Black Holed Trophy

  • Black Holed


    Peacefully survive a Black Hole!

    When you enter a Blackhole, the screen will turn red and you will hear an air raid siren during the whole event. The most noticeable characteristic of this kind of events is the unusual enemies you can met only in Blackholes such as Dinosaur skulls firing lasers from their mouths.

    For this trophy, you need to play in Pacifism Mode and survive a Blackhole event. The 1.02 patch made this trophy easier by adding more Blackhole-only enemies. Indeed, before the patch, you could only meet Dinosaurs. They tend to flood the screen with their number and their lasers. The new enemies (Ninjas, Pirates, Vikings etc.) have more manageable patterns. You will know when you are reaching the end of a Blackhole when the air raid siren starts to fade and the music and screen come back to normal.

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