• Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 6/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 51 (1, 1, 15, 34)
  • Online trophies: 0 (Possibly every trophy, see below)
  • Approximate amount of time to : 20-25 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, although 2 is highly recommended (see below).
  • Number of missable trophies: 5: Kitted Out, Raising the Bar, Infused with Greatness, Sightseer, Eavesdropper
  • Glitched trophies: 0 (Some players are reporting that no trophies are unlocking. See note below.)
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: Yes, 1999 Mode must be completed.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No, the Konami Code can be used to unlock 1999 Mode and Should Auld Acquaintance... straight away.

BioShock Infinite is the long-anticipated third instalment in the BioShock franchise and finally sees the return of the same development team who created one of the most critically-acclaimed releases of recent times with the original BioShock. Once again the narrative focuses on a singular event within a wider conflict, as ex-Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt ascends to the floating city of Columbia to rescue Elizabeth, a girl with powers to manipulate the space-time continuum. In the meantime, Columbia is thrown into turmoil as the Vox Populi resistance group leads a revolt against the elitist, xenophobic Founders.

The vast majority of the trophies are straightforward and can be earned on your first playthrough, with many devoted to a certain amount of kills with each weapon and using various abilities a certain number of times. Difficulty trophies stack, so if you want to start 1999 Mode right away, you can do. Bear in mind that there are numerous collectables in this game, so it is highly recommended to do two playthroughs to get them out of the way first before solely concentrating on getting through the hardest difficulty.

BioShock Infinite is compatible with Playstation Move, but this guide was written exclusively using the Dualshock 3, and so all button configurations relate exclusively to that controller.

Note on Missable Trophies: Unfortunately, BioShock Infinite has an extremely user-unfriendly progress-tracking system when it comes to collectables. Whilst collectables are cumulative and carry over across your playthroughs, the game doesn’t keep track of which exact collectables you have collected. Therefore, unless you have a very specific memory or have kept a physical note of which Voxophones/Kinetoscopes/Telescopes you’ve found, you’re going to be doing a lot of pointless exploring to find the last few you need.

However, if you are only missing a very small number and have kept a note of which ones you still require, you can load up the specific Chapter that the collectable is located in by choosing “Chapter Select” at the Main Menu. Chapter Select in this game goes off your original autosave from the start of each Chapter rather than placing you at the start with a certain loadout, so you’ll be in exactly the same state as you were when you first reached that Chapter. However, your collectables will have carried over. Note that this will only work providing you do not delete any of your saves from your system. At the beginning of each Chapter, the game makes a brand new autosave (another unfriendly feature) rather than containing your progress within one profile save, meaning that after completing the game a couple of times you will have dozens of saves. Do not delete any until you have earned all the collectable trophies otherwise the Chapter Select feature will be inaccessible to you.

Although it is far more convenient to get them all in one playthrough, because of the ability to go back via Chapter Select the following trophies are only considered semi-missable:


The following trophies must be obtained in one playthrough and are not carried over, so these are considered fully-missable:

Kitted Out
Raising the Bar
Infused with Greatness

Note on trophies not unlocking: There seems to be a serious issue where none of the trophies in the game will unlock despite the requirements being fulfilled. This issue seems to occur when you sign out of PSN (either physically or due to a connection issue) after being signed in. If this happens, no trophies will unlock. To combat this issue, either sign in before you load the game and stay signed in, or sign out/don't sign in to PSN before starting the game and stay offline. This personally happened to me on my 1999 Mode run, where near the end I disconnected from PSN and upon completing the game did not receive any difficulty trophies. I restarted my PS3, signed in to PSN, reloaded the game from the last checkpoint and completed the game again. Luckily, I received the trophies. If the same thing happens to you regarding a story-related trophy, reload the last checkpoint before it should have unlocked and try again, and if it's a trophy related to a cumulative number of actions, try performing the action once more.


Step 1 - Complete the game on Normal, obtaining all collectables and cumulative/miscellaneous trophies

Whilst you can dive straight into 1999 Mode by unlocking it with the Konami Code, it is highly advisable to play the game through on Normal first and enjoy its wonderful story and atmosphere whilst also facing a significant challenge. Whilst you could play on Easy and run through the game grabbing all of the collectables unopposed, this would leave you woefully unprepared for 1999 Mode. Transitioning from Normal to 1999 is far less severe and sets you in much better stead for your second run.

During this playthrough, focus particularly on the weapons trophies and don’t use the same weapon for too long. If you switch weapons after unlocking each weapon’s respective trophy, there will be more than enough enemies in the game to unlock them all in one run.

I heavily advise reading the information on missable trophies above if you haven’t already, so you know what to expect regarding collectables. Getting them all on this run will save you a massive headache later on, so make sure to make full use of PowerPyx’s Collectables Guide. Finally, keep an eye out for the few miscellaneous trophies. None should give you too much trouble.

At the end of this step, you will have earned:

Written in the Clouds
Welcome to Monument Island
Shock Tactics
First Class Ticket
Armed Revolt
Working Class Hero
Blood in the Streets
Higher Learning
The Bird or The Cage
Tin Soldier
Saw the Elephant
Should Auld Acquaintance…

It is also highly recommended that you earn the following:

Industrial Accident
Aerial Assassin
A Real Pistol
Passionately Reciprocated
Street Sweeper
Big Game Hunter
Loose Cannon
On a Clear Day…
Here Little Piggy
Master of Pyrotechnics
Seasoned to Taste
Well Rounded
Vigorous Opposition
More for Your Money
Combination Shock
Mind Over Matter
Tear ‘em a New One
Strange Bedfellows
On the Fly
Bolt from the Blue
Hazard Pay
Bon Voyage
Skeet Shoot
Lost Weekend
David & Goliath
Dress for Success
Kitted Out
Raising the Bar
Infused with Greatness
The Roguish Type
Grand Largesse
Coins in the Cushion

Step 2 - Complete the game on 1999 Mode without purchasing anything from a “Dollar Bill” vending machine

This is where your true skills will be tested. Use all you have learnt from your first playthrough and rely on your most tried and tested methods. Be frugal with your ammo and remember that patience is the key. Your objective marker will not be available in this mode, which is where your previous knowledge will come in handy. If you have completed the original BioShock on Survivor Mode without using a Vita-Chamber, then you will be glad to know that this mode is easier and respawns are permitted, to a certain extent. Remember that you cannot buy anything from a “Dollar Bill” machine, so you will have to loot and use what’s available to you around Columbia.

Difficulty trophies do stack, so by the end of this step you will have unlocked the following trophies:

Stone Cold Pinkerton
Auld Lang Syne
Scavenger Hunt

Step 3 - Clean-up

By now, if you have followed this Roadmap completely, you should have the Platinum. However, you may have missed one or two miscellaneous trophies or the odd collectable, so this is the time to go back via Chapter Select and mop them up. All trophies are cumulative across multiple playthroughs and difficulties, so if there is grinding to be done, it should be minimal. By the end of this step, if not earlier, you will have earned your Platinum trophy. Congratulations!

Platinum Columbia

[PST would like to thank Darth_Krid for this Roadmap]


Clash in the Clouds DLC:



  • Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 7/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (3, 7)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10-15 hours (skill-dependent)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 for each of the four maps and at least a couple more of each for the Blue Ribbon Challenges.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: Potentially every trophy, see the note in Introduction.
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: No, Hard is the default difficulty and cannot be changed.


Welcome to Clash In the Clouds, the first piece of DLC for BioShock Infinite. This add-on will appeal to those who were fans of the combat in the main game. It's basically a Horde mode that sees you defend yourself against waves of increasingly difficult enemies, across four different maps inspired by various locations in Columbia. This DLC is available for free if you have purchased the Season Pass, once downloaded it can be accessed by choosing "Downloadable Content" from the Main Menu then selecting Clash In The Clouds. This option will only be available once you have Patch 1.03 or higher installed.

9 of the 10 trophies should come pretty easily but the final trophy, Blue Ribbon Champ, will require a lot of patience, skill and some luck. None of your upgrades and money from the main game will carry over, nor will the bonus Infusions and items from the Early Bird and Columbia's Finest packs. Conversely, none of your progress in the DLC transfers to the main game so you can't grind the weapon or kill-related trophies from the main list in this DLC. The difficulty is set to Hard by default but you will earn a lot of money pretty quickly. By the time you have finished each map once, you will have enough money to buy all the upgrades you like (which will make things much easier) and everything in the Museum.

All the controls mentioned in this guide are based on the default setup. If you use a custom setup, you will need to check which button does which and change accordingly.

Note on trophies not unlocking: It appears that the issue that plagued the main game i.e trophies not unlocking despite the requirements being fulfilled, has not been eradicated for this DLC. This has been confirmed by myself and a few others on this forum. The exact problem and the fix for it is the same as the main game:

This issue seems to occur when you sign out of PSN (either physically or due to a connection issue) after being signed in. If this happens no trophies will unlock if you carry on playing. To combat this issue either, sign in before you load the game and stay signed in or sign out/don't sign in to PSN before starting the game and stay offline. This personally happened to me when I was trying to get The Ol' One-Two and Missile Defense System where I had disconnected from PSN and after completing the requirements for the trophies multiple times, they still would not unlock. I restarted my PS3, signed in to PSN, attempted to unlock the trophies again and after the first Vigor combination kill and RPG splash damage kill I received the trophies.

Another important warning is that you should never use the "Restart Checkpoint" option in the Pause Menu as that will boot you back to the Museum and you will lose all your current progress on that map (such as money, upgrades and Blue Ribbons). If you need to return to the hub, let yourself die from enemy attacks and select "Return To Columbian Archaeological Society". The only way to make a manual save is use the Book on the counter of the Ticket Office next to the double doors leading to the Museum.


Step 1 - Complete all four maps

In this step you should solely focus on completing all 15 waves in each of the four maps. Initially, only the first map will be open to you, but after you complete that you can buy the others very cheaply. You can try and complete any Blue Ribbon Challenges you come across, but don't worry too much about them as you'll likely die plenty of times and be too underpowered to seriously attempt them. You'll earn Infusion upgrades and Gear as you progress, and all the money you earn in this step should be spent on upgrading your favourite Vigors and weapons from the vending machines. You will only earn 28 Infusion upgrades, which is two less than you'd need to max out. I highly suggest maxing out Shield and Salts, as those will give you the best advantage when you come to completing the Blue Ribbon Challenges. If you die you have the choice of either continuing but forfeiting your Leaderboard score, restarting from Wave 1 or exiting to the Columbia Archaeological Society. Since continuing doesn't disable trophies (and there are no trophies attached to achieving a certain score or position on the Leaderboards), just keep selecting this option and you'll eventually pass the wave.

