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Fulfill your apian fantasies with Bee Simulator!  Bee-come Beescuit, one bee of a colony settled in a tree in the middle of a zoo.  When the colony's hive is endangered by humans, it's up to Beescuit to balance finding her colony a new home with her day to day activities.

Currently the only way to obtain this platinum is to play on version 1.00 at least until you've unlocked Lord Of The Flies trophy_bronze.png but I recommend playing the whole thing on 1.00, meaning either reverting a digital copy or playing an unpatched disc copy.  Definitely read up on Gotta Catch 'Em All trophy_bronze.png before starting.

Tips and Tricks:

Turn down the sensitivity!  The default controller sensitivity is, I found, still far too sensitive. If you turn it down a few notches, you'll find you'll have an easier time with the races.

The game tracks trophy progress!  Periodically you will see indicators on the right side of the screen when you've hit a numerical milestone, but you can see this and more at any time by going to the pause menu, then accessing Extras - Archive - Feats, and you'll be able to see what you've unlocked, what you haven't, and exactly how many of what you still have left to do.

Fast travel is also accessed by the pause menu.  The game never actually tells you this.  Use it.

Trophy progress carries over between save slots.  You will be using this to your advantage with Gotta Catch 'Em All trophy_bronze.png, and can use it for the challenges as well.

Not all of the challenges and side-quests spawn at once.  This is especially important to remember for the challenges.  If you can't find any, fast travel to areas you've already cleared; you'll likely find something new.  There's also a challenge workaround; see I Won't Do This? trophy_gold.png for more information on that.


Step 1: Play through the story mode, specifically on Save Slot 1, collecting and delivering pollen when you can, unlocking the two missable trophies on the way

Simply play through the story.  Keep in mind that the chapter names will be given once you've cleared the chapters, not once you start them!  Make sure you unlock the two missable trophies - one beginning in Chapter 3: Winter is Coming (you have until the end of Chapter 6 to unlock it), and one in a very short window of time at the very beginning of Chapter 7: Exodus (watch for the scene where the hive is shaking; that's the end of Chapter 6).  If you don't unlock those two trophies, you'll need to start a new game.

The most important thing to remember for your playthrough: Don't purchase any statues. You will be required to purchase one during the story; after that, don't purchase any. To get Gotta Catch 'Em All trophy_bronze.png without potentially causing issues with other trophies, you'll want to make it your final trophy before the platinum.  So you'll be saving statue purchasing until you're completely finished with your save slot.

Collect and deliver pollen between story missions to lessen the grind post-game.  I recommend saving challenges and side-quests for post-game, but it won't hurt your progress if you do them during the story mode.

By the end of this step, you will have earned (in order):

Changing Point Of View trophy_bronze.png 
Hyperdrive trophy_bronze.png 
To Bee Or Not To Bee trophy_bronze.png 
Bee To The Rescue trophy_bronze.png 

Early Access trophy_bronze.png 
Hello Friend trophy_bronze.png 
Great Hunger trophy_bronze.png (MISSABLE)
You Shall Not Pass! trophy_bronze.png 
Expert Collector trophy_bronze.png 
Rebeelious trophy_silver.png 
Access Granted trophy_silver.png 
Bee Hero trophy_silver.png 
Flight Of The Intruder trophy_silver.png 
It's A Zoo Out There trophy_bronze.png (MISSABLE)
Roof Over Your Head trophy_silver.png 
The Exodus trophy_gold.png 

Step 2:
Side-quests, Miscellaneous Trophies, and Pollen Collection.

