• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (vote here)
  • Offline trophies: 37 (24 , 11 , 2 )
  • Online trophies: 6 (2 , 2 , 1 , 1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 35-50+ hours (6-10 hours Campaign, 25-40+ hours Multiplayer) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (most likely 1+ clean-up)
  • Number of missable trophies: None (Mission Replay is available)
  • Glitched trophies:  Full arsenal may not immediately unlock.  Fish may also not unlock when it's supposed to.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes. All missions must be completed on Hard.

Welcome to Battlefield 4, a spectacular multiplayer experience and a short but action-packed single player campaign. Unlike other Battlefield games, the trophies in Battlefield 4 are heavily campaign-based. The campaign trophies are considered very easy by first-person shooter (FPS) standards. The multiplayer trophies are the hardest and most time-consuming trophies in the game. However, players with average or even below average skill should not have much problem attaining them, provided they are willing to put in some time.

*WARNING* The game may randomly freeze (PS3) or shut down and give you an error message (PS4), potentially resulting in you losing all of your campaign progress. Playing the campaign while not signed in to PSN is not a guaranteed solution, your best bet is to backup your saves either to a USB drive or the PS+ Cloud.

Step 1: Hard Difficulty, Assignments and Collectibles
Begin your trophy hunt by starting a new campaign on Hard and work towards completing all assignments and picking up all collectibles for the  Full arsenal trophy. Assignments are mission-specific goals that are unlocked by scoring a set amount of points, thus unlocking a collectible weapon. Press during a mission to view the assignment requirements and your current score. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold assignments, and you will need to reach the requisite number of points for Gold in each mission.

Each mission also has an extra assignment for scoring 1,000 points more than the Gold assignment. Unlocking the extra assignment will also unlock a trophy. Additionally, be sure to play the final mission three times (Patience is a virtue), achieving its Gold assignment each time and its extra assignment at least once. Please refer to  Above and beyond the call in the Trophy Guide for more information on scoring points and unlocking assignments.

There are several trophies in the game related to collecting weapons and dog tags. See  Recon for further details and please consult the wonderful Collectibles Guide by Harry94_ to help you find all collectibles with ease.

Obtaining all collectibles and completing all assignments will earn you the gold trophy  Full arsenal. This trophy may be somewhat glitched, as it may not unlock immediately upon fulfilling the criteria. Refer to  Full arsenal in the Trophy Guide for an easy possible fix.  Fish is another trophy that may not pop when it's supposed to, see the Guide for possible solutions.

Upon completion of Step 1 you will unlock:
 Fishing in Baku
 Wolves in sheep's clothing
 The fall of a Titan
 Braving the storm
 Dead by dawn
 Guns at dawn
 For tombstone
 For the people
 For the cause
 Patience is a virtue
 Stumbled over it
 It was on the way…
 Took a casual look around 
 Done some searching
 Methodical search
 No stone left unturned
 Every nook and cranny
 Dunn's pride
 A one-man riot
 Terror of the deep
 Storm bringer
 Demolition man
 Guardian of the fleet
 Above and beyond the call
 Full arsenal

Step 2: Mission-Specific Trophies
Assuming you completed Step 1 and were able to unlock  Full arsenal, Step 2 should be short and sweet. Each mission has a trophy attached to it for completing a certain task. You may perform these tasks in conjunction with your Hard playthrough, or you can replay each mission on Easy difficulty to earn its specific trophy. Refer to the "Mission-Specific Trophies" section of the Trophy Guide for more information.

Upon completion of Step 2 you will unlock:
 Well placed
 Blood wake
 War turtle

Step 3: Multiplayer
Although there are not many multiplayer trophies in Battlefield 4, this will prove to be the most time-consuming step. At least 25 hours may be required to earn  .45 old school (45 kills with M1911 Handgun) and  Call me "Sir" (reach rank 25). These are not exactly difficult trophies but you will need a lot of XP to unlock the M1911 and to reach rank 25. Please refer to the Trophy Guide for XP earning tips.

The most difficult multiplayer trophy is probably  Bomb squad, which requires you to detonate five bombs on opponent objectives in the Obliteration mode. This trophy, however, can be easily boosted if you wish to go that route. See  Bomb squad in the Trophy Guide for a boosting method and use the Boosting Thread if you need to find friends to help you boost.

Upon completion of Step 3 you will unlock:
 Turn around…
 Won them all
 .45 old school
 Bomb squad
 Call me "Sir"
 Platinum Trophy

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China Rising DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2 of 10 before patching, now 7 of 10
  • DLC Offline trophies: 0
  • DLC Online trophies: 5 (3, 2)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100% if you already have : 15 -25 hours depending on skill and luck, Otherwise it can be done while going for
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: N/A
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: See New Superpower Until patch 1.04
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes - PS3 --> PS4 Version, not PS4 --> PS3
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

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The First DLC for Battlefield 4 gives new maps, new assignments and new weapons. Other than things done with the bomber, they can be done on any map as long as it has what you need to complete the requirements for the trophy. I did all of these in conquest as I feel I get a ton of points there, but you are not limited to this game mode for these and might find others easier.

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Second Assault DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3.5/10 (Personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 5 (3 , 2 )
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 4+ hours (highly skill and luck dependent)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Several multi-player matches
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: Some people are reporting problems with the trophies Risky Business and Blind Bomber.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available


Second Assault is the second DLC pack for Battlefield 4 and it includes 4 maps returning from Battlefield 3, re-done in the Frostbite 3 engine. The trophy pack also includes additional guns, assignments to complete and Capture The Flag game-mode.


Step 1: Capture The Flag

You must play Capture The Flag in order to unlock Risky Business, however you can also unlock all of the other trophies in this game mode as well.

*Optional* Step 2: Conquest or other game-mode of your choice.

If you’ve gotten Risky Business, you can get all of the other trophies by playing Conquest, Rush, etc. As I said, you can get all trophies in Capture The Flag so this is optional. Note that you won’t be able to get most trophies in game-modes such as Team Deathmatch and Domination due to the fact that these game-modes lack vehicles and take place in a limited area of each map.

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Dragon's Teeth DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 5 ( 3 2)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: Minimum of 10 hours (highly skill and luck dependant)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Several multiplayer matches
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available


Dragon’s Teeth is the fourth DLC pack for Battlefield 4, which adds four new maps all taking place in an Asian city setting. The trophy pack also includes additional weapons and equipment, new multiplayer assignments to complete and Chain Link game-mode. As with the China Rising DLC, you’re required to complete all of the new assignments if you wish to obtain 100%. See the Street Fighter trophy below for more information.


Step 1: Chain Link and assignments related to it

You must play the new Chain Link game mode in order to unlock the Link Repeater trophy. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the Not the Weakest Link, Road Warrior and Killjoy assignments as they contain certain requirements that can only be completed in the Chain Link game mode. You can unlock the majority of the assignments/trophies in Chain Link, but for some, I highly recommend playing Conquest instead.