By the end of this step you will have earned the following trophies:

Friendly Skies
Duke or Dimwit?
Rooftop Ruffian
Hand of the Prophet

Step 2 - Complete all Blue Ribbon Challenges

This is where you'll be spending most of your time in this DLC. You must earn all 60 Blue Ribbons by completing their respective challenges. You can check which ones you have already completed by looking at the plaque below the portrait leading to each map. The Ribbons are arranged in 3 rows of 5 so you can count along and find which wave numbers you are missing the Ribbons for on each map. A fair amount of the challenges will be pretty easy with your upgraded equipment, but some of them are still very tough. If you need help, please see the Challenge Guide posted underneath the trophy guide.

Alternatively, you can follow the exploit detailed in this thread for a much easier and quicker way to earn all 60 Blue Ribbons: Easy (Glitched) way to get Blue Ribbon Champ.

In this step you will earn the following trophy:

Blue Ribbon Champ

Step 3 - Miscellaneous trophies and buying everything in the Museum

It is highly likely that you will have earned some of the miscellaneous trophies naturally just by experimenting with the various weapons and Vigors. If you are still missing any, just replay a map until you fulfil the requirements. After running through each map multiple times for the Blue Ribbons, you will easily have enough money to purchase everything in the Museum. After you've done this, you will have earned the following trophies and your 100%:

The Ol' One-Two
Missile Defense System
Museum Curator

[PST would like to thank Darth_Krid for this Roadmap]


Burial at Sea: Episode 1 DLC:



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 3)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100% 2-3 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, Chapter Select is available.
  • Glitched trophies: Possibly all of them, see the Warning below.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on Easy.
  • Do trophies stack?: No.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.

NOTE: On the PS3 you must have the 1.05 or higher patch installed to play this DLC but the PS4 comes pre-installed with the main game.

Burial and Sea - Episode 1 is the first of two story-driven DLCs released for Bioshock Infinite, it brings players an interesting view of Rapture as it was a year before the events of Bioshock 1. You play as an alternate reality Booker DeWitt, a Private Detective who's employed by another familiar face in the Bioshock universe: Elizabeth. It's an interesting mix of Rapture and Columbia elements as well as a mesh of mechanics from both. It is currently unknown when Episode 2 will become available.

Missable Trophies

While you can miss some trophies in your initial playthrough, you can easily get them via Chapter Select. The counters for the non-story related trophies are cumulative across multiple playthroughs as well, thus making this even easier.

Warning about online and missable trophies:

The infamous logout trophy glitch is still active! If you start playing any part of Bioshock Infinite (either the main game or DLC) while logged into PSN, then you must continue to play while logged into PSN or your trophies will not pop. If you are concerned about connection issues causing you to miss trophies, log out of PSN before starting the DLC and play it offline. You can log in to PSN for other games but you must logout before starting the Burial at Sea DLC.

There are also other glitches and bugs present in this DLC, see the Glitches and Warnings post for more information: LINK

Important info about using Chapter Select:

The options in Chapter Select are generated for each section as you clear it. Each option is kept on your hard drive in the form of a save ile labelled "NAME OF SECTION - Bookmark" (for example: HOUSEWARES - Bookmark) along with a master Autosave file labelled "NAME OF EVENT - Autosave" (for example: VENT CLOSED - Autosave). In order to fully utilize the Chapter Select for trophy clean up, it is imperative that you do not delete any of these saves. On the PS4, all your saves for the game and DLCs are stored in 3 separate files called Settings, Auto Save and Bookmarks.


Step 1: Complete the DLC

There are no difficulty trophies for Burial at Sea: Episode 1 so I recommend playing on Easy. If you started on a higher difficulty and want to lower it, you can do so by pressing the button, going to Options, then Gameplay. Be aware that changing the difficulty will force a reload of your most recent checkpoint.

You can obtain all the trophies in a single playthrough, however, if you miss a few then you can use Chapter Select to obtain them. Chapter Select works on the difficulty setting of your last playthrough, which is why Easy is recommended.

When you've finished your first run, you will at the very least have the following trophies:

Down in the Briney
Going Places
Burial at Sea

Step 2: Chapter Select (if needed)

If you need to do any clean up after your initial run, you can use Chapter Select since the counters for the trophies are cumulative. You should earn any missed trophies in no time:

Fully Equipped
Cook and Serve
Snowball Effect
Break the Ice
Confirmed Luddite
Chain Reaction
Audio Enthusiast

[PST would like to thank phoenragon for this Roadmap]


Burial at Sea: Episode 2 DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 3)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 4-8 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 on 1998 Mode (2 recommended)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 due to Chapter Select
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must beat the game on 1998 Mode
  • Glitched trophies: Potentially all of them, see the note in the Introduction.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats

NOTE: You must download and install the 1.07 patch before you can play Burial at Sea - Episode II.


Welcome to Burial At Sea - Episode 2, the last of the Bioshock Infinite DLCs and the climax to the events of the Bioshock series. In this DLC you will play as Elizabeth after the events of Episode 1 as she attempts to unravel the mysteries of Raptures and perhaps discover her fate.

The gameplay in general feels the same as Bioshock Infinite except this time there is an emphasis on stealth since Elizabeth can't take as much damage. Therefore crouching and knocking out enemies from behind with your Air Grabber or taking out enemies with your Crossbow will make things easier. There are some new plasmids to play with too such as Peeking Tom which makes you invisible and can make life much easier for you. The other major addition is 1998 Mode which is a new mode that requires you to beat the game without killing any enemy, as a result you can only use your crossbow and the Air Grabber.

There are only 10 trophies in this DLC and all of them are relatively easy. 3 are story related, 1 is tied to collecting all the Audio Diaries/Voxophones, 5 miscellaneous trophies which are easy to do and 1 trophy is tied to beating the game on 1998 mode.

Note on trophies not unlocking:
It seems that the issues that have plagued the main game and it's subsequent DLCs is still at large in this DLC. This issue seems to occur when you sign out of PSN, whether it be of your own accord or due to a connection issue after being signed in. If this happens then no trophies will unlock if you continue to play. To combat this issue either, sign in before you load the game and stay signed in or sign out/don't sign in to PSN before starting the game and stay offline.


Step 1: Play the DLC on Normal difficulty first
I would recommend playing the DLC on Easy or Normal first. Normal would be preferable since it is a similar difficulty to 1998 mode and can help you prepare for 1998 Mode in Step 2 since you will know where to go. During this Step just play through the game and enjoy the great story. I would suggest getting all the Audio Diaries/Voxophones so you won't have to worry about them during 1998 Mode. You should be able to get the all miscellaneous trophies during this step since they are all pretty easy to do and many opportunities should arise to get them.

After this Step you should have:

Making Some Noise
Never Saw It Coming
Dead Drop
Glutton for Punishment
The Whole Story
Up and Running
Mein Hair
Paid in Full

Step 2: Beat the DLC on 1998 Mode and clean up
During this step you should play the game on 1998 Mode. Make sure not to pick 1999 mode else you will be sorely disappointed upon beating the DLC and not getting the trophy. The main things to keep in mind is to take it slow and take out enemies from behind with the Air Grabber if you can to conserve Crossbow ammo. If you can skip a fight, skip it since there is no point wasting time.

During this Step you can also clean up any trophies you haven't gotten already as they can still be done in 1998 mode. After this Step you should have:

Taffer's Delight

[PST would like to thank mullinavat for this Roadmap]

Bioshock Infinite Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

81 trophies ( 24  55  16  )

  • Acquire all other trophies

    You’ve mastered the skies of Columbia and unlocked every other trophy. Congratulations!

  • Completed the game on Easy difficulty or above.

    Please see Auld Lang Syne below for more details.

  • Completed the game on Normal difficulty or above.

    Please see Auld Lang Syne below for more details.

  • Completed the game on Hard difficulty or above.

    Please see Auld Lang Syne below for more details.

  • Completed the game on 1999 Mode.

    “1999 Mode” is the hardest difficulty in the game. The difficulty trophies do stack, so if you complete this mode first all other difficulty trophies will unlock. All difficulty trophies will unlock once the credits begin to roll.

    For a full explanation of 1999 Mode and strategies to use, please see the description for Scavenger Hunt at the end of this guide.

  • Unlocked 1999 Mode.

    There are two ways to unlock this game mode. You can either beat the story on any other difficulty and it will unlock automatically at the end of the game, or you can enter the Konami Code whilst you are highlighting the “Play Game” option in the Main Menu:

  • Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Hook Execution.

    The Sky-Hook is obtained automatically whilst playing through the story in Chapter 3: Raffle Fair. It can only be used as a melee weapon. When an enemy has low health you will see a skull symbol above their head. Hold down whilst you are standing in front of the weakened enemy to perform an execution.

    All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

  • Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Line Strike.

    The Sky-Hook is obtained automatically whilst playing through the story in Chapter 3: Raffle Fair. There are numerous Sky-Lines throughout the game, acting either as a tactical option during battles or a method to reach your next objective. Whilst you are riding a Sky-Line, you need to aim towards an enemy with the until a yellow star appears beneath their feet with the words “Sky-Line Strike” appearing above their head, then press to perform a Sky-Line Strike. Some enemies will join you on the Sky-Line, and you can highlight them and perform the Strike in the same manner, which will also count towards this trophy.

    Note that the enemy must be killed outright, so try to aim for the normal enemies who carry pistols or machine guns as they will die in one hit as opposed to the more armoured foes who take multiple Strikes. Also, if you find that you are travelling too fast on the Sky-Lines, try holding whilst on the Sky-Line to slow you down almost to a halt, making it easier to highlight enemies.

    You can also perform Sky-Line Strikes from the static hooks dotted around Columbia that you can attach to in the same way as a normal Sky-Line. This might be a preferable option if you are struggling to target an enemy whilst moving on a Sky-Line. Thanks to F8l Fool for confirming.

    All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

  • Killed 25 enemies with the Broadsider Pistol.

    The Pistol is the first weapon found in the story and is also dropped frequently by some enemies. Simply kill 25 enemies with it to unlock this trophy. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

    Picture of the weapon:

  • Killed 150 enemies with the Founder Triple R Machine Gun or Vox Repeater.

    The Machine Gun and Repeater can be found throughout the story, but are also dropped by some enemies. Simply kill 150 enemies with either of these weapons or a combination of the two. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

    Pictures of the weapons:

    Machine Gun:


  • Killed 50 enemies with the Founder China Broom Shotgun or Vox Heater.

    The Shotgun and Heater can be found throughout the story, but are also dropped by some enemies. Simply kill 50 enemies with either of these weapons or a combination of the two. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters. Chapter 12 is a particularly good place to farm this trophy.

    Pictures of the weapons:



  • Killed 100 enemies with the Founder Huntsman Carbine or Vox Burstgun.

    The Carbine and Burstgun can be found throughout the story, but are also dropped by some enemies. Simply kill 100 enemies with either of these weapons or a combination of the two. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters. Chapter 15 is a particularly good place to farm these kills.

    Pictures of the weapons:



  • Killed 25 enemies with the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon.

    The Hand Cannon (Magnum) can be found throughout the story, but is also dropped by some enemies. Simply kill 25 enemies with it. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

    Picture of the weapon:

  • Killed 30 enemies with the Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle.

