• Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 7+/10
  • Approximate Time To Platinum: 120 hours
  • Offline: 43 [38, 3, 2]
  • Online: 7 [4, 1, 1, 1]
  • Missable Trophies: 1-9 [See Note]
  • Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 2 [SURVIVOR and NO MERCY]
  • Recommended Playthroughs: 3
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: Yes [See Min. Playthroughs Needed]
  • Glitched/Unobtainable Trophies: None ATM
  • Cheats: Not aware of any
  • Peripherals Required: No
  • Online Pass Required: No

Binary Domain is an outstanding, but highly overlooked science-fiction, squad-based, third-person shooter from the creators of Yakuza. Set in 2080, Binary Domain follows you and your team as you attempt to infiltrate and regain control of a robot-dominated, futuristic Tokyo. This game features an intricate story as well as competitive & cooperative multiplayer modes, and incorporates voice recognition, cover, and trust systems.

Missable Trophies: There is (1) truly missable trophy that if missed will force another complete playthrough. That trophy is Skill Master "Get all nanomachines within 1 playthrough in Campaign." In addition to Skill Master there are (8) Trust-Related trophies that could also be considered missable: Max Trust: Big Bo, Faye, Charlie, Rachael, Shindo, & Cain plus A Private Moment and Comrades in Arms. Fortunately all the Max Trust trophies with the exception of Max Trust: Cain can be pretty easily farmed in a certain location. Even though you can farm trust for Faye and Bo, the A Private Moment and Comrades in Arms trophies which require them to have "Very High" trust do not occur until (2) and (4) more chapters after the farming location. [See TEAMWORK & TRUST-RELATED TROPHIES]

Estimated Platinum Difficulty: This rating here comes from my experience with Binary Domain, which included a combination of boosting and legitimate play. I'm assuming anyone reading this guide and going for the platinum will be boosting. If you are opposed to boosting or just do not want to dedicate the time it, that is fine, but be forewarned you will not be able to get the plat without it because of issues with match availability, requirements for starting matches, and the criteria for completing Versus challenges. [See ONLINE TROPHIES]

Approximate Time to Platinum: Again, this number is based on my experience with the game. When I finished the multiplayer portion of the game, my total online play time was just above (4) full days. Afterwards, I just estimated how many hours I have currently spent on campaign and how many I may still need to complete those trophies. This number can vary based on the organization and number of people in your boosting group, match availability, and skill level; however, (120) hours should be a fair estimate.

Spoilers: As with many trophy guides this guide does contain a few spoilers. I made an effort to try to avoid revealing them by limiting certain descriptions and placing videos behind spoiler tags, but be aware some are present. If there are certain trophies you are trying to avoid I suggest you do a Ctrl-F or Command-F to search for a specific one. Also there is no better way to play a game, especially one as story-centric as Binary Domain, than blind. For the true experience I highly suggest you play the game without any guides on your initial playthrough instead of playing it just to collect trophies.

Videos: I did not create any of the videos in this guide. I do not have access to a recorder, so I'm at the mercy of whoever decides to upload them. There are not many videos available for this game, but the important ones are there and are all well done. There were a couple more I could have added, such as the "A Private Moment" scene, but I felt that it is simply a spoiler and did not contribute anything to unlocking the trophy. Also, I did not want to add videos just for the sake of having them. Videos are embedded behind spoiler tags to aid loading time and prevent unwanted spoilers. All videos are used with permission from their respective owners:
(TheVirtualGam3r, TheJayCee88, & PowerPyx)

Structure: Trophies have been placed into (5) different categories based on their descriptions/requirements. After sorting the trophies I tried to maintain their XMB order, with the exception of story-related trophies; overarching chapter trophies are listed first while the remaining story-related ones are placed in chronological order. A couple of trophies may not fit perfectly in their respective categories, but I believe the guide to be quite navigable nonetheless. The (5) categories are:

Communication: The developers made a nice attempt at a voice recognition system. I thought the voice recognition was fun to play with in the demo, but after I got the actual game, I found it to be rather inconsistent. In the options you will go through a voice recognition test, which requires you to speak several specific words to check for compatibility. If the game detects what you are saying, the screen will display "Recognition OK" as well as a "Recognition Score" indicating how well the word was received. If the game cannot interpret what you are saying you will get a message saying "Recognition Error." Sometimes I would pass the test perfectly; other times, the game would only recognize a couple of the words. There are options to filter ambient noise and adjust the recognition requirements, so experiment with the settings and see how well it works for you.