Now is the time to do whatever side-quests you didn't do during your story playthrough.  Side-quests are marked by white pillars of light.  Also use this time to unlock all of the random miscellaneous trophies.  Finally, finish your pollen collection.  It may seem early to grind that trophy out now, but due to the way the save file trick works, you don't want to mess up the pollen tracker, so get it out of the way now.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Lord Of The Flies trophy_bronze.png
Chicco In Trouble trophy_bronze.png 

Foster Family trophy_bronze.png 
It Came From Beneath trophy_bronze.png 
Interspecies Relations trophy_bronze.png 
Spider's Lair trophy_bronze.png
The Great Crossing trophy_bronze.png 
Dodge The Tongue trophy_bronze.png 
Hackerman trophy_bronze.png
O-Bee-Wan trophy_bronze.png 

Bee-zilla trophy_bronze.png 
Unbearable trophy_bronze.png 
Deluminator trophy_bronze.png 
Active Bee trophy_bronze.png 
Bee Of The Ring trophy_bronze.png 
Enigma trophy_bronze.png 
Easter Egg trophy_bronze.png 
The Sweet Stuff trophy_bronze.png 
Bee-J trophy_bronze.png 
Close Examination trophy_bronze.png 
Escape Artist trophy_bronze.png 
Basketcase trophy_bronze.png 
Little Bees trophy_silver.png 
To Infinity And Beyond trophy_bronze.png 
Your Honor trophy_bronze.png 
The New Me trophy_bronze.png 

Flower Power trophy_bronze.png 
Ready To Retire trophy_silver.png 

Step 3: Challenges

Now is the time to tackle the challenges.  Thankfully the challenge counters are pretty solid; if any are going to glitch on you, it will be the bully challenges, so get those done first.  I do recommend backing up your save prior to starting the challenges, so you have a clean save to go back to in case something happens.

There's an interesting counter glitch that you can use to your benefit near the end; see I Won't Do This? trophy_gold.png  for more information on that.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Bully-free Zone trophy_bronze.png 
Fast Bee trophy_silver.png 
Furious Bee trophy_silver.png 
Dance Revolution trophy_silver.png 
I Won't Do This? trophy_gold.png 

Step 4: Animal Statues

Gotta Catch 'Em All trophy_bronze.pngshould be the final trophy you need for the platinum. See that trophy for a step-by-step guide for how to unlock it, as, unless you're very lucky, at least one of the animals you need for it will fail to register for you.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Gotta Catch 'Em All trophy_bronze.png
Real Achiever trophy_platinum.png 

Bee Simulator Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 10  38  19  )

  • Collect ALL the other trophies!

    Congratulations!  Bee proud of your accomplishment!
  • Find all the little bees in the park

    There are 10 little bees scattered throughout all of the game's zones.  They won't show up on your compass until you're pretty close to them and they'll have honeycombs around them. On the compass they'll show up as bee heads.

    There are four bees in the zoo, one in the picnic area, one in the new hive area, two in the amusement park, and two in the boathouse.

    Follow this video by MLGMakun to collect them all.  He does jump around for no real reason, but he gets the job done.
  • Finish the tutorial

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    As stated in the description, you will unlock this trophy once you've finished the game's tutorial.
  • Complete the main story

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this upon re-entering the game after the game's ending credits.
  • Report to the Queen about animals.

    MISSABLE - You only have a very short window of time to unlock this trophy.

    At the very beginning of Chapter 7: Exodus (the on-screen prompt will read "Our New Place: Get to the library"), go to the queen bee's area.  There will be the Force Recon Bee side-quest.  For this side-quest, you will need to fly around the zoo and evaluate whether animals are dangerous to bees or not.  Bears and salamanders are dangerous to bees; everything else you're required to evaluate is not.  Once you've evaluated all of the animals, return to the queen to report and unlock this trophy.
  • Feed the little bees


    This trophy cannot be done until you've cleared Chapter 2: Lady Flower, and must be unlocked before completing Chapter 6: Intruder.

