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    Tetraminos: Finish all the levels

    Tetraminos has a total of 50 levels, and you must complete all 50 for this trophy. 

    The goal of each round of Tetraminos is to destroy the opal coloured blocks by lining up a whole row of blocks. You can finish levels with blocks still on-screen, as long as all of the opal blocks are destroyed.

    Every level of Tetraminos has what is considered a perfect round. These are not required by any means to complete each level, but if you are good at games like this, and recognizing the ideal way to mix the pieces given to you to clear rows, you can get through each level without wasting any blocks at all.

    I suggest you go into each level with the bonus that lets you see 3 upcoming pieces (costs 500 coins), rather than just 1; this will help you to better plan your Tetramino placements. Also, when placing pieces, try to place them in such a way that none of them end up sticking out above the base pieces, as they basically create another layer that you will eventually need to destroy.

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