- Estimated trophy difficulty: 6.7/10
- Offline: 50
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 25 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable trophies: 2
- Glitched trophies: 0
- Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheat codes available

Bionic Commando is one of those games you will either love or you will hate. The game basically relies on how proficiently you can utilize the swing mechanic as well as your ability to survive a gunfight with multiple enemies. You have to be able to think fast and always realize where the nearest pole/building/etc is so you can get out of a sticky situation if necessary. Many of the fights require you to be a little cautious and plan out your strategy rather than just rushing in gun blazing. If you have patience and follow a guide for the collectibles this platinum isn’t bad, but without those two things you could be in for a long grind. The difficulty trophies stack too, so if you beat the game on commando it will also unlock the trophy for beating the game on hard.

**** This platinum can be had in one playthrough, but I would highly recommend splitting it up into two playthroughs. I will give a walkthrough of how to do it each way though. ****

Two Playthrough Method:
Step #1 - The 2 C’s: Challenges and Collectibles (Easy difficulty)
Most of the trophies in this game are rewarded for simply completing in game challenges. These can range from killing 10 of the basic enemies to killing 5 enemies with a single grenade. They are all pretty straight forward in terms of realizing what you have to do, but a few of them can be challenging to find a proper opportunity to complete them. There is a great guide on the sister site (Challenge Guide - Xbox360Achievements.org) that should be very useful when trying to go for the challenges. It will tell you exactly what every challenge requires, some tips to completing it, and what it unlocks when you do.

Two of the challenges that may challenge some people require you to kill 5 grunts with a single grenade and kill 5 grunts with a single death from above. Both will be explained in the guide below.

Aside from completing all of the challenges the only other thing you should be worried about during this playthrough is getting all of the collectibles. There are 150 collectibles throughout the game and each level lets you know how many more collectibles you need to find in that level. I found two guides that were very helpful in finding all of the collectibles. The first one (Bionic Commando Collectibles FAQ/guide - IGN FAQs) has very detailed descriptions of where to find each collectible and should help you find most of them. If you have problems finding any of them you can use the second guide (Bionic Commando Guide) which has screen shots of each collectible. When used together you should have no problem finding any of the collectibles.

**** It is very important to realize that once you finish a level you cannot go back and get those collectibles. There is a level select option but when you play using chapter select trophies are disabled. For this reason you should make sure that you have completed the level collectibles challenge before you finish a level. Since getting all of the collectibles is a challenge as well you can miss 2 trophies just by missing 1 collectible and this will require you to start all over again. ****

You can do this playthrough on any difficulty you want but I recommend going for an easier difficulty. I did this playthrough on hard and there were a few challenges that caused a little bit of trouble for me. Some challenges require you to bait the grunts into position and this can be made harder at higher difficulties.

Step #2 - Going Commando
Now that you have all of the challenges and collectibles you should only have a few trophies left depending on what difficulty you played on the first run. This second playthrough will require you to simply beat the game on commando difficulty without worrying about anything else. This can be tricky for some but if you have already beat it once you should have a good enough feel for the game now to blow through it rather easily.

When going through on this difficulty the key is to be as patient as possible. You will take much more damage on the lower levels so always know where your quickest exit is in any battle. You can usually just swing around when your screen turns red until you heal so as soon as you start taking massive damage get out of the battle and wait out the healing process. Also be sure to save your grenades and heavy artillery for the biomech battles. They will expose their weak spots much less frequently so having grenades on hand to stun them makes them much easier to defeat.

One Playthrough Method:
Unless you are a highly experienced gamer that is willing to sit through frustration I would highly recommend you don’t go for the platinum in one playthrough. If you decide to do this then make sure you start the game on Commando difficulty your first time through. Follow the first step of the two-playthrough walkthrough above and make sure you don’t miss any of the challenges or collectibles. It can be done but it is much harder to complete the challenges on the harder difficulties. It is also much more frustrating when you get through a tricky battle only to die getting a collectible and have to start all over.