During gameplay I found it much easier to just use the pre-programmed commands and responses by pressing then either , , , or as you will probably be checking for valid responses anyway. It can be frustrating speaking a word during campaign only to have it recognized incorrectly or not at all. You cannot use voice recognition and pre-programmed responses at the same time. If you want to use the pre-programmed ones you must turn off or unplug your headset.

Headsets can definitely be an asset when playing online. I found the chat to be rather muffled, but your experience may be different. One nice thing about the online voice chat is they included an in-game option for voice chat volume that you can adjust by pressing without having to quit first.

Pre-order DLC: There are (2) different DLC's available for pre-ordering Binary Domain.

The "Multiplayer Pack" includes an exclusive multiplayer map, “Outside High-rise, Upper City,” "Ninja" playable class, and the “Hoga Type 69” Sniper Rifle & "Yamato-0" Handgun. The "Ninja" class is pretty much the same as the "Scout" class but with different Nanos at the beginning. If everyone in your boosting group has this DLC playing on the extra map would be beneficial because it would prevent most randoms from joining. The "Yamato-0" is good to buy in later rounds of INVASION if you are one of the players with a shield.

The "Dan Marshall Pack" includes a second Shock Burst option for Dan's SOWSAR-17 Assault Rifle which expands on contact and is good for damaging enemies in groups. This DLC also includes early access to (3) of the Nanos normally purchased for the "Skill Master" trophy.

Assault: Physical Enhancement I -> Health +10%
Assault: Protective Coating -> Defense +10%
Assault: Quick Prompt -> Reload Speed x1.5

Step 1 - Online

There are (6) multiplayer related trophies and (1) trophy that can be earned during either campaign or multiplayer. If you are serious about earning the platinum trophy for Binary Domain, I strongly suggest that you focus on the online trophies first. Boosting is a MUST. This was the case at release, and it will be the case indefinitely. [See ONLINE TROPHIES]

Step 2 - Complete the Campaign on Survivor Difficulty
You must complete the game on Survivor to unlock the No Mercy Difficulty. This difficulty is pretty standard. Shooter fans should have no problem with it.

Step 3 - Complete the Campaign on No Mercy Difficulty
Even though this is the highest difficulty, it is still very manageable. This is nowhere near as hard as INVASION.

+Use cover when available
+Go for headshots to confuse bots
+Upgrade your guns and guns of your teammates
+Collect and equip Nanos for you and your teammates
+Carry plenty of first-aid kits; buy them for teammates
+Use your shock burst to kill/scatter bots and stun bosses
+Use a sniper rifle as a secondary weapon
+Use special grenades (Holo, Chaff, Emp)
+Keep barriers between you and bosses; run them around pillars.

As you encounter new enemies they will appear under the Enemy Data section. If I reference a bot type in this guide, and you are uncertain as to which I am referring you can look them up. Press > Data Files > Enemy Data.

Step 4 - Clean Up
Use Chapter Select or do another complete playthrough on an easier difficulty to get any trophies you may have missed. One thing to keep in mind in about Chapter Select is you will start with no credits, no nanos, downgraded weapons, and base level trust regardless of where you begin.


[PS3T Would Like to Thank Vapor_N4 for this Road Map]

Binary Domain Trophy Guide

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50 trophies ( 42  21  )

  • Earn all other trophies in the game.

  • Add each teammate to the party at least once.

    Add each teammate (Bo, Faye, Charlie, Rachael, Cain, & Shindo) to your party at least once. There are times when the story dictates your party members. For example, Bo being in your party at the start of the game does not count towards this trophy. You have to actually add him when given the choice later. This trophy carries over to chapter select and future playthroughs.

  • Get onto the Grand Lancer's head.