    In the zoo tree beehive (your starting beehive), fly into the opening left of the trophy room and then right at the intersection to find the nursery. Here you'll find an easy minigame where you'll need to feed the little bees - match blue with blue bees and green with green bees. You can't fail the minigame. Just keep at it until you've fed 50 bees in total - you'll need to play the minigame several times.
  • Find a guardian for the little squirrel

    In the zoo enclosure with the deer (the same enclosure where the tree hive is) is the Foster Family side-quest.  To complete it, you will need to talk to five or six squirrels - they will all be located in the same deer enclosure.
  • Uncover Anna's web of conspiracy

    Post-game, start outside of the new hive. Turn left and follow the restaurant tables until you hit the fence. Go through the fence and onto the street and turn right. By some benches just in front of you will be the Queen Anne side-quest.  Complete it to unlock this trophy.
  • Collect pollen from the giant water lily

    Post-game, start outside of the new hive. Turn left and follow the restaurant tables until you hit the fence. Go through the fence and cross the street and the water. Here you will find the Frog Gauntlet side-quest. Complete it to unlock this trophy.
  • Help the ants across the water

    Post-game, start outside of the new hive.  Turn left and follow the restaurant tables until you hit the fence. Go through the fence and cross the street, but do not cross the water. At the edge of the water is the Across the Big Water side-quest. Complete it to unlock this trophy.
  • Defeat the fly gang leader

    GLITCHED by 1.01 and 1.02! can only be unlocked on 1.00!

    Once you've finished Chapter 2: Lady Flower, the side-quest The Big Stink will appear outside of the zoo's Tropic Zone.  You'll need to race against a fly; once you've caught the fly, the side-quest will end and you'll unlock this trophy.

    On patches 1.01 and 1.02, this side-quest never actually spawns; thus, you'll either need to have a downgraded digital version of the game or play an unpatched disc copy.
  • Find the wise-bee's flower

    Post-game, fast travel to the picnic area.  Fly straight forward until you hit the road (you should also be in front of a silver tower).  Just to the left is some sort of cafe, and near it by a rock will be the Bee of Wisdom side-quest.  There's three parts to this side-quest, but thankfully the markers all spawn in the same area; you don't have to chase this quest around the map.  Complete the side-quest to unlock this trophy.
  • Take control of the drone

    Post-game, fast travel to the amusement park. Once there, turn around and fly up to the top level of the eating area, near the donut cart, where you will find the Electric Bee side-quest.  You'll need to collect legendary pollen with the drone - you want to look for purple orbs. Search in the grassy area just over the fence from where this side-quest takes place (put the donut shop on your right to make sure you're going the right way).  There's two in this area, which will respawn after about a minute and then you can collect them again. Complete the side-quest for this trophy.
  • Drive the mole away

    I don't know how early this subquest spawns; I came across it during the nighttime portion of Chapter 5: Intruder.

    Find the concert stage (look for a blinking blue sign that says "MUSIC").  Nearby is a tree with this subquest in front of it.  If you're facing the actual MUSIC sign, the Creature From Beneath the Earth quest will be just to the left.  Alternately, warp to the amusement park and fly directly through the ferris wheel and you'll be on a straight track to the area with the subquest and the concert stage (The hills teleport point is closer, but you likely won't have it by the time this side-quest first spawns).

    This quest can be a bit buggy.  If, when you enter the orchid bee's hive, the quest marker telling you to go deeper into the hive doesn't appear, close out of the game and try again. Otherwise, you'll just fly into the area with the mole and the quest will not continue.

    You need to sting the mole several times.  You'll know you've made contact because stars will appear on the mole.  Just fly around stinging the mole until the side-quest ends and you get this trophy.
  • Dance with a bee from another species

    Post-game, a side-quest called The Bee Bully will spawn. From the new hive, turn right and you should see the marker in the road.  Play through this side-quest and you will unlock the trophy.  It's nothing difficult - you first need to fight the carpenter bee, then dance for it.
  • Collect pollen from 1000 flowers

    See Ready To Retire trophy_silver.png for more information.
  • Complete all the chase challenges

    There are six chase challenges scattered around the map.  The compass symbol is a flag, and they are indicated on the map by a blue pillar of light.  These work just like the chases you did during story mode.

