VCR vs Communism Trophy in Black The Fall

  • VCR vs Communism


    Kung-fu movie time!

    How to unlock VCR vs Communism

    Obtainable in Chapter 1.

    After getting through the room where you have to control the laser from under the floor and the guard comes over to inspect what is going on underneath (be sure not to be seen in his cone of vision), you have to quickly open the hatch to the right, jump up and run until you enter a room with a kinetic cradle that is rotating in the background. Just past this on the floor is a darkened square which is a secret hatch. Interact with it and drop down.

    Once on the ledge, you will hear and see to the right some steam being emitted from some pipes (this is intermittent). Be sure to avoid this when dropping down onto the ledge below on the far right and once on said ledge, wait for the steam to stop and quickly drop and run to the left into room with a bike. Keep going until you enter a room with some people watching a movie.

    The trophy pops as soon as you enter this room.

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  • Near the beginning of the game, you will make your way through an empty room. In the center of the room is a hidden trap door that you can interact with. Head down, past the steam and continue to the left to the hidden tv room. Here is a video guide with English commentary! Here is a playlist of guides for this game!

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