Estimated difficulty: 6.2/10
Offline trophies: 51 (38 10 2 1)
Online trophies: 0
Estimated time to platinum: 20-25 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: None.
Do cheats disable trophies?: No
Does Difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, Collectibles and Portals are only available on Normal or higher.

This Roadmap is the result of my search for an easier/faster way to platinum the game. All of the information was find here, I just compiled them all in one place.

Platinum Guide by Labartu
Half a Million Halos in Five Minutes by TurboSquirrel
How to Get the Climax Bracelet by Labartu

The Roadmap:

Finish the Game on Normal while trying to get all the Witch Hearts, Moon Pearls, Chests, Notes and the LPs. In the Guide there are links to excellent collectibles guides. Check them out.

Don't worry about doing the Portals right now.

If you have the Halos, try to buy all the Witch Hearts you can for 30k each (they increase your Maximum Health instantaneously, so you don't have to buy 4 of them for one increment).

Also try to buy the Selene's Light and the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa acessories. They'll make combat easier.

Don't worry about any other acessory. You won't need many of the Techniques, so you don't need to worry about them either.

Don't forget that the Test for the Bat Within technique is a great way to get the trophies for combat, so it's important you don't buy it until you have all the combat trophies.


After you have finished the game on Normal, it's time to farm for the 5 million Halos in order to buy the Climax Bracelet. The Climax Bracelet makes all of Bayonetta's attacks become Wicked Weave Attacks, causing much more damage.


Part 1:

You must have equipped:
- Electric Durga (do a circle motion on the left stick and press punch to alternate between Electric and Fire)
- Gaze of Despair (if you don't have it yet, you'll get money to buy it soon enough)
- Selene's Light (optional, but it helps)
- Odette (skates, optional)

Go to Chapter 7.

Fight against the Boss there and try to keep your combo for as long as you can. You may want to play on Hard, since the Boss will has more energy and you get a bigger combo.

You'll get something between 400k and 800k Halos (less without Gaze of Despair) on each try in a few minutes.

You must do this until you have 5M Halos.

Part 2:

After Verse 3 on Chapter 2, there will be 3 payphones on the square. The one near the squre is used for guns, the one on the right for accessories and the last one on the other side of the square is for characters. Stand near the phone and enter these on your controller:

Bangle of Time (Accessory) (3 Million Halos)

Bazillions (Weapon) (1 Million Halos)

Climax Bracelet (Accessory) (5 Million Halos)

Eternal Testimony (Accessory) (2 Million Halos)

Jeanne (Character) (1 Million Halos)

Little Zero (Character) (5 Million Halos)

Pillow Talk (Weapon) (1 Million Halos)

Rodin (Weapon) (3 Million Halos)

You'll hear a sound indicating that it worked and your Halos will be debited.

Now you can go to the Portal on Chapter 3 to farm for A LOT OF Halos with the Climax Bracelet, Electric Durga and Gaze of Despair.

Part 3:

At the start of Chapter 3 you'll find a Portal underneath the garbage can. Go to the Portal and just ignore the Challenge (stay in the air for a set amount of time). Focus on killing the maximum number of angels while keeping a combo. When the time is about to run out you can stay in the air to have a few more seconds on the Portal.

On my first attempt I got something like 8M Halos! Now just repeat this until you have around 20M Halos. That should be more than enough to buy EVERYTHING in the game, including ALL the extras on the phones.

Now you have all the best weapons and accessories in the game. You just need to find the best combination for you.

I went with:

Hard: Selene's Light + Climax Bracelet
Infinity: Dark Rosary + Climax Bracelet

Set A: Pillow Talk (lightsaber) + Odette (skates, for fast movement)
Set B: Electric Durga + Kilgore

The Killgore (RPG) combined with the Climax Bracelet makes you "shoot" Weave Attacks, killing regular enemies with one hit.

The Pillow Talk combined with the Climax Bracelet is a great weapon for most of the Bosses.