Step 2: Conquest and assignments clean-up

If you've unlocked the Link Repeater trophy and the assignments specific to the Chain Link game mode, you can earn and complete all of the other trophies and assignments by playing Conquest, Rush, etc. Some assignment requirements can only be done or are easier to do in Conquest.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 5 (4, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10 hours minimum
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: At least 40 multiplayer matches
  • Number of missable trophies:
  • Glitched trophies:
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes

Final Stand DLC

Final Stand is the final DLC for Battlefield 4. It brings 4 new multiplayer maps set in the cold Arctic with secret military installations bringing new high-tech prototype weaponry to the battlefield. The DLC brings with it new weapons, new vehicles and a rather unique way to traverse the map. Additionally there are some new assignments to complete which will be required for the 100%.



Simply play on the DLC maps. I recommend you play conquest to earn the trophies as some of the pickups are only found on conquest maps and it makes the trophies easier in general.

As you play make sure to keep an eye on the requirements for the assignments. Use the new vehicles and weapons when you can and try to play the objective as you need to win rounds for an assignment requirement.

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Further Rescources:

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Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth Assignments Guide

Battlefield 4: Final Stand Assignments Guide

Battlefield 4 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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68 trophies ( 22  42  1  )

  • Collect all other Battlefield 4™ Trophies

    Congratulations for accomplishing your ultimate Battlefield 4 trophy goal! Thank you for using this guide. Hopefully it was a big help during your Platinum journey.

  • Obtain 20 000 points in the Singapore mission in the Campaign

    This is probably the hardest assignment in the game. Singapore is the only mission in which I failed to score the requisite points during my initial Hard playthrough. 20,000 points requires several multi-kills and they are difficult to pull off in this mission. I suggest alleviating yourself of a headache and not attempting to complete this assignment on your first Hard playthrough. Instead, try to kill 15 enemies with the RPG and unlock War turtle.

    After completing the mission on Hard you can replay it on Easy, where the multi-kills will not be so problematic. Just employing the strategies from the previous missions should be more than enough to get you the points you need.

    Please see Above and beyond the call for point-scoring tips.

  • Obtain 11 000 points in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

    This is another easy mission and it features a plethora of multi-kill opportunities. You can use these to unlock Wrecker, for achieving 10 multi-kills in this mission. There are multiple instances where you will find a weapon crate nearby to refill your grenades while throwing them at enemies. The best place for this is the helipad on the roof, which you will reach after rescuing the VIPs. One of the easiest multi-kills in the game will be available when you first step outside onto the roof. Two enemies will be walking down the stairs on the right. Unload your assault rifle on them and you will likely kill both at once. After that, go up to the helipad and stand next to the weapon crate. Throw grenades at the enemies and try to time your shooting kills with the explosive kills.

    Please see Above and beyond the call for point-scoring tips.

  • Obtain 11 000 points in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

     You should have little trouble earning the 11,000 assignment points and the 30 headshots for Blood wake in South China Sea. Utilize the same strategies as the first two missions (focus on headshots and multi-kills, avoid squad kills, etc.). Just make sure that you take your time when you reach the boat fight. Make sure you destroy all of the enemy boats to rack up as many points as possible. Between destroying the boats and achieving your headshot goal, you should be able to complete the assignment with ease.

    You may encounter a quasi-glitch that will halt the mission progression and prevent you from reaching the Valkyrie. If this happens then you probably missed a boat. Use the weapon that allows you to lock in on a target and fire missiles. Look around and eventually the targeting system should pick up the missing boat(s).

    Please see Above and beyond the call for point-scoring tips.

  • Obtain 12 000 points in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

    There are many opportunities to perform melee kills in this mission. Melee kills are as good as headshots, earning 25 bonus points per kill. You will need five Shank (melee) kills for the Shawshank trophy, which is easily achieved by running up to the first five enemies and pressing . You should be able to get some multi-kills after freeing Irish from his cell. Several enemies will rush down a narrow corridor and well-thrown grenades with well-timed shooting should help you rack up bonus points. You can headshot your way through the next area and then you will gain access to claymore explosives. Plant them, if you wish, and hopefully this will result in some multi-kills when enemies are deployed from a helicopter.

    You will happen upon more melee chances when you go outside into the snow. The first several enemies can be Shanked without being detected. You can then grab the RPG from the gadget stash and destroy the tank. Concentrating on headshots for the remainder of this area should prove sufficient. Use cover often, because some enemies here will have grenade launchers that deal strong damage.

    Following the previous area, you descend down an elevator and into a narrow hallway where a few small groups of enemies will rush you. I used this opportunity to perform several multi-kills with grenades and assault rifle fire. You can restart the checkpoint and begin right in front of the hallway until you are satisfied with your performance.

    Lastly, you will go outside onto the scaffolds of the dam. By now you should be very close to your points goal, if you have not already surpassed it. If you still need more points, you will likely earn them from scoring headshots on the enemies that appear on the scaffolds.

    Please see Above and beyond the call for point-scoring tips.

  • Complete all Assignments in the Campaign

    Assignments require you to score a fixed number of points in each mission. Your goal will always be to score 1,000 points more than the required total for the Gold assignment. You can press during a mission to view the point target and your progress toward reaching it. Every manner in which you kill enemies will earn you points. Consult the information below to learn the kill tactics that offer the most points. You will naturally develop an omniscient comprehension of these tactics just from plaything through the first mission, Baku.

    • Standard Bullet or Explosive Kill
      • 100 Points
    • Headshot - Kill an enemy with a shot to the head
      • 100 Points + 25 bonus points
    • Multi-Kill - Kill 2 or more enemies in rapid succession (fastest way to score points)
      • 100 points per kill + 100 bonus points per kill - For example, kill 3 enemies quickly to earn 600 points.
    • Adrenaline Kill - Kill an enemy while your health is at 32 or below
      • 100 points + 50 bonus points
    • Melee Kill - Press when close to an enemy
      • 100 points + 25 bonus points
    • Kill Streak - Kill an enemy within a few seconds of killing the previous enemy
      • 100 points per kill + 50 bonus points per kill during the streak
    • Squad Kills - A.I kills an enemy (avoid as much as possible)
      • 50 points maximum

    As you can see, multi-kills will net you the most points. The best ways to score multi-kills involve using explosives. Press to throw grenades at groups of enemies. Shoot enemies after throwing grenades and attempt to time your shots with the grenade blast, potentially adding extra kills to the multi-kill. Use RPGs and grenade launchers to destroy vehicles before enemies can exit them. When you encounter situations with two or more enemies lined up one in front of the the other, unload your assault rifle on them for a likely multi-kill.

    Besides multi-kills you will probably earn the majority of your points from headshots. The game is filled with headshot opportunities, so take advantage of as many of them as you can. More headshots means fewer multi-kills, which will make things easier on you. Also, try to prevent your squad from killing enemies as much as possible. Their kills are only worth 50 points, whereas yours will always be worth at least 100.