    The Sniper Rifle can be found throughout the story, but is also dropped by some enemies. Simply kill 30 enemies with it. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters. Chapter 12 is a particularly good spot to farm this trophy.

    Picture of the weapon:

  • Killed 30 enemies with the Founder Pig Volley Gun or Vox Hail Fire.

    The Volley Gun and Hail Fire can be found throughout the story, but are also dropped by some enemies. Simply kill 30 enemies with either of these weapons or a combination of the two. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

    Pictures of the weapons:

    Volley Gun:

    Hail Fire:

  • Killed 20 enemies with the Barnstormer RPG.

    The RPG can be found throughout the story, most often during major battles by opening Tears labelled “RPG” with . Simply kill 20 enemies with it. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

    Picture of the weapon:

  • Killed 30 enemies with the Peppermill Crank Gun.

    The Crank Gun is a form of Minigun and unlike all other weapons, is only dropped by Motorized Patriots or accessed extremely rarely through Tears. Luckily, it comes with an abundant ammo supply, so killing 30 enemies should prove no trouble over the course of the story. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters. Chapter 12 is an ideal spot to farm this trophy.

    Picture of the weapon:

  • Used all 8 Vigors against enemies.

    Vigors are magical abilities extremely similar to the Plasmids from the original BioShock. Once you obtain them, they can be selected by holding and choosing your desired Vigor with . You can then use a Vigor by pressing , provided you have enough Salts to use it. You do not have to kill an enemy with each Vigor, just use it once on them. Only two Vigors will be acquired automatically during the story, but the other 6 are extremely easy to find. If you do happen to miss one however, they will become available to buy from the “Veni Vidi Vigor” vending machines slightly later on. Listed below are the earlier times you encounter each Vigor:

    Vigor Locations:

    #1 Possession - Welcome Center
    The first Vigor will be given to you by a lady at the funfair. You need it to continue, so it cannot be missed.

    #2 Devil's Kiss - Raffle Square
    This will be dropped by the first Fireman you defeat.

    #3 Murder of Crows - Comstock Center Rooftops
    This will be dropped by the first Crow you defeat.

    #4 Bucking Bronco - Hall of Heroes
    When the first wave of enemies attacks you in the room with the big statue in the centre, a door to a side-room will open. In this side-room (where the enemies came from) is the Bucking Bronco Vigor on a table.

    #5 Shock Jockey - Hall of Heroes Gift Shop
    This Vigor will be obtained automatically as it is required to continue the story.

    #6 Charge - Finkton Proper
    After exiting the elevator go straight into the office room. The Charge Vigor is in this room. This is only available on your way back through this area, as the first time it is barred by a gate.

    #7 Undertow - The Factory
    After exiting an elevator you will be in a room with three enemies that look at some corpses and at the end of the room is a big neon sign saying "Fink MFG". The Undertow Vigor is under the neon sign.

    #8 Return to Sender - Downtown Emporia
    This Vigor is an exception, as the first opportunity you get to find it is highly missable. To begin with, just before you go through the turnstiles (the ones you can’t return through) in Emporia, there will be the Founder Book Store to the left. In a room at the back is a Voxophone which tells you to go to the Salty Oyster Bar and press a button underneath the cash register on the bar. Backtrack to the Bar and find the button. Once you press it, a hidden door will open, behind which is Return To Sender.

    The far more obvious location is in Downtown Emporia. After using an elevator you will go outside and lots of enemies will attack you. After fighting them off, follow the marker to the next objective. Elizabeth will have to lockpick a gate. After a short scene where Elizabeth talks to you, she will open the gate. After she opens the gate you will see the Return To Sender Vigor hanging out of a box in the corridor in front of you.

    If you wish to see a video of the Vigor locations, please watch this video:


  • Killed 75 enemies either with a Vigor or while the enemy is under the effects of a Vigor.

    To get this, you need to kill a total of 75 enemies with the destructive power of a Vigor ability, or by killing them with a weapon whilst they are stunned by a Vigor. If you played the original BioShock, then the old “1-2 Punch” still works exceedingly well. Use Shock Jockey on any normal enemy to shock them, and then quickly shoot them in the head with any of your weapons for an almost instant kill. Devil’s Kiss and Murder of Crows also work extremely well for this trophy as they deal a good amount of damage and distract enemies for a low Salt cost.

    If you use the Possession Vigor on an enemy and they kill other enemies, they will count towards this trophy. Furthermore, if you use it on machines or turrets, they will count towards this trophy as well as Mind Over Matter. Thanks to F8l Fool for confirming.

    All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

  • Lured 3 enemies into a single Vigor trap 5 times.

    This can easily be done with the Devil's Kiss Vigor. Hold down for a few seconds and release the button to create a trap. Now wait until a group of enemies run into it. The blast radius is quite large, so as long as three enemies get touched by the fire, this will count. There are many areas that have lots of enemies to attempt this. Note that you must set the trap on the floor and lure them to it. Holding down and throwing it directly at a bunch of enemies will not work.

    The best place I found to earn this trophy was in Comstock's House when you first meet the Boys of Silence. Deliberately walk into their spotlight to get their attention. They will awaken a large group of enemies dressed in white with George Washington masks. These enemies tend to rush you in one big group rather than hang back and shoot you like normal enemies. Simply lay a few Devil's Kiss or Shock Jockey traps around the area, get the attention of the Boy of Silence, and lead the enemies to the traps. There are four Boys of Silence in this area, so you have a few opportunities to use this method. To be safe, you can always farm this by reloading the checkpoint.

    For a even easier methods to get this trophy, you could try either of these methods proposed by TriStarKaBoo and Terminator:

    Just thought I'd mention a really good spot to get the More for Your Money trophy. In the The Graveyard Shift in Shanty Town, there are a bunch of guys sitting around a table having drinks in the main bar. You can drop a Devil's Kiss trap at the feet of one of the guys (I think there is about 5 guys sitting there) and it will explode taking them all out.

    Reload and repeat until the trophy pops. You reload in the alley out the front of the bar so you can easily spam this. The kills are guaranteed as these are low level goons with no armour. I did this on my first Hard play-through with the basic, un-upgraded Devil's Kiss, trap took them all out, every time.

    Another place you can earn "More for Your Money" is during the second Siren fight, she will always have at least 5 creatures around her so charge your Bucking Bronco and let it off in her direction. You are guaranteed to hit all of them, just reload the Checkpoint as needed.

  • Performed all 8 of the Vigor combinations.

    A Vigor combination is where you fire two Vigors in quick succession at an enemy to produce a variety of different effects. To do this, make sure you have the two Vigors you want to equip ready in your Vigor slots by selecting them both with the selection wheel (hold ). Then, find the enemy you wish to use the combination on and use a Vigor on him with . Quickly swap to the second Vigor with and press again to fire that at the enemy. If you’ve done it correctly, a notification will appear on the left of your screen. The order you use the Vigors in does not matter, as long as the combination is the same.

    The 8 Vigor combinations are:

    • Bucking Bronco + Charge
    • Bucking Bronco + Devil’s Kiss
    • Devil’s Kiss + Charge
    • Murder of Crows + Devil’s Kiss
    • Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey
    • Possession + Devil’s Kiss
    • Possession + Shock Jockey
    • Undertow + Shock Jockey

    If you wish to see a video walkthrough of these combinations, please see the video below:


  • Killed 20 enemies using Possessed machines.

    All kills via machines you can possess with the Possession Vigor count towards this trophy, which are machine turrets, explosive turrets and Mosquitos. You should rack up more than enough during the course of the game, but if not a great place to farm this is in one of the first areas in the game: "Raffle Square". After defeating your very first group of enemies, you can possess 2 turrets in the next area, which is again full of enemies. Keep restarting checkpoints and continue killing enemies with Possessed machines until the trophy unlocks.

  • Opened 30 Tears.

    Shortly after you meet Elizabeth, she will be able to open "Tears". These Tears, once opened, can summon supportive allies, provide weapons, health, Salts or even create cover and other environmental aids. The Tears are highlighted around the world in a grey colour and can be opened by holding down .

    There are far more than 30 Tears throughout the game, so you should get this without needing to farm. During large battles there will be a large number of these, so open them during the battle or after it if you prefer. Do note that you must open 30 individual Tears and not the same ones back and forth.

  • Killed 20 enemies using allies brought in through a Tear.

    Once Elizabeth can open Tears, they can be used to summon allies such as Motorized Patriots, turrets and Mosquitoes. The Tears are highlighted in grey and labelled as “Turret” or “Motorized Patriot”, meaning you should be able to spot them easily. Once the Tear is opened with , your summoned allies will start firing at the nearest enemy. Be careful as they can still be destroyed by enemy fire (although they will respawn eventually), so it may be wiser to reduce nearby enemies’ health first so they die quicker. As long as the final kill was by an ally, this will count towards the trophy.

    There are plenty of opportunities to get this long before the end of the game, but if need be this can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

  • Killed 30 enemies while riding a Sky-Line.

    Sky-Lines are very common and can be found throughout the entire story. To get on to a Sky-Line, aim towards a Sky-Line and the word “Attach” will appear on the rails. Press to jump up. Hold to slow down and kill a total of 30 enemies whilst you are riding the Sky-Line. Note that Sky-Line Strikes will not count towards this trophy; enemies must be killed with your weapons. Kills from the static hooks you can attach to do not count towards this trophy.

    If need be, this can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters.

  • Killed 5 enemies with a headshot while riding a Sky-Line.

    This trophy is very similar to On The Fly, except that you must kill 5 enemies with headshots. The Sniper Rifle is the best weapon for this. Use the Sky-Line to get near to an enemy and hold to stop above him. Zoom in with the Sniper Rifle with and aim for the head. Sometimes enemies will jump up onto the Sky-Line and come over to you and stop to shoot you, making them even easier to shoot as they will be a closer, static target.

  • Killed 10 enemies by utilizing environmental hazards.

    The easiest way to do this is with Tesla Coils. These can be found later in the story, in the area called "The Factory". The Tesla Coils, activated by opening a Tear, will shock and kill enemies that get too close. Just stay close to the Tesla Coil and enemies will run into it eventually. Alternatively, you can also ignite oil with your Devil's Kiss Vigor or electrocute water puddles with Shock Jockey. If the flames or electricity kill an enemy, it will count as an environmental kill.

    This can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters if need be.

  • Killed 20 enemies by knocking them off Columbia.

    Firstly, you will need to get the "Undertow" Vigor, so please see Well Rounded for all Vigor locations. Once you have it, tap to fire a jet of water at enemies and knock them off edges. This works best against enemies on zeppelins and barges. There is a zeppelin that spawns right after you first obtain “Undertow”, and there is a particular section of the game late on where you fight a large amount of enemies on barges, making this trophy very easy to obtain.

