Solitaire: End of the road Trophy

  • Solitaire: End of the road


    Finish Adventure mode

    You do not need to complete all the Worlds in Adventure Mode, just the main path the end. There are 8 Worlds on the main path. You need to complete 7 games of Klondike, 4 games of Golf, 7 games of Freecell, 4 games of Spider and 4 games of Pyramid (if you choose to complete all the Worlds). Once you have finished the 8th and final world, the trophy will pop.

    Klondike: Klondike it basic Solitaire. The bonus in this game auto-fills the foundation piles. You cannot stack same color cards on top of each other and they must be in order. You can only put Kings on empty card slots on the Tableau. 

    Golf: Golf is similar to Speed if you’ve played that. You’re given 1 card (from the draw pile) and 32 face up cards to play with (on the Tableau). You need to stack your playing cards going up or down in chronological order of the "draw pile card". Aces are always low and Kings are always high, they do not wrap around and will stop at each end of the spectrum. Your goal is to clear your Tableau of all 32 cards. The bonus moves cards from your Tableau to the "draw pile card" that is facing up.

    Freecell: The board consists of three sections: The Tableau (your playing cards), the Freecells (4 card slots on the left top) and the HomeCells (4 card slots on the top right). Your goal is to clear your Tableau by building up the HomeCells in ascending suit sequence (like Solitaire/Klondike). With no cards in the FreeCells, you can move up to 5 cards on the Tableau. With every card in the FreeCells, you lose the ability to move 1 card (if you have 1 card in the FreeCell, you will only be able to move 4 on the Tableau, 2 in the FreeCells will be 3, 3 will be 2, etc etc). You cannot stack like-colors, they must alternate. The bonus auto-fills the HomeCells. 

    Spider: You will need to play 4-suit Spider Solitaire to get this trophy which is hands down the hardest card game out of them all. In Spider, you can stack any card or any color on any other card while playing, but your goal is to get a stack of King to Ace (descending) of one suit. The stack will move off the Tableau once it is complete. 1 and 2 Suit Spider is not too hard, but 3 and 4 suit Spider are rather tricky. For 4 suit, be patient. These games are incredibly difficult and are luck based on the draw/deal of the cards. Try to keep like suits or colors together and if you get stuck with a bunch of Aces or Kings, it’s best to restart and try again. The bonus allows you to pick two cards to trade places with each other. This is good for opening up the draw piles or completing sets. 

    Pyramid: In Pyramid, you will need to match two cards (at a time) together to equal 13. The bonus in this game allows you to pick two cards to trade places with each other. Your goal is clear the entire Pyramid of cards. 

    • King equals 13 and does not require a partner to make the pair
    • Queen matches with Ace
    • Jack matches with Two
    • Ten matches with Three
    • Nine matches with Four
    • Eight matches with Five
    • Seven matches with Six

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