    In truth, this is a very easy trophy to earn and you should be able to reach at least six of the seven missions' target point totals on your first Hard playthrough. You may have some trouble reaching the goal for mission 4, Singapore on Hard. It is the only mission where multi-kills are the primary focal point. If you do struggle on Hard, you can always replay any mission on Easy to complete the assignments.

    Finally, you will need to complete the last mission, Suez, three times to unlock this trophy. Your goals for the mission will be to earn at least 5,000 points all three times, and at least 6,000 points once or more. Please see Patience is a Virtue or Guardian of the fleet if you need more information.

  • Obtain 15 000 points in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

    This is one of the longer missions, and as such it features a very large number of enemies. If you have been following the strategies from the previous missions and those outlined in Above and beyond the call, then you should not struggle meeting the points goal. Between the gadget stashes and weapon crates, you will be afforded an abundance of grenades and explosives. Put them to good use to help with multi-kills. There are RPGs on the rooftops and in the gadget stashes to help you safely take out the tanks that appear early in the mission.

    You can also attempt to execute 10 adrenaline kills (kills while your health is low) and go for the Infiltrator trophy. Each adrenaline kill will add 50 points per kill, so earning Infiltrator during the mission will net you at least 500 additional points toward your goal. If that proves too difficult on Hard, then try it on Easy, as there are still more than enough enemies in the mission to reach 15,000 points without going for adrenaline kills.

    Please see Above and beyond the call for point-scoring tips.

  • Obtain 6 000 points in the Suez mission in the Campaign

    This is the shortest mission and may well be the easiest to unlock all assignments. As always, the usual tactics apply. You will start the mission with a rapid-fire grenade launcher, which really is not needed, but it can make for easy multi-kills if you feel you need them. The beginning boat deck area features several sets of enemies in close proximity to one another, allowing for some easy multi-kills. You can take out a helicopter towards the end of the first area for big points. There will be some scenes to watch and then you will have to deal with a small amount of enemies in the medical bay. If you need more points, which you may not, this will be your last opportunity to get them.
    It will not be a problem if you were unable to reach 6,000 points during your first Suez play. You have to replay the mission two more times to help unlock several trophies. So if you failed the first time around, just use your judgement and figure out where you can improve. An extra multi-kill here and there can be enough to put you over the top. Be mindful to go for the Gold assignment (5,000 points) in all of your Suez plays, while making sure to obtain at least 6,000 points during one of those plays.

    Please see Above and beyond the call for point-scoring tips.

  • Unlock all assignments and collectibles in the Campaign


    This trophy is not glitched in the sense that it will not unlock at all but that it may not unlock immediately after meeting its criteria. According to the pause menu, I only collected two of three dog tags in Mission 5, Kunlun Mountains. I actually collected all dog tags and the menu failed to reflect that, preventing the trophy from popping at the correct time for me. Others have reported similar issues, but there appears to be an easy fix. If you have completed all necessary tasks to earn the trophy but if it does not pop then go to Mission Replay and select Kunlun Mountains, Singapore or Baku. The trophy should unlock as the mission loads.

    All of the information you need to unlock all assignments and collectibles can be found in the trophy descriptions for Recon (collectibles) and Above and beyond the call (assignments). Unlock both of those trophies to unlock Full Arsenal.

  • Fish


    Complete the Campaign on Easy



    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Completing the single-player campaign on any difficulty will unlock this trophy. See Tombstone for more information.

    If you try to stack this trophy with the other Difficulty trophies, then there is a good chance it won't unlock. If this does glitch then try replaying the last mission on Easy or load a backup from before you got glitched. If neither option works, then you'll have to redo the campaign from the start.

  • Obtain 7 000 points in the Baku mission in the Campaign

    The Baku mission is very easy and the 7,000 points should come fairly naturally. There are plenty of easy headshots available, so take advantage to boost your score. A good opportunity for multi-kills and kill streaks will present itself right after you obtain C4 for the first time. Try to run up to the two trucks that deploy enemies and plant as much C4 as you can. Detonate it when the enemies exit the truck. Doing so will help you reach your goal of 10 C4 kills for the Well placed trophy. Look for situations where grenade use is ideal to help with multi-kills. Try to kill enemies before your squad can as their kills will cost you points. An annoying woman requesting targets in a support helicopter will be present during much of the mission. It is unwise to point out targets to her, as her kills will cost you points.

    Please see Above and beyond the call for point-scoring tips.

  • Complete the Singapore mission in the Campaign

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply complete the fourth mission, Singapore.

  • Complete the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply complete the second mission, Shanghai. PS4 WARNING: There is a good chance that if you die during the Helipad section, that your game will crash and you'll lose your progress.

  • Complete the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply complete the third mission, South China Sea.

  • Complete the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply complete the fifth mission, Kunlun Mountains.

  • Complete the Suez mission in the Campaign

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply complete the seventh mission, Suez.

  • Complete the Baku mission in the Campaign

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply complete the first mission, Baku.

  • Complete the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Simply complete the sixth mission, Tashgar.

  • Find 6 collectibles in the Campaign

    Please see Recon for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Find 9 collectibles in the Campaign

    Please see Recon for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Find 15 collectibles in the Campaign

    Please see Recon for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Find 12 collectibles in the Campaign

    Please see Recon for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Find 18 collectibles in the Campaign

    Please see Recon for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Find 21 collectibles in the Campaign

    Please see Recon for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Find 3 collectibles in the Campaign

    Please see Recon for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Wolf


    Complete the Campaign on Normal

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Completing the single-player campaign on Normal or Hard difficulty will unlock this trophy. See Tombstone for more information.

  • Complete the Campaign on Hard

    This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Completing the single-player campaign on Hard difficulty will unlock this trophy. Hard difficulty is considered relatively easy by FPS standards. Use cover to your advantage and stay out of the enemy crosshairs as much as possible. You will probably be shot often, but if you retreat behind an obstruction (box, wall, etc.), your health will regenerate quickly.

    I used the default SCAR-H assault rifle and M39 EMR, which is a sort of sniper rifle under the DMR class of weapons, for virtually the entire campaign. It may not be the best choice of weapons, but I found scoring headshots to be easy with the M39 EMR. Headshots are nice because they are one-hit-kills and add a 25-point bonus per kill, which helps to achieve assignment scores. Also, use gadget stashes to equip explosives, which come in handy against tanks and helicopters. RPGs are useful for taking out these strong vehicles from a distance.

    The trophies stack, so completing the campaign on Hard will also unlock Fish and Wolf.

  • Find 28 collectibles in the Campaign

    Although the trophy description says to find 28 collectibles, you will still want to find all 35, as they are required to unlock Full arsenal. The collectibles consist of weapons and dog tags, and they are saved after you pick them up. Thus, there is no need to collect them again if you die, restart a checkpoint, or exit a mission. Pressing during a mission will allow you to view your progress toward the collectibles in that mission. You will unlock all previous collectibles trophies en route to this one.

