The servers closed on August 27th, 2018 so the online trophy is now unobtainable.


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 13 (2, 9, 1)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1) - Unobtainable
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 10-15 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 20 festivals, plus visiting other festivals)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - A big yellow taxi
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Welcome to BigFest! The new Vita management sim focused around a music festival. Earn money to upgrade your site facilities and backstage features and promote new bands to the next biggest headlining acts of all time! BigFest is a fun, simple little game and a very easy Platinum.



Step 1: Start the game, complete the tutorials, cycle through bands, clear the festival grounds, save money, get party tokens and upgrade facilities!

BigFest can, more or less, be played in any order that you like. Start the game, complete the short tutorials and start running your festival. For the purpose of this Guide, we will make sure to get the band-related trophies out of the way here, whilst working on some background trophies at the same time. During this you will also be upgrading facilities for various trophies and collecting party tokens to work towards Party all the time .

Trophies earned in this step:

We are the World
Did Video kill the Radio Star?
You are the wind beneath my wings
A big yellow taxi

Step 2: Work your way through festivals, use VIP tokens, save money, continue upgrade your facilities

For the remainder of your playtime, you will focus on upgrading the various facilities of your festival and continually using VIP tokens to raise money quicker in order to afford to do so.

Trophies earned in this step (if not already in Step 1):

I wanna live forever
Danger! High Voltage
BigNotes rule everything around me
Turn it down for what?
A bridge over troubled waters
Get your money for nothing

Step 3: Unlocking customization items and using Party Tokens

To finish off the trophies, clean up the last two by going to different festivals to claim customization items and quickly burning through 50 Party Tokens.

Trophies earned in this step:

C'mon Vogue
Party all the time - Unobtainable

[PST Would Like To Thank legendisreal for this Roadmap]

BigFest Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 10  2  )

  • Collect all the Trophies.


    Just get all of the other trophies and this one is yours!

  • Upgrade Stage to Level 4.

    See BigNotes rule everything around me

  • Upgrade Security Office to Level 6.

    In BigFest you need to continually upgrade your facilities, including your main stage, security office, mixing desk, sewage works and generator to unlock trophies and to allow you to expand your festival in terms of food and drink stands, merchandise, bins, toilets and showers etc. Your main stage is located in the centre of the map, the security office is behind the stage and off to the left, the mixing desk is in line with the stage but further down, sewage works are directly behind the stage and the generator is back and to the right of the stage.

    In order to obtain these trophies, you will need to earn money (BigNotes) and touch on the facility you want to upgrade and select the upgrade button, which will also display its cost. You will not be able to upgrade these continually at once, that is to say, you will not necessarily be able to upgrade your Security Office from Level 3 to 4 and then 4 to 5 directly after another. What will stop you is being forced to upgrade your main stage first. For example: Upgrading your Security Office from level 4 to 5 may require you to first upgrade your stage to level 5. The game will prompt you to tell you what you must upgrade first so you'll know what to do.

    This will cost quite a lot of money by the end of upgrading everything. You can obviously earn money by naturally playing the game but it's a slow process. The fastest way to earn money is by using VIP tokens. At some stage throughout the game you will start to earn VIP tokens. These are represented left of centre at the top of your screen, just to the right of your current BigNotes count.

    At the main menu go to the far right icon and use a VIP token to enter a roulette style mini game. Here you can earn Party Tokens, facilities, BigNotes and VIP tokens. Continue to use these here for the chance to earn money. It's a game of luck but you will constantly be earning VIP tokens to continue playing (by the end of my game I had around 5,000 VIP tokens from this) and as you play, you will begin landing on BigNote icons to add to your overall cash. Amounts from 100 - 2,000 BigNotes can be earned from this. Memorise the amount of money you need to buy your next upgrade, use VIP tokens and continue to build up your cash, go back to your festival and upgrade your facilities. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the upgrades until you have all of the upgrade trophies!

    This will naturally be the longest process of trophies for your Platinum.

  • Upgrade Sewage Works to Level 5.

    See BigNotes rule everything around me

  • Upgrade Mixing Desk to Level 3.

    See BigNotes rule everything around me

  • Upgrade Generator to Level 3.

    See BigNotes rule everything around me

  • Remove 50 Trees and Junk.

    Possibly GLITCHED

    A few people have said that Big Yellow Taxi wasn't working for them. If this appears to be glitched for you, leave it for your last trophy then delete your save and start a new game.

