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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (personal opinion) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 6 (1, 3, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: Anywhere from 3mins to 2-3hrs, depending on if you play normally or just skip through everything (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: No trophies are glitched but the translation overall isn't great and is littered with typos and grammatical errors.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty options available.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are Global PS4, Asia PS4 and NA Vita versions available.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Welcome to my Guide for Big Dipper, a Romance set in the coldest part of the Russian Artic Circle. You play as Andrew, a young man who has lost his way in life and now works for someone who may or may not be Santa Claus. I won't go any further into the story, else I'll spoil the surprises. In terms of trophies, nothing is glitched but all of them are story related so nothing is missable and all of them will pop in the same order they're listed in the Walkthrough so get yourself a mug of Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate and a full box of tissues then sit back and enjoy the story as it unfolds.
  • The NA PS4 and Vita versions of the game are reportedly very unstable with poor controls but I can confirm the EU and Asia PS4 versions work just fine.
  • There will be unavoidable spoilers in this Guide - you have been warned!
  • Due to the lousy translation, I've had to correct certain passages so don't panic if they don't 100% line up with what's in-game.
  • There is no auto-save in this game, therefore you have to save manually.


Step 0: Decide how you want to play the game

As with every other VN on the market, you can either sit back and play normally with the auto-play enabled or change the settings so you can just press the skip button repeatedly until the game ends and the relevant trophies have popped. IMO this game is too good to simply press square.png and skip through everything but if the 100% is all you want, go into the Settings menu then set the Text Speed to maximum before returning to the Main Menu. Once you get in-game, just hammer square.png until all 6 trophies have popped. If you do decide to play normally, the game can be saved by using either the D-Pad or Thumbsticks to highlight the Save option then pressing cross.png twice.

Step 1: Play the game the way you decided to in Step 0

Once you've decided how you want to play, go ahead and do it then in either 3mins or 2-3hrs (depending on if you played normally or not) you will have the 100%. Note: You don't even have to finish the game to get all the trophies, because Reunion trophy_gold.png will pop before the end credits start and there's nothing for seeing the post-credits scene so you can quit there and then if you want to.

At the end of this step you will have earned the following:

Unexpected Meetings trophy_bronze.png
Stargazing trophy_silver.png
A Friendly Bear trophy_silver.png
Shared Moments trophy_silver.png
Spirit of the Forest trophy_gold.png
Reunion trophy_gold.png

Big Dipper Trophy Guide

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6 trophies ( 1  )

  • Meet an unexpected tenant.

    This will pop once the mystery girl has knocked you out with a frying pan and the line "My vision gradually came back. For a while I couldn't make out a clear silhouette behind the colourful mess but then I saw a girl crouching before me".
  • Find something interesting in the attic.

    This will pop during the sequence where Andrew and Julie are lying down in her "nest" and looking up at the flouresent pictures on the ceiling of her bedroom, whilst the line "Now it's your turn to tell a story!" is on-screen.
  • Meet a surprisingly friendly bear.

    This will pop once the scene starts where Andrew and Julie are hiding on the roof of the house to avoid a rogue bear that has appeared and the line "She sprung into action and got up the ladder in a blink and the bear just stood there, unmoving. I threw off the ladder so it couldn't climb up" is on-screen.
  • Share a heartwarming moment.

    This should pop when the image appears of Andrew playing the Guitar whilst Julie is cooking dinner and the line "I pressed down the strings and my thumbs screamed from pain - blisters from regular practice were long gone so it hurt like the first time" is on-screen.

    Note: I can't be 100% certain when this will pop, because I wasn't paying attention at the time and my reminder screenshot didn't take for some reason.
  • Witness something magical.

    This will pop during the blizzard sequence when you find Julie and the "something magical" happens.
  • Share a wonderful new year.

    This will pop right near the end of the game during the fireworks sequence and the line "This was the brightest day of my life and if every day after this will be the same, if I would be able to see her smile, I'd love to relive this a million times" is on-screen.

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