Road Map:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate, for obtainable trophies) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 40 (23, 13, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies:
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 20+ (personal estimate, for obtainable trophies) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 3 - ImmortalNine lives, and The Reaper. Most others are acquirable through the game’s chapter select.
  • Glitched trophies: For any version that's not 1.05 - Smart aleck and Billy Sorrows' Reading Club are unobtainable. Sports Illustrated is also effected.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No Difficulty Settings
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available
  • Additional peripherals required?: None.


Blacksad: Under the Skin is a point-and-click interactive, film noir drama. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the stories take place during the 1950's in New York City, with the exception that it uses anthropomorphic animals (whose species usually defines their role in the story) as characters and follows the titular character John Blacksad, a hardboiled private investigator, on his cases. As per usual in noir mysteries, not all is what it seems and everyone has something to hide.

GLITCH WARNING: Something to know right off the bat with this game is that it is very buggy. Glitches range from visual glitches to the UI ceasing to work and requiring a restart of the application, to audio not playing where it should 100% of the time to full on crashes, and more. It also seems that two of the trophies, possibly three, are glitched, which means the platinum for this game is currently unobtainable for any version of the game that is not version 1.05At the time of editing, patch 1.05 is only available in European countries; North America is only at patch 1.03. The game also suffers from some performance and presentation issues. I would recommend that you back your save up frequently using the cloud or a USB as this game can crash frequently. I had it crash on me while saving, causing the data to be corrupted and losing a day’s worth of progress. There are a few ways to save time but this game is unreliable due to the bugs, so I will keep those suggestions to a minimum.

With that said, the mystery tale is pretty good and the characters' designs give this game an interesting look to the world, making it well worth playing despite the technical issues. As this is a mystery story, I will try to keep the roadmap and trophy guide as vague and spoiler-free as possible.

Step One: The Reaper  and Immortal  Playthrough

For the first playthrough, we will be focusing on unlocking The Reaper and Immortal, while also setting up to unlock The End(s). During this playthough, keep in mind that the two dialogue choices early in the story will greatly impact the ending and some of the other trophies. Niagara Falls and Zero tolerance are mutually exclusive with The Reaper. Refer to the trophy guide for more information.

Keep your eyes out for sports cards throughout your playthrough as these collectibles can be very frustrating; see Sports Illustrated.

Once you complete the ending with whatever outcome, playthrough the last chapter two more times with different outcomes, giving you 3 of 6 endings viewed. In order to make sure the game counts you watching each ending, you must sit through the credits and make sure the game autosaves by playing through a chapter until it autosave. Reloading the last chapter to go for the other endings works towards this but make sure you get an autosave following your third ending. Refer to The End(s).

By the end of this step, you will unlock:

Hitting a brick wall 
Heavily armed 
Wrong answer 
Civil disobedience 
One Mississippi 
Shadow play 
Strike one 
Back to normal 
Case solved 
Nine lives 
The Reaper 

You may also unlock:

The 400 Blows 
Say no to bullying 
Good samaritan 
Extra time 
America's Pussycat 
The Quiet Lynx 
Good cop  or Bad cop 
When angels fall... 
The sweetest story in the whole wide world 

Step Two: Second Playthrough for The End(s)  and Not a detective 

In this step, you’ll be focusing on making different choices to get the other variant endings for The End(s) and picking up the false endings for Not a detective, as well as any other trophies based on choices that are mutually exclusive to each other.

This playthrough should go quicker since you no longer have to worry about shutting the game down if you die. Once you get an ending, replay the last chapter and get the other two ending variables. 

By the end of this step, you should unlock:

Refusal of the call 
Niagara Falls 
Zero tolerance 
Good cop  or Bad cop 
Not a detective
The End(s) 

Step Three: Clean Up and Glitched Trophies

Hopefully, by this step, you will have found all the sports cards and unlock all the trophies related to them. If not, you can replay chapters you suspect you may have missed a card and search for them. Worst case is that you play through the game again by starting a new game and carefully comb through each area as you play. Starting a new game with previous save data carries over all cards already found and ending sequences watched. At the time of writing using version 1.02, it seems that some of the sports card spawn points are currently glitched and may not spawn properly. Read Sports Illustrated for my observations on the sports cards.

Smart aleck and Billy Sorrows' Reading Club are currently unobtainable at the time of writing this guide. From what I gathered, these trophies were also glitched on Steam and Xbox. This issue has been addressed for both as of patch 1.04. The PS4 version is currently only at 1.02 although the Microïds’ website lists the European PS4 version at 1.04 with version 1.05 as an upcoming patch which will resolve the issue with the trophies and sports cards.

Update 7/10/20: It seems that the European region is now at patch 1.05 and these trophies should be unlockable now. North America only got patch 1.03 at the same time and these trophies are still glitched in this version. Hopefully, this means the issues with the cards has also been fixed.

With Smart aleck, there seems to be at least two deductions that should be possible to make but you will not be able to which is why this trophy is unobtainable. As for Billy Sorrows' Reading Club, this trophy is just glitched.

For the latest patch information on this game, see here: LINK

You may unlock:
Any Given Sunday 
Wild Cat 
The Natural 
Sports Illustrated  (Hopefully)

Hopefully, someday you may be able to unlock:
Smart aleck 
Billy Sorrows' Reading Club 
Under Your Skin 

[PST Would Like To Thank chapomon for this Roadmap]

Blacksad: Under the Skin Trophy Guide

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40 trophies ( 13  23  5  )

  • Get all trophies in the game.

    This platinum appears to be unobtainable at the moment due to Smart aleck and Billy Sorrows' Reading Club being unobtainable.

  • Take your first beating (spoiler: it won't be the last!).

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    At the start of the story, Blacksad will get a visit from an angry rhino who has his sight set on killing Blacksad. This will serve as an introduction to the game’s QTEs. Press  to dodge. Then you’ll have to press  repeatedly to prevent the rhino from breaking Blacksad’s neck. You’ll then have to press either  or  (both will work), followed by either  or  (again, either will work). Once the rhino is stunned, press  to grab the typewriter to hit him with it. The rhino will then pull a gun on Blacksad, so press  to take it away from him before he can use it.

    You’ll have a choice of choosing to take a bribe from the rhino in order to keep Blacksad from telling his wife about his infidelity, agreeing to lie without taking a bribe, or to turn the bribe down and telling the rhino his wife will be notified. If you’re going to go for, Niagara Falls, agree to lie to his wife.