    You can easily check how many you've completed under Extras - Statistics.  This counts towards I Won't Do This? trophy_gold.png
  • Complete all the dance challenges

    There are 17 dance challenges scattered around the map.  The compass symbol is two bees facing each other, and they are indicated on the map by a purple pillar of light.  To pass each challenge, you will need to dance with the bee, and then find a super flower (blue pillar of light; also shows up on the compass), usually in the immediate area. and collect it.

    You can easily check how many you've completed under Extras - Statistics.  This counts towards I Won't Do This? trophy_gold.png
  • Complete all the fight challenges

    There are 21 fight challenges scattered around the map.  The compass symbol is the back end of a bee (I think), and they are indicated on the map by a pink pillar of light.  To pass each challenge, you will need to fight and defeat your opponent, just like during the main story.

    You can easily check how many you've completed under Extras - Statistics.  This counts towards I Won't Do This? trophy_gold.png
  • Interact 50 times with the environment

    There are two easy ways to do this, though I'm sure there are others.  The quickest and easiest is to just keep turning street lamps off and on (Deluminator trophy_bronze.png).  Another easy way is to just pop balloons.  You already need to do twenty for Bee-zilla trophy_bronze.png.
  • Destroy 20 balloons

    Scattered throughout the map are plenty of balloons.  Fly towards them and press triangle.png when you're close to (but not standing on) them to pop them. Do this to any 20 balloons.
  • Sting the bear

    The bear is located in the zoo enclosure immediately to the left of the Tropic Zone if you're facing the entrance.  Fly up to (but not on) it and sting it with triangle.png.
  • Activate Beetro Mode

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this as part of the tutorial.
  • Use bee vision

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this as part of the tutorial.
  • Unlock new bee skin

    From the pause menu, select Extras - Wardrobe and you'll find several new bee skins you can buy with knowledge points.  Once you've unlocked and equipped a new skin, you'll earn this trophy. You do get a few bee skins for free with various side-quests but those don't count. You must purchase a skin and equip it for this trophy.
  • Unlock a 3D animal

    Any animal that does not have a trophy associated with Gotta Catch 'Em All trophy_bronze.png will have a 3D model to view instead.  Once you've registered an animal in your glossary (pause - Extras - Glossary), choose an animal and press L1 to unlock its 3D model in exchange for knowledge points. 

    If you're trying to save on knowledge points, unlock something you found at the petting zoo - chickens, sheep, pig, etc.  They all cost between 50-100 knowledge points.
  • Complete all the spider web challenges

    There are nineteen perfect spider webs scattered throughout the map.  When you fly into them, you'll have to play a minigame to escape from them by pressing triangle.png when the indicator turns green. 

    This is best farmed on two spiderwebs near the tree hive instead of finding all nineteen individual webs - but do them all in one sitting, or risk them disappearing!  There's one in the petting zoo cow area under the roof of the long brown building, and one attached to some wooden boards in the top left corner (assuming you're facing away from the hive entrance) of the deer enclosure where the tree hive is - if you haven't already cleared it, there's a pink fight challenge marker just behind it, to help you navigate.  Once you've hit both of those webs, enter the hive and exit it to reset the webs.  Repeat until you've unlocked the trophy.

    If you need a visual guide for these two webs, see Cheevo Guide's video: LINK
  • Complete the Bully challenge 3 times

    Warning: There have been reports of the counter for these three challenges glitching.  I didn't have an issue with it, but be warned.  I highly suggest you back up your save before attempting these, then do them all in one sitting, one after the other.  If all else fails, you can clean up the bugged ones via the method given in I Won't Do This? trophy_gold.png (though this has not been verified), or by clearing the challenges in a new game in a different save file.