    You can view the Collectibles Guide written by Harry94_, complete with images and videos, or simply watch his videos below to easily find all 35 collectibles. You are able to pick up the weapons of fallen enemies, which may enable you to unlock this trophy (and previous collectibles trophies) prior to reaching the 28th collectible in the guide. This is very likely to happen, but remember to continue finding collectibles until you have obtained all 35.

  • Get 10 kills with C4 in the Baku mission in the Campaign

    This is best done on Easy, as can you get close to enemies without much worry about getting killed. You will gain access to the C4 early in the first mission when you are asked to blow up a wall. There will be plenty of enemies in the next area to get you close to the trophy. Switch to the C4 by pressing or (depending on whether you set them to your primary or secondary gadget) and run up to the trucks from which enemies will be deployed. Press to drop the C4, then run a short distance away to avoid the explosion, and press to detonate.

    You may not kill enough enemies to unlock the trophy in the aforementioned area, but you should easily have enough after the next area. You can stand near gadget stashes to reload your C4. The trophy will pop after 10 kills.

  • Get 10 multi-kills in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

    Multi-kills are earned when you kill multiple enemies in rapid succession. If two enemies are lined up, one behind the other, you can shoot them quickly for a multi-kill. One of the easier ways to execute a multi-kill is to use your grenades by pressing . You can throw a grenade or multiple grenades at a group of enemies and score a multi-kill, or you can throw a grenade at one enemy and shoot another enemy when the grenade is about to detonate.

    If you are standing next to a weapon crate, you can keep throwing grenades and they will automatically regenerate. While attempting this trophy, try to only kill two enemies at a time, as killing a third will not count as an additional multi-kill.

    If you die or restart a checkpoint, any multi-kills earned after that checkpoint (and before the next one) will be lost. Press at any time during the mission to view the pause menu and check your total multi-kills for the mission.

  • Get 30 headshots in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

    This trophy should be no problem. There are more than enough enemies in this mission to execute 30 headshots without issue. Enemies stand fairly still for the most part and give you ample time to line up a headshot with your favorite rifle. Of course, if you are being shot or shot at, your gun will move around and make headshots a little more difficult.

  • Get 15 kills with RPG in the Singapore mission in the Campaign

    On my initial Hard playthrough, this was the only mission-specific trophy I earned without also scoring enough points to unlock the assignment trophy for that mission. Singapore is the hardest mission to achieve the necessary points for all assignments. For that reason I suggest going for this trophy during your first playthrough, and then replaying the mission on Easy to complete the assignment.

    I believe the only rocket launcher-type weapon that counts for this trophy is the one specifically called "RPG." Collect it at a gadget stash and apply it as either your primary or secondary gadget. Then equip it with or . The RPG is not a great weapon for killing enemies. The splash damage of a shot is very small and is unlikely to kill more than one foe at a time, making it difficult to execute multi-kills and get extra points. Therefore you will often have to aim directly at your target to get a kill. If your targets are far away, you may have to aim slightly above them to account for the drop of the rocket.

    You can use the RPG and kill enemies throughout the mission until the trophy pops, or you can wait until the hangar at the very end of the mission. In this area is a gadget stash - so you can keep refilling your ammo - and there are more than enough enemies to achieve 15 RPG kills.

  • Get 10 adrenaline kills in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

    This is the hardest mission-specific trophy, yet still fairly easy, all things considered. To earn an adrenaline kill, your health must be at 32 or below when killing an enemy. You can view your health in the bottom right corner of the screen. Bear in mind that if you die or restart a checkpoint, any adrenaline kills earned after that checkpoint (and before the next one) will be lost. You can press and look at the pause menu to view the amount of adrenaline kills you have in the mission.

    The method I used to help me unlock this trophy was unnecessary and questionable at best. There are two trucks full of soldiers near the beginning of the mission, and I ran up to them and dropped all of my C4, took some enemy fire, and then detonated the explosives. I believe I was awarded four adrenaline kills for this. Because I was off to a good start, the rest of the adrenaline kills came fairly naturally, as I only needed six more. I was playing on Hard, so several attempts were required to perfect this method and it is probably not an ideal option.

    To make this as easy as possible, consider playing on Easy. It will take a little longer to get your health low enough for an adrenaline kill, but you will be less likely to die while attempting to kill enemies. Stay in cover and take some fire intentionally if necessary. Peek your head out and try to pull off quick headshots before your health regenerates, and then duck back down ( to crouch) before you are killed.

    Look for opportunities to isolate a single enemy and allow them to shoot you into the adrenaline health range, then kill them quickly. Use grenades and explosives on groups of enemies when your health is low, which may net you more than one adrenaline kill at a time. The same tactics apply to higher difficulties, but obviously you will be killed more easily. This is a long mission with a great deal of enemies and potential for adrenaline kills, so this trophy should not pose too much of a dilemma.

  • Get 5 kills with Shank in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

    I consider this to be the easiest of the mission-specific trophies, and it is certainly the fastest. You will be offered the Shank by Dima, your cellmate, at the beginning of the mission. Press to accept it and simply run up to the first five enemies you see and press for a melee kill.

    The first enemy you will have an opportunity to melee is down a small set of stairs. Dima tells you to take him out quietly, but you need not worry about being stealthy. You can run up to the guard at full speed and kill him with the Shank. You will then enter a circular prison area and all you have to do is continue on your path and stab each guard you see until you have killed five. I personally was able to kill all five enemies on hard running at full speed, so again, you should not have to worry about tact.

  • Let the Valkyrie be destroyed in the Campaign

    Please see Patience is a virtue for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Sacrifice Irish to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign

    Please see Patience is a virtue for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Sacrifice Hannah to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign

    Please see Patience is a virtue for information pertaining to this trophy.

  • Experience all 3 endings in the Campaign

    This trophy will unlock once you have unlocked the previous three trophies, For tombstone, For the people, and For the cause. At the end of the game you will be presented with a choice to decide who you want to give the C4 to, Irish or Hannah. The one you choose will be sacrificed. If you choose Irish you will unlock For the people. You will unlock For the cause by choosing Hannah. If you do not make a decision, the Valkyrie will be destroyed, thus unlocking For Tombstone.

    You will need to play the final mission, Suez, three times to unlock all of these trophies. This is the shortest mission in the game and your two subsequent plays of it should take 20 minutes or less each if you play on Easy. Remember to go for the Gold assignment (5,000 points) in all three plays, and the extra assignment (6,000 points) at least once.