    This trophy can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters. An easy method to earn this trophy earlier in the game has been found by Terminator:

    After you find the Gunsmith's Tools and go through the Tear, you will come to an area with two Sky-Lines. The enemies will jump on the Sky-Line and come after you, so get them to follow you then do a Sky-Line Strike on them whilst they're over the big hole in the middle of the map. Reload the Checkpoint as needed.

  • Killed 5 enemies while they are falling.

    There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to use a Shotgun and the “Bucking Bronco” Vigor, which makes enemies float for a few seconds. When the effect of Bucking Bronco ends, they will fall back down to the ground and you have a second to shoot them with your Shotgun. By far the easiest method is the following, which was discovered by F8l Fool:

    I've found a substantially easier method of unlocking Skeet Shoot.

    All you have to do is hit a regular enemy with Shock Jockey then immediately follow it up with an Undertow. They will be electrocuted to death in mid-air with minimal effort. You can get all 5 kills the moment after you get Undertow in Chapter 28.

    If you are playing on a harder difficulty, just get them down to 1/2 or 1/4 health before performing the combo.

    Here is a video of this method:


  • Killed 5 enemies while you are drunk.

    In order to be drunk, you will need to drink 3 bottles of alcohol, whether it is beer or wine or a combination of both. You will know when you’re drunk as your screen will go blurry and distorted. The most obvious place to find alcohol is in bars. There are three in the story that provide opportunities to get these kills: “Founders’ Lodge” in Raffle Square, “The Graveyard Shift” in Shantytown and the “Salty Oyster Bar” in Emporium. Round up the enemies in the bar first and get them to follow you to where the alcohol is located. Then quickly drink three bottles by highlighting them and pressing , before killing as many enemies as you can before the effect wears off.

    This is the one trophy I would recommend restarting checkpoints to farm, as unlike the other kill-related trophies, there are very limited opportunities to earn this one. The following video shows this method in “The Graveyard Shift” in Shantytown:


  • Killed 20 "Heavy Hitter" enemies.

    This trophy should come naturally whilst playing through the game. There are five types of Heavy Hitters you can kill:

    • Crow - These enemies transform quickly around the area by changing into a flock of crows.
    • Fireman - A large, armoured enemy who uses the “Devil’s Kiss” Vigor against you.
    • Handymen - The huge enemies who have massive hands and a visible heart right in the middle of their body.
    • Motorized Patriots - Robots with the face of either George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. They carry a Peppermill Crank Gun (Minigun).
    • Sirens - Ghostly, white enemies who float around the area and resurrect the dead.

    Note that the Boys of Silence (enemies who wear a bell-shaped helmet and have trumpets for ears) are also counted as Heavy Hitters, but it is impossible to kill them. They can only be avoided.

    There are well over 50 killable Heavy Hitters throughout the game, many of whom have to be killed before you can progress. Therefore, there should be no need to farm this and it should be practically unmissable.

  • Killed a Handyman by only shooting his heart.

    You will encounter the first Handyman in an area called "The Plaza of Zeal" after leaving the Gunsmith Shop for the first time. The heart of the Handyman is an orange glowing machine within a glass casing on his chest. In the same area where the Handyman spawns is a Sniper Rifle. Grab it and wait until the Handyman stops for a moment. Sometimes he will stand still for a second to protect the heart with his hand. That's when you need to aim with . As soon as he stops protecting the heart, shoot it immediately. You have to do this 6 times in a row, without hitting any other body part. If you miss, simply restart the checkpoint to try it again.

    Bear the following tips in mind when attempting this trophy:

    • Play on Easy difficulty.
    • Do not use any Vigors at all against the Handyman. All Vigors do a little bit of damage, which counts as hitting his entire body.
    • Do not equip any piece of gear that automatically hurts attacking enemies, as this will damage him slightly.

    For a video walkthrough of this method, please see the video below:


    A much simpler method has been found which shows you how to earn this trophy with little effort. Thanks to Maka for the vid:


  • Equipped a piece of Gear in all four slots.

    There are four slots to equip a piece of Gear in: Hat, Shirt, Pants and Boots. Equipping various types of Gear augments your abilities, improving areas such as Vigors, weapons, melee damage, defensive capabilities, reloading and more. Early on, various items of Gear can be found on your natural path, but the most useful ones are found later either by exploring (Gear is usually found in areas behind locks that you can pick with Elizabeth) or by picking them up from a defeated Handyman. When you pick up the first piece of Gear for a new slot with , you will be told what benefit it gives you. Press and the Gear will be equipped.

    This trophy should come naturally early on in the story, at the latest after you defeat your first Handyman in The Plaza of Zeal. If you have already bought the Season Pass and have access to the Early Bird Special Pack, upon entering the Blue Ribbon Restaurant at the beginning of the game you will be provided with four items of Gear (one for each slot). Simply equip this Gear and you will unlock this trophy extremely early.

  • Fully upgraded one weapon and one Vigor.

    [MISSABLE] For this trophy, you will need to buy four upgrades for a particular weapon and two upgrades for a particular Vigor in one playthrough. The earliest this trophy can be unlocked is in Chapter 28: “The Factory”, as this is when the fourth weapon upgrades are available from the vending machine.

    To upgrade a weapon, visit one of the many “Minuteman’s Armoury” vending machines around Columbia. You will be presented with a list of upgrades for your weapons, along with their price. The cheapest weapon to upgrade fully is the Pistol ($1077), but I would fully recommend upgrading a stronger weapon that you will use throughout the game such as the Machine Gun or the Shotgun. These are slightly more expensive ($1375 and $1326 respectively) but are well worth it in the long run. Furthermore, the extra cost helps work towards the Grand Largesse trophy.

    To upgrade a Vigor, visit one of the many “Veni Vidi Vigor” vending machines around Columbia. A list of upgrades for your Vigors will be shown. The cheapest Vigor to fully upgrade is “Bucking Bronco”, which costs $1198 to upgrade fully. However, I strongly recommend fully upgrading “Possession” as soon as you can. Not only is it the most useful Vigor (particularly on harder difficulties), but you are forced by the game to buy the first upgrade anyway. Upgrading “Possession” will cost a total of $1703.

  • Upgraded one attribute (Health, Shield, or Salts) to its maximum level.

    [MISSABLE] See Infused with Greatness below for more details.

  • Collected every Infusion upgrade in a single game.

    [MISSABLE] There are 25 Infusion upgrades (including the unmissable Shield upgrade given to you at the beginning) located around Columbia that are required for this trophy. When you find an Infusion, you have the choice to upgrade Booker’s Health, Shield or Salts. Each attribute has 10 available upgrades, for a total of 30. The remaining 5 Infusions left over are available with the Early Bird Special Pack DLC, which comes free with the Season Pass. These will be given to you upon entering the Blue Ribbon Restaurant at the beginning of the game and they do count towards this trophy, meaning that you can afford to miss 5 of the ones dotted around Columbia (thanks to CODEx Vip3r for confirming this).

    Once you use an Infusion you cannot reassign it, so I recommend filling out all ten Shield or Salts (depending on your play style) slots first to ensure that you do not miss Raising the Bar. All Infusions must be obtained within a single game. Therefore if you miss one, you can go back to the one you missed in Chapter Select, but you will have to play through to the end of the game from that point and collect all 25. You cannot, for example, get 20 on one playthrough and then pick up the 5 you missed on a second playthrough. Furthermore, this is the only collectable trophy that doesn’t notify you with an in-game progress-tracker as you go along. Therefore, I fully recommend using PowerPyx’s collectable guide to ensure you don’t miss any.

  • Used all telescopes and Kinetoscopes in the game.

    [MISSABLE] There are 37 Telescopes and Kinetoscopes in the game. Telescopes are what you’d expect, offering a close-up view of the various buildings and monuments in Columbia, whilst Kinetoscopes are machines that you look into which each play a small vignette loosely related to the story and events in the game. You can activate both objects by approaching them and holding for a couple of seconds.

    Every time you view a new Telescope or Kinetoscope, the game will notify you of your progress out of 37 towards the trophy. These are carried across multiple playthroughs and can be earned via Chapter Select, so you do not have to get them all in one run. However, the game very unhelpfully does not tell you which ones you already have, so unless you have an amazing memory or have noted down exactly which ones you’ve already got, you will likely be searching around for hours trying to find one you haven’t picked up yet. Therefore, I highly recommend you follow PowerPyx’s collectable guide to ensure you don’t miss any on your first run through.

  • Used Elizabeth to pick 30 locks.

    Throughout the game, Elizabeth will be required to pick many locks to progress. These are very obvious and will be in the shape of a shiny circular padlock in the middle of a gate. To get her to pick a lock, highlight it and hold . Note that she cannot do this whilst she is talking or the player is in combat.

    There are between 20-25 locks that Elizabeth will open naturally in the story with a hairpin, but there are other locks (usually ones hiding Infusions, Gear or large sums of cash) that require a certain number of lockpicks (either 3 or 5) in order to be picked. Lockpicks can be found as regular loot in crates or simply lying around, and can also be bought at vending machines.

    Opening safes with lockpicks also counts towards this trophy, but I would recommend leaving them be, as they only ever contain money. It is much more important to save your lockpicks for the padlocked gates which guard collectables, as lockpicks aren’t overly abundant and you don’t want to be left without enough when you need one to open a gate.

    This trophy is cumulative across all your playthroughs, so you will certainly get it on your second playthrough if not your first.

  • Collected every Voxophone.

    [MISSABLE] There are 80 Voxophones to find in the game. They look very similar to the audio diaries from the original BioShock and provide background information to the story. To pick up a Voxophone, highlight it and hold .

    Every time you pick up a new Voxophone, the game will notify you of your progress out of 80 towards the trophy. These are carried across multiple playthroughs and can be earned via Chapter Select, so you do not have to get them all in one run. However, on subsequent playthroughs the game very unhelpfully does not tell you which ones you already have, so unless you have an amazing memory or have noted down exactly which ones you’ve already got on a previous playthrough, you will likely be searching around for hours trying to find one you haven’t picked up yet. Therefore, I highly recommend you follow PowerPyx’s collectable guide to ensure you don’t miss any on your first run through.

    At the end of your playthrough, you can check the names of the Voxophones you have collected by pressing in-game and pressing four times to scroll across to the "Voxophones" tab. This way, you can see which ones you have already collected, and if you are missing any you can use the following list to check against your in-game list to see which one's you're missing and then pick up via Chapter Select:

    List of Voxophones:

    The following list of Voxophones corresponds with the order presented in PowerPyx's collectable guide. Therefore, if you are missing some, check off the names you have and find the ones you're missing from the corresponding chapter and video in his guide:

    Chapter 1 - Lighthouse

    No Voxophones.