    Boss-specific, missable trophy.
    This trophy can be earned in Chapter 2, Scene 1 - Shibuya Slums. I initially thought this was an unmissable trophy; however, you can in fact miss it. If you follow your teammates' advice during this boss fight then it should not be a problem. You and your team will have to take down a Grand Lancer. On the right hand side of the street there is a three story building with a rocket launcher on the ground floor, followed by a second floor with a shopping terminal and stairs leading up to the roof. Grab the rocket launcher and run up the stairs to the roof. When the Grand Lancer comes shoot it in the head with the rocket launcher to strip off its armor. After that you will be encouraged to shoot down the power line, which should stun the Grand Lancer. If you are on the right part of the roof an onscreen prompt should appear instructing you to press to jump on to the Grand Lancer's head. The trophy should pop as soon as you make the jump.

  • Destroy all of the Spider's legs.

    Boss-specific, missable trophy.
    This trophy can be earned in Chapter 2, Scene 2 - Rotary (Bar). Spider Killer is similar to the Jumper trophy, in that you may not realize it is missable. Grab the rocket launcher at the beginning of the Spider boss fight, and aim at its legs. After removing the armor, aim for the weak points. There are more rockets in each corner of the map. Whirlers will be flying around carrying rockets as well. Shoot down the Whirlers and pick up the rockets that they drop. You can use your shock burst to temporarily immobilize the Spider before aiming at its legs or running across the middle to pick up rockets or bosonic cells.

  • Destroy all enemies with the mobile gun battery.

    Story-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained after the battle in Chapter 4, Scene 5 - Outside Amada Corp.

    When you arrive at Amada Corp., you will be faced with a group of Assault Shooters and (2) Howitzers. As you exit the tunnel, on the left, there is a shopping terminal that sells rocket launchers, which are useful for taking out the Howitzers. After defeating this group run to the small room at 1 o'clock from the gate. With Cain's help, you will take control of one of the Howitzers you just disabled. The Howitzer's controls are the same as you have been using. = Aim, = Fire, = Reload & = Stomp. Defeat the remaining waves of enemies which include Assault Shooters, Tube Gunners, Rocket Hercs, and a Grand Lancer. Aiming will greatly improve your accuracy. Destroy enemies as they appear; if faced with several types prioritize effectively (Grand Lancer > Hercs > Tube Guners > Assault Shooters). Tapping fire quickly will increase your rate of fire. Make sure to do this when facing the Grand Lancer. After shooting off his arms he will attempt to kick you, which does significant damage. Eliminate all enemies for your trophy.

  • Hit the jackpot on a vending machine.

    After making a purchase from a shopping terminal, the terminal will light up a wheel with blue, green and red sections will spin. If the wheel lands on blue or green the terminal will spit out an item such as ammo/grenades/medkit/recharge.

  • Destroy the Iron Whale's four engines.

    Scene-specific, missable trophy.
    These are the transport ships that drop off Assault Shooters and Tube Gunners, not the Iron Raptor boss in 2-4. These are pretty easy to shoot down and appear several times throughout the game. Locations include 1-3, 2-2 (2 Locations), 3-4 & 4-5.

  • Get 50 smash bonuses in Campaign.

    Kill 50 enemies with melee attacks. You should get this with little effort. Simians and Needle Bugs are easiest to melee. You can also shoot off bots' heads then melee them or pick up a shield and use that to get kills. Kills are cumulative and carry over into chapter select and additional playthroughs.

  • Get 50 multi-kill bonuses in Campaign.

    Not to be confused with double or triple kills. You get a multi-kill bonus for killing 4 enemies with a single rocket, grenade, shock burst, or melee attack. Do this 50 times. Kills are cumulative and carry over into chapter select and additional playthroughs. One good spot for this is 4-5 after you have taken control of the Howitzer. When the Iron Whale flies over aim and fire into the open hangar before the shooters have a chance to jump out. Another spot I like is when you have the steady stream of Simians in front of the elevator on 2-5. Change your shock burst to Type-G at one of the shopping terminals, and upgrade your shock burst & bosonic charge if needed. Wait until your surrounded by 4 or more Simians and fire your shock burst into them. Reload either checkpoint when you run out of enemies.