Now you can do all the Portals easily, especially those that require you to do Weave Attacks. You can use Rodin's Weapons (golden rings) for the Portals that need "Angel Arms", so you don't have to pick them on the ground.


With those weapons and accessories I stormed through Hard and Infinity Climax in about 2 hours each!

Enjoy your platinum!

[PST Would Like to Thank atirador for this Road Map]

Bayonetta Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
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51 trophies ( 10  38  15  )

  • Acquire All Trophies

    Congratulations, you've acquired the Bayonetta Platinum Trophy.

  • Complete all Chapters on any difficulty.

    Unlocks once you've beaten all Chapters on any difficulty - it's stackable with the trophy for beating normal, though. So just beat the Game on normal the first time.

  • Complete Chapters 1 through 4 on Normal difficulty.

    See "Umbra Witch"

  • Complete Chapters 5 through 7 on Normal difficulty.

    See "Umbra Witch"

  • Complete Chapters 8 through 11 on Normal difficulty.

    See "Umbra Witch"

  • Complete all Chapters on Normal difficulty.

    Hard isn't availabe from start, so you have to beat the game on Normal first, once you've beaten Normal, you can play Hard Mode. All of these trophies will unlock once you've beaten the required Chapters that are stated in the Trophy titles. It's easy to notice when such a trophy will pop as the last chapter always is a bossfight. It is recommended that you collect everything on this playthrough as you keep it for the next play-throughs.

  • Complete Chapters 1 through 4 on Hard difficulty.

    See "Umbra Elder"

  • Complete Chapters 5 through 7 on Hard difficulty.

    See "Umbra Elder"

  • Complete Chapters 8 through 11 on Hard difficulty.

    See "Umbra Elder"

  • Complete all Chapters on Hard difficulty.

    After you've beaten Normal Mode Hard Mode will unlock - It's important to know that you keep everything you've collected during your normal playthrough so it is recommended you get all the collectibles and alfheim portals done on your normal playthrough as it will make your Hard playthrough much easier. Once you've beaten hard mode you will unlock Infinite Climax Mode.

  • Execute a Torture Attack.

    See "Feels Good, Doesn't It?"

  • Execute 50 Torture Attacks.

    Torture Attacks are executed by pressing + once your Magic Meter filled up high enough. If you've filled it enough get close to an Angel and press the above mentioned buttons and Bayonetta will execute a Torture Attack. During a TA you have to press a certain button in rapid succession to increase damage. Repeat 50 times, the trophy is cumulative so you don't have to do it during one chapter.

  • Engage Witch Time successfully 10 times.

    See "Nice Try"

  • Engage Witch Time successfully 10 times consecutively.

    Witch Time is engaged if you dodge in the last possible moment. Once it is engaged time is slowed and you can deal huge amounts of damage to your enemies. Just engage Witch Time 10 times without getting hit. The easiest way to do this is by using the statues which throw lightning at you so that you can activate Witch Time 10 successfully in a row.

    Note: Dodging without engaging Witch Time doesn't reset the counter, just getting hit does. So if you want to do it in combat, don't worry, as long as you're not getting hit you're fine.

  • Earn 10 Platinum Medals. Must be earned in 10 different battles.

    After every Verse (most of them end if you finish a fight) you'll be rewarded a Verse Medal. You have to get 10 Platinum Medals for the Trophy to unlock. Platinum Medals are only the second highest level of Medal, so you should get it by just playing through the game for the first time. Anyway, the key to earn a Platinum Medal is to suffer nearly no damage and achieving a high combo while finishing the fight quickly. Pure Platinum Medals count towards the Trophy as well.

  • Create 20 Concoctions.

    Creating Concotions just means to create Items with the ingredients you can find by destroying objects in each Chapter. To create an Item press and enter the Item Menu, choose the right side and see the recipes on the left side. To add ingredients press and hold , after you've added enough to create the item, rotate the right analog stick. Repeat 20 Times.

