• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 16 (12, 4)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 4-6 hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 of each DLC
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Best of Arcade Games is a collection of 4 DLCs based on classic arcade games, each with a twist.

You will be playing through souped up versions of Brick Breaker, Bubble Buster (Bust a Move), Tetraminos (Tetris), and Air Hockey (with penguins!).

In order to dispel any confusion people might have about the game and it's DLC scheme, I suggest picking up the "Deluxe Edition" for the system you want to play on. Each individual DLC costs $10, but buying the Deluxe Edition is $20 on Vita and $30 on PS3 (not sure why the price disparity), so you save a decent amount by purchasing the Deluxe Edition.


Step 1: Play through each of the DLC in whichever order you like

The 4 DLC are individually relatively simple, and can be tackled in whichever order you choose. Refer to the sub-steps below for a quick overview of what must be done per DLC. The sub-steps are ordered by ease of completion, so "a" is the easiest, while "d" is the most difficult.

Step 1a: Brick Breaker - complete each of the 50 levels, finishing one with 3+ balls, and one without moving the paddle

Brick Breaker is a very easy version of the classic game, as it gives you the ability to redirect the ball basically as much as you want using the right analog stick. If you have multiple balls going at once, you will be able to move them all together, making each level take as little as 5-10 seconds. Refer to the guide below for specifics on the trophies involved. This is the easiest of the 4 DLC, and will get you TONS of money to spend of bonuses for the other DLCs. 

Note that if there ever comes a time when you're playing that you need to stock up on money to purchase bonuses, Brick Breaker is the ideal game to play for grinding cash.

Upon completion of this step you will have earned the following:

  • Demolition expert 
  • Demolition amateur 
  • Telekinetic 
  • Juggler 

Step 1b: Air Hockey - complete all 20 levels, winning 3 in a row, and level 5 without being scored on

Air Hockey has only 20 levels compared to the other DLCs' 50, due to the time it takes to complete each round. This is the second easiest list to complete, as Air Hockey isn't difficult at all, and you can slow down the enemy AI via the Snail bonus, which is only 250 coins to purchase. I suggest having the Snail bonus on for every level to speed things up.

Upon completion of this step you will have earned the following:

  • Pro hockey player 
  • Amateur hockey player 
  • Unbreachable wall 
  • Triple Crown 

Step 1c: Bubble Buster - complete all 50 levels, level 32 without buying a bonus, and 27 without setting off a bubble that strikes the ceiling

Bubble Buster is basically Puzzle Bobble with powerups. If you've played the classic arcade/NES game you'll feel right at home here. There are a total of 50 levels, and this game has what would be considered "perfect routes", wherein the game literally plans out the perfect bubbles to give you for every level. Unlike Tetraminos, they don't make it very difficult to find the perfect route either, as they are almost painfully obvious 90% of the time.

You will have to complete each of the 50 levels, and stop at 27 and 32 to get those miscellaneous trophies, neither of which is very difficult. You can always come back to complete them later, so check the guide below if you're having trouble.

Upon completion of this step you will have earned the following:

  • Pro bubbler 
  • Amateur bubbler 
  • Raw talent 
  • Minefield 

Step 1d: Tetraminos - complete all 50 levels, level 43 in under 45 seconds

Tetraminos is easily the most difficult if you're not very good at Tetris-style games. That said, every single level has one perfect way to beat the level, so if you are good at figuring them out, this shouldn't be too bad. For level 43 you need to beat it quite quickly, which will require knowing exactly where to put each piece ahead of time, and doing so with haste, so the guide below shows the perfect method for this particular level.