    A third spot is in 4-4, after the Crab boss fight. You will get a lot of Alfies coming after you. There are several types of explosives in this room that you can use to get multi-kills if you did not use them on the boss. You can also use a sufficiently upgraded Shock Burst as they drop a lot of bosonic cells. Make sure you have already gotten your trust trophies if you are going to try this spot because trust will keep dropping when going for kills here. Reloading this checkpoint will force you to fight the boss again.

  • Get 50 headshot bonuses in Campaign.

    Shoot off 50 enemy heads. Any sniper rifle works well here. You must shoot off the head first. If you shoot off an arm and then the head you will not get the bonus. Kills are cumulative and carry over into chapter select and additional playthroughs.

  • Get 50 one-shot bonuses in Campaign.

    Kill 50 enemies with one shot each. Recommend using Jugland R93 or Yamato 50 Sniper Rifles, the RAOW-SR1 Sniper Rifle is usually too weak for this. Also, you can use any gun to kill Watchers (Surveillance Bots) or Needle Bugs. It's possible to get (3) one-shot bonuses from each Surveillance Bot since they can split apart. Another method is to use the turret to shoot down the Condor Drones that the Iron Raptor launches in 2-4. Kills are cumulative and carry over into chapter select and additional playthroughs.

  • Use first-aid kits to revive teammates 10 times.

    This trophy can be earned in campaign or in multiplayer. Purchase or pick up a first-aid kit, approach a downed teammate and press . I got this trophy online while working on my Versus revive challenges, which is probably more efficient than attempting to get it in campaign. Teammates in campaign often have their own meds, and I had very few chances to actually heal them. You may want to equip Nanos that increase your first-aid kit capacity and remove Nanos that raise your teammates' health, defense, and meds capacity. Revives are cumulative and carry over into chapter select and additional playthroughs.

  • Purchase nanomachines for a teammate.

    Nanos are character-specific. Access the "shopping" portion of any shopping terminal and highlight the available Nanos. On the right-hand side of the screen you will see the description for that particular Nano. At the bottom of the description it will say whether it's for you or one of your teammates. Purchase any Nano for some one other than Dan.

  • Access all shopping terminals.

    There are (38) total shopping terminals. This trophy does not require you to access every shopping terminal in one run; you can do it over several and in chapter select; however, unlike SECUR-COMs, chapter select does not indicate where you have missed them. Also, you do not have to purchase anything for this trophy; you can simply access the shop then back out. NOTE: You will be accessing each shopping terminal in one run when going for the Skill Master trophy. See the video for terminal locations.

  • Spend 10,000 credits at vending machines.

    Use the credits you get from kills to make purchases at the shopping terminals. Spend 10,000 credits on any combination of items, weapons, nanos, and upgrades. You should have this at the 2nd shopping terminal

  • Destroy 100 Assault Shooters in Campaign.

    Most common bot early on in the game, carries the RAOW-R8 assault rifle. You will get this trophy naturally by playing through the story.

  • Get enemies to kill each other 50 times.

    Shooting off a bots head or throwing a chaff grenade will cause bots to attack each other. Similar to Headshot Master in that you must shoot off the head prior to damaging other parts of the robot. Not only does this count towards the trophy, but it's a good tactic to use as it diverts fire away from you allowing you to move up or target other enemies. RAOW-SR1 Sniper Rifle works well for this, but the Jugland and Yamato are too powerful unless used on Hercs. Get 50 kills this way. Kills are cumulative and carry over into chapter select and additional playthroughs.

    The kills you get while controlling the Howitzer in 4-5 also count towards this. (Thanks to Sourcerer for this tip)

  • Upgrade a weapon.

    Purchase (1) weapon upgrade from ANY of the (7) categories at a shopping terminal
    -Rate of Fire
    -Shock Burst
    -Bosonic Charge

  • Fully upgrade one weapon category.

    Purchase ALL upgrades for (1) upgrade category. Range and Accuracy have the fewest amount of levels and cheapest upgrade cost; however, you will have no problem fully upgrading all categories. If have already purchased the upgrade available in that specific act, the vending machine will state that the upgrade is sold out.

  • Collect 20 SECURITY-COM in Campaign.