  • Kill an enemy by jumping on top of them.

    To get this, just jump towards an enemy and press again when you're close to him to use him to jump higher. Just like with Walljumps. If the enemy dies from this, the trophy unlocks. So just repeat it until the enemy dies. You can weaken Enemies by using normal attacks first to make them die quicker, though.

  • Avert 10 enemy attacks with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equipped.

    You have to buy the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa for 200.000 Halos in the Gates of Hell. Once you've equipped it you'll be enabled to avert attacks by pushing the left analog stick towards the attacking angel. Repeat 10 Times.

  • Counter 10 enemy attacks with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equipped.

    See "Touch And It Will REALLY Hurt"

  • Counter three enemy attacks consecutively with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equipped.

    Countering Attacks is a bit harder than averting them as the time-frame you have to counter is pretty short. Maybe you noticed the rose that appears when you get hit, shortly before or the exact moment it appears you have to push the left analog stick towards the attacking enemy. Bayonetta will then engage Witch Time and start a Counter Attack. You have to counter three attacks without getting hit or averting them.

  • Taunt and defeat five plus angered enemies while taking no damage. Gaze of Despair may be equipped.

    You can taunt enemies by locking on to them and pressing then. They will scream and turn red as an indication that the taunt was successful. Taunted Enemies will gain strenght and attack speed, so be careful. You have to defeat five taunted Enemies without getting hit. Once you get hit, you have to restart from 0. You can buy "Gaze of Despair" to make it easier as it taunts every Angel around you automatically.

  • Execute a Wicked Weave attack while using Dodge Offset.

    See "Wicked Weave Master"

  • Execute 20 Wicked Weave attacks while using Dodge Offset.

    Just use Dodge Offset and finish it with a Wicked Weave attack. I recommend you trigger Dodge offset by pressing (and holding) while doing that, press and finish the combo with -> . To see if you did it right - Bayonetta keeps shooting while dodging when you used Dodge Offset. After she did dodge, you'll finish the Combo like mentioned above. You don't have to be in battle for this, so just spam it 20 times wherever you want.

  • Kill 20 enemies using only Iai-Jutsu with Shuraba. (Iai-Jutsu performed by holding △ button.)

    Equip Shuraba(Sword) and engage Witch Time. Immediately hold until Bayonetta charged Iai-Jutsu twice and release it once some angels are near you to kill them instantly. Bigger Angels require a beating beforehand. You don't need to engage Witch Time, but it makes charging Iai-Jutsu twice easier.

  • While never setting foot on the ground, grab enemies 10 times using Kulshedra.

    After you've obtained Kulshedra (whip) and have equiped it, jump while enemies are around you and hold . This will pull the enemy towards you so that you can use him to jump higher. After you've jumped again, hold again and repeat the process 10 times without touching the ground.

  • Purchase three new techniques.

    See "Commander Of Magic"

  • Purchase all techniques.

    Enter the Gates of Hell, choose Techniques and purchase all of them. Their price ranges from 15.000 to 30.000 Halos. If you concentrate on buying only techniques first you'll get this before you even finished half of your first play-through.

  • Obtain three complete Angelic Hymn Gold LPs.

    See "Record Fanatic"

  • Discover half of all the Umbra Witches' final resting places.

    See "Treasure Fanatic"

  • Discover all of the Umbra Witches' final resting places.

    For a good written Collectibles Guide from Hayabusa66, a member of our sister site, take a look here:

    Collectible Guide Part 1 Chapter 1 to 5 -

    Remember: If you miss one, you can just use Chapter Select to go back and get it.

  • Discover all Alfheim portals.

    See "Angel Slayer"

  • Complete half of all Alfheim portals.

    See "Angel Slayer"

  • Complete all Alfheim portals.

    For Strategies how to beat them, or the Locations of the Alfheim portals, take a look at this thread:

  • Collect all of Antonio's notes.

