Enemy Attrition Trophy in Battlefield V

  • Enemy Attrition


    In Multiplayer, get 10 kills in a round

    How to unlock Enemy Attrition

    You will most likely get this through natural play or whilst going for the Off-hand trophy. If you do struggle, go for the longer game modes: Conquest, Grand Operations or Breakthrough.

    Community Game Method

    Create a private game with a password, you and 4 others can use this private server to boost any kill related trophies. (minimum number is 4 to start a game this way) Kill your boosting partner on the other team, have the squad mate revive them, and rinse and repeat. Make sure you help your boosting partners too!

    You can use the Boosting Thread: LINK

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  • I got 12 kills during a round but I didn't get the trophy. I need to try again, but I hope it isn't glitched...

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