    While you will be taught about bully challenges during Chapter 4: Funny Farm, they won't spawn until post-game. They are indicated by a fist on the compass and an orange light pillar.  Their locations are as follows:

    - Behind the butterfly house (from the new hive, keep the building on your right and fly until you reach a T-intersection in the road, then turn left and follow the road up to the butterfly house).
    - Fast travel to the amusement park.  Turn around and fly forward to the picnic tables.  Turn left and follow the path out of the amusement park to the road.  Once at the road, turn right and follow it and you should see the marker pop up on the compass by the time the road turns to the right - the marker is behind a double bench
    - Fast travel to the picnic area.  Fly straight forward until you hit the road (you should also be in front of a silver tower).  Just to the left is some sort of cafe, where you'll find the third marker.

    Complete all three of these challenges to unlock this trophy.  This counts towards I Won't Do This? trophy_gold.png
  • Unlock the Trophy Room

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this within the first two chapters of the game.
  • Fly a total of 10 kilometres

    You will get this naturally while going for the other trophies; don't worry about this.
  • Complete all challenges

    This will unlock after you unlock Fast Bee trophy_silver.png, Dance Revolution trophy_silver.png, Furious Bee trophy_silver.png, Bully-free Zone trophy_bronze.png, as well as completing the 18 pollen collection challenges (green light pillar).

    Not all challenges spawn at once.  If you're flying around looking for challenges, fast travel to an area you've already cleared and more likely than not you'll find a challenge nearby.

    There's an interesting bug that you can use to your benefit near the end, at least on version 1.00.  When you close out of the game, everything you've already cleared respawns. Once you do a challenge you've already done, everything you'd previously cleared disappears from the map again but your counter still goes up by one. I used this bug to clean up the last few dance challenges. The best place to utilize this bug is the tree hive, as all of the side-quests (except Bully) are clumped close together here so do whatever quest you need and then fast travel to a new area, quit to the main menu and load back into the game If you load directly back into the tree hive area, the challenges won't show up, so fast travel out and back in and they should appear once you move.
  • Feast on human food 30 times

    Scattered around the map are things like lollipops and cupcakes; landing on them will refill your Beetro meter.  Since your Beetro meter allows you to move much quicker, you'll be using it quite a bit; hence, you'll be refilling it as much as you can. This will come fairly early on.

Secret trophies

  • Bring the bee home

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this trophy during Chapter 1: We Are Family.
  • Unlock an animal statue

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    During one of the first two chapters, you will be instructed to buy a bee statue from the hive's trophy room; you'll unlock this trophy once you do.

    This is your first step towards Gotta Catch Em All trophy_bronze.png.
  • Gather pollen for the winter

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this at the end of Chapter 3: Winter is Coming.
  • Get in trouble

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this at the end of the (very short) Chapter 4: Funny Farm.
  • Be a bee hero

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this at the end of Chapter 5: Bee Hero, after rescuing the three bees from the cave area.
  • Discover what a drone does

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    At the beginning of Chapter 6: Intruder, you will need to chase a drone a few times.  After doing so, you will see a cutscene with the drone's operator and unlock this trophy.
  • Find the new hive

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    During Chapter 7: Exodus, you will conduct reconaissance at the boat house.  Eventually you will find the perfect spot and have to fight some bees for claiming rights.  After you defeat the bees, you will unlock this trophy.
  • Help the mother squirrel

    In the zoo enclosure with the deer (the same enclosure where the tree hive is) is the Lisa's Educational Duties side-quest. To complete it, you will need to gather nuts one at a time (blue orbs) and deliver them back to Lisa the squirrel. You'll need to do this several times before the quest is complete and you'll unlock the trophy. The nuts are located in the deer enclosure and the enclosure next to it.
  • Collect pollen from 3000 flowers

    This is a grindy trophy.

    Every flower you fly through with an orange circle over it will give you pollen.  Once you've hit around 50 flowers, you'll need to drop the pollen off at the hive before you can collect more.  In the tree hive, it's a massive honeycomb just to the left once you've entered the hive.  In the new hive, it's one of the honeycombs hanging from the ceiling.  If you take some time to do a few rounds of pollen collecting during each story mission, you'll have less of a grind during free roam.