  • Find your most valuable tool.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After Blacksad agrees to take the case (not accepting leads to a false ending), he will start his investigation at Dunn’s Boxing Gym. This is the earliest you can talk to Mary about her employment at the boxing gym, which will impact the The End(s). If you head towards the diner, you will encounter one of the dialogue choices that are part of the Say no to bullying trophy. As part of the progression, Blacksad will need to get into Yale’s locker, only to realize that he left his lock-picking set in his office. You will get a prompt to either leave now or continue searching the area. If you choose to stay, interact with Blacksad’s car to head to his office. 

    Most of the hotspots in Blacksad’s office are meant to give players a sense of Blacksad’s history and baggage. Look at the bottle of tequila on Blacksad’s desk to have him make the assumption that his lock picks ended up under the couch. Have Blacksad check there and then move the couch before heading out.

  • Take your second beating.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After leaving Blacksad’s office to retrieve his lock picks, he will stop by Yale’s apartment before heading back to the gym. You will be introduced to the lock-picking mini-game. Blacksad will be assaulted. Press , then press repeatedly, and lastly press  again. Blacksad will get captured and interrogated. This is where you can unlock The 400 Blows (see the trophy for more details). Use Blacksad’s cat senses to look at the pin on Wilson’s chest which will unlock the dialogue option “Are you Irish?”, after which you should then pick “I know Colbert and his wife.”

  • Enjoy a limo drive around New York.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After getting Blacksad’s second beating, he will return to the gym to continue his investigation. See The End(s) for the choices made in this chapter that impact the endings. 

    You will be able to enter Dunn’s office and talk to Sonia as well as question Jake. Main plot actions include catching Weekly spying from the roof (QTE involves keeping from falling through the skylight:  then ), making Jake angry by looking in his locker, opening the safe, questioning Mary at the diner after opening the safe before calling Smirnov with the reason why Blacksad believes there’s foul play with Dunn’s death. 

    Following the meeting with Smirnov, you can unlock Say no to bullying & Good samaritan, and Blacksad will need to make deductions about Dunn’s death and take his findings to Sonia. This will lead to Blacksad being offered a ride in a limo he cannot refuse.

  • Take your third beating.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Following the ride in the limo, Blacksad will be taken to Yale’s apartment to look for clues about Yale’s current whereabouts. After investigating all the hotspots, Blacksad will deduce that he needs to pay Mary a visit at her apartment.

    While questioning Mary, avoid letting the timer run out when Blacksad needs to say something as this could lead to a false ending. After the conversation and the use of his cat senses, Blacksad will be assaulted. Press when Blacksad grabs Mary’s wrist. When being punched, use  to dodge them and lean into the same direction that the punches are coming from. Blacksad will get a chance to use his cat senses on the serving tray and the sequence will be timed. Look at the middle of the tray to get the hotspot and press . Failing will just repeat the sequence until you are able to grab the tray. Once Blacksad has the tray, press  to block then  when jumping over the couch. Press  to get Blacksad to get up. You will then need to press  repeatedly; the dialogue will not matter. Blacksad will have to dodge punches again like at the beginning of sequence except it is now possible to get killed by them. After dodging enough punches, Blacksad will need to press  when the timer bar around the prompt fills up. You need be successful at most of them otherwise it will lead to a failure state.

  • Get hired twice for the same case.

    Following Blacksad’s third beating, Blacksad will end up at a hospital and get an opportunity to question his prime suspect. After completing the conversation, Blacksad will need to get ahold of medical records. Look at the sleeping suspect then push the call nurse button. Use cat senses at the reception desk to deduce a way to get rid of the nurse who refused to let Blacksad look at them. Use the phone to call the trauma department then call the trauma department again. Once Blacksad looks at the medical history, Sonia will arrive. You must stop Sonia from doing something stupid by using cat senses and looking at her hand reaching out of her purse before the timer runs out. You then must select dialogue to talk Sonia down; avoid bluffing her and remaining silent. I chose to point out she’d be destroying her career and her father wouldn’t want this.

    Once that is resolved, Sonia’s uncle will arrive. During his conversation, Thorpe will persuade Sonia to accept help and stay on as the owner of the boxing gym. Blacksad must agree with Thorpe to unlock this trophy when Thorpe asks him to agree.

  • Take your fourth beating.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After getting hired for a second time, Blacksad will head back to the gym and ask Jake to take him to O’Leary’s hide out (try to talk to him then ring the bell). There are two ways to get into the hide out: 1) Get Jake to ring the doorbell at the front door, allowing Blacksad to lock-pick his way in through the back door; or 2) have Jake help move a dumpster so that Blacksad can use the street elevator. Out of the two, taking the elevator is the safest option. The back door requires lock-picking one door, and then lock-picking a second, harder door with a timer, which leads to more chances of dying. However, there are sports cards that are available in the entryway that the second door is in (avoid going down the hallway as this will lead to death).

    Once Blacksad is in the basement, he will have a timer in order to find a flashlight that’s at the top of the shelf in the middle of the room. Do not turn on the lights, as if you interact with the light switch, it will result in death. Look in the walk-in refrigerator to find a secret door to O’Leary’s headquarters. Investigate every hotspot in the headquarters. Once everything is looked at, Blacksad will have to do a QTE to hide; press  to jump over the half-door and then  to hide. At this point, Blacksad will witness an execution, and it is very important that you DO NOT attempt to save Jimmy as this will result in Blacksad’s death. 

    Once that is done, Blacksad will escape, however he will find himself cornered after he tries leaving through the back door. Select “Ring the doorbell”, as the other options will lead to death. Blacksad will now be interrogated by O’Leary just like Jimmy. Do not interrupt O’Leary’s monologue as that will result in death. There will be a cat senses-sequence and Blacksad will deduce a solution out of this situation. You will have the option to share Blacksad’s knowledge of Colbert’s affair with O’Leary or tell O’Leary that Colbert invited him over. Telling O’Leary about the affair will result in Colbert’s death. Telling O’Leary that Colbert invited him over will have to have Blacksad say some drunk guy “He kept bragging about how he was banging another guy's wife" to get Colbert to play along with his lie. (Keep in mind Niagara Falls and The Reaper when making this decision.) When O’Leary asks why Blacksad decided to come to his hideout at such a late hour, do not taunt him or remain silent (I went with cats and wolves hunt at night).

    Once Blacksad is free, he will get assaulted. You will need to press  for the QTE during the assault to prevent getting shot.

