Diamond Miner Trophy in Bejeweled 3

  • Diamond Miner


    Reach a depth of 200m or lower in a Diamond Mine game.

    How to unlock Diamond Miner

    In Diamond Mine you need to match gems that are against the ground to destroy it and unlock gold etc. Be aware that horizontal matches will destroy 3 or more spaces on the ground while vertical matches only destroy one. Focus on horizontal matches.

    In order to reach 200m you need to essentially get to level 10 of Diamond Mine. There is a line on the grid and you need to destroy all of the rock below that line to progress the level and get additional time. Each time you destroy all of the rock below the line you’ll dig 20m more down.

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  • Hard but addicted to it!!! Hint:don't look at timer just keep on blowing up gems!
  • ive had one block to blow up like 5 times in a row and run out of time.. WTH??
  • Good hint... still hard lol!! But very addictive hahahaha

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