    Find half of the SECUR-COMs in the game. These do not have to be gotten in one run and can be collected over several playthroughs. If you have picked up every one you will have this trophy by the end of Chapter 3. After you have unlocked chapter select you can see the chapters and acts that you have missed any. See video under Data Retrieval Complete for their locations

  • Collect all SECURITY-COM in Campaign.

    Find all (40) SECUR-COMs in the game. These do not have to be gotten in one run and can be collected over several playthroughs. After you have unlocked chapter select you can see the chapters and acts that you have missed any. Click spoiler bar for a video guide. If you should happen to die after collecting a SECUR-COM and have not reached the following checkpoint, you will need to pick up the SECUR-COM again. Click spoiler bar for a video guide.

  • Get all nanomachines within 1 playthrough in Campaign.

    This is the only truly missable trophy that requires a complete playthrough if missed. All but (6) Nanos are purchased from the shopping terminals. If you have gotten all the Nanos, this trophy should unlock during 5-4. After purchasing the Nanos, you must exit the shopping terminal before it will count. See this video for the Nanos you must find, as well as the video for Shop Master.

    #1) 1-2: On top of a crate right after using the grappling hook
    #2) 1-3: In front of a barricade, after running up a hill where an Iron Whale dropped off Assault Shooters
    #3) 2-1: At the beginning of the chapter on a crate to the left of the first shopping terminal
    #4) 2-3: Bought for 500cr from the guy wearing a #18 basketball jersey in the Shibuya Underground
    #5) 2-4: In the storage cage to the right of the jet-skis
    #6) 2-5: On a table to the right of the door with the water shut-off lever

    If you should happen to die after finding or purchasing a Nano and have not reached the following checkpoint you will need to pick up and purchase said Nanos again.

  • Clear all chapters on SURVIVOR Mode.

    This is essentially BD's "Hard" difficulty and the highest one available at the start. Completing the campaign on SURVIVOR unlocks the Rust Crew trophy and the NO MERCY difficulty. Trophy will be unlocked after the credits.

  • Win an online vs. match with any rule set.

    Win (1) match on ANY of the (7) Versus match types.
    01 Free For All
    02 Team Deathmatch
    03 Team Survival
    04 Operation
    05 Demolition
    06 Data Capture
    07 Domain Control

  • Clear a stage in INVASION mode.

    Complete wave 50 on ANY of the (3) Invasion stages.
    01 Shibuya Station Square
    02 Outside Agro-Center, Upper City
    03 Underground Warehouse, Upper City

  • Clear all stages in INVASION mode.

    Complete wave 50 on ALL (3) Invasion Stages.

    General Tips:
    +Work as a full team.
    +Use the Heavy Gunner class with perks to increase med-kits, ammo, health, defense.
    +Conserve ammo. Available ammo has to last (5) rounds.
    +Purchase a sniper rifle starting at wave 20
    +Purchase (1) shield starting at wave 35 and (2) at wave 40
    +Purchase holo/chaff grenades if you have enough money starting at wave 35/40

    Check out the threads created by Strider-Cloud and King_Ubu for further INVASION tips and strategies.

  • Win an online vs. match with all rule sets.

    Win (1) match on ALL of the (7) Versus match types

  • Reach online level 50.

    Achieve rank 50 in Versus mode.

    This is the same as any other games' rank system. You earn XP based on your performance. More XP will be awarded for wins, number of kills, being first in certain categories, etc. You should get this trophy when you are between 2/3 to 3/4 of the way finished with your online challenges.

  • Clear all online mode challenges.

    Press from the online menu to check your challenge progress. Some of these can be done legitimately, but you will probably end up boosting most of them.

    Use the Boosting Thread to find partners for Versus Challenges and INVASION.

    If you want to discuss boosting tips use this thread here

    Weapon Challenges List:

    Assault Rifles:

    SOWSAR-17 [Ministry]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills in VS modes.
    Akagi-74 [Resistance]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills in VS modes.
    RAOW-80 [500pts]: Purchase the RAOW-80, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.
    Raiden-80 [500pts]: Purchase the Raiden-80, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.

    Submachine guns:

    HIG-PDW44 [Ministry]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 Kills in VS modes.
    Akagi-77 [Resistance]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills in VS modes.