  • Put your acting skills to the test.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Following Blacksad’s fourth beating, he will question Helen Moore (see America's Pussycat). Blacksad then meets up with Weekly to compare notes, at which point Blacksad receives a call from Colbert's wife which can lead to unlocking Niagara Falls. Blacksad plans on impersonating a casino owner to play a game of poker with Frank Cassidy. When Blacksad meets Howard Farnham, choose to introduce him as either working for Cassidy or the hotel owner director. After Blacksad opens up to Farnham, this chapter’s mechanic presents itself; Blacksad will be infiltrating the poker game while impersonating Farnham and will be asked questions to which Farnham should know the answers. In the dialogue choices presented when questioned, one of the options should be “Try to remember”, which prompts a flashback to Blacksad being in Farnham’s hotel room when he was either pumping Farnham for information or looking around the hotel room for clues to the answer of the question. This segment will be timed, which includes when Blacksad narrates to himself. To make matters worse, there are quite a few sports cards hidden in Farnham’s room which need to be picked up before finding the object that answers the question, all before the timer runs out. There are several segments, so there will be quite a few opportunities to explore the hotel room, so do not worry too much about finding the cards all at once. If you find information to a future question, you will skip the “try to remember” segment and the answer will appear as a dialogue option. Note that answering incorrectly will always result in death.

    See here for a walkthrough with all of the "Try to remember" segment directions and clues: 

    Try to remember segments:

    • When trying to enter the barber shop, look at the hotspot to the left where Blacksad and Farnham were drinking at.
    • When asked how much a shave cost: You must select one of dialogue option to have Farnham get up and then pass out. Look at the receipt sticking out from Farnham’s jacket when examining Farnham on the bed.
    • When asked who told Farnham about the barber shop, there will be a flashback to Farnham on the phone; complete the cat senses points and Farnham will give you a first name once he’s done. Blacksad will be asked for a last name and Blacksad will flashback to being able to explore the hotel room. Check the closet and look for Farnham’s second jacket which will have an address book. 
      • IMPORTANT: In the flashbacks, when you interact with the closets, for some unknown reason, the position of each closet half changes depending on what side you choose to inspect first. Regardless of which side Blacksad investigations, the first time he interacts with either closet door will always be the half that has Farnham’s address book. However, if you look at the right half first, this will keep you from being able to pick up a sports card as the card that's supposed to be where Blacksad finds Farnham’s gun will not spawn if that closet half is on the left side of the closet.[/b]
    • When asked what kind of cut Farnham’s friend got the last time he was there, you’ll get a chance to explore the hotel room. There isn’t an object that will answer this question, once the timer runs out, Cassidy will intervene.
    • When asked to hand over his gun, flashback to the hotel room and find the gun in the other half of the closet. If you inspected the gun previously, choose to hand the gun over.
    • When asked where Farnham’s casino is located, flashback to the room and look at the chip on the right hand side of the drinking table. If you previously inspected the coin, choose Ding Dong.
    • When asked about their mutual acquaintance’s wife, flashback to a conversation with Farnham; remain silent or choose let him talk.
    • When asked how many children Farnham has, flashback to Farnham choking on his own vomit. You must choose to save him and complete the QTE by pressing  repeatedly. Farnham’s wallet will fall out of his pants and it holds the answer. Note that this is the segment with the longest timer which will let you explore the room for more sports cards.

    Following the last flashback, the poker game will end. Refer to Zero tolerance on how to handle some talking points during the poker game.

  • Take your fifth beating.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Following the poker game, Blacksad will receive a call from Sonia to investigate a break-in at the gym’s office. After investigating the rooftop, Blacksad will head over to Dunn’s apartment. Look at all the hotspots in the apartment. You can unlock The Quiet Lynx here (see the trophy for more details). Once all hotspots have been looked at, Blacksad will pay Thorpe a visit before returning to the rooftop to find Sonia.

    Once the conversation is complete, Blacksad will be assaulted and a QTE sequence will begin. Here is the full sequence for the QTE: 

    Press  to dodge then press  rapidly followed by  rapidly to not fall off the roof. Dodge the bottle with , then  to block, then  to avoid getting stabbed. Press  when going for the switchblade, this will cause your assailant to hang from the roof. Press  to let him fall. If you try to help him, by pressing , you’ll have to press repeatedly to avoid falling from the roof. (The sequence will always end the same way regardless if Blacksad helps or not.)

  • Play baseball.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Following Blacksad’s fifth beating, Blacksad will be in the hospital again. Inspect everything possible, after which Blacksad will have to make four deductions as to why he believes his assailant is a possible suspect in his investigation. The assailant will wake up and Smirnov will ask which role Blacksad wants to play, good cop or bad cop. Choose one and stick to the role to unlock its respective trophies. Following the interrogation, there will be another QTE sequence. Press  to save Smirnov,  to reach for the gun, and then  to avoid death. When you enter cat senses, look at the top of the billboard and press .

    Blacksad will then follow a hunch and look for more clues at Dunn’s apartment. Following a deduction, he will then head to Greenwood Cemetery to search for someone who might have more information. There is an angel statue here that unlocks When angels fall.... Look at Harry Bradwick’s headstone, the baseball at the Celtic cross tombstone and the Chinese takeout box before going into cat senses to find who Blacksad is looking for. Answer the questions any way you want and the trophy will unlock at the end of the conversation.

  • Beat someone up for once.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After playing baseball, Blacksad will review his investigation up to this point with Weekly in a darkroom. If some deductions have not been made eliminating some suspects, you will need to do so now. Weekly will then recount his interview with Stone and Moore. Take photos or ask questions until Moore excuses herself to deal with a visitor. Weekly will then have to take photos of Stone while interviewing him alone and sneaking pictures of Moore and her visitor. When asking to take a photo, Weekly will have Stone pose in whichever option you choose. Pan until the frame is into focus then take the photo. Weekly will say that he moved and needs to take the photo again. This will trigger a QTE: press  and then there will be a very quick prompt to press . You need to wait a split second for the prompt to appear; if you press  too early or too late, it will lead to a failure state (the idea for this QTE is to wait until the moving ring is within the gray area around the prompt). Once Weekly gets the picture, he will take a third picture of Stone’s pose. You will need to do this QTE sequence once more. Once the interview is over, Blacksad will inspect the photos.

    Blacksad will then head to a bar to try to find his suspect. Complete the conversation however you’d like and it will lead you to Pier 36. Blacksad will need to find a way to deal with a guard and get into a warehouse. Examine the ledge above the guard and this will have Blacksad end up on the other side of the warehouse to look for a way in. Find a forklift northwest of where Blacksad ends up and drive it back to the same spot he started at after he examined the ledge. Do not attempt to jump the guard. Instead, select stay put and shimmy to a ladder on the right to get to the roof. Examine the welding shield (it looks like a riot shield), triggering Blacksad to automatically knock out the guard.

  • Take your sixth beating.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Blacksad will investigate the warehouse. To progress the story, Blacksad will need to look at the Native American objects on the roof of the warehouse office. If you try to interrogate the captured guard, he will not be responsive. Look at his necklace with cat senses and then make a deduction to get a new dialogue. The guard will give you a key and tell you what to do.