    Like all the other trophies, you can check this in the Feats menu, but it's quicker to check this one under the Statistics menu.
  • Switch the light in the street lamp

    Fly up to any streetlight and hover close to the base of where the bulb is, and sting with triangle.png.  If you're at the right location, you'll turn the light on and unlock this trophy.  Keep repeating this and you'll eventually unlock Active Bee trophy_bronze.png as well.
  • Change music in a boombox

    In the picnic area, on the road that leads directly into the zoo, you'll find a group of people dancing next to a boombox.  Simply fly up to the boombox and sting its buttons. There's also a boombox in the picnic table area behind the boathouse. There's also a little bee needed for Little Bees trophy_silver.png in front of a boombox in a different part of the boathouse area, so you could always do this trophy when you collect the bee.
  • Find a hidden message

    In the zoo, fly to where the two sea lions are (across frome the Tropic Zone).  Fly up to the sea lions and just behind them you should see a wedding ring.  Sting the wedding ring to light up a message on it and unlock this trophy.

    If you're curious, the message reads "sur la tekkomputiloeniru la pasvorton poikol" which roughly translates to "on laptop, password poikol" so see Enigma trophy_bronze.png.
  • Enter found password on the computer

    You may need to unlock Bee Of The Ring trophy_bronze.png first before going for this; I didn't try to enter the password without finding it first.

    The laptop is located in the small picnic table area next to the tree hive.  Sting the spacebar to turn on the screen, then land on the touchpad.  Use the d-pad up/down to select a letter, and d-pad left/right to move to the next letter.  Enter the password "POIKOL", then press cross.png to enter the password and unlock the trophy.
  • Find the lawsuit notice

    Fast travel to the amusement park area.  Once there, turn around and fly past all the tables on the left to land on one with a closed red umbrella.  On the table is the lawsuit from Bee Movie.  Sting it with triangle.png and you'll unlock this trophy.  You need to get quite close to the lawsuit without actually landing on it; the bee's stinger will actually go through the paper when you've successfully stung it.

    While the trophy isn't glitched, I did encounter a weird bug where this didn't register in the feats menu, so make sure it's registered.  If it hasn't, close out of the game and do it again.
  • Find the Easter egg

    In the zoo, fly to the farm/petting zoo area (look for small red barn buildings) and find the chicken enclosure.  Fly into the chicken coop (one of the challenges is here) and fly up to the second level.  You will see some eggs, of which one is green.  Sting the green egg and you'll unlock this trophy.
  • Unlock all animal statues


    Animal statues are located in the hive's trophy room (in the new hive, it's tucked away in a back corner).  There are eleven in total.  You will unlock one as part of the main story (Western Honeybee), and must unlock the other ten yourself.  You can unlock statues with knowledge points, gained by doing side-quests, collecting and delivering pollen, etc, but you will also need to unlock the ability to unlock the statues, by finding and registering a wild version of the animal statue.  Generally speaking, you just need to get close to the animals to unlock them, but if that doesn't work, land near it and center it in your screen and stop moving and it should unlock then.

    There are ten specific animals to find.  I've listed the page number it occupies in the in-game glossary so you can flip through it to see if you registered it without noticing (or you can check the pillars in the hive trophy room), as well as the knowledge points needed to unlock the actual trophy:

    Ant (15/450) - boathouse area; should register with The Great Crossing trophy_bronze.png.  There is also an anthill near where the side-quest for The Great Crossing was that you can try.  Double-check the trophy room before you worry about this one being glitched; I never saw the register indicator pop, but when I went into the trophy room in the new hive, it was available to buy and was visible in the glossary, so the indicator might not show up for this one.

