather dealing a specific total amount of damage this time around. Once this step is complete, the following trophy will be unlocked:

Impersonal Trainer

Challenge Mode
This time around, Challenge mode now packs up a challenge going for more practical (and harder) challenges when compared to the previous version of Chrono Phantasma, such as the removal of basic challenges (such as learning character moves, distortions, astrals, etc.) and the addition of expert challenges similar to those seen in the Persona 4 Arena games.

Each character also has 20 challenges each to complete instead of 30 like in the previous title. The following trophies will be unlocked upon completing this step:

Bread and Butter
Frame Advantage

Score Attack Mode
Unlike the previous game, where you will need to complete score attack with a specified amount of points, you will now need to clear Score Attack mode at least once to unlock its trophy.


Arcade Mode
Arcade Mode follows each character’s own unique stories that are seen in the original arcade version of the game. Like in the previous version, you will face off against eight opponents as you fight through to the final stage, which has a different boss depending on the character that you are playing as.

This mode will also come in handy for any character specific trophies you are attempting to earn (See "Other Misc. Trophies" for more information). You will unlock the following trophy by the time you clear Arcade mode for the first time:

Just a Taste

Story Mode
Like the original Chrono Phantasma, The main Story Mode has three different parts told from the perspectives of Ragna the Bloodedge, Sector Seven, and the Six Heroes. In addition, Chrono Phantasma Extend adds three new "Extend Stories" that follow from Kokonoe, Kagura, and Bullet's perspectives, revealing more of their backstories that fans have never seen before.

In addition to the Extend Stories and the main Story, Chrono Phantasma Extend also includes eight new gag reels called "Extend Gags", and "Remix Heart Gaiden". Once you have completed this step, the following trophies will be unlocked:

Look Forward To It
Ample EX
Heart To Heart
Gag Order

Abyss Mode
Abyss Mode works the same as in the original version of the game, where you will face off against a different set of opponents as you progress through it and strengthen your character with the following attributes:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Heat
  • Speed

In addition, you can also equip passive abilities to help your character reach down lower depths easier and face off against stronger opponents. Defeating an opponent that appears every twenty floors will grant you the ability to increase any of your stats, gain new abilities, obtain more P$, or go down even further depths.

Six Education

Highlander Assault Mode
Unlike the original game, where you had to defeat Take-Mikazuchi with the entire cast of the game (excluding Terumi and Kokonoe), you will need to defeat the Gigant at least once this time. If you are familiar with fighting against Take-Mikazuchi in the original Chrono Phantasma, you will be familiar with its attack patterns, and what characters are better suited for this mode as you fight against it.

Easy There Big Fellow

Unlimited Mars Mode
As opposed to defeating at least ten opponents like you would in the original Chrono Phantasma, you will need to do the opposite of that, which is to start up the mode at least ten times.

Martial Law

Gallery Mode
This mode will be one of the two portions of the game where you will be spending your hard earned P$ at, such as: illustrations, unlimited characters, additional character colors, and old stages from previous BlazBlue games.

Your Guest Is As Good As Mine
Unlimited BlazBlue Works
Patron Of The Arts

Network Modes
All Network Modes in Chrono Phantasma Extend work the same way as in the original, in addition, Player Match lobbies have been given a visual overhaul and now resemble those of the 64 player lobbies from the original Chrono Phantasma, but are customizable and limit up to eight players. Also be sure to also check out the Trophy Boosting thread if you are in need of a partner.

And The Winner For Best Picture…
These Go To Eleven
Make This House A Home
Howdy Stranger
Good Neighbor

Other Misc. Trophies
The usual cleanup phase, this will be useful for cleaning up any trophies that you may be missing on your way to obtaining the platinum, such as trophies you can unlock from each of the game’s twenty eight characters, all of which are different for each of them. In addition, all trophies in this step can be obtained in Versus mode for easy self-boosting.