[PST Would Like To Thank mycuccismells for this Road Map]

Bionic Commando Trophy Guide

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50 trophies ( 42  1  )

  • Complete all other Bionic Commando Trophies

  • Complete "Blood Trial" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 10 'Grunts'.
    Method: See 'Nemesis'

  • Complete "Close Up" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 1 'Grunt' whilst zoomed in.
    Method: Click to zoom in then fire. It does not need to be a headshot, just kill whilst zoomed.

  • Complete "Leap Up!" challenge

    Challenge: Perform a 'Leap Up'.
    Method: This will be one of the first Trophies that you unlock. Simply press on a wall to grab it, then press to jump into the air and once more to 'Leap Up'.

  • Complete "Kaboom" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 1 'Grunt' using a grenade.
    Method: Switch to the grenade and toss it as if you were firing a normal weapon. Kill one 'Grunt' with it.

  • Complete "Train Wreck" challenge

    Challenge: Pull down 3 train cars.
    Method: Using the method from 'Train Block!', pull 2 more trains. Locations for trains are as followed:

    #1 - The first train car cannot be missed as you need to rip it to continue the story.
    #2 - The second train car is towards the end of the "Ascension City Downtown - Three" level, it’s above you as you are moving along the raised highway.
    #3 - On Ascension City Downtown - Four, you will enter a monorail station at the top of this station you will find the third train car.
    #4 - Also on Downtown Four you will find a train car just after crossing the mines above three Grunts.
    #5, 6, 7 - On the level Trent Industrial District - Three, as you start the level there will be three train cars to your left.
    #8 - On the level Ascension City Downtown - Eight - At the start of the level on your left as you climb out of the hole.
    #9 - On the level Saint's End Station once you enter the large cavern with the mines running through the centre, head to the upper level to find a train car.

    *thanks to Demon9Tom of x360a.org for the train locations*
  • Finish the game in Hard mode.

    Method: See 'End Game'

  • Complete "Swinger" challenge

    Challenge: Complete 3 consecutive swings.
    Method: See 'Speed Swinger'.

  • Complete "Man Locked Up" challenge

    Challenge: Use the lock on ability to kill 1 'Grunt'.
    Method: The 'Tarantula' is a rocket launcher-esc weapon. Simply zoom in and hold until the box around the 'Grunt' turns red. Once red, the 'Tarantula' has locked on and will travel to the target.

  • Complete "Stroke of Luck" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 1 enemy using the 'Bulldog'.
    Method: Once you acquire the 'Bulldog', simply fire at a 'Grunt' and kill them.

  • Complete "Kick In The Back" challenge

    Challenge: Perform 2 'Zip Kicks'.
    Method: This will come easily. Just perform the 'Zip Kicks' on the 'Biomechs' by pressing to lock on, then to jump, and again to 'Zip Kick'.

  • Complete "Receiving End" challenge

    Challenge: Throw an object at an enemy.
    Method: See 'The Pitcher'.

  • Complete "Jabber Man" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 10 'Grunts' in Hand-to-Hand combat.
    Method: See 'Feel the Beat, Y'all!'

  • Complete "Incoming!" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 1 enemy using a 'Death From Above' attack.
    Method: Punch a 'Grunt' using or until they are almost dead, then swing overtop of them and while in the air press .

  • Complete "Slayer" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 25 'Grunts'.
    Method: See 'Nemesis'

  • Finish the game in Commando mode.

    Method: See 'End Game'

  • Complete "Torn Into Pieces" challenge

    Challenge: Destroy 1 Polycraft whilst in the air.
    Method: To defeat a 'Polycraft' in air simply grapple onto it then use Zip Kick.

  • Complete "Fair Fight!" challenge

    Challenge: Defeat 1 'Biomech'.
    Method: See 'Biomech Sweeper'

  • Complete "Cracker" challenge

    Challenge: Defeat 5 'Biomechs'.
    Method: See 'Biomech Sweeper'

  • Complete "Whoo-paah!" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 1 'Grunt' using the 'Whip Spin'.
    Method: As soon as you obtain 'Whip Spin', use it immediately to kill 1 'Grunt'. 'Whip Spin' can be activated by pressing + .