  • Perform 5 dog tag kills in Multiplayer

    This is the easiest and fastest multiplayer trophy and can be obtained for performing melee kills on other players. Similar to Shawshank in campaign, all you have to do is run up to unsuspecting players and press to steal their dog tags and score a melee (knife) kill. This will obviously be more difficult to accomplish against human opponents than A.I enemies so pick your spots. You only need five knife kills so this trophy will not take very long and can easily be earned during your natural progression.

    Knifing players from the front is not recommended as they will have an opportunity to counter-kill you, and they will likely succeed more often than not. Try to avoid crowds of opponents that might prevent you from stabbing your target. Look for single players who are preoccupied with shooting at others, sneak up behind them and go for the kill. You will be invulnerable to the attacks of other players only while in the act of stealing the dog tags. Once this brief invincibility wears off, you will be highly susceptible to the attacks of other players who may have witnessed you executing the knifing. Dying will not affect your trophy progress.

    Boosting Method: There really is not much reason to boost this trophy but if you find yourself struggling for whatever reason, try the following:

    · Go to the Server Browser from the Multiplayer screen.
    · Press to edit the filter.
    · Select any mode you wish and set the free slots to "empty".
    · Press to go back to the Server Browser and pick a server to join.

    Following the above steps will place you in a match by yourself. Your friends will see this and be able to join you. Be mindful that other players may join as well. You will need four players to start the match. Once underway, trade melee kills with your friend(s) to unlock the trophy.

    If you set the free slots in the filter to "1-15" then you should be able to find a server with a small amount of players, in a match that has already begun. This way, you will only need one friend to help you boost and you will not have to worry very much about other players interfering.

    Use the Boosting Thread if you need to find friends to help you boost.

  • Win a round of each game mode

    As far as difficulty is concerned, this is one of the easier multiplayer trophies. Even if you are the worst Battlefield 4 player in the world, you can win a round in each mode without issue. Every mode is team-based, so winning or losing will primarily depend on the quality of your team. Work to achieve the objective of each mode to gain XP and help your team win. Your personal goals (aside from winning) include accruing XP in your quest to reach rank 25 (Call me "Sir" trophy), as well as earning XP while using handguns to unlock the M1911 Handgun and kill 45 players with it (.45 old school trophy).

    I unlocked this trophy without even participating in a couple of the modes because the rounds were ending while I joined, and I was placed on the winning team. However, there have been reports to the contrary. That is, some players have said that winning matches that were in progress when they joined did not count for the trophy. If some of your wins came via in-progress matches, you should try replaying modes from the starts of matches. If you join a match that is in progress, you can finish it and wait for the next match to begin. The information below will provide you with strategies for winning each multiplayer mode. You can also use the general tips explained in Call me "Sir" to help you earn bonus XP.

    The classic Battlefield mode, Conquest requires you to take control of objectives and defend them from the opposing team, as they will also attempt to take control. Each team begins with 400 "tickets" and the first team to have their tickets completely depleted will lose. To deplete the other team's tickets, head to the orange "A," "B," and "C" objectives marked on the radar. There is a flag at each of these locations that you and your team will attempt to capture and control. If your team has more members near a flag than the other team does, then your team will begin to capture the flag, or you will prevent the other team from capturing it if you are already in control. You will earn nice amounts of XP for capturing, controlling and defending (killing attacking players) flags. The longer you control flags, the more your opponents' tickets will dissipate. Teams will also lose one ticket per team member killed.

    The very popular and intense Rush mode challenges your team to either attack the opposing team's MCOM stations or defend your own. This is another ticket-based mode, so when the attackers are out of tickets, the defenders win. The attackers win if they are able to destroy all enemy MCOM stations. As an attacker, earn lots of XP for arming the opponent's MCOM station, and even more for destroying it. Beware, however, there may be several enemy players camped near the stations, and rushing in could be prove suicidal. When you safely reach an MCOM station, hold to arm it. The station will eventually explode if the other team is unable to disarm in time. If you are on the defending side, kill attacking players to drain their tickets. If they are able to arm your MCOM station, you will collect XP for disarming.

    Team Deathmatch
    There are no fancy objectives here. Just try to kill as many of the other team's players as you can. The first team to 100 kills wins. Playing as the Assault class can help you. You will have assault rifles at your disposal that are effective killing machines and easy to use. You will also be able to heal yourself or your team and squad. Healing teammates and squad mates gives you XP (more for healing squad). Press to deploy your med kit near players with low health. Stand or crouch on a med kit to heal yourself.

    Squad Deathmatch
    The same principles from Team Deathmatch apply here. The only difference is there are four teams instead of two. With the increased amount of teams, Squad Deathmatches are a bit harder to win than Team Deathmatches. Your five-person squad will comprise your entire team. Help your squad out whenever you can, but be careful when spawning on them, as you may be instantly shot and killed if they are engaged in battle. The first team to reach 50 kills will win the match.

    This mode is new to the Battlefield world. The object is to collect a single bomb that appears on the map and use it to detonate and destroy enemy objectives. Dying while carrying the bomb will cause it to be dropped. Picking up the bomb will earn you XP, as will planting and detonating it. However, detonating the bomb is one of the most difficult multiplayer tasks.

    As the bomb carrier, you will have a proverbial giant bullseye on your back and you can expect the other team to kill you within seconds most of the time. Hopefully you will have a strong team that can defend you well, because when 10 or so enemy players set their sights on you, you can expect to drop the bomb quickly. If you are actually able to plant the bomb, you and your team will then have to defend it until detonation.

    Your team will win once it detonates three bombs, destroying all enemy objectives. You will need to personally destroy a total of five enemy objectives with the bomb, across all plays of Obliteration, to unlock Bomb squad. Refer to that trophy for further information.

    This is a search and destroy type of mode akin to those found in Call of Duty and Killzone games. Players cannot respawn at all after dying, so you will be forced to spectate if you are killed in action. Rounds will end once all players on a team are killed. The teams are attackers and defenders. The attackers can detonate a bomb on one of two defender objectives to win the round, though this rarely happens. There are two sets of three rounds, with each team having three opportunities to plant the bomb. To win the match, your team must win the most rounds out of six.

    Your best bet to win a round is to stay alive. This is obviously easier said than done, but your team cannot lose the round if do not die. Try to be stealthy. Stay near your team and attempt to kill enemy players when you feel you are safe from their teammates. As an attacker, you can plant the bomb (hold on the enemy objective) to earn some extra XP if you wish. This is dangerous, but if you have teammates nearby to defend the armed bomb, then go for it.

    As a defender, try to defuse the bomb if the enemy is able to place it on your objective. Be mindful that there may be multiple enemy players nearby and you will likely have to eliminate them all in order to safely defuse the bomb. Hold near your objective to defuse. Try to win a match from start to finish so you do not encounter any issues with the wins trophy unlocking.

    This is essentially Conquest on a lesser scale, so you will utilize the same tactics outlined for that mode, but you may need to be more efficient with your killing. With its smaller maps and up-tempo nature, Domination is where you should spend the lion share of your multiplayer trophy hunt. XP is earned very quickly in this mode, so it wise to play here and accelerate the journey towards rank 25 and the Call me "Sir" trophy.