    Blacksad finds himself in a hidden basement. Investigate everything here; you’ll be able to get The sweetest story in the whole wide world here (see the trophy for more details). Once every hotspot has been investigated and every deduction made, Blacksad will have company which will lead to some backstory. You’ll only get one dialogue choice before entering cat senses. Looking at your guest’s face will unlock this trophy.

  • Solve the case.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Following Blacksad’s sixth beating, he will find himself tied up. You can press  when prompted to headbutt your assailant. For this QTE sequence, you must act fast as being slow will lead to death. Press  rapidly to free Blacksad. You must look to the left and press  to go back into Brunhilda’s bedroom. After watching the sequence, you will be put in to cat senses. Look at the foot climbing a ladder. Look at the opening that the ladder leads to and select that hotspot. As Blacksad walks, press  rapidly until the prompt disappears. Once this sequence is complete, you’ll find yourself in another sequence with a timed  prompt similar to the one in Mary’s apartment, but the outcome will always be the same.

    Blacksad will need to make deductions during his conversation with Smirnov that explains Blacksad’s discoveries and solve the case.

  • Complete the game without dying a single time.


    Complete the game without any deaths. This has been reported to also include any time you end up failing QTE’s or selecting an option that leads to a fail state and  Retry appearing on the screen, even if it didn't lead to a death. It has also been reported to include getting false endings. If you end up failing a QTE or saying the wrong thing that leads to the  Retry prompt, it’s recommended that you shut down the application. It’s uncertain if you can erase the death count if the retry option was selected by loading up a previous point under Progress and still have it count as no deaths. Or if you can exit to the main menu without it saving and counting the death. Most fail states will have a long animation that leads to failure which should prevent accidentally pushing  on a retry screen.

  • Complete the game dying less than 9 times.


    Complete the game from start to finish with less than 9 deaths. See Immortal.

  • Complete all deductions in the game.

    GLITCHED: This trophy appears to be glitched at this time and may be unobtainable. This should be fixed as of version 1.05, but that patch version is only available in European countries. I live in a region that's only up to version 1.03 so I'm unable get the clues for the last two deductions. 

    As Blacksad makes observations and finds clues, he’ll be able to make deductions that can lead to new clues or dialogue options. Not every clue will be used as part of a deduction despite it showing up frequently in Blacksad’s mind palace and not every deduction will have relevance to the investigation. Some deductions are optional and do not need to be made to progress the story. You will get a prompt on the UI when deductions can be made.

    I’ve read that this achievement is glitched on the Steam version as well. I know of two deductions that require 4 clues to make but cannot be made, which is likely the cause of this trophy being unobtainable. 

    List of Deductions:

    • Yale's locker is full of surprises + Someone threw a chest expander in the trash = The chest expander in the trash belongs to Yale (New Clue)
    • The Buffalo that works for O'Leary wears a shamrock on his lapel + Jake got mad when he found me searching his locker = Jake won’t say he works for O’Leary (Note Entry, dialogue)
    • There's a smudged racial slur painted on Yale's locker + There's a stained towel in Arthur Tucker's locker = Arthur Tucker painted the racial slur on Yale’s locker (dialogue)
    • Mary calls Dunn "Joey" + Mary has nice and neat handwriting + Dunn's wife's wedding ring was in an envelope with Sonia's name handwritten on it = Mary and Dunn were seeing each other (New Clue)
    • Mary and Dunn were seeing each other + Dunn's wife's birthdate doesn't open the safe = Mary's birth date, that might open the safe, on a card on Dunn’s desk (new clue)
    • Mary's birth date might open the safe + There are cards with staff information on Dunn's table = Mary's birth date, that might open the safe, on a card on Dunn's desk (New Clue)
    • There's something fishy about about Dunn's suicide + Dunn's weight: 163 lbs - Height: 5'5" = Dunn wasn't tall enough to hang himself from that noose (New Clue)
    • Dunn had 4 different neck marks + The chest expander in the trash belongs to Yale + Dunn wasn't tall enough to hang himself from that noose = Dunn was strangled with Yale's chest expander (New Clue)
    • Someone threw a paint can in the trash + When Dunn died, his knuckles were swollen = Dunn must have punched a paint can (New Clue)
    • Dunn wanted to call off the fight + Dunn was strangled with Yale's chest expander = Did Yale kill Dunn just because he wanted to call off the fight? (Observation)
    • Mary has a cold + There's a scarf at Yale's place + Mary went to Luna Park with Yale = Mary's been at Yale's place recently (New Clue)
    • Yale's shoes smell like a dead man + Who do the footprints at the gym belong to? = Yale's soles don't match the footprints at the gym (new clue)
    • The doe nurse will be gone later for trauma surgery + Doctor Talbot has surgery today at 12:30 = The doe nurse will assisting Doctor Talbot during his 12:30 surgery
    • Doctor Palmer suggests that Yale rest after his heart attack + Yale's medical report is signed by one Doctor Ferguson + Yale had "extrasystole and dehydration caused by panic attack" = Who’s the guy passing as Yale’s doctor? (new clue)
    • Avenarius vanished after winning a fight, back when Yale was a kid + Yale is one of O’Leary’s “untouchables” according to his files + O'Leary has a guilty conscience for ratting someone out when eh was 14, someone who ended up dead + ??? = ???
    • O'Leary claims to love his family unconditionally + Weekly took very explicit photographs of the Rhino and his lover = O'Leary's wife is having an affair with Colbert (new Clue)
    • O’Leary’s feet on the table, a sign of dominance + Who do the footprints at the gym belong to? = O’Leary sole don’t match the footprints at the gym (new clue)
    • O'Leary keeps romantic pictures of Helen Moore in a drawer + Helen Moore carries a cigarette case bearing a romantic inscription = Helen Moore and Desmond O'Leary are still in love (new Clue)
    • Helen Moore says she hates O'Leary + Helen Moore and Desmond O'Leary are still in love = If she’s still in love, why does she claim she hates him? What is she hiding? (observation)
    • At Dunn's place, there's a picture of a tree painted by his wife + Dunn hid the music box under the swing tire tree = Maybe Dunn used the same hiding place once more. (observation)
    • A paper tissue that smells like sardines in the gym office + An empty can of sardines at Dunn's place, open recently = The smelly gym burglar didn't find what he was looking for at Dunn's place (new clue)
    • A piece of jean fabric on the stairs that lead to the gym rooftop + The Anteater has a tear in his pants = Matching Fabrics (observation, note entry)
    • The smelly gym burglar didn't find what he was looking for at Dunn's place + The Anteater's snout reeks of sardines = The anteater broke into the gym and Dunn’s place (new clue)
    • Who do the footprints at the gym belong to? + The gym burglar signed a document with his foot + The Anteater wears relatively small shoes = Matching footprints (observation, note entry) I saw footprints from those very same shoes next to both the gym murders
    • Two thugs tried to scare me into leaving the case, but one of them was trigger happy + The anteater broke into the gym and Dunn's place = Long snout (observation, note entry) One of the thugs that attacked me the other night had a snout just like that
    • The biography of Harry Bradwick, father of baseball, at Dunn's apartment + Craig Spannow was an orphan who thought baseball was his only family + Before Dunn found him, Spannow was living with his father = Spannow lives in Green-wood (observation, note entry)
    • During the war, Dunn and his pals were known as the “Olympic Five” + Who’s the guy passing for Yale’s Doctor? = Mitchell, one of the Olympic five, tried to pass off as Yale’s doctor (New Clue)
    • Spannow blames everything on the "Surgeon", an old friend in common with Dunn + Mitchell, one of the Olympic five, tried to pass off as Yale’s doctor = Mitchell, “The Surgeon”, could be the persona behind the entire case (new clue)
    • One of Dunn's brothers in arms tried to pass as Yale's doctor
    • Someone ordered Randal Leigh to commit those murders + O'Leary would personally kills anyone who threatens his family or business = O’Leary has nothing to do with Dunn’s death (new clue)
    • Dunn's murderer had it all carefully planned out + Cassidy acts recklessly, by impulse = Cassidy is too impulsive to plan something as twisted as Dunn’s murder (new clue)
    • The horse who works for Mitchell wears an arrowhead around his neck + There's an attic full of Indian objects in the port warehouse = The woman in the picture under the totem pole is Gill’s Mother (New Clue, Dialogue)
    • A list of names that somehow relate to rare chemical compounds + There's pill bottles with athlete's names in the lab + Spannow enhanced his performance by using drugs = Mitchell sells athletes drugs to enhance their performance (new clue)
    • Mitchell sells athletes drugs to enhance their performance + Spannow's health took a toll after using the drugs = Grune’s Drugs have unwanted side effects on athletes (new clue)
    • Gil works for Mitchell, even though he hates his guts + The cops found Gil close to the basement door + Mitchell was trapped in the basement = Maybe Gill blocked the basement door to kill Mitchell (new clue)
    • The warehouse guard is trigger happy + A sniper killed Randal Leigh + Gill had to kill a friend in order for the mission to succeed + Gil works for Mitchell, even though he hates his guts = Perhaps Mitchell ordered Gill to kill Randal Leigh (new clue)
    • A sniper killed Randal Leigh + Mitchell missed two shots point blank = Mitchell didn’t kill Randal Leigh personally (new clue)
    • Mitchell's drugs help overcome physical limitations + There was a bottle with Spannow's name on it in the ventilation shaft + Spannow stopped a fan with his bad arm + Spannow died shortly after recovering his strength = Mitchell’s drugs killed Spannow (new clue)
    • A list of names that somehow relate to rare chemical compounds + Thorpe hires athletes for advertising campaigns = What if Tim Thorpe was involved in Mitchell's operation? (New clue)
    • What if Tim Thorpe was involved in Mitchell's operation? + All of Thorpe's appointments are in his agenda = Maybe there’s a meeting with Mitchell in the agenda (new clue)
    • Spannow blames everything on the "Surgeon", an old friend common with Dunn + They called Thorpe the "Surgeon" for his excellent aim as a sniper + What if Tim Thorpe was involved in Mitchell's operation? = Thorpe is the mastermind behind the athlete doping operation (new clue)
    • Mitchell's drugs help overcome physical limitations + Thorpe can't walk and uses a wheelchair + There's a bottle of pills in Thorpe's desk = What if the drugs help Thorpe walk? (new clue)
    • Gill says someone knocked him unconscious and left him right by the basement entrance + What if the drugs help Thorpe walk? + The cops found gill close to the basement door + ??? = ???
    • What if the drugs help Thorpe walk? + A sniper killed Randal Leigh + They called Thorpe the "Surgeon" for his excellent aim as a sniper = Thorpe killed Randal (new clue)
    • I have to lure Thorpe into a trap + Thorpe keeps a gun in his desk drawer + What if the drugs help Thorpe walk? = This activates the end game sequence.
  • Buy your favorite goat a second burger.

    Following Blacksad's meeting with Smirnov at Sam's Diner and confronting Mary about her relationship with Dunn (depending on what order you do things), immediately head back in the diner. Tell Sam to "Try Mr. "Eat my fist"." This will take Blacksad back to the homeless goat with a second cheeseburger.

  • Complete the Hockey sheet of the Hall of Fame album.

    See Sports Illustrated

  • Complete the Football sheet of the Hall of Fame album.

    See Sports Illustrated

  • Complete the Boxing sheet of the Hall of Fame album.

    See Sports Illustrated

  • Complete the Baseball sheet of the Hall of Fame album.

    See Sports Illustrated

  • Complete the Hall of Fame album.

    GLITCHED (See near the bottom of this description.)

    Scattered across the game, there are 100 collectable sports cards, about 25 for each of the four sports in the Hall of Fame. This game has one of the most annoying collections systems. The cards are non-diegetic so they can be anywhere on the maps regardless of how much sense their locations make. Some are in plain sight as you explore the area, however many are in out-of-sight areas that require you to pan the camera, aiming it at out-of-view areas (i.e. far or hidden spaces, at the corners, etc.), or when investigating a hotspot where you can pan the camera around. Some will require you to be in a specific state to be able to pick them up (for example, in the basement of the Chinese restaurant, some cards are only collectible while holding a lighter, and the others are only collectible while holding the flashlight, despite them being found the same area.) 

    To make matters worse, there are multiple spawn points for the cards on each map and not all spawn points will have cards. For example, there are 37 areas cards can spawn at on the Dunn's Gym map, but only 24 of these points will have cards actually spawn there at any one time. There are a total of 160 spawn points in the game, and spawn points for each specific card is randomized, i.e. any card can spawn in any of the 160 spots. Once you locate a card, use the  to get the hotspot on the card to pick it up. 

    Note: I can confirm after starting with new data that some of the card locations can be glitchy. I can also confirm that unlocking this trophy is based on having all 100 cards on the same save file and not unlocking all other four trophies.

    Microïds released their own guide to card spawn locations which includes photos of each possible spawn point: LINK

    Here is the breakdown of the maps and number of cards per each map. If you can read through the typos in the document, there are supposedly only a set number of cards that will spawn in each subarea of the map. Testing this myself, the numbers provided in those charts for the subareas is not accurate but so far, the card numbers per map is accurate.