    **** 'Whip Spin' is able to travel through bookcases, columns, and walls. This is not part of the ability, just a design flaw on the developer’s part. ****
  • Complete "Down To Earth" challenge

    Challenge: 'Kite' a 'Grunt' and pull him down on another 'Grunt'.
    Method: This requires 2 'Grunts' in the same area. Grab onto a 'Grunt' using , 'Kite' them into the air by pressing , and then toss them at the other 'Grunt' using . The 'Grunt' that is used as the 'Kite' can be alive or dead.

  • Complete "Rocket Man" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 10 enemies using the 'Tarantula'.
    Method: For this challenge try to look for 'Grunts' gathered together. Much like the 'Hiker', the rule of thumb should be 1 missile per 'Grunt' at the very least. However, since the 'Tarantula' is capable of splash damage, firing 1 missile at a group could potential take out 3 or 4.

  • Complete "Two Hit Wonder" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 2 'Grunts' with one shot using the 'Hiker'.
    Method: You will need two grunts to stand side by side before firing off your 'Hiker'. The 'Hiker' is similar to a shotgun and carries with it a spreadshot so as long as you hit the direct center of the two 'Grunts' you should be able to earn it. For a location, I got mine right when I picked up the 'Hiker'. Swing all the way to the waypoint then climb up the building, looking down you should see 3-4 'Grunts'. Zoom in and fire and you should be able to get it, if not, jump down and fire as soon as you land.

  • Complete "Explosive Delivery" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 2 'Grunts' with the 'Bulldog' while swinging.
    Method: Again like the other swinging challenges, kills are culminative and do not require you to be swinging, only hanging.

  • Complete "The Pinball Effect" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 2 enemies with one throw.
    Method: Have 2 'Grunts' gather near one another and toss an object at them. This works best when tossing a car because of its massive size compared to the 'Grunts'.

  • Complete "Worthy Foe" challenge

    Challenge: Defeat three 'Biomechs' in Hand-to-Hand combat.
    Method: While going after the 'Biomech Sweeper' trophy, you must defeat three of the fifteen 'Biomechs' using Hand-to-Hand. Simply defeating three of them using the Zip Kick method will unlock this trophy. This is easiest done in the early levels as the later levels become tougher and will result in you defeating 'Biomechs' with weapons.

  • Complete "Spence is in the Air" challenge

    Challenge: Finish off a Polycraft with an Adrenaline Finishing move.
    Method: Exactly like the 'Biomech' Adrenaline method, simply damage the 'Polycraft' to near death, grapple onto it, then press + .

  • Complete "The River" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 5 'Grunts' with one grenade.
    Method: Much like 'The Turn', you will need to have a group of 5 'Grunts' gathered together before tossing. There are many places to do this, however, the first is in 'Trent Industrial District Two'. After remembering how to use the 'Punch-Up' ability, equip a grenade and swing down the hall as fast as you can. 7 'Grunts' will come running at you and if you toss at the right time (just as they turn the corner and can see you), you should be able to hit them all. I would recommend that if you do not achieve it, to purposely die and respawn.

  • Complete "Let the Dog Out" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 3 'Grunts' with one 'Bulldog' shot.
    Method: Have 3 'Grunts' gather near one another and shoot directly in-between them. The blast radius should kill them all.

  • Complete "Barrage" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 3 enemies at the same time using 'Death From Above'.
    Method: Throughout the game you will find clusters of 'Grunts' hanging around each other with conviently placed ledges above them. Damage them as best as you can, proceed to the ledge, and use 'DFA'.