    Chapter 2 - Welcome Center

    #1 Love The Sinner
    #2 Undeserving
    #3 Everyman, All At Once
    #4 For I Am Lonely, Too

    Chapter 3 - Raffle Square

    #1 Solution To Your Problems

    Chapter 4 - Comstock Center Rooftops

    #1 Half A Jew
    #2 Otis’ Nimble Fingers
    #3 A New Hunt
    #4 The Gift Of The Emancipator
    #5 The Lie Of The Emancipator
    #6 Symbols Of Our lady

    Chapter 5 - Monument Island Gateway

    #1 Another Ark For Another Time

    Chapter 6 - Monument Tower

    #1 Tiger By The Tail
    #2 To: R. Thompson RE: Fuses
    #3 A Reward, Deferred
    #4 The Source Of Her Power

    Chapter 7 - Battleship Bay

    #1 Born In The River
    #2 Heaven
    #3 A Dog’s Loyalty
    #4 Take Her Alive
    #5 The Golden Path To Heaven

    Chapter 8 - Soldier’s Field

    #1 A Place In The World
    #2 I Am His Mirror
    #3 Viewing The Infinite
    #4 Never Seen The Face
    #5 Vox Contraband Inventory
    #6 A True Soldier
    #7 Their Sun Is Setting
    #8 A Final Stand

    Chapter 9 - The Hall Of Heroes

    #1 Comrades Of Necessity

    Chapter 10 - Inside The Hall Of Heroes

    #1 Unconditional

    Chapter 11 - Hall Of Heroes Gift Shop

    #1 A Soldier’s Death

    Chapter 12 - Return To The Hall Of Heroes Plaza

    #1 Calling You Out

    Chapter 13 - Finkton Docks

    #1 God’s Blueprint

    Chapter 14 - Beggar’s Wharf

    #1 Shame Of My Service

    Chapter 15 - Fort Franklin Pier

    No Voxophones.

    Chapter 16 - Worker Induction Center

    No Voxophones.

    Chapter 17 - Finkton Proper

    #1 A Product Like Any Other
    #2 Seed Of A Lie

    Chapter 18 - The Plaza Of Zeal

    #1 The Invisible Colour
    #2 We’ve Need Of A Shepherd

    Chapter 19 - The Good Time Club

    #1 Changing My Tune
    #2 His Design For Cruelty

    Chapter 20 - The Plaza Of Zeal (Return)

    #1 A Truer Allegiance

    Chapter 21 - The Gunsmith Shop

    No Voxophones.

    Chapter 22 - Shantytown

    #1 Fanning A Flame
    #2 Trapped

    Chapter 23 - The Bull House Impound

    #1 Terminated
    #2 That Goddamn Key
    #3 Kindling

    Chapter 24 - The Bull Yard

    #1 That Eternal Shore
    #2 Drawing Dead

    Chapter 25 - Finkton Proper

    No Voxophones.

    Chapter 26 - On To The Factory

    #1 All Debts Paid

    Chapter 27 - The Factory Courtyard

    No Voxophones.

    Chapter 28 - The Factory

    #1 A Child Needs A Protector
    #2 Apology

    Chapter 29 - Emporia

    No Voxophones.

    Chapter 30 - Port Prosperity

    #1 Coming For Comstock
    #2 Whispers Through The Wall
    #3 A Window
    #4 Sally
    #5 One And The Same

    Chapter 31 - Downtown Emporia

    #1 A City, Suspended
    #2 Beyond Redemption
    #3 The True Colour Of My Skin
    #4 Pen Pal

    Chapter 32 - Memorial Gardens

    #1 Out Of The Thin Air
    #2 A Theory On Our “Death”
    #3 On The Entropy Of Genes
    #4 Child Of Science
    #5 The Imagination Of God
    #6 No Longer
    #7 A Broken Circle
    #8 The Customer Is Late

    Chapter 33 - Comstock House

    #1 A Leash

    Chapter 34 - The Atrium

    #1 The Value Of Choice
    #2 Debts
    #3 A Last Chance
    #4 Smothered In The Crib

    Chapter 35 - Warden’s Office

    #1 Ending It

    Chapter 36 - Operating Theatre

    #1 Pavlov’s Bell

    Chapter 37 - Hand Of The Prophet

    #1 An Ultimatum

    Chapter 38 - Hangar Deck

    #1 What’s Done Is Done

    Chapter 39 - Engineering Deck

    #1 The Prophet Is Dying
    #2 The Mirror Of Sin

    Chapter 40 - Command Deck

    No Voxophones.

    Chapter 41 - Sea Of Doors

    No Voxophones.

  • Spent $10,000 at the vending machines of Columbia.

    There are three types of vending machines in Columbia: the “Dollar Bill” general store, the “Minuteman’s Armoury” weapons upgrade vendor and the “Veni Vidi Vigor” Vigor upgrade store. Money spent at all three of these count towards this trophy. It is also cumulative across all playthroughs, so you should easily get this on your second run if you hadn’t already in your first.

    The best way to earn $10,000 is by looting everything. Take your time to search every available container and dead enemy, and you will find your money increasing very quickly. It sounds obvious, but try not to die too often, as this results in you losing money every time. If you upgrade your weapons and Vigors frequently, as well as buying Health, Salts and Ammo supplies, this trophy will unlock before you know it.

    There is no notification in-game that tells you how much you’ve spent at vending machines, but there is an exploit. Simply spend all your cash at a vending machine and reload the checkpoint. You will have all your cash again, but the amount you previously spent will still have counted. If you want to get this trophy out of the way early, keep repeating this until you’ve “spent” $10,000.

  • Looted 200 containers.

    “Looting” refers to the action of pressing on any container and then taking the contents with either (individually) or (“take all”). Any container you come across counts towards this (such as crates, barrels, trash cans, cash registers, cabinets etc.) except for dead bodies. Individual items also do not count; they have to be in a container.

    If you loot every container you see by running around and spamming , you should get this before halfway in the story. I personally unlocked it in Shantytown after looting almost all of the containers I came across. The trophy is cumulative across multiple playthroughs and tracked in-game too so you can check your progress.

  • Completed the game in 1999 Mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill machine.

    1999 Mode is the hardest difficulty in the game. Not only do enemies have a lot more health, but they do a lot more damage to you. There is no Aim Assist and ammo is in less frequent supply, meaning you have to carefully manage your weapons and Vigors to gain as much of an advantage as you can. Your objective marker is also removed, so you really have to know your way around the map and exactly where you’re going. To compound your woes, you are not allowed to purchase anything from a “Dollar Bill” vending machine. You can, however, buy upgrades from “Minuteman’s Armoury” and “Veni Vidi Vigor” machines. If you accidentally access the "Dollar Bill" machine, do not worry as only actually buying something from it will lock you out of this trophy.

    Just like in the other difficulties, you will be revived when you die. However, in 1999 Mode it costs $100 per respawn, and if you run out of money you will be sent to the Main Menu and you will have to reload your save from the beginning of the last Chapter. There is an exploit for this if you have no money however, which is to pause the game when you die and choose “Reload Checkpoint” from the menu. This will set you back to your last autosave, which are far more frequent checkpoints than the beginning of Chapters.

    Tips and Strategies:

    • The first and most important thing you should remember is patience. If you run headlong into a fight, you're going to have a bad time. You will die extremely quickly if outnumbered, so hang back and try pick enemies off. Use cover as much as possible, either using the environment or the specific Tears labelled "Cover".
    • Following on from this, the Sniper Rifle is your best friend. Always have it with you as your primary weapon and upgrade it as quickly as possible. This way, you can stay out of the heat of battle and pick enemies off from a distance. If you take damage, take cover until your shield regenerates before popping out again.
    • Your secondary weapon should either be the Shotgun or the Hand Cannon (depending on their availability and the amount of ammo you have, or just your personal preference), so upgrade these next. The Volley Gun is also useful as it does a lot of damage and has more range than Shotgun and Hand Cannon. When fully upgraded, headshots are one-shot kills on normal enemies even on 1999 Mode and do significant damage to the more powerful enemies if combined with Shock Jockey for the "1-2 Punch". Weapons such as the Pistol and Machine Gun are useless in this mode. Even if upgraded with damage and ammo capacity upgrades, you will expend most of your clip taking down just a couple of enemies.
    • The Possession Vigor is absolutely vital. Make sure that this is the first one you fully upgrade. Every time you are about to fight, scout the area for any turrets or machines you can Possess to greatly help you thin out the enemies. Also use it immediately on any heavily armoured or RPG enemies as they will distract enemies, allowing you pick them off with you sniper. They will then commit suicide once the effect wears off, meaning you don't have to deal with them yourself. Using Possession on Patriots not only turns them on other enemies, but makes them turn around and expose the weak point on their backs, allowing for a much easier kill. Possessing vending machines will also give you as much as $40 (but only once), which is useful for buying upgrades.
    • Other Vigors are good for certain situations. The secondary Vigor I used the most was Bucking Bronco. Even the vanilla version hits multiple enemies at once and throws them in the air (meaning you can do significantly more damage with your weapons), whereas Shock Jockey and Devil's Kiss only affect individual enemies unless powered up wth expensive upgrades. Murder of Crows is great for staggering multiple enemies at once, giving you an opportunity to take them out or run into cover and recover your shield. Undertow is an excellent Vigor to use when outside, as you can push many enemies off the edges of Columbia and conserve ammo. Return to Sender is particularly useful for enemies with a lot of firepower such as Patriots. You can absorb a lot of bullets before unleashing it back on them to deal considerable damage.
    • Collect as many Infusions as you can during your playthrough. Use the guide listed under the Infused with Greatness trophy description for locations. If you have bought the Season Pass, the "Early Bird DLC pack" will greatly help you wth this as it will give you 5 Infusions from the start when you pick them up in the Blue Ribbon Restaurant. I recommend fully upgrading health first with perhaps one or two Salt upgrades thrown in, before focusing on Salts second and finally Shield.
    • You don't always have to fight! Many battles can be skipped by running past the enemy and opening a door or activating a switch. Of particular note is that only the second Handyman fight is unavoidable, the other three can be skipped by quickly rushing to the next area.
    • Elizabeth isn't just your AI partner; she is also incredibly useful. During fights, if you are running low she will provide you with health packs, Salts and ammo. When the prompt appears, press to catch the items she throws at you. You are also invincible when this animation is playing.
    • Loot everything you come across. The money you earn from this will be invaluable, as will the ammo. If you know you are about to enter a fight and you are near max health or Salts, don't pick up health packs or Salt bottles in containers just for the sake of it. Be smart and memorise where the container is, and during the fight head back there for the resource if you are running low.
    • The absolute best piece of Gear is "Winter Shield". This gives you 10 seconds of invincibility every time you jump on and off a Sky-Line or freight hook without any form of cooldown. This makes every outdoor fight where there is a Sky-Line (such as all of the Handyman fights) a breeze. Coupled with Fire Bird (fire damage to all enemies within a small radius of your landing point), you can just keep jumping to a Sky-Line and attacking each individual enemy with Sky-Line Strikes at the cost of no ammo and no health loss.
    • A great piece of Gear for indoor battles is "Blood To Salt", which gives you a 40% chance of automatically receiving Salt packs when you kill an enemy. This is particularly useful for players who tend to use Vigors more than weapons.
    • Unfortunately, each piece of Gear is random. Therefore, you may get the ones mentioned above right at the start of the game, near the end, or not at all. However, there is a workaround. When you find a piece of Gear and it is not to your liking, pause the game and restart the checkpoint. Find the piece of Gear again and it will be something completely different. Do this as many times as required until you get the one you want.
    • If you are struggling on any particular section, you may want to check out this thread which contains a wide variety of tips from different players: The Official 1999 Mode Progress/Help Thread

    Infinite money and lockpicks exploit:

    You can farm unlimited money and lockpicks in Chapter 12: "Return to Hall of Heroes Plaza". This is immediately after exiting the Hall of Heroes. Farming lockpicks will come in handy when going for all of the collectables as some collectables are behind locked doors that require lockpicks to open. The maxiumum amount of lockpicks you can carry is 30, which is more than enough to open all the locks from this point in the game onwards.