    • Dunn's Boxing Gym: 24
    • Blacksad's office: 3
    • Sam's Diner: 3
    • Yale's apartment: 6
    • Mary's apartment: 1
    • Cardiology department (includes one card in the anteater's room which happens later if you don't find a 6th card while at the hospital the first time.): 6
    • O'Leary's hideout(street, restaurant, basement & HQ): 14
    • Farnham hotel room: 5
    • Dunn's apartment: 9
    • Green-wood Cemetery: 4
    • Weekly's darkroom: 1
    • Pier 36 (ground and roof): 6
    • Warehouse and basement: 7
    • Thorpe's agency: 11

    I'm not sure if the cards are randomized on a fresh new game and remain at the same spawn points in subsequent new games started with old data or if the remaining cards not found get randomized again whenever you start a new game following your first playthrough. From my experience, I suspect it's the latter.

    Glitch notes: This trophy is highly unobtainable currently in version 1.02. The guide provided by Microïds is somewhat inaccurate on the break down of each area and how many cards are in each section of the level (that and there's errors some of the tables and paragraphs in the guide provided). I followed the guide multiple times throughout several new playthroughs and was short a few cards every time, typically one card.

    I managed to unlock this trophy during my last run with likely a mix of luck and exploiting the differences in spawn locations for the cards between version 1.02 and an unpatched physical copy. The game glitched during this playthrough and did not spawn the 6th card in the pier area and after carefully following the guide, I ended up being 4 cards short (I'm unsure how I missed the other three cards.) I deleted the game, reloaded the disk, and prevented the 13+GB patched from downloading. I reloaded my save to the pier using the chapter select and found the card at a spawn point not listed in the guide (on a box very close to the forklift). Two cards were found in the ally way of O'Leary's hideout (in the fire escape, spawn point TC07 and on the shelf in the basement on the left side, next to the light switch while holding the flashlight which this spawn point isn't in the final guide, not to be confused for TC13 or TC14.) Neither were there when I first played through the level during this run, although there were some glitches where the game kept pointing at card spawn points but the hotspots were empty; I suspect this was caused by playing the game for a long session before getting to this level. My last card was spawned on a file drawer in the corner of Thorpe's office, which isn't a spawn point in the final guide.

    This option will likely not be available to most players and is not a guarantee that this method will work for all players. Hopefully, the issues with the spawn points will be fixed if we get newer patches for this PS4 version.

  • Interact with as many books as you can.


    Here is a list of all the books I've been able to find to make sure it's not a matter of a book that's tricky to find. If I'm missing any, please let me know.

    Joe Dunn's Boxing Gym

    • Discourse On Inequality: On the same cart as the chest expander next to the homeless goat.
    • Hole and the Other Poems by Abraham Greenberg: Inside Yale's locker.

    Yale's Apartment

    • Alma Mayer – LA FONTAINE TODAY: On the blue hutch next to the dining table.
    • Complete Poems – Avenarius (Copy 1 of 3): Inside Yale's bedroom on the armchair in the corner next to the doorway.
    • Michele Puccini – The Sicilian Capo: On Yale's bed, between the pillow and nightstand.

    Mary's Apartment

    • Femininity Starts at Home: When Blacksad uses his cat senses for the first time, look at the basket next to where Mary is sitting.

    O'Leary's Hideout

    • Complete Poems – Avenarius (Copy 2 of 3): Top drawer of the left side of O'Leary's desk.

    Dunn's Apartment

    • The Art of Boxing: On the bookshelf over the record player.
    • The Life of Harry Bradwick: Father of Baseball - Bartholomew Finn: On the coffee table in the living room.
    • Dunn's Diary: In the nightstand in Dunn's bedroom. (Not sure if this one counts?)
    • Masculinity Starts at Work – George F. Lovelace: In Dunn's master bathroom on the sink counter.
  • Find all false endings in the game.

    There are three false endings which are endings that have Blacksad stop investigating that don't involve him getting killed. It is recommended that you do not attempt to go for these false endings on the same playthrough where you are attempting to unlock Immortal. The game might count these endings as a death as in order for the game to count you watching the ending, you have to get the game to autosave by either continuing (putting you at the previous checkpoint before the false ending) or starting a new game.

    1. See Refusal of the call.
    2. When Blacksad is at Mary's apartment, simply let the timer run out twice during the first dialogue choice with a timer.
    3. Following the events of at Pier 36, Blacksad will suspicions of someone else's involvement. Do not accuse this person if you steer the conversation in that direction when conversing with them. Continue the conversation and eventually the suspect will offer to pay Blacksad extra for discretion then Blacksad will get one last chance to accuse them before getting up and leaving the office. Choose not to accuse them.
  • Watch all 6 alternate scenes at the end of the game.

    The alternate scenes the trophy is referring to is the cemetery scene at the start of the ending sequences. The primary factor for these scenes is if Mary is alive or not followed by Sonia’s status. What makes this trophy one of the most time consuming trophies is the fact that the choices that determine Mary’s status are made within the first quarter of the game with Mary’s death happening half way. You also cannot simply complete the game, reload the chapters where you made the choices that determined Mary’s status, change those then reload to the last chapter of the game. Those changes will not carry through to subsequent chapters automatically and the game also must be played from when those changes are made onwards to have an effect on the ending. Pair this up with the fact that you cannot skip dialogue, cut scenes, or investigation points, and you’re pretty much replaying most of the game in its entirety.

    Then there is determining Sonia’s status. While those determining factors happen at the very end of the story, there are two things to make this more tedious than it has to be. The chapter select in the progress menu does not work as it should, as the last page does not put you where Thorpe and Sonia return to his office like the page states, which is half-way through that chapter. Rather, selecting the last page puts you at the beginning of that chapter, meaning you'll need to redo the same investigations that you are unable to skip through. The second thing is that you must sit through the whole ending and the credits which do not have an option to skip through. The game autosaves at the start of the ending sequence as it is the start of a Chapter, however it does not count as watching the ending until you are past the credits and reload a level and then trip an autosave. Ideally, you’ll be watching all three endings, one after the other. With the first set, watch all three variants, load a level, and trip an autosave to make sure the last ending you just watched is saved.

