Blacklight: Tango Down Trophies

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12 trophies ( 7  )

  • n00b


    Win 1 quick match! Welcome to the winning team!

  • Kill 10 opponents in a public match while they are affected by a Digi Grenade.

  • Achieve a win in any game mode on every map in quick match games!

  • Reach the rank of Sergeant.

  • Headshot 25 opponents while they are using HRV in quick match games.

  • Kill an opponent with their own weapon in a quick match. Ouch!

  • Kill 25 opponents in quick match games while they are EMPed!

  • Reach the rank of Second Lieutenant.

  • Reach the rank of Major.

  • Unlock all gear and weapons!

  • Achieve the rank of Brigadier General. Hats off to you!

  • Hack every control point on every multiplayer map in quick match games.


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Blacklight: Tango Down Trophies FAQ

  • How many Blacklight: Tango Down trophies are there?
    There are 12 Trophies to unlock in Blacklight: Tango Down. Of these trophies, 1 Gold, 4 Silver, 7 Bronze.

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