  • Perform 45 kills with the M1911 Handgun in Multiplayer

    Expect to put a lot of time into this trophy. Just unlocking the M1911 Handgun will require many hours of plays. You will need 34,000 handgun XP to do so. Assists, headshots, multi-kills and kill streaks will grant bonus points to help you reach this total. Depending on the amount of bonus points you are accumulating, you will probably need somewhere between 250 and 320 handgun kills to obtain the necessary XP to unlock the M1911. If you have XP boosts available, press and then to active them while in a game and speed up the XP-earning process. When you reach 34,000 handgun XP and unlock the M1911, use it to kill 45 enemy players and unlock the trophy.

    Handguns are not much harder to kill with than primary weapons (assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc.). Situations will arise where you will be overmatched and may not have enough time to switch back to your primary weapon for additional firepower. To make these situations easier, I suggest you begin your multiplayer experience using handguns as your dominant weapons. This will improve your accuracy and help you learn their ranges, the amounts of damage they deal, and how quickly they perform kills.

    You will unlock new handguns as you earn XP. You can experiment with these and determine the one that best suits you. I have stuck to the default Assault class handgun since beginning multiplayer and it has served me well. Try to be a bit stealthier when attempting handgun kills than you would normally be with an assault rifle or other more powerful weapon. If you get the drop on an enemy player you should have ample time to kill them before they get off enough shots to inflict critical damage upon you.

    If handguns are not for you, use the boosting method from Turn Around…, as it will apply just the same for this trophy. Though boosting this trophy is largely unnecessary and quite boring. If you do boost, then keep in mind that you need four players to start a match so you will not receive any XP from kills when there are less than four players.

  • Deliver 5 bombs in Obliteration

    In terms of pure difficulty, this is the hardest trophy in the entire game. You will have to personally pick up the bomb, carry it to the enemy objective, plant it and defend it (with the help of your team) until detonation. You must do this five times but the trophy is cumulative, so any Obliteration matches you play in which you detonate a bomb will count towards the trophy.

    As illustrated above in the description for Obliteration mode, you will become one big target for the entire opposing team every time you pick up the bomb. You will be highlighted on the enemy radar for the duration of the bomb carrying so it is helpful to use a tank to provide extra protection from all the attacking enemy players. Helicopters can help you keep your distance from enemies and get you to the enemy objective faster. If you successfully plant a bomb, fight like hell to prevent enemy players from disarming it, as it must explode for it to count towards the trophy. The consensus best map for planting bombs seems to be Goldmud Railway.

    Earning Bomb squad without boosting will require some skill, very strong teammates and patience. If this trophy seems like it will be a struggle for you, then consider boosting. Boosting will allow you to unlock the trophy in about 15 to 45 minutes and save you an indefinite number of frustrating hours. The good news is that you will earn large amounts of XP for playing Obliteration, as the matches tend to be fairly long. Activating an XP boost during the match can net you big points. Press / to bring up the menu, then press to select the boost you wish to activate.

    Boosting Method: Follow these guidelines if Bomb squad feels like too daunting a task for you:

    · Go to the Server Browser from the Multiplayer screen.
    · Press to edit the filter.
    · Select Obliteration and set the free slots to "empty".
    · Press to go back to the Server Browser and pick a server to join.

    Following the above steps will place you in a match by yourself. Your friends will see this and be able to join you. Be mindful that other players may join as well. You will need four players to start the match. Once underway, trade bomb deliveries back and forth until each of you has five and the trophy unlocks. Assuming you are playing with four friends, you should have to play a total of about seven matches for everyone to get the trophy.

    Use the Boosting Thread if you need to find friends to help you boost.

  • Reach rank 25.

    To reach rank 25, you will need about 796,000 XP and this should take you at least 25 hours to achieve. You should not have to worry about doing anything out of the ordinary to unlock this trophy. Just play your favourite multiplayer modes and have fun experiencing what the game has to offer. If you are planning to reach rank 25 as quickly as possible, you can play Domination, which offers the most potential for XP per minute, or Score Per Minute (SPM).

    As you level up you will earn Battlepacks, which can be opened for an opportunity to receive XP boosts. These will increase the XP for everything you do by 25%, 50%, 100% or 200%. Activate the boosts while in game by pressing / to view the menu, then press to select your desired boost. XP boosts last for one hour of actual play time, and only one boost can be activated at a time.

    Below you will find general tips you can use to improve the rate at which you earn XP. These tips apply to all modes.

    Play Modes with High SPM Potential

    • Skilled or even average players can accrue very large amounts of XP in very short periods of time if playing modes like Domination and Rush.
    • Kill other players, help your squad and complete objectives to earn big points. See Won them all for more information about completing objectives in all modes.

    Kill Enemies

    • The base XP gained for killing an enemy player is 100.
    • The manner in which you kill enemies (headshot, melee, etc.) will determine how many bonus points you receive. The scoring system is on par with that of the campaign, defined in Above and beyond the call.
    • Select the Assault class (selected by default) for easier kills and immediate access to a med kit (press to use) for healing yourself and your team.
    • You will be credited with assists - worth fewer points than kills - for damaging enemy players who are then killed by your team.

    Help your Squad

    • You will be placed in a small squad of teammates when joining a game. Squad mates are marked as green on your radar.
    • Bonus points can be earned for everything you do to assist your squad.
    • You can spawn on them to get closer to the action and be in a better position to help.
    • Things you can do for your squad include healing, reviving, throwing ammo, repairing damaged vehicles, spotting other players, assisting on kills, coming to their rescue in deadly situations etc. You will earn more XP for helping your squad than for helping regular teammates.

    Spot Enemies

    • Spotting enemies adds an orange arrow above their heads and reveals their location to your team.
    • Aim your crosshairs at enemy players and press /. Try not to hold /, as that will display a voice command pop-up window that may get in your way and get you killed.
    • You will see that you earned a spot bonus if your team kills the spotted enemy.

    Squad Orders

    • Similar to spotting players, you can give a Squad Order by directing your squad to an objective. If a member of your squad successfully attacks or defends the objective, you will be rewarded with XP.
    • Aim your crosshairs directly at the letter (A, B, C) of an objective - you may need to hold / for more accurate aiming - and press / to order your squad.
    • You will also earn points if you attack or defend objectives pointed out by your squad.

Secret trophies

    DLC: China Rising

    5 trophies

    • Play a round of Air Superiority

      Very simple, play a round of air superiority. The hardest part for me was actually finding a game with open places. This trophy unlocks at the very end of the round

    • Get a kill with the Dirtbike

      Straight forward, get a kill with the Dirt Bike. I tried to sit on the back and get the kill, however it didn’t unlock. I was able to pop this trophy while on the front of the bike.

