Toasty Trophy in Blacklight: Retribution

  • Toasty


    Kill 10 Hardsuits with the Flamethrower

    How to unlock Toasty

    Note: It doesn't matter if you target the Rhino or Gunman Hardsuits, because both of them count.

    To add the Flamethrower to your Depot loadout, by going: Customization => Depot => Press on a Slot => Scroll down to the Flamethrower and press on it. This a tough trophy to get legit, because the Flamethrower is underpowered and does little damage against armour, thus it's best to boost it by using the settings listed for the Gunman Guru trophy. The fastest way to destroy a Hardsuit, is to target the weak spot on its' back (use the HRV to locate it).

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  • I wonder if this is boostable in a private match.
  • Dethfuse, You can boost this in private. For quick results: 2 players Domination Mode Switch off hacking 2 terminals to build depot points -hacking 3 takes more time as a 3rd is usually farther apart -hacking 3 pushes you faster to the 750 goal ending the session sooner than you may want -purchase pants that make you move fast and carry your pistol to move even faster When deploying a hard suit, crawl inside and let your boosting partner/ enemy torch -this helps emphasize your progress towards 10 -torching your own deployed suit will not work Don't weaken your suit with rockets/ guns/ explosives etc. -a purchase of the flamethrower will have enough fuel to destroy a suit with 100% health. -use a grenade to suicide since these throwers are difficult to run around with whil
  • ....while hacking assuming you aren't racking up all your points right away. It took me 18 suits to get this and combined some do's/don't of the above so keeping this in mind will get you there faster. It's a bit tricky during public matches but I've been able to get a few on my own time while working towards that max level trophy.
  • If anyone wants to boost this in a private match message me... PSN: The_Slayer778
  • Anyone wanna boost this message me PSN Scooby_0204
  • Sorry wrong PSN Its Godzilla_73111
  • I need toasty trophy. You help me I help You PSN:Viler01
  • Add Wafflesthekitty to boost this with me.
  • I am interested in wanting to boost for this trophy for the ps4 please add me on PSN eddie555neji
  • if anyone is interested message me on PSN...willing to go for any other trophies as well if people want like This Is For Fun or Gunman Guru PSN: CrimsonScorpion0
  • If anyone wants to boost any trophies message me on PSN at marcusilverhand, with one s
  • Looking for people to boost this trophy, as well as other trophies like hardsuit kills. PSN: ceylonmedals
  • Looking for someone to help me get the "Toasty" trophy. Send me a friend request (no blank) so we can work on it. I will help you as well :)
  • Cannot be achieved on Practice.
  • I am looking to boost this trophy! My PSN ID is finalstar and my time zone is Central.

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