    To shorten your second playthrough, make the following considerations during your first playthrough (spoiler warning!): 

    Interact with every hotspot, every single clue, and every dialogue option (while making the appropriate choices that will not lock you out of requirements for other trophies that you plan on getting during your second playthrough) and make every deduction possible with the clues available when you are exploring the gym and diner when you first arrive and after going back to Blacksad’s office for his lock picks before progressing the plot further by calling Smirnov to meet Blacksad at the diner. The special choices to make note for planning is Mary’s job conversation and telling Sonia about her late father’s relationship. With Mary, make sure to tell her to continue working at the gym. With Sonia, exhaust all her dialogue options EXCEPT for the topic of who had her mother’s wedding ring; do not explore this dialogue path at all. Once you have interacted with everything you possible have done everything except for the topic of the ring, call Smirnov. Complete that sequence and continue playing, again without talking to Sonia about the ring. This will lead to Mary's death.

    Once you have watched all three endings variances that required Mary to be deceased, press options when on the main menu to access the progress option. Select page 11, the diner scene with Smirnov, and replay the game from here. You will not have to redo any of the conversations or deductions that you did before meeting Smirnov at the diner. The only thing you will have to do to progress the plot now is just make the deductions about Joe Dunn’s death. However, before making those deductions, head back to the gym and tell Sonia the truth about who had her mother’s ring. This will now result in Mary surviving the events of the story. Continue your second playthrough from here, you will be able to make changes in choices that determine Sonia’s status at the end of the game where you can to watch the rest of the endings.

    There are some glitches I encountered when testing this time saving method in version 1.02. The first is going back to talk to Sonia after the meeting will Smirnov, you will find a hotspot for Mary's purse on the floor in front of the office which will not be there and you'll find that you cannot go down stairs. You can either shut down the application and continue or once you talk to Sonia, make the deduction about Dunn's death that moves Blacksad to the scene of the crime. The second is once you arrive to the point in the story where the break in at the gym happens, it might have Mary scripted as the one to die. Simple shut down the application and continue and that should fix the issue and the purse found should now be different.

    Endings where Mary is deceased:

    1. Sonia is deceased: Yale kneels at the Dunn family grave with Blacksad comforting him with Mary’s grave insight.
    2. Sonia incarcerated: Yale kneels at the Dunn family grave (minus Sonia) with Blacksad comforting him with Mary’s grave insight.
    3. Sonia is alive and free: Sonia kneels at the Dunn family grave with Blacksad comforting her and with Yale at Mary’s grave.


    Endings where Mary is alive:

    1. Sonia is deceased: Mary kneels at the Dunn family grave with Yale comforting her and Blacksad watching from a distance.
    2. Sonia incarcerated: Mary kneels at the Dunn family grave (minus Sonia) with Yale comforting her and Blacksad watching from a distance.
    3. Sonia is alive and free: Mary kneels at the Dunn family grave with Sonia comforting her and Blacksad watching from a distance.

    The advice you offer to both the boxers at the very latter part of the story does not factor into the story's ending(s).

  • Contribute to as many deaths as possible.


    Some of Blacksad's dialogue choices and actions (or lack thereof) lead to the deaths of six characters. During the same playthrough, Blacksad must make the choices that will lead to all of them getting killed.

    Listed in order of set up:

    • Mary: Mary's death has the largest impact on The End(s) as half of the endings require her to be dead while the other's require her to be alive. There are two conversations that lead to her death and both are made in the first quarter of the story which can lead to needing to replay most of the game again if you do not make the correct choices. The first is telling Mary that she should continue to work as the cleaning lady at the Boxing gym during her conversation at Sam's Diner after exhausting all dialogue options asking her about her jobs. The second is not telling Sonia about Mary's relationship with her father following opening the safe in Dunn's office. This will lead to Mary's death half-way through the game.
    • Jimmy: Blacksad must not attempt to save Jimmy. This death is required to progress the story as attempting to save Jimmy will lead to Blacksad's immediately death.
    • Colbert: Blacksad will need to use his knowledge about Colbert's infidelity to avoid getting executed by O'Leary following the death of Jimmy. Outright telling O'Leary about Colbert's affair will condemn Colbert to death. Your previous choices regarding Colbert's infidelity does not have any impact on this choice. Going for this trophy makes prevents earning Niagara Falls on the same playthrough.
    • Quince: When Blacksad is at a poker game, Quince will reveal a disturbing aspect of his business. When you get a dialogue option, use Blacksad's cat senses to spot a card up Quince's sleeve and choose to rat him out to everyone at the table. Going for this trophy prevents earning Zero tolerance on the same playthrough; even though the result is the same, Blacksad's dialogue did not directly lead to Quince's death.
    • O'Leary: Following the events at Pier 36, Blacksad will have conversations with Stone and Yale. Advice Yale to not take the drugs and that his father would not done so; leading Blacksad to tell Yale about what he knows about Avenarius' disappearance.
    • Sonia: Do not complete the final QTE when Blacksad is picking up his payment following the conclusion of his investigation.

    I should mention that there are additional deaths that Blacksad can contribute to and would appear to be part of this trophy's requirements however they will lead to a failure state which will effect Immortal:

    • Weekly: When Blacksad finds Weekly spying on Sonia, you must successfully complete the QTE's to prevent Weekly from falling through the skylight. Failing the QTE's will lead to a failure state.
    • Yale: When Blacksad suspects where Yale is hiding, you must be successful at completing the QTE for grabbing the knife from Mary or Yale will get killed. Blacksad will also need to preform chest compressions on Yale when he eventually finds him. Failing to complete enough QTE's will lead to a failure state.
    • Farnham: During Blacksad's flashback to remember how many children Farnham has, choosing to let Farnham choke on his vomit or failing the QTE to move him will lead to a failure state.
    • Smirnov: Failing to push Smirnov out of the way during the interrogation of the anteater at the hospital will lead to a failure state.

    As an additional note, I'm not sure if actively not doing the chest compressions on Spannow counts for this trophy as result is the same either way, but I did avoid doing those QTE's just to be sure. When you get a chance to save an anteater on a rooftop trying to kill Blacksad, either option will have the same result and does not have an effect on this trophy.

    All other deaths in the story are unpreventable.

  • Take 400 nightstick blows. Maybe a few less.

    After Blacksad returns to his office to pick up his lock picks, he will automatically head to Yale's apartment where he gets assaulted and interrogated by O'Leary's men. In order to progress the story, Blacksad must use his cat senses, ask if Wilson is Irish, and then say that he knows Colbert and his wife. For this trophy however, you should instead keep selecting the other dialogue options, which will always result in Blacksad getting hit. Keep doing so until the trophy unlocks, at which point you can continue on and progress the story.

  • Charm Helen Moore into giving you a present.

    Following Blacksad's fourth beating, he'll question Helen Moore. Choose the dialogue options that are nice and appeal to Moore's patriotism. If you accuse Moore of contraband, play it off as a joke. You'll need to do QTE to light Blacksad's lighter:  though you can fail it until you get it right. Moore will give Blacksad her cigarette instead of putting it out on the ground.