Nanomachines, Son
Freezing Reign
Original Flavor
Air Apparent
The Tao of Tao
Tag, Er It
Please Sir, Can I Have Some More
Black Bug Shooter
Bang Theory
The Finale
Order Up
If You Only Nu
I Am The Law
Hazama Unchained
Stein Alive
Good Grief
Tooth and Claw
Marital Bliss
Knight Rider
Curtain Call
Game of Throwns
Gale-Force Wins
I Get A Kick Out Of You
Alternate Takes
Good Idea
Fully Extended

[PST Would Like to Thank MikelAL93 for this Roadmap]

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend (PS3 & PS4) Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

51 trophies ( 10  38  30  )

  • Mastered BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend.

    Once you have unlocked all of the game’s trophies, you now have excelled upon a new level of the BlazBlue lore! Be sure to brag about your shiny BlazBlue platinums to your friends while you’re at it!

  • [Tutorial] Finished the stylish and beginner lessons in Tutorial Mode.

    Select “Tutorial” mode and play through all the “Stylish” and “Beginner” lessons, you can also skip any and all dialogue/text necessary by pressing Start/Options. By pressing FN2 (L2), you can also skip performing any moves during gameplay as it is entirely optional and you will still clear the lessons either way.

  • [Training] Dealt a total of 100,000 Damage.

    Unlike previous games, where the training mode trophies will unlock after a certain period of time; you will now have to deal a total of 100,000 damage to the training dummy for this trophy to unlock.

    Thankfully, you can change the options in training mode under “Basic Parameters 1” to allow the player to use an Astral Heat to make the process easier by setting Player 2’s MAX HP to at least 35 or lower and with Heat Gauge Settings kept at 100. Afterwards, do the command for that character’s Astral Heat and repeat the process until the trophy unlocks.

  • [Challenge] Completed 50% of all challenges.

    In BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend, there are a total of 560 challenges for the player to complete for each of the game’s twenty eight characters, but in order to meet the requirements to earn this trophy, you will need to complete at least 280 of them, so about half of the challenges. An easy way to unlocking this trophy, is to clear the first ten challenges for all of the game’s characters.

    Each character in the game has a total of 20 challenges each, all categorized as listed below, but if you feel that a challenge for a specific character is hard, feel free to skip that challenge and move onto the next one:

    • #1-9 - Beginner Combos
    • #10 - Combo into Astral
    • #11-14 - Situational Combos
    • #15 - Crush Trigger Damage combos
    • #16-19 - Advanced Combos
    • #20 - Expert Challenges (Different for each character)
  • [Challenge] Completed 100% of one character's challenges.

    You will need to complete all twenty challenges for any one of the game’s characters for this trophy to unlock. We recommend to play as Iron Tager since we feel that he has the easiest challenges to complete, especially since he does not have any real combos aside from having some that are easy for beginners to learn.

    For the solution to his twentieth challenge, please refer to the video and combo transcription below (you must have Overdrive active in order to do this combo):

    (Video courtesy of MajutsunoIndex)

    - → (Fatal Counter) - →↓? - - → - jump ↓ - - - → - ←?↓?→ - - → - ? - →↓? (must whiff opponent) - - →↓? - ←?↓?→ - ↓?→↓?→ - ↓?→↓?→ follow up - ←?↓?→

    If you are having trouble with a specific character’s challenges, head on over to the Challenge Mode Help Thread for tips and tricks on any challenge(s) that you are having trouble with.

  • [Story] Completed the main story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Like before in the original Chrono Phantasma, just complete the entire story mode again within three different scenarios, each will come with a different number of chapters that you can play through:

    1. Six Heroes - Six Chapters
    2. Chrono Phantasma - Nineteen Chapters + Prologue
    3. Sector Seven - Eight Chapters

    Once you complete the main story of Chrono Phantasma, not only will you unlock this particular trophy, but you will also unlock “Highlander Assault” Mode.

  • [Story] Completed the EXTEND story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    The Extend Story in Chrono Phantasma Extend expands upon the backstories of Kagura Mutsuki, Bullet, and Kokonoe in three different scenarios:

    1. Extend Story: Kokonoe “Collision” - Ten Chapters + Prologue
    2. Extend Story: Kagura “Determination” - Five Chapters
    3. Extend Story: Bullet “The Rat” - Three Chapters

    In the case of this particular trophy, it will unlock regardless if you have completed any one of the three endings to the Extend stories, as it will not matter one which one you do last, or which one you want to start on first.