      One trick to this is to set some mines around and then ride off on the bike. Since I was on the front when my mines killed a tank, the trophy unlocked.

    • Kill an enemy with the SUAV

      To complete this you must get a kill with the bomber, so see Death From Above first. You will earn this once you complete the assignment “Safe Raiding”:

      You will unlock the SUAV, seen below:

      I would recommend that you get your kill in hardcore as this will be a Road kill and in normal servers you will have a harder time killing someone with it. This weapon is available to the recon soldier.

      SUAV Video:

    • Get a kill with the bomber

      On the China Rising Maps there is a trailer that will show a plane on it from time to time, normally near location “C” in conquest matches. When it shows this plane, approach the trailer from the side with the stairs and hit when prompted to enter the trailer.

      Now in the bomber find some targets to kill. To release the JADM, find your target(s) and use to release the weapon. It does take a few moments to get there, so lead your target if it is moving.

      I found this very difficult to get kills as I got many hits, but no kills (Normal Mode), so I found another way to accomplish the requirement. The trick to this is to set some mines around before you head for the plane. As long as you are in the bombing run when they kill someone you will be given credit for achieving this.

      Another strategy here is to bomb the trailer you enter for the bomber. Many times enemies will be waiting for you to come out and make themselves an easy target. Just be careful, if you are in hardcore you can kill teammates or yourself if you leave the trailer before the bombs hit.

      For anyone who cares, here is what a JADM looks like:

      Credit to M-Easy on this video

    • Complete all China Rising Assignments

      This trophy appears to be glitched on PS3. (In a good way) Until patch 1.04 - NO LONGER GLITCHED

      It unlocked for me right after I achieved Death From Above. This unlocked when I had every China Rising assignment available to me, not when I completed them all and has been confirmed by other players.

      So this is really a 2 for 1 trophy on the PS3 Platform.

      After patch 1.04 you are going to have to go the long way and work yourself through the assignments below.

      Some of the assignments can be very tricky, so read the requirements in detail as some of them require very specific weapons/loadouts to complete the assignment.

      Here is a link to the guide for the assignments:

      Battlefield 4 Assignments Guide

    DLC: Second Assault

    5 trophies

    • Kill an enemy with a ceiling collapse in Operation Metro

      You must be playing the Operation Metro DLC map to get this. There are many wooden beams holding the ceiling all around inside the metro part of the map. Destroy them and the ceiling will collapse killing any poor soul unlucky enough to be right underneath.

      Alternatively, you can just shoot the ceiling itself. You can use explosives (RPG, M320) or regular guns. Thanks to Harry94_ for the tip. See the video below for a visual representation.

      Credit to Harry94_ for the video.

    • Find the hidden tunnel in Caspian Border

      There’s a hidden tunnel in the river that runs between C and D flag (B and C flag on the PS3 a.k.a. Conquest Small version). Dive underneath the water by pressing to get through the tunnel entrance and then dive up. Once in the tunnel, the trophy will pop. See the video below showing the exact location of the tunnel (at around 0:50 min).

      Credit to Harry94_ for the video.

      Alternatively, you can simply enter the tunnel from the other side, the entrances being the tall, green tower and a building next to it at D flag (C flag on the PS3). Thanks to AlphaCookie for the tip.

    • Ignite a brush fire using the repair tool in Operation Metro or Caspian Border

      Really easy, just find some old grass (tall and dim brownish) in either Operation Metro or Caspian Border and use the Engineer’s Repair Tool to start a fire. The trophy will pop as soon as the fire ignites. See the video below for a visual representation.


      Credit to Harry94_ for the video.

    • Kill an enemy flag carrier while carrying their flag in CTF

      *Glitch Warning* - This trophy is potentially glitched. For the most part, it should pop-up fine but on rare occasions it won't. If you experience the glitch, the only thing you can do is perform the requirements again.

      This one’s tricky. As the trophy description states, you must play Capture The Flag to get it. You have to get to the enemy base, steal their flag and then kill an enemy who is carrying your team’s flag. You don’t have to score and you can die right away afterwards but you must kill the enemy who has taken your team’s flag. The safest bet would be to use an armored vehicle such as a tank or LAV.

      This is hands-down the most frustrating and luck-based trophy in the DLC, so if you wish to boost it, the easiest way to do it would be:

      1. Get at least 4 players (required to start a round);
      2. find an empty server;
      3. spawn as Assaults with defibrillators;
      4. take the other team’s flag and meet up in the middle of the map;
      5. Then just take turns carrying flags and killing enemy carriers.

      I suggest reviving each other to speed things up a bit because it’ll be harder to boost once randoms start joining the server.

    • In a round get 5 kills with air vehicles in Gulf of Oman


      *Glitch Warning* - This trophy is potentially glitched. For the most part, it should pop-up fine but on rare occasions it won't. If you experience the glitch, the only thing you can do is perform the requirements again.

      You must play on Gulf of Oman to get this trophy. This may be tricky depending on how good you are with air vehicles and getting in before teammates occupy them. If you’re a good pilot the trophy shouldn't be too hard to get. Be wary that there’s a new gimmick to the map, which is, sandstorm. When it comes in, it will significantly compromise visibility on the map. Lock-on weapons will be less effective also, but they’ll still work. If you’re flying a jet, be wary of cranes and tall buildings on the map.

      If you're not a good pilot, your best bet would be getting in the Attack Chopper as a gunner and hope someone with a pilot's license will fly you around.

    DLC: Naval Strike

    5 trophies

    • Play a round of Carrier Assault

      Carrier Assault is a new game mode in Battlefield 4 and homage to Titan Mode featured in Battlefield 2142. All you have to do is play a round of it. You don’t have to win or play it from the beginning of the round, just finish it.

    • Get a kill in the ACV

      ACV is the new amphibious hovercraft vehicle introduced in the Naval Strike DLC. In order to kill an enemy you must perform a roadkill. You can use these vehicles both on land and water. I suggest attempting this trophy on the "Lost Islands" map because it’s mostly flat and has a lot of flags located on small, easily accessible islands near water.

    • Climb the highest point in Naval Strike

      Play on map “Wave Breaker” and proceed to the centre flag of the map. See the location in the image below.


      Climb onto rocks on the northern side of the island and you’ll get the trophy. See the video below for a visual representation.

      Credit to Harry94_ for the video.

    • Kill an enemy with the AA mine

      In order to unlock AA mines, you first have to complete assignment “Death From Below”.

      To access the assignment you must be at least rank 10. For the assignment you have to get 3 PDW ribbons and hit down 5 attack air vehicles (jets, attack and scout helicopters - basically all air vehicles except transport helicopters) with rocket launchers. For the PDW ribbon you have to use engineer class specific weapons PDWs and get 5 kills in a round with them. For hitting down the attack air vehicles you can use rocket launchers such as RPGs, SRAWs, Stingers, Iglas, etc. Note that you don’t have to complete these requirements in a single round so it can be done in multiple matches.

