Interview Jeopardy Trophy

  • Interview Jeopardy


    Complete the Alonso interview

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this when you finish the interview with Alonso, no matter how you do. However, in order to make Two Faced trophy_silver.png as simple as possible and minimize replays, you will want to get every one of his questions correct. I'm just going to post the relevant part of my walkthrough so you'll have all the information you need:

    (starting in the room with all the posters in it)
    Look at photos hanging over the mattress
    Use MINOS terminal
    Click the “view QDOS history” button
    Click Civic Guide – click all five buttons, then back out
    Click City Live – scroll down the entire screen, then back out
    Exit MINOS
    Look at the movie poster on the exit door (if you accidentally open the door, just wait for it to close again) (2/5)
    Exit the posters room, turn left, then enter the bathroom
    Use the medical scanner, then exit when you can.
    Look at the employee of the month poster above the toilet
    Exit the bathroom and into the main room
    Enter the bedroom (right of the fireplace). You will still be given the option to look around if you want to keep poking around.
    Quiz answers: comfort / A+ / B / train depot / heart / photography

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