Upon completion of this step you will have earned the following:

  • Pro builder 
  • Amateur builder 
  • Balance 
  • Race against the clock 

[PST Would Like to Thank Noid for this Roadmap]

Best of Arcade Games: DLC Version Trophy Guide

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16 trophies ( 12  )

  • Brick Breaker: Finish all the levels

    Brick Breaker has a total of 50 levels, and none of them are very difficult. The game lets you use the right analog stick to control the ball directly until your meter runs out, and it fills back up almost immediately. If you just tap the right analog in the direction you want the ball to go, you can do so as much as you want, making 99% of the levels a joke.

    Some levels will require a small bit of ingenuity. Level 44 for instance requires that you break all of the bricks in the center to find a bomb drop, which will explode all of the bricks that are otherwise unreachable. Some levels require that you navigate the ball via the right analog through wind tunnel mazes to hit bricks at the end. Overall even these are quite simple, so don't worry about it and have fun!

    Every time you beat a level you will gain money based on the points you earned in the level. You can use this money to purchase bonuses to use in the current level. These are detailed in the pause menu, but the main one you will want to take with you is the spike explosion bonus, which causes your ball to shoot harpoon spikes out from it when you use . This will help you to reach hard to reach places when necessary.

  • Brick Breaker: Reach level 25

    Please refer to Demolition expert for information.

  • Brick Breaker: Finish a level without moving the paddle

    This trophy may sound intimidating at first but with the ability to control the ball directly via the right analog it's quite simple. Just tap the right analog in the direction you want the ball to go, and it will do so. 

    You can obtain this on any level easily, with the first few levels being the easiest.

  • Brick Breaker: Finish a level with at least 3 balls in play at once

    This trophy will almost certainly come naturally. Multiball powerups drop regularly, and they even stack, so it will not be uncommon for you to finish a level with as many as 9+ balls on screen.

    Whenever you have multiple balls going at once, remember that using the right analog stick to direct the balls does in fact work for ALL of the balls, making any multiball powerups a big priority in the game, as they will help you to clear levels significantly faster.

  • Bubble Buster: Finish all the levels

    Bubble Buster has a total of 50 levels, and you must complete all 50 for this trophy. 

    In general, the overall gameplay is simple. Shoot your currently equipped bubble towards the other bubbles, and any match of three of the same bubble will destroy the set. If there are bubbles conjoined only by each other and you destroy the "base", then those connected will break off and be destroyed as well.

    The most useful powerups are the one that shows your trajectory (if you're not great at determining that yourself), and the one that makes your ball smaller. The small ball bonus especially can help you reach some tight spots and can turn things around quickly. Much like Tetraminos, this game gives you the same balls every attempt at a level, meaning there is always a "perfect" route to each level. Happily, the majority of the levels are quite straight forward with little guessing involved. The only difficult thing really is getting the ball in precisely the spot you want it, and as stated above, this can be rectified with a bonus (for 1,000 coins).

  • Bubble Buster: Reach level 25

    Please refer to Pro bubbler for information.

  • Bubble Buster: Finish level 32 without buying a bonus

    This trophy will likely take a few attempts as the level moves quite quickly. Every third shot forces the ceiling to lower, making speed the key to this level. Once again, there is an ideal method to the level, and the way the game is designed makes it quite clear right from the beginning. The only real downfall of course is the fact that you need to beat the level without bonuses, so you will have to make do with your own aiming ability. 

    If you're really struggling with getting the bubbles where you want them, you can use a ruler to plot your trajectory, and it should be pretty accurate.

  • Bubble Buster: Finish level 27 without setting off a bubble that strikes the ceiling

    This trophy is quite simple, if not a little vague/misleading. The trophy means that you need to beat the level without lowering the ceiling via the red exploding enemy featured in the trophy image.

    Luckily there is only a single mine enemy in the level (the target to avoid), and it is very easily dispatched right away. All you have to do is to use the piercing bubbles the game gives you right from the onset of the level, and destroy the mine with that, so it won't activate. With the mine out of the way, it's as simple as finishing the rest of the level.

  • Tetraminos: Finish all the levels

    Tetraminos has a total of 50 levels, and you must complete all 50 for this trophy. 