    Sniper Rifles:

    Jugland R93 [Ministry]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills in VS modes.
    Yamato-50 [Resistance]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills in VS modes.
    RAOW-SR1 [650pts]: Purchase the RAOW-SR1, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.

    Light machine guns:

    M-489 SAW [Ministry]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills in VS modes.
    Akagi-78 [Resistance]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills in VS modes.


    HIG-S8 [Ministry]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills in VS modes.
    Yamato-51 [Resistance]: Get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills in VS modes.
    RAOW-S7 [650pts]: Purchase the RAOW-S7, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.


    Soldado 38P [Ministry]: Get 5 / 20 / 50 kills in VS modes.
    Shinano-80 [Resistance]: Get 5 / 20 / 50 kills in VS modes.
    LE-18 [200pts]: Purchase the LE-18, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.


    Frag Grenade [default/200pts]: Purchase frag grenades, Get 5 / 10 / 25 Kills in VS modes.
    Stun Grenade [250pts]: Purchase stun grenades, Throw 5 / 25 / 75 Stun grenades in VS modes.
    Sticky Bomb [150pts]: Purchase sticky bombs, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.
    Remote Bomb [250pts]: Purchase remote Bombs, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.
    Claymore [300pts]: Purchase directional mines, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes. AND Destroy 5 / 10 / 25 enemy directional mines in VS modes
    Smoke Grenade [100pts]: Purchase smoke grenades, Throw 5 / 25 / 75 Smoke grenades in VS modes.

    Special weapons:

    HEMWL-3.8 [1250pts]: Purchase the HEMWL-3.8, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.
    Nagato-79 [2000pts]: Purchase the Nagato-79, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.
    OROCHI G6 [3000pts]: Purchase the OROCHI G6, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.
    IKAZUCHI M6 [5000pts]: Purchase theIKAZUCHI M6, Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills in VS modes.
    Bulletproof shield [1000pts]: Purchase the bulletproof shield, Take damage 50 / 100 / 250 times with the shield in VS modes. AND Get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with the shield in VS modes.


    Match Score Challenges List:

    Match Results:

    Free For All - Win Free For All 5 / 10 / 30 times.
    Team Deathmatch - Win Team Deathmatch 5 / 10 / 30 times.
    Team Survival - Win Team Survival 5 / 10 / 30 times.
    Operation - Win Operation 5 / 10 / 30 times.
    Demolition - Win Demolition 5 / 10 / 30 times.
    Data Capture - Win Data Capture 5 / 10 / 30 times.
    Domain Control - Win Domain Control 5 / 10 / 30 times.

    Personal Results:

    Bomber - Blow up 5 / 10 / 20 enemy supply points.
    Bomb Squad - Defuse 5 / 10 / 20 bombs.
    Data Carrier - Obtain enemy data 5 / 10 / 20 times.
    Data Recoverer - Recover data 5 / 10 / 20 times.
    Capturer - Take control of a point 5 / 10 / 20 times.


    Grim Reaper - Most kills 5 / 10 / 20 times in VS modes.
    Support Leader - Most assists 5 / 10 / 20 times in VS modes.
    Marksman - Most Headshots 5 / 10 / 20 times in VS modes.
    Medical Expert - Most teammates saved 5 / 10 / 20 times in VS modes.
    Unrivaled - Best K/D ratio 5 / 10 / 20 times in VS modes.
    Score Champion - Become the MVP 5 / 10 / 30 times in VS modes.


    One Shot, One Kill - Get 5 / 20 / 50 one-shot kills in VS modes.
    Two Birds One Stone - Get 5 / 15 / 30 double kills in VS modes.
    Three of a Kind - Get 3 / 5 / 10 triple kills in VS modes.
    Four on the Flour - Get / 3 / 5 multi-kills in VS modes.
    Kill Assistant - Get 5 / 25 / 75 / 150 / 250 assists in VS modes.
    Assault Rifle Specialist - Get 5 / 20 / 50 assault rifle headshots in VS modes.
    Submachine Gun Specialist - Get 5 / 20 / 50 submachine gun headshots in VS modes.
    Sniper Rifle Specialist - Get 5 / 20 / 50 sniper rifle headshots in VS modes.
    Light Machine Gun Specialist - Get 5 / 20 / 50 light machine gun headshots in VS modes.
    Shotgun Specialist - Get 5 / 20 / 50 shotgun headshots in VS modes.
    Handgun Specialists - Get 5 / 20 / 50 handgun headshots in VS modes.