  • Complete "Air to Surface" challenge

    Challenge: Use the 'Tarantula' to kill 6 enemies whilst swinging.
    Method: Like the 'Hiker', this can be done over time. Use the same tactic of centering the aimer first, then start to swing, and then wait for the aimer to realign with the 'Grunt.' I was able to pick this up the second time you get the 'Tarantula'. You will be required to swing on rooftops submerged in water, when you get to the end and have to enter a building, enter it. Bait 3-5 'Grunts' to follow, then swing out of the building onto a horizontal green railing. From there simply wait until they come into sight, lock on, and fire.

  • Complete "Drive-by" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 3 'Grunts' using the 'Hiker' whilst swinging.
    Method: Grapple onto anything that allows you to swing as well as see enemy 'Grunts.' Move the to center the aimer on a 'Grunt' then being to swing slowly. Simply wait for the aimer to fall back onto the 'Grunt' and fire, this just requires timing. Do this 3 times and note, it does not have to be consecutive, you can kill 1 'Grunt' now, and kill the other two later. You just need a total of 3 'Grunts' downed.

  • Complete "Pull!" challenge

    Challenge: Kill an airborne enemy with a throw attack.
    Method: After you obtain the 'Throw' ability, while fighting a 'Polycraft' damage it until it's near death then toss something at it.

  • Complete "Come Out and Play" challenge

    Challenge: Finish off a 'Biomech' with an Adrenaline Finishing Move.
    Method: This trophy can only be obtained once you have reached 'Fissure - Three'. Damage a 'Biomech' to near death then grapple behind it and press + for an Adrenaline Finishing Move.

  • Complete all challenges in the game.

    Method: Just follow this guide, mark off all challenges that have been completed, and be cautious. Remember, you cannot go back to re-do challenges and challenges do not save unless you reach a checkpoint.

    Note: Not all of the challenges earn you a trophy, but they must all be completed for this trophy.  For information on all of the challenges and tips on how to complete them, please see the guide here:  Bionic Commando Guide

  • Complete "Crowd Control" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 6 'Grunts' with one 'Whip Spin'.
    Method: The method for obtaining 'Lash Out' can also be used here, however, if you are unable to obtain it then there is another location. Shortly after the previous location you will be outside. You should be able to see a bridge with 1 'Grunt' on it. Kill him. This will cause a flurry of other 'Grunts' to gather. Head back and hide. As soon as you see 6 'Grunts', swing over and use 'Whip Spin' to take them all out. Don't worry if you're on a different level as them or there are objects/cliffs in the way, 'Whip Spin' will travel through them all.

  • Complete "Shoot 'Em Up!" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 15 'Grunts' by killing them in the air using the 'Kite' ability.
    Method: Kite a live 'Grunt' into the air then shoot them with what ever weapon you have equipped. This is best done with only 1 'Grunt' in the area as you are left extremely vulnerable while kiting them.

  • Complete "Out of the Bush" challenge

    Challenge: Destroy the 'Buraq'.
    Method: Defeat the 'Buraq' (aircraft-esc boss) using the 'Tarantula' which will drop down from Missile pods. Lock-on to all the areas of the 'Buraq' before firing, simply locking on to one area will not work. You will also have to fight 'Polycrafts' during the fight in order to continue.

  • Complete "Can you dig it?" challenge

    Challenge: Defeat the 'Mohole'.
    Method: The 'Mohole' is a long worm-esc creature. In order to defeat it you must wait for it to charge its attack. While doing so, it's 'eye' will become vulnunerable to damage, simply attack with a weapon or throw a car at it to damage it.

    Once damaged enough, the 'Mohole' will fall over and begin to regenerate health. While down, attach to its 'eye' and a small mini game will proceed requiring you to use a 'DFA' attack combined with adrenaline ( + ).

    Next repeat as before except this time the 'Mohole' will stand straight into the air and charge for a radial attack. You'll need to time your jumps in order to avoid the radial attacks that come in waves of 3 or 4 consecutively.

  • Complete "The Pitcher" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 50 enemies with throw attacks.
    Method: To throw and object press  to grab onto it,  to kite it into the air, then  to throw it. Defeat 50 enemies with throws. Keep in mind that you can use bodies as throwable objects as well.

