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    Air Hockey: Finish all the levels

    There are a total of 20 levels to complete in Air Hockey. As you progress, new elements are added to the levels, such as barriers and pickups. Barriers pose little threat to you, but can drag out levels as the AI will have less area to cover.

    Pickups can be good or bad for either player, but since the AI isn't terribly intelligent, you can use the majority of them to your advantage. Dark blue pickups cause the puck to change it's trajectory, light blue clock pickups slow the puck down while red ones speed it up, and see-through puck pickups make the puck wholly invisible (even to yourself). When you come across the invisible puck pickups they are particularly helpful in getting the puck past the AI, as it will actually have no clue where the puck is, so it will just continue strafing back and forth!

    I suggest using the snail bonus on every level, as it will slow the enemy AI down a fair bit, making all 20 levels significantly easier.

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