    The money farming can be a big help on your 1999 Mode playthrough, as you get a random amount of money (anywhere between $10 and $40) everytime you possess this particular machine. You can use the money to first upgrade the weapons and Vigors you want, and after that, you can use the money to cover the $100 cost of your deaths. Farming the money does take some time, but if you farm this for an hour or two, you will have thousands of coins to have as back-up for when you die.

    For the farming method, follow the steps below:
    1) Possess the Dollar Bill vending machine on the left side, after leaving the Hall of Heroes.
    2) Use the Sky-Line on the right-hand side until you come to a platform. There are some enemies on the platform. Jump down and pick up the lockpick. It's on a wooden plank under the stairs.
    3) Return to the Hall of Heroes, refill your Salts with the Salt machine if needed (can be refilled unlimited times).
    4) Go back outside and repeat what you did earlier. The machine can be possessed again and the lockpicks respawn.

    If you kill the enemies in front of the Hall of Heroes, they won't respawn. So you can keep farming without having any trouble with them.

    Here is a video walkthrough explaining this method (thanks PowerPyx):

    Note: This exploit has been patched somewhat. You can still repeatedly farm the vending machine for coins, but you'll only get around 500 per hour as opposed to the thousands you used to get. It probably isn't worth farming now, as you should have more than enough money to get through 1999 if you consistently loot and search everywhere. It is handy, however, to max out on lockpicks.

    Of course, if you delete your game data and decline the numerous patches, this method will still work.


Secret trophies

  • Completed Lighthouse.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

    Once you row to the Lighthouse and ascend to the summit, you will have to strap into a chair inside a glass casing. You will ascend to Columbia and see a vista of the city through the glass. At some point during your journey, this trophy will unlock.

  • Reached Monument Island.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

    When you are travelling towards Monument Island on the zeppelin, Comstock will appear in front of you and give a speech. When he is finished, the nun behind you will self-immolate and this trophy will unlock immediately after.

  • Retrieved Shock Jockey.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

    After you navigate through the various sections of the Hall of Heroes and come to a huge lobby where you must defeat a wide variety of enemies sent by Slate, you will go through a room and meet Slate. You are presented with a choice, but whichever one you choose doesn’t matter as immediately after your choice you will take the “Shock Jockey” Vigor and unlock this trophy.

  • Boarded The First Lady.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

    After the fight with the Patriots at the gondola station, you will ride the gondola up to the First Lady Aerodrome. Go through the room here and board the First Lady. Activate the controls with to earn this trophy.

  • Assisted the gunsmith.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

    Once you are told to secure the weapons for Chen Li at the Police Impound in Shantytown, go there and fight your way through. Eventually you will reach a room with a huge tower of crates strapped together in the middle of the room. Approach the crates and press to open a tear and this trophy will unlock.

  • Completed the Factory.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

    At the end of the Factory level, you will have to defeat a Handyman. After this, you will have to boost Elizabeth into a vent and then watch a scene through a window in which Elizabeth interacts with another character. After this, board the First Lady and knock once on the door that Elizabeth goes into, then go to the other side of the zeppelin and activate the controls with . This trophy will immediately unlock.

  • Completed Emporia.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

    After finding the third tear in Emporia, return to the gate of Comstock House. You will have to fight a Siren for the third and final time. When the Siren is defeated, open the door to Comstock House with and this trophy will unlock.

  • Completed Comstock House.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

    After you turn off the two generators to free Elizabeth, you will need to press to tie up her corset. After this, she will give a short speech discussing your plan, after which this trophy will unlock.

  • Completed The Hand of the Prophet.

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

    After the huge climactic battle on the zeppelin, some important scenes will play. A huge explosion takes place and the screen will go white. The trophy will unlock at this point.

DLC: Clash in the Clouds

10 trophies

  • Defeated all waves in OPS Zeal

    OPS Zeal is the first map available to you and is accessed via the portrait to the far left of the Motorized Patriot, approach it and press to enter. Simply defeat all 15 waves of enemies and this trophy is yours.

  • Defeated all waves in Duke and Dimwit Theater

    The Duke and Dimwit Theater is available to buy for $200 and is accessed via the portrait to the near left of the Motorized Patriot. Again, defeat all 15 waves of enemies to unlock this trophy. At the end of the final wave it will say "0 enemies remaining" but your game is not glitched; you must destroy the Engine at the back of the Zeppelin by approaching it and pressing then jump out of the nearest door and grab a Sky-line.

  • Defeated all waves in Raven's Dome

    Raven's Dome is available to buy for $500 and is accessed via the portrait to the near right of the Motorized Patriot. Once you have defeated all 15 waves on this map, the trophy will be yours.

  • Defeated all waves in Emporia Arcade

    Emporia Arcade is available to buy for $1,000 and is accessed via the portrait to the far right of the Motorized Patriot. Once you have defeated all 15 waves on this map, the trophy will be yours.

  • In CitC, unlocked all Gallery items

    The Gallery is located in the Columbian Archaeological Society, which is located through the double doors to the left of the Motorized Patriot. There are various items on display that you can buy by approaching them and pressing . There are 35 items in total which will cost a total of $24,400:

    Character Models (13 total) - $7,300:

    Alternate Elizabeth - $300
    Booker Dewitt - $500
    Comstock - $300
    Daisy Fitzroy - $300
    Elizabeth - $300
    Handyman - $500
    Older Elizabeth - $300
    Original Elizabeth - $500
    Original Handyman - $500
    Robert Lutece - $1,000
    Rosalind Lutece - $1,000
    Slate - $300
    Songbird - $1,500

    Concept Art (12 total) - $3,000:

    Alt Zeppelin - $250
    Airship Parade - $250
    Automatic Gentleman Ad Concept - $250
    Cabaret Building - $250
    Columbia Art Direction - $250
    Columbia Nouveau - $250
    Crashed Airship - $250
    Emporia Red Light District - $250
    Fall of Icarus - $250
    Floating City - $250
    Sky-Line Station - $250
    Zeppelin Shape Study - $250

    Kinetoscopes (6 total) - $10,100:

    Courtnee & Troy Audition - $2,000
    Handyman - $2,000
    Love Story - $2,000
    Motion Capture - $2,000
    Musical Melodies - $100
    Songbird Storyboard - $2,000

    Songs (4 total) - $4,000:

    "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" - $1,000
    "Fortunate Son" - $1,000
    "Shiny Happy People" - $1,000
    "Tainted Love" - $1,000

    Notes: The secret Voxophones you can pick up in Lutece's Office through the hidden Tear at the back of the museum are not required for this trophy.

    You will notice that there is a Tear in front of the Songbird Model that will bring forth a water puddle. Do not activate this Easter Egg without saving first else you will be kicked out to the Main Menu, your progress will be lost and you will have to re-buy everything. However if you've already bought everything and unlocked the trophy, you can use this method to reset you to before you bought anything thus saving you money.

  • In CitC, got a kill with each weapon and vigor (except Bucking Bronco)

    This trophy is pretty self-explanatory. There are 21 weapons and Vigors that you are required to kill an enemy with for this trophy, they are:


    • Burstgun
    • Carbine
    • Crank Gun (must be picked up from a Motorized Patriot)
    • Hail Fire
    • Hand Cannon
    • Heater
    • Machine Gun
    • Pistol
    • Repeater
    • RPG
    • Shotgun
    • Sky-Hook (either a melee kill or a Sky-Line Strike will suffice)
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Volley Gun


    • Charge
    • Devil's Kiss
    • Murder of Crows
    • Possession
    • Return to Sender
    • Shock Jockey
    • Undertow

    This trophy may well come naturally as you're playing through the maps but if you need to farm it, then just go to OPS Zeal and kill the soldiers in the first couple of Waves. They are very weak and will die quickly. You are given 4 of the Vigors (Undertow, Possession, Devil's Kiss and Bucking Bronco) on the display stand that's to your left when you first load the DLC, along with an un-upgraded Pistol (already in your possession) and a Shield Infusion which is found on the counter directly in front of you. All other weapons and Vigors are available at the start of the DLC in the Armoury in-between Waves but you must buy four of the Vigors from the Veni! Vidi! Vigor! vending machine, which are Charge, Murder of Crows, Return to Sender and Shock Jockey.

  • In CitC, knocked an enemy off the city with Undertow, then rescued him, then knocked him off again

    The trophy description for this trophy is quite confusing, as knocking an enemy off the city itself does not seem to work as you immediately get the "Freefall" bonus and you can't rescue them. Instead you must knock an enemy off a ledge by equipping Undertow and pressing , then hold to bring him back up to the ledge again. Once he has stood up, press again to knock him off.

    The best place to earn this trophy is in the first Wave of OPS Zeal. There are a couple of soldiers on the ledge in the middle of the map that are very easy to use for this trophy. Just make sure the enemy has full health when you attempt it as you don't want your first Undertow blast to kill them.

    Here is a video of this method, thanks to GameInfirmary:


  • In CitC, used all eight different vigor combos to deliver the killing blow on an enemy

    This trophy is practically the same as Combination Shock from the main game, except that this time you must get the killing blow from your Vigor combination as well. Since you have to kill with, it is advisable to weaken the enemies with gunfire first before you use your Vigors.

    A Vigor combination is where you fire two Vigors in quick succession at an enemy to produce a variety of different effects. To do this make sure you have the two Vigors you want to equip, ready in your Vigor slots by selecting them both with the selection wheel (hold ) then find the enemy you wish to use the combination on and use a Vigor on him with . Quickly swap to the second Vigor with and press again to fire that at the enemy. The 8 Vigor combinations are:

    • Bucking Bronco + Charge
    • Bucking Bronco + Devil's Kiss
    • Devil's Kiss + Charge
    • Murder of Crows + Devil's Kiss
    • Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey
    • Possession + Devil's Kiss
    • Possession + Shock Jockey
    • Undertow + Shock Jockey

    Most of these are fairly simple but the two Possession combinations are slightly more complicated. Killing an enemy with Shock Jockey or Devil's Kiss whilst they are Possessed will not work. Instead the enemy you have Possessed must kill another enemy whilst set on fire or electrocuted, depending on the Vigor you used.