  • [Story] Completed the Remix Heart story.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to complete the entirety of the Remix Heart story. It is another set of new storylines that were added in Chrono Phantasma Extend alongside of the new Extend stories.

    This story consists of two episodes that are split into two parts and follows the adventures of Mai Natsume and Kajun Faycott, two characters from the BlazBlue: Remix Heart manga that are students from the military academy who are classmates of Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, and Noel Vermillion:

    1. Episode 1: “The Case of the Difficult Duty!”
    2. Episode 2: “The Case of the Spooky School!”
  • [Arcade] Completed Arcade Mode.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to complete Arcade Mode at least once with any character in the game’s roster.

    To make this process faster, go to the “Options” tab of the main menu and select “Game Options”; once you’re there, change the “Number of Rounds (Arcade)” to 1 round to win, as the difficulty and Time Limit do not matter at all to meet the requirements towards earning this trophy.

  • [Abyss] Completed stage 6.

    Each difficulty of the courses in Abyss Mode has a different number of depths that the player will go through, with a boss every 20 depths you go down. All difficulties and the number of depths they have each are as listed below:

    • Easy (Stage 1) - 100 depths
    • Normal (Stages 2 through 6) and Hard (Stages 7 and 8) - 200 depths
    • Hard (Stages 9 and 10) - 300 depths
    • Infinity - Number stops at 100,000; but will continue regardless of the player reaching that number.

    Simply complete the Abyss stages from 1 through 6 with your best character, while leveling up your character along the way with stats (ATK/DEF/HET/SPD) and skills (uses a “cost” function).

  • [Score Attack] Completed 1 course.

    There are a total of three courses in Score Attack Mode, but for this trophy, you will need to complete at least one of the three courses.

    Each course in Score Attack consist of ten opponents that the player must fight against to compete for a high score in the leaderboards. The characters that the player will face off against are different for each course, and all ten matches will consist of two rounds each.

  • [Unlimited Mars] Fought in 10 matches.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to start Unlimited Mars mode at least ten times, which means that you do not have to do any actual fighting, but rather pause and exit back to the main menu after each match you start in Unlimited Mars. Be sure to repeat this process until the trophy unlocks.

  • [Replay Theater] Watched a replay.

    To watch a replay, you will first need to save it after the end of each match by pressing , followed by going to the “Collection” tab of the main menu and selecting “Replay Theater”.

    Once you are there, select a replay that you have saved and the trophy will be unlocked once it starts. In addition, if you have the following options set to “Allow” in the “Network Options” (found under the “Options” tab in the main menu), your replays will be saved automatically regardless of what network mode you are playing on:

    • Saving Replays (Ranked)
    • Saving Replays (Player)
    • Saving Replays (Spectating)
    • Saving Replays (Replay Room)
    • Saving Replays (Lobby Match)
  • [Gallery] Unlocked all of the Unlimited characters.2

    Unlocking Unlimited forms from the “Gallery” will cost you P$3,000 each, (P$84,000 for all 28 characters), if you have bought the Unlimited DLC along with Terumi and Kokonoe character DLC from either the PS3/Vita version installed from the original BBCP, then all that’s left is just to unlock Celica and Lambda’s unlimited forms for a mere P$6,000 total. (This does not work on the PS4 version since the original BBCP never had a PS4 release.)

  • [Gallery] Spent P$ 100,000 in Gallery Mode.

    Regardless of system, you’ll start with $25,000 in P$ to spend the first time your run BBCP: Extend, you can also earn more P$ by playing through various modes. Any unlocks spent in Gallery mode are cumulative to your total, meaning that you do not have to have 100,000 all at once to meet the requirements towards earning this trophy.

  • [Gallery] Unlocked the "Guest Illustrator" category.

    Guest Illustrations are artwork that are done by artists that are not affiliated with Arc System Works. They usually have different art styles when compared to those found in official art done by employees of the company.

    As the description says, you will need to purchase your first Guest Illustration for this trophy to unlock, as each illustration in that category will cost P$2000.

  • [Network] Leveled up to level 11.