  • Stand up to Sam as many times as you can.

    Missable in the sense that you may have to replay 30 minutes to an hour if you select the wrong dialogue option during the first conversation.

    Blacksad will first encounter Sam as he crosses the street the first time he heads the diner to interview Mary (which Sam owners). Reply to Sam with “You watch it.” After Blacksad meets with Smirnov at Sam's Diner (and Mary has left at the end of her shift), immediately head back into the diner and Blacksad will get into a conversation with Sam. Choose the “Try Mr. 'Eat my fist.'” This will also lead to unlocking Good samaritan.

    There is a later conversation with Sam as part of the story. Other guides say you're supposed to reply to Sam with "Or what" when he asks Blacksad why he has to answer any questions. However, this trophy unlocked for me after the second conversation so it's likely that the trophy is currently glitched in a positive way.

  • Stand up to Quince as many times as you can.

    Quince is introduced at the Poker game where Blacksad is impersonating Farnham. When Quince says he's looking to hold on to his title as champion, choose “You ain't got a chance, but I'm sure you'll learn somethin'”. I also replyed to Quince's comment following Paulie's joke on women taking men's last names with “Like they have a choice…” which isn't taken as a joke as I thought it would. When Quince comments that beating boys doesn't seem to work, reply with “There are better ways to educate children.” Once Quince brings up a disturbing topic, come back with “I'd kill you if you touched one of my girls.”

    This trophy is mutually exclusive when trying to unlock The Reaper. However it is possible to get on the same playthrough for The Reaper if you reload the chapter after unlocking this trophy or following the playthrough. It's also possible to exit to the main menu following unlocking this trophy and continuing will load a check point at the start of the poker game rather than at the start of the barber shop section the chapter select will put you in.

  • Play good cop convincingly.

    Following Blacksad's fifth beating, Blacksad will be at the hospital with Smirnov waiting to question his assailant. When he wakes up, choose to play the good cop and choose all the good cop dialogue options. If your language settings for Text are set to English, all the good cop responses should be the  options, but this may vary for the other language options.

  • Play bad cop convincingly.

    Following Blacksad's fifth beating, Blacksad will be at the hospital with Smirnov waiting to question his assailant. When he wakes up, choose to play the bad cop and choose all the bad cop dialogue options. If your language settings for Text are set to English, all the bad cop responses should be the  options but this may vary for the other language options.

  • Help the Colberts live a second honeymoon and receive their gratitude.

    Missable if the correct dialogue options are not selected at the start of the game as it's quite a few hours in before the payoff that unlocks the trophy.

    In order to get Colbert to on a second honeymoon with his wife, Blacksad must:

    1. Agree with Colbert to lie to his wife about his infidelity.
    2. At least before leaving Blacksad's office, call Colbert's wife and lie to her about Colbert has been faithful.
    3. Do not tell O'Leary about Colbert's affair which will get him killed. Choose to tell O'Leary that Colbert told Blacksad to come to O'Leary for a reward. During the dialogue, you must select “He kept bragging about how he was banging another guy's wife" to get the idea across to Colbert and have him back your lie up.

    Once Blacksad returns to his office to exchange his findings with Weekly, you'll get a call from Colbert's wife about going to a second honeymoon with Colbert. 

    I'm unsure if you must agree to keep Colbert's secret at the beginning of the story and if telling him you're going to tell his wife as part of receiving his gratitude to unlock this trophy. Lying to his wife or not giving her a call ever while keeping Colbert alive does lead to them taking their second honeymoon.

    This trophy is mutually exclusive when playing to unlock The Reaper. You could unlock this trophy during the same playthrough if you reload the chapter where Blacksad breaks into O'Leary's hide out once this trophy unlocks, however it will require having to start the chapter from the beginning of the street and is recommended that you do on a second playthrough if going for The End(s)

  • Do not scare Brunhilda while telling her a story.

    When investigating the warehouse at Pier 36, Blacksad will stumble into an intellectually disabled teenager's bedroom. Blacksad will need to calm her down by putting on a puppet show. The first dialogue options set up a theme to the story Blacksad is telling. During the second option, select the cat option as the other options will scare Brunhilda. In the third dialogue option, do not suggest getting out of the cage as this scares her, but the other two options make her happy. 

    I selected Princess, Cat, and Pies for the story when unlocking this, which worked. I am unsure if only these will unlock the trophy as implied by the title or if other selections will also work.


Secret trophies

  • Now for real.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    While Blacksad is picking up his payment, he'll make a new deduction that implicates someone else in the murder of Joe Dunn. When chatting with the secretary, use cat senses to look at the agenda book. Use the new dialogue option to have Blacksad lie about not knowing when he was hired. You'll be put in a cat senses sequence where you'll examine each page in the agenda book as the secretary flips through it. Blacksad will then make a deduction and will need to break into Thorpe's office. Blacksad will need to go into set one and use the suspended platform to get into the meeting room through the window. Blacksad will lock-pick his way into Thorpe's office and will need to look at the lack of an office chair, the magazine article framed on the wall, and inside the drawer at Thorpe's desk. After making more deductions, Blacksad will deduce a trap.

    Blacksad can accuse Thorpe right away if he mentions there is someone called “Surgeon” involved with the case, or if you want, you can continue the conversation and make the accusation at the end. However, not accusing Thorpe at all will lead to a false ending. After Blacksad gets up to leave, things will heat up. When there is gun fire, be prepared to press  to save Sonia or do not do anything to let her die. If Sonia survives, Blacksad can either allow her to be arrested or conspire to cover up her crime. This will conclude the case for real.

    See The End(s) for more information on ending variations and Not a detective for false endings.

  • Why's that poster in Dunn's flat?

    When investigating Joe Dunn's flat, interact with the poster of The Quiet Lion and select the dialogue option of “Dunn's nickname.”

  • Do not take the case.

    Following the fight with Colbert, Sonia comes in to hire Blacksad. When asked if Blacksad will take the case, select "No" or remain silent and the game will end and return to the main title. This is one of three false endings.

    It is not recommended to unlock this ending when going for Immortal as it may count as a death.

  • Complete Blacksad's silence conveniently.

    When Blacksad is looking for someone at the Greenwood Cemetary, interact with the angel statue and select the dialogue option “…they turn into demons.”

  • Buy a box of cigarettes from the nursing staff.

    When at the hospital following Blacksad's third beating, look at the ashtray on the window sill to make Blacksad realize he's out of cigarettes. Following a dialogue sequence, talk to the doe nurse at the cardiology reception desk and ask her for a smoke (or to buy a pack of Morley's if you used cat senses to see the display of cigarettes).

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