    Actually, those "notes" look like books with a purple glow, and most of them are in plain sight or near a Final Umbra Witches Resting Place (Chests), so it's unlikely to miss one. If you still missed one of the notes, take a look at this great guide written by cra. It's at the end of the post here:

  • Destroy all the tentacles that drop down together during a single sequence in Chapter 9.

    Near the middle of Chapter 9, you'll have to drop into a magic ring that propels you forward into a long tunnel full of tentacles. You have to destroy all of them in one single drop to get the trophy. To make it easier just keep shooting your gun (hold ) to slow your fall. Now destroy the tentacles by either dropping through their red core or shooting the core with your gun once your close enough.

  • Earn Platinum Medals during Verse 1 and Verse 2 of Chapter 14.

    Best be done on the lowest difficulty setting as enemies don't shoot as often there as on Normal or higher. The Key is to only get hit 2-3 Times per Verse to get the desired Medal. If you're still having trouble, feel free to use the Yellow Lollipops, as they grant you invincibility for a set amount of time depending on the one you used. Also note that you can shoot large missiles at the opponent for every circle on your magic gauge which will be very useful against the bosses.


Secret trophies

  • Complete the Vestibule.

    Just beat the very first Chapter (Prologue) and the Trophy is yours.

  • Defeat Fortitudo on any difficulty.

    Boss Battle in Chapter 4. Thanks to MasterLL for recording some nice videos of the Bossfights


  • Defeat Temperantia on any difficulty.

    Boss Battle in Chapter 7.
    Part 1/2:

      Part 2/2:  
  • Defeat Iustitia on any difficulty.

    Boss Battle in Chapter 11.

    Part 1/2:

     Part 2/2:


  • Defeat Sapientia on any difficulty.

    Boss Battle in Chapter 13.

  • Defeat Father Balder on any difficulty.

    Boss Battle in Chapter 16. Once again, thanks to MasterLL for all the videos of the Boss Battles I used in this guide

  • Complete Chapters 12 and 13 on Normal difficulty.

    See "Umbra Witch"

  • Complete Chapters 14 through the Epilogue on Normal difficulty.

    See "Umbra Witch"

  • Complete Chapters 12 and 13 on Hard difficulty.

    See "Umbra Elder"

  • Complete Chapters 14 through the Epilogue on Hard difficulty.

    See "Umbra Elder"

  • Complete all Chapters on ∞ Climax difficulty.

    Basically this is the same as Hard Mode, but Witch Time has been disabled completly. So you'll have to learn how to dodge and use the Moon of Mahaa Kalaa efficiently. It is recommended to equip the "Evil Harvest Rosary", as it damages your enemies if you dodge sucessfully.

  • Freeze 20 enemies while wearing Odette.

    Once you've aquired Odette (Ice Skates) equip it to Bayonettas feet and use combos only. Once you've hit an enemy often enough with those attacks he will freeze and turn into a huge ice-block that you can pick-up and throw. Freeze 20 Enemies and the Trophy is yours.

  • Obtain seven complete Angelic Hymn Gold LPs.

    For the Locations of the first 6 LPs take a look at the Collectibles Guide I linked to under "Treasure Fanatic", the 7th LP will be unlocked by beating Hard Mode. You can get 2 more LPs by beating Infinite Climax Mode and beating 100 Chapters on Normal or higher.

  • Defend Cereza during the out of body experience, ensuring she takes no damage.

    During Chapter 6, you will be locked inside a room with Cereza. Cereza is protected by a purple Magical "Bubble" and you have to make sure no angel attacks her. Just keep your eyes open for the enemies movements as sometimes they might ignore you and walk straight up to Cereza. Can be done on the easiest Difficulty setting to make things easier.

  • Dodge the runaway streetcar during Chapter 2.

    After you've left the plaza at the beginning of Chapter 2, walk through the arc and you'll see a train driving by in front of you. Proceed forward and you'll be shown another train derailing. Just double jump over it to avoid it.

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