    This is only done in Ranked Match in Network Mode, leveling up in ranked is no longer tied to the character, but now on your profile. You can reach level 11 within about 20 matches won (and about 40 together within your boosting partner).

  • [Network] Made some changes to your room.

    Simply go to “Save Changes” under “My Room” and the trophy unlocks as is.

  • [Network] A player joined your room.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to have another player join your room in a player match for the first time.

  • [Network] Used a default text string in the lobby.

    NOTE: Despite what the description says, this trophy can only be done in the 64-player online lobbies and not in a player match lobby room.

    To use a pre-set custom message, you will need to press the button and select a message from each of the four categories. You can switch between message categories by pressing either or , and all four will come with a different quantity of default messages. The trophy will be unlocked once you have sent a message that you want to send from any of the four categories, all of which are listed below, for the first time:

    • General - 19 messages
    • Matches - 15 messages
    • Request - 26 messages
    • Others - 13 messages
  • [Network] Collected a set quantity of items in the Player Match room.

    To purchase items for your Player Match room, you will need to go the “Network” Tab of the main menu and select "Player Data". Once you're there, you will need to select "My Room Settings" and select "Change Furniture".

    Afterwards, select which part of the room's walls or floor that you want to edit. Each item you want to purchase to customize for your player room each has their own unique prices in P$, all of which are described below:

    • Windows, Wall-clocks, Tapestries, Gold/Silver/Bronze Awards, Posters, Wall Decorations, Mirrors, Plushies, Panels, and Plants - P$1000 each
    • Dressers, Lamps, Wall Decorations, Rugs, Doll Sets, and Holiday Sets - P$2000
    • Mecha Tager Statue, Mini Kushinada's Lynchpin, Mini Monolith, Beds, Table Sets, and Cakes - P$3000
    • Black Golden Tager Statue - P$10000
    • Golden Tager Statue - P$30000
    • Arcade VEWLIX - P$298000

    You will need to purchase at least forty two or more pieces of furniture (which means you will need to have at least P$42000) for this trophy to unlock. Just make sure that you buy a certain amount of P$1000 items, namely wall items like windows, posters, wall-clocks, etc.


Secret trophies

  • [Story] Completed the additional gag reels.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    There are eight brand new gag reels added to Chrono Phantasma Extend known as “Extend Gags”, which can be unlocked upon completing all three of the new Extend stories for the first time. All Extend Gags are listed below:

    1. EXGAG1 - “Terumi, Let’s Start a Band!”
    2. EXGAG2 - “Thank You for the Meal -Azrael”
    3. EXGAG3 - “Bullet the New Recruit”
    4. EXGAG4 - “The Legendary Blue Silvervine”
    5. EXGAG5 - “Celica’s First Errand”
    6. EXGAG6 - “The Blue Eyes - Phantom Theif”
    7. EXGAG7 - “The Clover Residence Part Deux”
    8. EXGAG8 - “Amane-Dition”

    After you completely finish your last gag reel (you can watch them in any order you see fit), you will now have this trophy unlocked.

  • [Highlander Assault] Completed the Highlander Assault Mode.

    Highlander Assault is a mode returning from the original version of Chrono Phantasma that has the player taking on Take-Mikazuchi. It is unlocked once you complete the main story of Chrono Phantasma Extend for the first time.

    In Highlander Assault, each character has their own strengths and weaknesses when against Take-Mikazuchi; and when taking it on, be sure to remember its attack patterns and how you can protect yourself from them. Once you have defeated Take-Mikazuchi with the character of your choice, the trophy will unlock.

    We highly recommend using Hakumen since his C/ attacks (most notably his jump ) have good range and can transform three of the orb-like projectiles Hades Izanami creates into a void that can damage Take-Mikazuchi once it makes contact with them. In addition, Hakumen's Empty Sky Form: Summer's Advance (→?↓?←→; when fully charged) can easily stop its charging cannon super and temporarily stun it, since his C attacks can deal damage to its core.

  • Regenerate a total of 100,000 HP with Ragna.