    Again, the first few Waves of OPS Zeal are the best place to farm these as there are only weak Soldier enemies who pose little threat to you.

  • In CitC, killed an enemy with splash damage by shooting a rocket out of the air

    This trophy can be quite fiddly but ultimately should not cause too much trouble. To earn it you must shoot an RPG Soldier's rocket out of the air and kill an enemy with the explosion. There are three methods which have been proven to work for this trophy, so if you are struggling with one, try the others:

    1. Find two normal Soldiers who are in plain sight of an RPG Soldier. Weaken them with a few gunshots and then use Bucking Bronco on them to suspend them in mid-air (the upgrade which makes the effect last twice as long will be useful here) and wait for the RPG Soldier to fire. When the rocket gets near to the two suspended enemies, shoot the rocket and hopefully they will die.

    2. Leave an RPG Soldier as the last enemy alive in the Wave, then get on the same platform as him and weaken him until he has very little health. Now just stand away from him slightly and use the iron sights of your weapon (I found the Machine Gun works best for this), then click to aim at the end of his Rocket Launcher. As soon as you see the flash of him firing, shoot and you will almost always hit the rocket. If you shoot too early you will only hit the end of his gun, which will not damage him and so you are free to keep repeating this until you succeed.

    3. Wait until a rocket is fired, then quickly fire a blast of Bucking Bronco. This will blow the Rocket back to its source and kill anything that gets in the way. Thanks to Terminator for this method.

    The first opportunity to earn this trophy is on Wave 6 of OPS Zeal but I personally found Wave 1 of The Duke and Dimwit Theater to be much better as there is more space on the map. There are a couple of RPG Soldiers on the upper platforms and also normal Soldiers if you want to use the Bucking Bronco method.

  • In CitC, completed all Blue Ribbon Challenges

    The Blue Ribbon Challenges are bonus objectives given at the start of each Wave. Completing them will earn you a substantial monetary bonus and completing all 60 of them will earn you this trophy. Some are easy and won't pose much of a challenge, but others are very difficult and will require a lot of patience and retries. You are told what the Challenge is before each Wave, but you can press to double-check at any time. You must complete a Challenge on your first try. If you die then you will automatically fail the challenge when you respawn. If you have already completed the Challenge then died during a Wave, the Challenge will stay completed.

    To see which Blue Ribbons you are missing, check the plaques underneath the portraits of the four maps. The Ribbons for each map are arranged in three rows of five so count across to find the Waves you need to beat the Challenges on. You cannot restart from an individual Wave so if you are only missing the Blue Ribbon from Wave 15, you will have to replay the whole map again.

    You can buy Resurrection Doors from the doors that look like Booker's office door from the main game. You can buy a maximum of three per attempt at a map. The first one costs $500, the second is $1,000 and the third is $2,000 but if you die and are resurrected, it will not fail your Blue Ribbon Challenge attempt. They are not stackable though so if you do use one, make sure when you resurrect that you turn around immediately and buy another one. You should have plenty of money if you've played through all the maps already and looted all the corpses you come across. Beware though that if you have $99,999 and earn a $1 or more, then your money will reset to $0 (thanks to Terminator for this). Some waves do not have a Resurrection Door located in them so be extra careful during those waves. The Armoury (the place you go to between each round) will always have a Door in it though.

    The Challenges will be easier once you are fully upgraded so it is much better to attempt these later on to save you frustration. Still, many will require a lot of skill so check the Blue Ribbon Challenge Guide below for tips on each Challenge.

    If you would prefer a video guide for the Challenges, then either search for the videos by VidGamiacUnlocked on YouTube or use the following playlist by nekov4ego:

    Clash in the Clouds (All Blue Ribbons) - YouTube

    Alternatively, you can use an exploit to make this trophy much easier. It involves deleting your PROFILE Data (not your SAVE Data) from your HDD to make the game remember how many Blue Ribbons you have, but not which ones specifically. Therefore, you can earn 30 easy Ribbons, delete your Profile Data, load the game up again and earn the same 30 Ribbons without having to tackle any of the tougher ones. For more detailed instructions, please see this thread by Thoran:

    Easy (Glitched) way to get Blue Ribbon Champ

DLC: Burial at Sea - Episode One

10 trophies

  • Collected all Audio Diaries in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

    In order to earn this trophy you must collect all 17 Audio Diaries. You do not need to have them all at once as the counter for the Audio Diaries is cumulative (just like in the main game). This means if you missed a few, you can simply replay sections for diaries without having to have collected them all in a single playthrough. You can check which ones you have collected already by pressing and scrolling right to the section.

    There is a great guide for this with pictures and videos that was posted by bs000: LINK

  • Purchased any two upgrade for Old Man Winter or Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

    There are four possible upgrades you can buy that will go toward the two you need for this trophy: The "Winter Boost" and "Winter Mod" for the Old Man Winter plasmid and the "Accelerator Mod" and "Slow Cook Mod" for the Radar Range gun. Purchasing all four is not required. You are also not required to max out either to earn this trophy, meaning you can purchase any 2 of the 4 and earn the trophy.

    Upgrades for Old Man Winter are purchased at the Gene Banks. Gene Banks are mounted on walls and have an illustration of a muscle man on the front.

    Upgrades for the Radar Range are purchased at the Ammo Banditos Machines. These are stand-alone vending machines with an illustration of a bandit on the front. Above the bandit are the words "El Ammo Bandito". This machine also talks (exclusively in Spanish) so you will probably hear it before you see it.

    All are available at the first machines you come across and are purchasable even before you have the weapon/plasmid. The minimum amount required for this is $275.

    You should try to get this out of the way early on as money can be pretty scarce in this DLC. If you want to save your money you can always save up enough to buy both, let the trophy pop then reload the checkpoint.

  • Destroyed ten Turrets in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

    WARNING: This trophy can be tricky if you are using Possession. Enemies can destroy a Possessed turret so you won't get credit towards this trophy. Likewise a Possessed enemy can destroy any nearby turrets so you won't get credit for that either. To avoid this, don't use Possession on a turret or any enemies that are near a turret.

    For this trophy you must destroy 10 turrets in Burial at Sea and there are exactly 10 of them available, their locations are listed below.

    Turret Locations:

    The Pavilion (7):

    From the beginning of the section, go right and enter the door marked "Stairs to Floor 2". There are four turrets in this area:


    • Up the stairs to the left (the floor right above The Daily Bread).
    • Inside the Daily Bread, in the basement (requires 1 lockpick).
    • In Workman's Wear shop (up the stairs past the front counter, behind the display of shirts).
    • In the Haberdashery inside the Workman's Wear shop (next to Ticket Puncher gear).

    On the Second Floor of The Pavillion, there is a door marked "Ladieswear". There are two turrets in this area:


    • Go up the stairs and to the area in front of the Shoe store. The turret is in an alcove to the left.
    • In the Shoe Store storeroom (requires the code from Audio Diary "Message in a Bottle" which is in the locked storeroom of the Jewelry Store).

    Through the Pret-a-Porter door on the first floor (requires Old Man Winter Plasmid), there is one Turret here:


    • Straight ahead from the entrance, next to a Carbine Tear.

    Housewares (3):


    • In the bookstore on the second floor.
    • In front of the Bridal Shop (turn right at the Customer Service counter).
    • In the locker room in Appliances. After boosting Elizabeth through the vent, enter the locker room she opens for you and turn left. In front of you, you'll see a stream of water that can be frozen. Turn to your left and follow the path downstairs. The final turret is to the left of the stairs.

    There are two ways to take a turret out quickly:


    1. Hitting it with a Devil's Kiss trap.
    2. Performing a Skyline Strike.

    I would recommend the latter when a hook is available.

    If you finish your first playthrough and didn't get this trophy, you can use Chapter Select to shore up the numbers later if you need to, since the counter for this trophy is cumulative. If you need to farm turret kills, use Chapter Select and go to the Pavilion. If you go through the doors marked "Stairs to Floor 2" (left from the beginning of the area) there are four in this area.

  • Made 5 enemies explode with the Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

    Note: Unlike the Old Man Winter plasmid, the Radar Range gun can be missed. It is found in the Housewares section in the basement of the Bistro. The door to it is locked and requires the 4 digit code found in the "Oven of the Future" Audio Diary, you can find the Diary in the broken elevator in the Electronics section.

    Once you obtain the Radar Range, fire it at an enemy until they turn red and explode. Repeat this four more times for your trophy. There are enough enemies to easily accomplish this in your initial playthrough, but the counter for this trophy is cumulative so you can use Chapter Select to get it if needed. You will most likely earn this trophy while trying to get the Chain Reaction trophy.

    The ammo for this gun depletes quickly but you can buy more at a Circus of Values vending machine: 300 rounds for $8. The Circus of Values machines are stand alone vending machines with an illustration of a clown on the front. This machine also talks (and laughs) so you will probably hear it before you see it.

  • Damaged fifteen foes with an exploding enemy, using Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

    Note: The Radar Range itself is missable, see the Note in Cook and Serve for more details.

    For this trophy, you have to use the Radar Range on an enemy that is close enough to other enemies to cause damage to them when he/she explodes. They only need to take damage for this to count (they don't have to be killed by it). You do not have to damage 15 enemies at once, just 15 total over the course of the DLC. The counter for this trophy is cumulative so you can use Chapter Select to get it if you miss out in your initial playthrough.

    If you are having trouble with this one then consider purchasing the "Accelerator Mod" as it increases the damage of the Radar Range by 25%. Using Bucking Bronco can also help with this and the two upgrades for that go even further to aid you. For the location of Bucking Bronco, see the General Tips and Item Locations post below: LINK

    A great place to farm this one is in the Appliances area. You get there by going through the Bookstore and through a door labelled "Showroom", which requires a Hairpin lock. Once you enter the room, take the left set of stairs. Once you reach the bottom, you should be able to see a Decoy tear across the room. Open that up and move to it, and about 6 enemies will have gathered near it. Fire away with your Radar Range and you should take them all out. Entering the Appliances room for the first time triggers an Autosave, which will put you right back at the entrance when you reload the checkpoint.

    An alternative method has been submitted by MrBeens:

    A really easy way to get the Chain Reaction trophy is right when you get the Radar Range itself. Close the vent right next to the room with the Radar Range. This will trigger an Autosave. Now just go pick up the Radar Range and three enemies will spawn. Take them out with a Radar explosion, then pick 'Restart Checkpoint' from the menu. You will start over at the vent right before the Radar Range and your explosion kills will continue to accumulate, it takes about 5 minutes to get the trophy this way.

    The ammo for this gun depletes quickly but you can buy more at a Circus of Values vending machine: 300 rounds for $8. The Circus of Values machines are standalone vending machines with an illustration of a clown on the front. This machine also talks and laughs so you will probably hear it before you see it.

  • Shattered 5 enemies who had been frozen with Old Man Winter.

    For this trophy, you need to freeze and then either melee or shoot the enemy so they shatter. I recommend using the Handcannon. The time enemies stay frozen is not very long so if you are having trouble, consider purchasing the Freeze Duration upgrade (since it will also go toward the Fully Equipped Trophy).