    Back in the Fray - Use 5 / 15 / 30 first-aid kits on yourself in VS modes.
    Medic - Use 5 / 15 / 30 first-aid kits on others in VS modes.
    Close Combat - Get 5 / 20 / 50 melee kills in VS modes.
    Avenger - Get 5 / 15 / 30 revenges in VS modes.
    Final Defiance - Get 3 / 5 / 15 critical condition kills in VS modes.


    Rounds Cleared: - Clear 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 40 / 45 and 50 INVASION rounds in a row.


Secret trophies

  • Clear "HIT AND RUN."

    Chapter-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained by completing Chapter 1, 'Hit and Run.'


    Chapter-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained by completing Chapter 2, 'Yearn for Refuge.'

  • Clear "BAD GROUND."

    Chapter-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained by completing Chapter 3, 'Bad Ground.'


    Chapter-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained by completing Chapter 4, 'Refuse and Resist.'


    Chapter-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained by completing Chapter 5, 'Intelligent Artifice.'


    Chapter-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained by completing Chapter 6, 'Denying Destiny.'

  • Clear the swimming stage.

    Story-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained after Chapter 1, Scene 1 - Odaiba, Tokyo Bay.

    All you have to do is follow Bo. If you encounter a Surveillance Bot or a wall press to dive under the water. If you get spotted by a Surveillance Bot you will come under fire from Assault Shooters.

  • Clear the giant slide.

    Story-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained at the beginning of Chapter 1, Scene 3 - Seawall, Tokyo Bay.

    Move left & right and press to avoid the pipes that stick out. You should easily pass the slide on your first attempt.

  • Clear the jet ski chase.

    Story-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained after Chapter 2, Scene 4 - Mifune's Room.

    to advance, to reverse. The steering is very loose so try to keep it as straight as possible. When you get to the mine section, go slower. As long as you do not crash, you should get this.

  • Clear the car chase.

    Story-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained after Chapter 3, Scene 1 - Patio Café, Upper City.

    Here you have to destroy Assault Shooters carried by Wheelers and Roadie armored assault vehicle robots from the top of the van. You are using a SAW LMG here not your SOWSAR-17, so your firepower is limited. Use semi-auto or short bursts. Take cover when you need to reload or are low on health; you cannot use medkits in this section. Aim for the Whirlers over the Shooters. Target the enemies that are attacking you first.

  • Clear the truck chase.

    Story-related, unmissable trophy.
    Obtained after defeating the Tsar Runner in Chapter 4, Scene 4 - Secret Resistance Base

    There are several waves here separated by mini-cutscenes and a couple QTE's, which correspond with checkpoints. Use the same strategy as the car chase on the early waves. [Semi-auto or short bursts, aim for Whirlers] This battle can take a long time depending on difficulty. The Tsar Runner has several different attacks. It can raise up and attempt to land on you, it can swipe at you with its hands, or it can fire rockets (1,2, or 8 at a time.) When you get to the Tsar Runner you do not really have to worry about conserving ammo. When you drop to (250) rounds Shindo will toss you more. If you anticipate that it is about to attack though, reload so you have enough rounds to fend it off. The Tsar Runner is supported by Assault Shooters, but they are not much of a threat here. Destroy the Shooters as needed.
    +Wave 1: Assault Shooters on Whirlers and Roadies [Try to conserve ammo]
    +Wave 2: Same as previous wave but in back of truck [Use shop in truck if run out of ammo]
    +Wave 3: Hercs and Assault Shooters on Whirlers and a Turret Gunner
    +Wave 4: Tsar Runner w/Shooters [Aim for Drivetrain > Arms/Head]
    +Wave 5: Pretty much the same, but more rockets
    +Wave 6: Fend off rockets until you get a chance to hit drive-train

  • See the love scene with Faye.