    As Ragna, his drive (Soul Eater) lets him restore health during matches. This can be done by doing any moves that require using “D”/ and any direction and certain special moves as well, his distortion drives will always give him health back too. You’ll earn this naturally if you’re playing as Ragna frequently.

  • Land all Jin's "D" Special Attacks in a single match.

    As Jin, you’ll need to perform all his “D”/ special attacks, which uses 25 heat each and consist of ↓?→, →↓?, ↓?←, Air ↓?←, and the follow up to Snowstorm (↓↓) -> .

  • Defeat Nu, Mu, and Lambda using Noel.

    You will simply need to defeat Nu-13, Mu-12, and Lambda-11, while playing as Noel Vermillion to unlock her trophy.

  • Stayed airborne for a total of 100 seconds using Rachel.

    As Rachel, and as this is cumulative, you’ll have to keep yourself in the air for a total of 100 seconds. this can be earned rather naturally as you’ll jump with Rachel frequently. You can also simply parasol (Hold “C”/) your way and use her drive (“D”/ in any direction) to keep her afloat, more or less the same way from the CT’s trophy variant “Spoonful of Sugar”.

  • As Taokaka, hit every character with Cat Spirit: Encore!

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to attack all twenty eight characters with Taokaka’s “Cat Spirit: Encore!” follow up attack, which can be done by pressing while doing either “Cat Spirit One!” (↓?→) or “Cat Spirit Three!” (↓?→).

    If Taokaka does hit the opponent with said follow up, an item will drop from the character (examples include pixelated food from either Nu-13 or Mu-12; meat buns from Litchi; and a rice ball from Bang), and depending on the item, her face will have two reactions, which indicate that she either likes, or dislikes the food or item that she ate after it falls from the opponent. Be sure to repeat this process with the rest of the cast until the trophy unlocks.

  • As Tager, successfully land a throw on an opponent who is blocking or taking damage.

    You will need to land a throw against an opponent who is either blocking, or taking damage from one of Tager’s attacks to unlock this trophy. You can easily unlock it by tapping →, followed by Gigantic Tager Driver (360 motion in Joystick+ or ) regardless if the opponent is magnetized from Tager’s drive attack or not.

  • Land a counter hit using Litchi's Thirteen Orphans.

    As Litchi and with 50 heat, deploy the staff near the opponent and perform her distortion drive “Thirteen Orphans” (→?↓?←→) while the opponent is in the middle of an attack to trigger a counter hit.

  • As Arakune, execute a 100 hit combo.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to land an 100 hit combo using Arakune. This can easily be done with the following combo during Overdrive after selecting Tager as your opponent once you have 100% in your heat gauge:

    + (Neutral throw) > ↓?→↓?→ (f-inverse) > ↓?→↓?→ (f-inverse)

    (Or while you have the curse gauge active, send a couple bugs onto the opponent and combo into his Astral where you can get an easy 100+ combo.)

  • As Bang, activate Overdrive with less than 35% HP, and Overdrive Finish your opponent.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to defeat an opponent with an Overdrive Finish with any of the following Distortion Drives as Bang once he has less than 35% HP before he activates his overdrive “Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan” for the first time:

    • Shishigami-style Secret Technique: "Fatal Eruption" - ↓?→?↓?←
    • Shishigami-style Technique: "Bang's Infinite Chaos-Fist of the Void" - ↓?→↓?→
    • Ultra Technique:"Hyper Shadowstep Strike" - ↓?→↓?→
  • Finish an opponent using Carl's Arpeggio of Oblivion.

    Carl’s “Arpeggio of Oblivion” is basically his version of Relius’ Vol Tedo distortion drive that can only be done while Carl is in Overdrive. It can be done while holding to control Nirvana while inputting →?↓?←→ before releasing to execute it.

    As the description says, you will need to win a round using “Arpeggio of Oblivion” while playing as Carl to unlock this trophy.

  • As Hakumen, deal 10,000 damage in a single combo.

    If you have Unlimited Hakumen unlocked from the gallery, this is actually quite simple; play as him, then once you have your opponent as Tager, barrier drain opponent to “Danger”, then perform with max gauge with your opponent in the corner:

    →?↓?←→ (full charge) -> ←?↓?→ -> ↓?→ ->

  • As Nu, win a match by using nothing but projectile attacks.

