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  • Race against the clock


    Tetraminos: Finish level 43 in less than 45 seconds

    Level 43 in Tetraminos is happily one of the easier ones to figure out among the last ten levels. This level, like most (if not all), has a perfect method to completion. You will have to make use of the perfect method, and do so quickly, in order to obtain this trophy.

    In order to help guide you through this level quickly the image below details the Tetraminos that appear in order of appearance, and the positioning for each of them on the grid:

    The pieces shown on the left are what you will be given, and are vertically aligned with the "stage" of the level, shown on the right. The light purple blocks on the right are the base map. You need to fill in the empty spaces with the pieces on the left, as shown on the right.

    When you start the level, only the top 3 light purple blocks will be on-screen. The first four Tetraminos that come up are blue, orange, green, pink, as shown to the left.

    This trophy will take some serious speed, and likely at least a few attempts to obtain. I suggest using the ghost image bonus, so you can see as quickly as possible where your blocks are going to land, and using  to send them to their intended destination.

    Note that on the third line you will need to hit the laser bonus before dropping the two Tetraminos to complete the row.

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