    Trust-related, missable trophy
    Raise Faye's trust level to "Very High" by the end of Chapter 4, Scene 3 - Underground Parking Lot for a special cutscene.

  • Save Big Bo from the Cerberus.

    Scene-specific, missable trophy.
    This trophy can be earned in Chapter 5, Scene 4 - R&D Floor, Amada. This is right after the Cerberus boss fight. Rachael will give you her rocket launcher to take out the satellite dish on the roof, but when you go forward the Cerberus comes back and grabs Bo. You have to shoot the Cerberus to get it to release Bo. Even on Cakewalk, I found this trophy to be rather difficult, but I believe it was because I tried to get it using Chapter Select, which always starts you with a completely downgraded weapon. Taking too long to finish off the Cerberus will cause you to miss out on the trophy. If you feel as though you are taking too long, either reload the checkpoint or switch to the rocket launcher and kill Bo. You will restart right after the Cerberus grabs him.

    If you are using Chapter Select and are struggling to get this trophy, here are a couple tips which may help: As soon as you reunite with your team at the beginning of 5-4, you will see a shopping terminal on the right and a sliding door in front of you. If you pass through the sliding door it will close behind you. Kill the enemies in the hall WITHOUT passing through the door, and you should have enough credits to upgrade your firepower twice. Additionally, you can try using the rocket launcher and aiming at the Cerberus' body, after shooting it in the head for awhile.

    Keep in mind, this section is timed; you have (15) mins. to get to the Cerberus, defeat it, rescue Bo, and destroy the satellite dish.

  • Earn Big Bo's loyalty in "DENYING DESTINY."

    Trust-related, missable trophy
    Raise Bo's trust level to "Very High" by the end of Chapter 5, Scene 4 - R&D Floor, Amada for a special cutscene.

  • Earn maximum trust with Big Bo.

    Trust-related, missable trophy
    See Rachael: Max Trust for trust farming location

  • Earn maximum trust with Faye.

    Trust-related, missable trophy
    See Rachael: Max Trust for trust farming location

  • Earn maximum trust with Charlie.

    Trust-related, missable trophy
    See Rachael: Max Trust for trust farming location

  • Earn maximum trust with Rachael.

    Trust-related, missable trophy
    Trust can be pretty easily farmed in Chapter 2, Scene 5 - West 1 Treatment Tank. At the start of this section you will be prompted to choose two teammates (Bo, Faye, Charlie, and/or Rachael). You will have an opportunity to farm trust for whoever you DO NOT choose. As you progress through the level you will come to an elevator. When you get there the teammates you chose at the beginning of this section will go ahead without you, and you will go back for the other two teammates. Once you have met up with them you will make your way back to the elevator. This is where you will farm trust. Stay on the ramp and kill the lengthy supply of Simians. The Simians will stop spawning eventually, but you should have about (3) full bars by that time and will only have to play a couple more sections with those same teammates to get to max.

  • Earn maximum trust with Cain.

    Trust-related, missable trophy
    Cain shows up in Chapter 3, Scene 2 - Highway, Upper City. It is highly advisable that you keep Cain in your party at all times since there are not any great trust farming locations. While Cain is available in scenes that have a healthy supply of bots, none of these locations are ideal for farming, either because the positions and frequency in which the bots spawn or because the game does not give you a lot of praise in these locations.

  • Earn maximum trust with Shindo.

    Trust-related, missable trophy
    This trophy can be pretty easily farmed in Chapter 5, Scene 4 - Scrap Area, Amada. In this section you will get attacked by Hollow Children Prototypes. These robots are zombie-like and will rush and swipe at you. Move slowly and carefully and go for headshots. As you progress through the level you will encounter a couple of shut doors. You will have to defend your teammates while they open them. Stand on the ramp and kill all the Prototypes. Do not let any get past you as this will lower Shindo's trust. Keeping killing even after the first door is open until the Prototypes stop spawning. Move on to the second door and do the same thing. If you do not get this trophy before you get to the elevator quit and start 5-4 again.

  • Clear all chapters on NO MERCY Mode.

    This difficulty is unlocked after completing the campaign on SURVIVOR difficulty. Replay the game again on NO MERCY "Ex Hard" difficulty. Trophy will be unlocked after the credits.

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