    Brintesia (5/400) (black and white butterfly) - from the new hive location, turn right, keep the building on your right, and stop at a T-intersection in the road (if you haven't cleared it, you should see a log and a green challenge marker here). At the intersection, turn left and follow the road and you'll reach the butterfly house.  There's a few resting here - check the rails and benches. I got one on a rail to register but not one from a bench.

    Common Wasp (10/350) - amusement park; should register with the story, but the nest is located next to the cow in the big red barn.  I actually had this registered prior to the fight with the wasps, so they're likely flying around somewhere.

    Edible Frog (20/???) - zoo; in Tropic Zone.  Find the lilypad with two frogs on it and land; I think it's the brown frog, as the green frogs can be found elsewhere and they don't register for this.  If you have trouble getting any of the animals to register, it'll be this one.

    Grasshopper (8/450) - in enclosure with tree hive; VIDEO

    Housefly (9/350) - zoo; should register with Lord Of The Flies trophy_bronze.pngOtherwise, check around trashcans.  Swarms of flies also serve as obstacles in some races; these may also register.

    Migrant Hawker (7/500) (dragonfly) - zoo; Tropic Zone.  Often hovers above where the frogs hang out.  There's also one near the boathouse beehive.

    Roman Snail (13/400) - in the orchid bee's hive; this is the area where It Came From Beneath trophy_bronze.png takes place.

    Stag Beetle (11/250) - in enclosure with tree hive; VIDEO.  The two fighting stag beetles will not unlock this; it needs to be the lone one.  There's also some in the same area as the roman snail, but I don't know if they count as I had already registered the stag beetle by the time I got to the snail.

    Yellow Garden Spider (14/350) - fast travel to the tree hive.  Fly across the whole enclosure until you hit the fence and can see the pigs.  Once there, turn left and start flying, keeping the fence on your right.  Soon you should see a road bridge going over a lower part of the road.  Fly to that bridge and look between the posts - between two of them is a spiderweb with this spider in it.  The placing is random, as I checked in two different games and it spawned on different sides of the bridge both times.  There's also one in a hollow log next to the new hive, but that one doesn't seem to register.

    Unless you're very, very lucky, you will only end up with 9/10 of the required animals registered, and thus can only purchase 10/11 statues.  However, there is a workaround!  First, unlock every other trophy on the list - because we're doing this on a new save, anything we do in this game will screw with the counters in the previous game, and you don't want to potentially mess something up in that save, so don't jump between saves.  Then, unlock every statue you have access to (do this in the trophy room, and not through the glossary), and make sure the game saves.  Then start a new game in save slot 2 and play through until you are required to purchase the bee statue in the trophy room at the end of Chapter 2.  This should unlock the trophy.  If it doesn't or if you are still missing a few statues from save slot 1 - go and register these animals again and buy their statues and it will unlock then.
  • Get all the pollen from the flower lady 15 times

    There are a few flower ladies walking around - one is in the zoo courtyard, one is in the amusement park in the food area, one is by the boathouse, and one is walking around the hills area.

    The easiest way to unlock this is to warp to the amusment park and then immediately turn around. You should see the flower lady waking by you - she's in a white shirt, red belt and green skirt. Once you've gathered both pollens from her, just keep following her and after about a minute you should be able to collect pollen from her again.  If not, fast travel to the amusement park again to reset her, and continue until you've unlocked this.
  • Unlock the Cave

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock this after speaking with the bee at the beginning of Chapter 5: Bee Hero.
  • Defeat Harry the Hornet in single combat

    Story-related and cannot be missed (I think).

    At the end of Chapter 3: Winter is Coming, Harry the Hornet will invade the tree hive and you'll need to fight him off.  Successfully do so and you'll unlock this trophy.

    I'm fairly certain you'll unlock this no matter what but given the cutscene directly after the battle, where Harry is swarmed by a bunch of bees and is defeated, this trophy may only unlock if you yourself actually beat him, rather than you failing the fight and (presumably) the cutscene playing anyway. Just in case, if you're close to dying in the battle, close the game to restart it and try again.

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