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    Bubble Buster: Finish all the levels

    Bubble Buster has a total of 50 levels, and you must complete all 50 for this trophy. 

    In general, the overall gameplay is simple. Shoot your currently equipped bubble towards the other bubbles, and any match of three of the same bubble will destroy the set. If there are bubbles conjoined only by each other and you destroy the "base", then those connected will break off and be destroyed as well.

    The most useful powerups are the one that shows your trajectory (if you're not great at determining that yourself), and the one that makes your ball smaller. The small ball bonus especially can help you reach some tight spots and can turn things around quickly. Much like Tetraminos, this game gives you the same balls every attempt at a level, meaning there is always a "perfect" route to each level. Happily, the majority of the levels are quite straight forward with little guessing involved. The only difficult thing really is getting the ball in precisely the spot you want it, and as stated above, this can be rectified with a bonus (for 1,000 coins).

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