    You do not have to freeze and kill 5 enemies at once, just 5 total over the course of the DLC. The counter for this trophy is cumulative so you can use Chapter Select to get this if you miss it in your initial playthrough.

  • Froze 2 enemies with the same Old Man Winter Trap.

    Once you obtain Old Man Winter, press and hold to ready a trap and release to fire. You need to freeze two enemies at once with one trap to earn this trophy. No upgrades are needed to accomplish this. A really good place for this is the beginning of the Housewares section. After you pass through the first hairpin picked door, there will be two enemies on the right of the center column standing very close to each other. Charge your trap, fire it and you should get this trophy easily.


Secret trophies

  • Took a Bathysphere ride in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

    Story Related - Cannot be missed.

    You earn this trophy early in the game, just after your dance with Elizabeth.

  • Completed Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

    Story Related - Cannot be missed.

    You earn this trophy after completing a playthrough of Burial at Sea Episode 1.

    For tips and Gear recommendations, see the General Tips and Item Locations section: LINK

    Final Fight Tips:
    The end boss of Burial at Sea - Episode 1 is the iconic Big Daddy from Bioshock 1 and 2. He can be a real challenge here, especially with your very limited resources and the fact that he has a few new features: he can jump and can fire his drill at you and retract it on a tether! If he hits you with the drill shot, he can pull you back towards him, making running from him difficult. He can be very tough but there are things you can do to help you win against him:

    1. Use Shock Jockey/Old Man Winter:
    If you hit the Big Daddy with either of these plasmids, he will be momentarily immobilized. Use these brief moments to unload on him with a weapon then repeat the process as you are able.

    2. Keep moving!:
    With the Big Daddy's new drill shot and his charge attack, standing still is a very, very bad idea! Keep moving, and fire off a few rounds at him when you can. There is one exception to this rule, which I cover in my method below.

    3. Use the Motorized Patriot Tear!:
    Bringing the Motorized Patriot into play takes a lot of pressure off you, as the Big Daddy will focus on him (but only for a limited amount of time)! I would recommend activating this later in the fight (after you've whittled the Big Daddy's health down a bit). While the Patriot can't stand up to too much punishment, activating him later in the fight makes it more likely he will survive to finish the Big Daddy off for you.

    4. Restock (when you can)!:
    There are Tears for ammo as well as Eve bottles scattered throughout the area. While it can be difficult to resupply and maintain your distance from the Big Daddy, it's an essential part of the fight! If you are struggling to keep away from the Big Daddy while you're searching for that needed Eve or ammo, consider activating the Motorized Patriot to distract him.

    5. Don't bother with the Radar Range:
    It does very little damage to the Big Daddy so using it is not recommended.

    How I survived the fight:
    At the very beginning of the fight, stand still and spam Shock Jockey/Old Man Winter while unloading on the Big Daddy with one of your weapons. Repeat this until you are out of Eve then run! Keep your distance as best you can and look for any Eve bottles or ammo and restock. Repeat your SJ/OMW spamming at least once more, then find and activate the Motorized Patriot Tear. At this point the Patriot should be able to take him out. Use the brief distraction to gather any supplies and prepare to finish of the Big Daddy if the Patriot cannot.
    The right combination of Gear can also help a lot in the final fight. I would recommend:

    • Roar to Life/Better Mousetrap (Shirt): With Roar to Life you get a five second speed and damage boost when your shield breaks and your weapon is instantly reloaded. With Better Mousetrap, your Plasmid Traps cost less Eve and do more damage.
    • Surprise Element (Hat): Gives your bullets a 50% chance to do ice, fire or electric damage to the target. This is especially helpful in the final fight!
    • High and Mighty (Boots): This gear gives you a chance to gain a temporary extra shield when you use Freight Hooks and Pneumo Lines (in other words: Winter Shield is back).
    • Quick Handed (Pants): Quick handed increases your reload speed by 30%.
  • Rode the tram in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

    Story Related - Cannot be missed.

    You earn this trophy just after activating the tram, which is at the end of the Pavilion section.

DLC: Burial at Sea - Episode Two

10 trophies

  • Collected all Audio Diaries and Voxophones in Burial at Sea

    There are of 25 Audio Diaries/Voxophones to find in this DLC. They are a little harder to find compared to Episode 1 but if you are adamant about searching everywhere you should find them all. Some are behind doors that will require lockpicks, but you should have plenty of them since they are scattered across the DLC and can be bought for $18 from vending machines. If you are playing on a harder difficulty such as 1998 mode you may have a harder time of finding lockpicks and cash to buy them so playing on Normal or Easy can make this easier. You can also use the Peeping Tom plasmid to spot collectibles through walls which can help a lot.

    If you would like a video walkthrough please you this great video by bs000:

    You can also follow the great text guide also by bs000, here: LINK

  • Gained five noisemakers through lockpicking.

    To obtain a noisemaker you must pick a lock and when the slider moves up and down the cylinder, you must press precisely when it hits a blue pin. You will be picking plenty of locks throughout the game so you should have no problem getting this trophy and should get it early on in the DLC. Just be careful not to hit the red node as that will triggers an alarm. If you want to get the trophy as early as possible, there a checkpoint right before the door where the noisemakers first appear so you can farm them by reloading the checkpoint (credit to Terminator for this tip).

    You also must have room in your inventory to collect noisemakers from lockpicks. You can hold 6 in total and if you have a full inventory, the lockpicks you use won't count for the trophy so clear some space to be safe.

  • Knocked out two or more enemies using the same Gas Bolt.

    To get this trophy you must find a group of two or more enemies and knock them both out with the Gas Bolt. The best place to do this is shortly after you first get a gas bolt. You will get the gas bolt after getting the CO2 scrubber in the Service Bay from the main story. After you ascend the elevator you will see a group of splicers close together and talking. Just crouch walk around the corner until you can get a shot in between the enemies. After you shoot them they should all be knocked out and you should get the trophy.

    If you would like a video showing how to do this trophy WORLDEATER1 has one for another method in the Medical Bay:

  • Used Ironsides to collect 20 rounds of ammo or more in Burial at Sea

    This trophy required you to collect 20 rounds of ammo with the Ironsides plasmid which you will get shortly after returning to Columbia. If your weapons are full of ammo you won't be able to collect ammo so fire some shots off to make some space. The best way I found to do this is to play on any difficulty other than 1998 mode since you can fill up more ammo with your hand cannon. If you play on 1998 mode it will take much longer since the crossbow only holds 4 bolts at a time.

    The best place I found is when you are searching for the hair sample in Columbia. This will be just before you get Audio Log 20 - Necessary Precautions and before you reach the area with the giant golden statue. You will descend an elevator and come to an area with a group of enemies and a turret at the far end on a ship through a broken window. Deal with all the enemies and leave the turret. Clear out all your hand cannon ammo and equip Ironsides, move in front of the turret and hold to use Ironsides and collect ammo. Keep doing this until you get all 20. You may need to empty your hand cannon ammo from time to time and if you run out of Eve, there should be a vending machine through a door to the right from where you entered the room.

    If you wish to earn the trophy earlier then you can farm it right after you exit the vent from the First Lady, there will be a lot of enemies around to get ammo from and you can reload the checkpoint which will bring you right back to when you exited the vent.

  • On three occasions, knocked out an enemy after silently dropping off a Freight Hook.

    This is best gotten in the Service Bay area where you are looking for the CO2 scrubber. There are plenty of enemies and Freight Hooks in the area to make this trophy easy here. You need to attach to a Freight Hook by pressing , then land silently behind an enemy by pressing to detach from the Freight Hook and holding upon landing to land silently. You then have to knock them out from behind with . The best way to do this is to land silently behind an enemy and use Peeping Tom by holding so the enemy doesn't see you. You can then easily go up behind them and press to knock them out without getting caught. Do this 3 times and you will get the trophy.

    Here is a video description by WORLDEATER1 for the trophy:

  • While invisible, used Peeping Tom to knock out 15 enemies with a melee attack.

    To get this trophy you will need the Peeping Tom plasmid which is found behind a broken door you have to lift with a sign above labelled "Cupid's Arrow". You will come to this areas when getting Audio Log 2 - The Blue Dress. After you have the plasmid what you need to do is equip it then hold , sneak up behind and enemy and press . Doing this 15 times will get you the trophy. The upgrades for Peeping Tom can also make this trophy much easier and would be recommended for playing the DLC since they are very useful, they are:

    Upgrade 1: This mod removes the EVE cost for invisibility while standing still. It can be found in a room in the Manta Ray Lounge. It is the room at the back of the area across from the 3 bottles you go to for the code words side mission.

    Upgrade 2: This mod removes the EVE cost for seeing through walls while standing still. It can be found in a side-office/locker area in the Service Bay in the main room where you find the Co2 Scrubber Replacement. The locker area will be on the bottom floor of this area.


Secret trophies

  • Repaired the machine in Suchong's lab in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy will pop after you repair the tear device in Suchong's lab towards the end of Chapter 2 - Toy Department.

  • Delivered the hair sample in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy will pop when you deliver the hair sample Suchong wanted you to retrieve in Columbia, you will deliver it after returning to Rapture in Chapter 4 - Return To Rapture. The trophy will pop during the loading screen after you jump through the tear.

  • Completed Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This will unlock during the credits once you complete the DLC.

  • Completed Burial at Sea - Episode 2 in 1998 mode.

    1998 mode is the new mode in this DLC and can be selected from the beginning. It is on the same level as Normal difficulty except you have to take all your enemies out by non-lethal means which means you can only use your crossbow and Air Grabber/Sky Hook. You will not be able pick up any weapons that can kill enemies so you won’t have to worry about accidentally killing anyone. Much like 1999 mode the waypoint marker is not available.

    Make sure not to pick 1999 mode in the beginning as you will be disappointed to finish the DLC and not get the trophy since you picked the wrong difficulty so make sure you pick 1998 mode. This difficulty is not hard at all, it is essentially normal mode except you have to play stealthily. Some tips I found useful are:

    • Use Peeping Tom as much as possible since it makes you invisible and makes it easier to take out enemies and hide. Especially if you get both upgrades since both upgrades will allow you to use Peeping Tom while standing still without using any Eve, see Never Saw It Coming for its location.
    • Make use of the noisemakers as that can distract enemies and move them out of your way.
    • A handy tip is to make noise at a corner, wait for the enemy to round the corner and knock him out with . The enemy won’t have enough time to register you a threat so you can take him out easily.
    • You don't have to fight all enemies, just about all fights can be bypassed apart from the fight with Andrew Ryan's men when you are trapped.
    • Use the Tranquillisers on armoured enemies and on the Fire Plasmid wielding enemies since they will go down in one shot.
    • If you are ever caught you can run and hide to escape the enemies and lose their attention. Peeping Tom is great for escaping an enemy's sights.
    • Use Possession on vending machines for extra cash and turrets if you are stuck.

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