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    Earn 500,000 score as a Player

    All glitched trophies have been fixed since update 1.44

    Probably the last trophy you will earn, rack up 500,000 points across any multiplayer mode. See Jack of all Trades for more detail on earning points.

    Boosting Method
    Community Game

    Step 1- Start a private match with 3 (minimum) other players in Outpost.
    Step 2- no password as this stops XP progression. Can kick randoms if needed
    Step 3- Everyone goes to the same outpost and one person captures the tower.
    Step 4- Team A plants a bomb
    Step 5- Team B defuses the bomb. Rinse and repeat.

    You can get between 30-50K a match.

    You can use the Boosting Thread: LINK

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  • Earned well over 500,000 score and the trophy will not pop. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Yeah same here I’m around 600,000 points and the trophy won’t pop
  • me too, don't know what to do
  • Trophy is available, stats have been reset so gotta start over again......
  • Hi everyone, if you are having the same problem i had where you didn't complete the trophy before the glitch patched, and had to restart your progress over again you can go to battlefieldtracker .com put in your gamer tag, when it brings you to your profile click on game reports and it will give you a list of all games you have played from the first one to the last, this way you can check to see where your progess has come along and will be able to take a proper note of what you have collected in score.
  • Ok, few days ago I got this trophy. Idk how but I saw it popped randomly. They probably fixed it now
  • Start a private match with 3 friends in Outpost. Everyone go to the same outpost and one person capture the tower. The other team plants a bomb The original team defuses the bomb. Rinse and repeat. We got 30-50K a match easy.
  • If anyone wants to boost this by setting up the private match as described above and in the “Jack of all Trades” Trophy description hit me up at PSN ID: Brobear 1026
  • As of June, this trophy is still a little buggy. It popped several matches after I had reached the points necessary. I was level 33 overall, 11, 13, 10, and 10 for my class levels. Just keep playing and it should pop eventually.

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