    While playing as Nu, you must perform her “D” drive moves through the entire round (if wins are set to 1), distortion moves also count too, deplete the opponent’s health to 0 to get it.

  • Land all of Tsubaki's "D" Special Attacks in a single combo.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to land all of Tsubaki’s “D” special attacks in one combo.

    An example combo for this one requires the player to have Tsubaki’s install gauge at its max level (5). And once you have 50% heat with Tsubaki, perform the following combo with your opponent (Tager recommended) in the corner:

    ↓?←↓?← -> ←↓? (projectile has to hit opponent) -> ↓?→ -> ↓?← -> →↓? -> Air ↓?→ -> Air ↓?← -> ↓↓

  • As Hazama, defeat an opponent with an Overdrive Finish.

    At anytime during any round, while playing as Hazama, perform Overdrive with all four face buttons (or click ), and then while the opponent has low health, perform any of Hazama’s distortion drives, a simple example is by performing his “Serpent’s Infernal Rapture” which is done by pressing ↓?→↓?→.

  • Finish the opponent with a projectile from Mu's Steins Gunner.

    As Mu, while the opponent has very low health, place a “Stein Gunner” (or more) right next to the opponent, once fired, it should knockout the opponent and earn you the trophy as a result.

  • As Makoto, land an attack with maximum Impact Gauge.

    Near an opponent, simply hold “D”/ and charge it to level 3, and then release. Or really simple, go into Overdrive (click ) and press “D”/.

  • Defeat the opponent using only wolf-form attacks.

    As part of his drive, Valkenhayn can enter wolf mode at any time by pressing as long as his wolf gauge has a specified amount of energy to it. His moves are different between human mode and wolf mode, such as his normal and specials.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to defeat the opponent with ONLY attacks that Valkenhayn can only perform while in "wolf mode". In the event whenever Valkenhayn’s Wolf Form gauge depletes and becomes empty, you will need to wait a bit until it becomes full again and continue his assault in wolf mode.

  • Defeat the same opponent once with Luna's and once with Sena's voice.

    Platinum’s voice as either Luna (“Type A”) or Sena (“Type B”) is randomized before a match starts, which is noticeable if you recognize what Platinum is saying depending on the voice type used.

    For example, if Platinum has Luna’s voice (Type A), you’ll hear her say things in a high-pitched female voice such as:

    • “Air Persia!”
    • “Mami Circular!”
    • “Swallow Moon!”

    While Sena’s voice (Type B) will consist of her saying these words in a deeper, little boy-like voice:

    • “Persia!”
    • “Circular!”
    • “Moon!”

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to defeat the SAME opponent as Platinum using both voices (for example, if you defeated Litchi once using Luna’s voice, you will need to defeat her again using Sena’s voice).

  • Land all of Relius's Id Lauger follow-ups in a single combo.

    As Relius, you will need to successfully land of three of his Id Lauger follow-ups in one single combo to unlock his trophy.

    A basic combo one towards earning this trophy is in the video below. It requires 50 heat, and the opponent must be in the corner:

    (Video courtesy of TheUraizen)

    The combo featured in the video is transcribed below:
    ↓?→ -> ↓?← -> ↓?→ -> ↓?← -> ↓?→?↓?← -> ↓?→ -> ↓?←

  • Finish an opponent while Izayoi is in Slaver Trans-AM Mode.

    Slaver Trans-Am mode can be activated by inputting →?↓?←→ while playing as Izayoi once you have four points filled in your zero weave gauge along with 50% of your meter.

    While in this mode, Izayoi will be accompanied by two bits that will appear for a fixed amount of time. These bits will attack with Izayoi and can be useful during combos as long as the distortion is active.

    In this case of this trophy, you will need to defeat an opponent while Slaver Trans-Am is active in order to unlock it. But you will need to make sure that the bits around Izayoi must be the ones that defeat her opponent and not her normal attacks.

  • Hit every character with Amane's Jakutoku Meika: Gouha Houyou.