  • Complete "Feel the Beat, Y'all!" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 30 'Grunts' in Hand-to-Hand combat.
    Method: When ever you see a lone 'Grunt', simply run up to them and finish them off with  or . I suggest lone 'Grunt' as the damage it causes alone won't take you down, a group however will have you down stat.
  • Complete "Shellshock" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 5 enemies at the same time using 'Death From Above'.
    Method: This looks like a daunting challenge but it's rather easy. Once you enter the 'Museum' level, after the cut scene swing to the left to top of the staircase. Attach to the ceiling and wait, 5-6 'Grunts' should repel down. As soon as the last lands, activate a 'DFA' and mash  +  to add adrenaline to the attack. You should land on the bookcase and kill all 5 of them.

  • Complete "Headshot Bonanza" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 50 'Grunts' with headshots.
    Method: While going after 'Nemesis', ensure that 50 of the 350 kills are headshots. This is easiest done with the 'Tungsten' (Pistol). Zoom in  and aim for the head then .

  • Complete "Poly Cruncher" challenge

    Challenge: Destroy 10 'Polycrafts'.
    Method: Much like the 'Biomechs', 'Polycrafts' are littered throughout the game and are usually unavoidable. It is best to defeat everyone you encounter just in case however. To defeat them, find somewhere in which to swing back and forth to generate speed. The 'Polycrafts' like to attack from far away so you'll need to swing towards them then quickly grapple on them and Zip Kick. If that fails, weapons work as well to defeat them.

  • Complete "Nemesis" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 350 'Grunts'.
    Method: There are hundreds of 'Grunts' littered throughout the game. You should have no problems obtaining this trophy as long as you do not skip large hordes of enemies. If killing every single enemy throughout the game, you will obtain the Trophy well before the game reaches its finale.

  • Complete "Biomech Sweeper" challenge

    Challenge: Defeat 15 'Biomechs'.
    Method: There are about 18-20 'Biomechs' throughout the game and most of them you cannot skip so you should be able to obtain this trophy without any problems. 'Biomechs' can be taken out using weapons but the most efficient and ammo-conserving way to defeat them is to use DFA (Death From Above) to stun them, then proceed to Zip Kick them from behind.

  • Complete "Whip 'Em Good" challenge

    Challenge: Kill 50 'Grunts' using the 'Whip Spin' skill.
    Method: This will come over time. Simply when ever you have full adrenaline and are near a group of 'Grunts', activate it using  + .

  • Find all collectibles in the game.

    Method: Use the following in any combination. The X360a.org link should be used as the primary list with the IGN guide used for the tough ones that aren't described as well, not to mention it provides images.

    X360a.org Collectibles Guide
    IGN - Bionic Commando Walkthrough

  • Complete the final mission

    Method: Follow the guide, follow the roadmap, and be patient. During the game you'll get extremely mad but do not fear, others have felt the same pain. Just be calm and get through what ever you can, take breaks often and don't stress.

    **** Again, if you are not 100% sure that you will be able to do this in one play through, break it off into two. You'll enjoy the game a lot more and it will be a lot less stressful. For the record I (SinRG) completed the game in one play through and I cannot stress how many times I wanted to throw my controller and break the disc. However, this has gone on to be one of my more memorable and satisfying Platinums. Good luck! ****



Secret trophies

  • Kill Groeder – Kill him for good

    Challenge: Same as 'The Constructor'
    Method: Firstly you'll need to destroy the 3 cooling units on the level before advancing to 'Groeder'. Kill everyone then grab onto the panel using  then press  to destroy the cooling unit.

    'Groeder' has very easy to dodge attacks that have animations that will warn you ahead of time. The first is a jump attack where he jumps into the air. To counter, before he lands jump into the air and hang as long as you can. The second attack he will dash at you. To counter, use the (useless until now) evade command . Once he dashes he will be left vulnerable, use this opportunity to grab onto this back and 'Zip Kick' him to death.

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