Black Desert (NA) Trophies

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20 trophies ( 3  )

  • You are Master.

  • A Small step, of a long walk. Achieved Combat Level 10

  • Getting the hang of it. Achieve Combat level 20.

  • Strike with certainly. Achieve Combat level 30.

  • Fight how you want. Achieve Combat level 40.

  • A huge step up. Achieve Combat level 50.

  • Helping others is more fun than i thought! Achieve 10 contribution points.

  • I may feel tired, but to repay those who expect so much of me... Achieve 50 contribution points.

  • All the residents in the territory recognize you and smile. Achieve 150 contribution points.

  • You may have a talent for an exploring. Discover 10 nodes

  • That steep mountain is to easy to climb. Discover 30 nodes.

  • You should be selling self-made maps for a living. Discover 50 nodes.

  • Your butt might hurt. Achieve Training Level 11.

  • Time to commune with your horse. Achieve Training Level 31.

  • Roasting, drying, and throwing... Oh wait, i didn`t throw anyhing. Achieve Processing Level 11.

  • I can make anything. What do you want me to make? Achieve Processing Level 41.

  • Have you caught a big fish? Achieve Fishing Level 21.

  • One with the rod. Achieve Fishing Level 51.

  • Now you may distinguish gathering tools. Acieve Gathering Level 10.

  • Good days with earlthy sent. Achieve Gathering Level 31.

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