    The goal of each round of Tetraminos is to destroy the opal coloured blocks by lining up a whole row of blocks. You can finish levels with blocks still on-screen, as long as all of the opal blocks are destroyed.

    Every level of Tetraminos has what is considered a perfect round. These are not required by any means to complete each level, but if you are good at games like this, and recognizing the ideal way to mix the pieces given to you to clear rows, you can get through each level without wasting any blocks at all.

    I suggest you go into each level with the bonus that lets you see 3 upcoming pieces (costs 500 coins), rather than just 1; this will help you to better plan your Tetramino placements. Also, when placing pieces, try to place them in such a way that none of them end up sticking out above the base pieces, as they basically create another layer that you will eventually need to destroy.

  • Tetraminos: Reach level 25

    Please refer to Pro builder for information.

  • Tetraminos: Finish level 5

    Every fifth level starting with level 5 is a special tower building level. These levels are quite easy as all you have to do is pile blocks on top of each other until they reach the goal line. 

    When you get near to the top, your only goal is to hit the goal line, so you can safely place a Tetramino on the pile even if it's not "safe", as the game will end immediately and successfully.

  • Tetraminos: Finish level 43 in less than 45 seconds

    Level 43 in Tetraminos is happily one of the easier ones to figure out among the last ten levels. This level, like most (if not all), has a perfect method to completion. You will have to make use of the perfect method, and do so quickly, in order to obtain this trophy.

    In order to help guide you through this level quickly the image below details the Tetraminos that appear in order of appearance, and the positioning for each of them on the grid:

    The pieces shown on the left are what you will be given, and are vertically aligned with the "stage" of the level, shown on the right. The light purple blocks on the right are the base map. You need to fill in the empty spaces with the pieces on the left, as shown on the right.

    When you start the level, only the top 3 light purple blocks will be on-screen. The first four Tetraminos that come up are blue, orange, green, pink, as shown to the left.

    This trophy will take some serious speed, and likely at least a few attempts to obtain. I suggest using the ghost image bonus, so you can see as quickly as possible where your blocks are going to land, and using  to send them to their intended destination.

    Note that on the third line you will need to hit the laser bonus before dropping the two Tetraminos to complete the row.

  • Air Hockey: Finish all the levels

    There are a total of 20 levels to complete in Air Hockey. As you progress, new elements are added to the levels, such as barriers and pickups. Barriers pose little threat to you, but can drag out levels as the AI will have less area to cover.

    Pickups can be good or bad for either player, but since the AI isn't terribly intelligent, you can use the majority of them to your advantage. Dark blue pickups cause the puck to change it's trajectory, light blue clock pickups slow the puck down while red ones speed it up, and see-through puck pickups make the puck wholly invisible (even to yourself). When you come across the invisible puck pickups they are particularly helpful in getting the puck past the AI, as it will actually have no clue where the puck is, so it will just continue strafing back and forth!

    I suggest using the snail bonus on every level, as it will slow the enemy AI down a fair bit, making all 20 levels significantly easier.

  • Air Hockey: Reach level 10

    Please refer to Pro hockey player for information.

  • Air Hockey: Finish level 5 without getting scored on

    Level 5 of Air hockey is a simple arena with reverse direction powerups lining the middle of the playing field. Whenever the puck touches one of these blue powerups it will immediately go the opposite direction it was previously headed. This can make catching the puck a little tricky, but overall it's nothing seriously difficult. If you end up getting scored on just restart the round. As per the usual Air Hockey rules, you'll need to get to 10 points in order to win.

  • Air Hockey: Win 3 levels in a row

    Winning 3 levels in a row will be quite easy, especially if you follow my advice for Pro hockey player. Always have the Snail bonus on to slow down the opposing AI, and all 20 levels will be a complete breeze.

    Note that you can get scored on as many times as may happen, as long as you win the match, it will count towards this trophy.

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