    You will need to use Amane Nishiki’s Astral Heat “Jakutoku Meika: Gouha Houyou” (↓↓↓) against all characters in the game’s roster to unlock this trophy.

  • Locked onto an enemy for over 10 seconds during a single round as Bullet.

    As Bullet, simply lock on to an opponent (Hold “D”/) and attack them with the drive a couple times until the trophy unlocks. Use Tager as an opponent since he’ll have the most health.

  • Absorbed 10 projectiles during a single round using Azrael's Growler Field.

    Azrael’s “Growler Field” allows Azrael to absorb an opponent’s projectile attacks by inputting ↓?←. This move can be used against characters like Jin, Noel, Kagura, Tsubaki, Mu-12, Nu-13, and Lambda-11 as means to absorb their projectiles to give Azrael the ability to shoot projectiles of his own with “Phalanx Cannon”, which can be done by inputting ↓?→.

    As the trophy’s description states, you will need to absorb at least 10 projectiles with using “Growler Field” as Azrael to unlock this trophy. We highly recommend doing this with the opponent playing as characters like Jin, Tsubaki, or Kagura; as their projectiles travel midscreen horizontally. (Or if you have “Highlander Assault” unlocked, anything “Take-Mikazuchi” does is a projectile, except for the devour/stomp move. So its relatively easier.)

  • Used all of the Black Gale's follow-up attacks during a single round with Kagura.

    Kagura’s drive, Black Gale, is a stance-type drive that has a total of ten different attacks that can be done during one of three stances that can be done using either , ↓, or→ while grounded or airborne. The follow up attacks for each of Kagura’s three stances include:

    Stationary stance ( while standing):

    • - Dragon Blast
    • - Dragon’s Claw
    • - Dragon Slaughter

    Crouching stance (↓):

    • - Dragon Strike
    • - Dragon’s Blade
    • - Dragon’s Dual Strike

    Forward stance (→):

    • - Dragon’s Fang
    • - Dragon’s Mirage
    • - Sky Dragon’s Strike

    All stances:

    • ↓↑ - The Dragon Lord's Striking Fang (Distortion Drive)

    As the trophy’s description says, you will need to do all ten of Kagura’s stance attacks during a single round of any match in order to unlock this trophy.

  • As Terumi, finished an opponent during the stomp phase of Serpent's Laceration.

    While the opponent has low health enough to knockout the opponent, perform Terumi’s “A”/ version of “Serpent’s Laceration”, which can be done by tapping →?↓?←.

  • Kept the opponent airborne for 20 seconds during a single round as Kokonoe.

    When playing as Kokonoe, you will notice a special gauge over her heat meter that has the number “9” on it. That signifies how many times she can deploy her gravitation drive, which can be summoned by pressing plus any direction you want her to place a gravitational device at.

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to keep the opponent airborne for at least twenty seconds. You can easily do this by placing a gravitational device above you by tapping ↑. Afterwards, place either the “A” or “B” versions of “Armament No.5 "Banishing Rays v3.10” by tapping ↓↓ or ↓↓ followed by her → attack jump cancelled into her jumping “A” ( while jumping).

    If you want, you can also cancel Gravitation with ↓?→ (make sure it hits the opponent) after each time you do this combo (be warned that whichever gravitational device has been placed will disappear whenever Kokonoe gets hit) and repeat this process as many times as possible until the trophy unlocks.

  • Heard all of the voice patterns of Celica's Drive Attack during a single round.

    Celica’s drive attack allows the player to perform up to three attacks by pressing either (while standing), →, ↓, or while jumping. Each three attacks that you do with her drive have different voice patterns like “One, Two and… Three!”, or “Uno, Dos, Très!” for example. In addition, each button that you press has up to three different attack chain combinations (for example, the first two attacks that come from ↓ chains will hit low, while the last one in said chain will hit high).

    As the trophy’s description says, you will need to hear all of her voice patterns with her drive attack during a single round in order to unlock it. By all means, we highly recommend on having the opponent block all incoming attacks from Minerva to make the process easier without having to hear her different voice patterns and earn this trophy in a different round.

  • Defeated Ragna using Lambda.

    While playing as Lambda, simply deplete Ragna’s health to 0.

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