    You will notice that around your festival grounds are a lot of trees, broken down cars, old walls, fridges and other random junk. We need to get rid of these! Touch and select any of these objects and select to remove. These will come at a cost, varying depending on the objects. The easiest and cheapest objects are trees, as they will only cost you 100 BigNotes. When you first start the game, you will only have one roadie so will only be able to clear one at a time but tree removal is fast. Do this 50 times and this trophy is yours! You can earn this as soon as your first few festivals, your own time limit is the song playing in the background that will end the festival but this trophy is accumulative so don't worry about it!

    To make this trophy come faster then you can hire additional roadies by upgrading the trailers to the left of the main stage. You can have up to 5 roadies on hand but the cost of hiring a roadie increases with each new roadie.

  • Headline 5 bands of different genres.

    See Did Video kill the Radio Star?

  • Headline 20 Acts.

    You are going to have to headline 5 bands of different genres, headline a band 10 times in a row and headline 20 bands. What this essentially equates to is playing 20 different festivals. Festivals are selected by choosing a 'poster' from the main menu. This is represented as an icon that looks like a list. Select a poster and start your festival.

    As you walk through the gates of your festival, you will be able to select a purple speaker off to the right of your screen, this is where you will choose which bands will headline, support and open the festival. On your left you will have a list of the bands available to you. Take note of the coloured icon underneath the band names as this represents genre type. For the next 5 posters/festivals, cycle out a different band genre until you have headline 5 different band genres to unlock We are the World. Upon unlocking this, continue to use the same band as your last headliner 9 more times in a row to unlock You the wind beneath my wings. From here, play another 6 festivals to total 20 headliners to unlock Did Video kill the Radio Star? After this, all of your band-related trophies will have been obtained.

  • Collect 50 Customizations.

    For this trophy, being online isn't necessary but is certainly recommended as it will make it much faster.

    From the main menu, to the left side of the screen you will have a menu that you can drag across which is your 'social' menu. From here you can visit other player's festivals. By default, both online and offline, you will always have Guestfest unlocked. Click on the festival icon and select to visit the festival. Select the icon in the centre of the gate to go inside. From here, scan around the festival and you will see statues with gifts above their heads. Click on the gift and select to collect the gift. This is earning a customization item. Guestfest contains 2 of these items for you take take, one above a statue to the right of the stage and another above a statue to the left of the stage. Once you have obtained these, touch on the festival gate and select the back arrow to leave. You can continually re-enter this festival and take these 2 customization items but there is something of a 'cool-down' on these. That is to say, you can't always enter over and over straight after you leave as the gifts will take some time to respawn.

    To make this much quicker and easier go online and from the main menu, select the icon on the left that looks like a list and this will take you to the leaderboards. Now click on a player's name and choose to add them as a guest to your festival, this will now add that player to your social menu that I spoke about earlier. You can now visit that player's festival and obtain and customization items that they have on offer. Adding as many players as you like will give you many more options to check out and as the gifts respawn you will have more festivals to re-enter making this much, much faster. Do this and collect 50 items to unlock this trophy.

  • Max out a Level 6 Security Office with BigNotes.

    Once you have upgraded your Security Office to Level 6, you will need to max it out with BigNotes. What this means is that you will have to have enough money on hand that you can't earn any more. Imagine that the Security Office is a bank with a maximum capacity, you have to meet that maximum capacity. In this case, that is $120,000 in BigNotes. Simply continue earning money naturally or use your VIP tokens to earn money until you have $120,000. Don't worry if you accidentally upgrade your Security Office past Level 6 before getting this trophy, because you will get this trophy regardless once you have $120,000 banked.

  • Use a Band 10 times in a row.

    See Did Video kill the Radio Star?

  • Use 50 Party Tokens.


    You must be online to unlock this trophy.

    As you are playing your festivals, you will occasionally see attendees with red icons above their heads. These can be streakers (a red icon of a person running), moochers (a red icon of a peace sign), smelly dudes (icons of broccoli?) and various other options. When you see these, tap on the icon above their heads to get rid of the threat. Once you've done this, they will drop a token. These are your Party Tokens. You will collect a stack of these as you play, and can also be earned by playing the roulette-style mini game by using VIP tokens (see BigNotes rule everything around me for a more in-depth description about using VIP tokens).

    Once you have earned 50 of these, head back to the main menu and select the social menu by swiping from the left side of the screen and select Guestfest (or any other festivals you may have here to choose from). Once you have entered through the gate of this festival, select the roadie icon at the bottom of the screen. This will pull up all of your available Party Tokens. Select and hold any of these to send a trouble maker into this festival.

    Repeat this 50 times to unlock this trophy. You can do all of these in one go at one festival as there's no need to leave and come back or visit other festivals, unless you don't have 50 tokens on hand at the time.

    I say you need to be online for this because in my experience, an error would always come up when I was offline saying that using Party Tokens was not allowed at that time.

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