      After you’ve unlocked the AA mines, comes the tricky part – getting a kill with it. AA mines replace launchers and you can carry and deploy up to 2 of them at the same time. AA mines do about 30% of damage so there’s no way to instantly destroy an aircraft with full health. You have to deploy the AA mines on the ground and once an enemy aircraft is in their range they will shoot automatically.

      There are multiple ways you can get a kill with them, for example, play on a big, open map and wait on a building’s roof. Have a friend deploy an ammo-box for you and then just spam the AA mines (thanks to NSS13 for the tip). Alternatively, you can wait for your teammates to try shooting down choppers with stingers/iglas/heat-seekers and then deploy your AA mines after the enemy pilot has used up their flares.

      If you want to boost the trophy, have a friend in the opposing team get a either an attack or scout helicopter and meet-up on a remote place on the map. Note that since AA mines do such little damage you first have to damage the chopper with other means. For example, you can have your boosting partner land the chopper, damaged it with your repair tool and leave it with 50% health and then deploy your AA mines to get a kill.

    • Get a kill with the old cannon

      For this trophy you have to play map “Operation Mortar” and go to the flag on a hill with tower ruins (B flag in Conquest Small). There are multiple cannons around the perimeter but I suggest using the one that is facing towards the center of the map because it’s facing a path that enemies often use to get to the flag. Just wait for an enemy to come and kill him. See the video below for a visual representation.

      Credit to Harry94_ for the video.

      You can use other cannons as well, but note that the cannons have a substantial reload time and drop-off.

    DLC: Dragon's Teeth

    5 trophies

    • Win two rounds of chainlink.

      Self-explanatory, you have to win two Chain Link rounds. You don’t have to be in a round from the start, so joining a game in progress and switching to the winning team works too. You shouldn't worry too much about this trophy as it will most likely come naturally when going for assignments.

    • Spend five minutes using the Ballistic Shield.

      First, you have to complete the Vanguard assignment in order to unlock the Ballistic Shield. For further information and tips on the assignment, please visit my Dragon’s Teeth Assignments Guide.

      Once you’ve unlocked it, equip it as a gadget (Support only) and the trophy will unlock after you using it for a total of five minutes. You have to have your shield up for the time to count (thanks to csonni for the feedback).

    • Play a round on all Dragon's Teeth's maps

      Simply play all of the new maps - Sunken Dragon, Propaganda, Pearl Market and Lumpini Garden. The trophy should come naturally.

    • Get five kills in a round with the RAWR.

      The RAWR is a remote controlled unmanned ground vehicle armed with a machine gun and grenade launcher. It resembles and handles a lot like an EOD bot, but unlike the EOD bot it's not a gadget and must be picked up instead.

      The RAWR pick-up icon resembles a remote control (similar to the MAV, Mortar and EOD Bot,) located on a crate with “RAWR” written on it. Just like other weapon pick-ups, it may be tricky to pick up the remote due to a bug that's been in the game since the release. When you try to pick-up a weapon or in this case RAWR, your character may drop the pick-up for no reason. Sometimes you'll manage to pick-up the remote with no problems, whereas other times it may take multiple attempts, so keep trying and holding until you manage to pick it up.

      As the trophy description implies, you have to get five kills in a single round. If your RAWR gets destroyed before you get five kills, camp near the pick-up spawn. It will take about 3-5 minutes for it to respawn but there’s enough time in Conquest round to go through multiple RAWR respawns.

      Harry94_ has made a video of all RAWR pick-up locations on PS4. Below the video, you can see the location all maps for both consoles.

      You can see all RAWR pick-up locations in the images below. The images were taken in Conquest Large but contain the locations from both CQ Large and Small (PS4 and PS3 respectively). Note that some maps may contain more than one RAWR and some locations are the same on both consoles. Also, not all Chain Link maps have RAWR pick-ups at these locations, so I suggest going for RAWR kills in Conquest.

      Sunken Dragon

      There is only one RAWR pick-up location and it's the same on both consoles.


      Propaganda has two RAWR pick up locations. One of the locations is exactly the same on both consoles (at A flag on the map above).

      Pearl Market

      There are two RAWR locations on Pearl Market map and they differ depending on which platform you're playing on.

      Lumpini Garden

      There is only one location on Lumpini Garden map and it's the same for both the PS3 and PS4 version. It's outside a building that's next to Bravo flag - notice that it's the building just outside the Bravo flag capture zone, not the one at the flag.

    • Complete all Dragon's Teeth assignments

      This is by far the hardest and most time-consuming trophy in this DLC. One of the assignments requires you to play the DLC for 10 hours so that is the minimum amount of time required for this trophy.

      For full descriptions and tips on how to complete assignments please visit my Dragon’s Teeth Assignment Guide.

      Premium exclusive assignment Phantom Initiate is not required for this trophy.

    DLC: Final Stand

    5 trophies

    • Play all Final Stand maps

      As the description states, simply play a round on all of the DLC maps. These are Giants of Karelia, Hammerhead, Hangar 21 and Operation Whiteout.

      Once you have played a round on all 4 maps the trophy will pop. Note you do not need to win the round or be in the round from the start for it to count.

    • Get a kill by activating the Titan Engines

      Cut into the mountain on the map Hangar 21 is the hangar that houses the Titan prototype. You need to kill an enemy with the exhaust fire after activating the Titan engines to get this trophy.

      At the back of the hangar is a building where you can find the button that activates the Titan engines. When you press this button a siren sounds and after several seconds a blast of fire is shot from the exhausts at the left and right sides of the hangar into containment areas below. Any enemies in these areas will be killed.

      This trophy will require some luck as not only do you need an enemy to be in the containment area but the warning siren and delay gives them a small chance to get out before the engines fire. Keep trying however and you will eventually get the kill.

      Note there is a 90 second cooldown after the button is pressed before it can be pressed again.

      Here is a video showing the location of the button

      Credit to Harry94_ for the video.

    • Get a kill using the HT-95 Levkov, XD-1 Accipiter, Rorsch Mk-1, and Schipunov 42

      The HT-95 Levkov is the official name for the hover tank. For the trophy you can get the kill as either the driver or the gunner, so if you are having trouble getting used to the way the hover tank drives try jumping in the gunner's seat instead.


      The hover tank doesn't spawn at base, instead it spawns at certain flags so you will need to keep an eye out for the tank spawning and try and get it when you can.

      The XD-1 Accipiter is a new battle pickup on the DLC maps. It is a remote operated attack drone that is controlled in the same way as the MAV, unlike the MAV however the Accipiter has a limited lifespan.


      To shoot the Accipiter's minigun press the fire button ( or depending on setup). The Accipiter is also capable of roadkilling people if you are struggling to get a kill with itds minigun.

      The Rorsch MK-1, more commonly known as the railgun is another new battle pickup on the Final Stand maps. It is a single shot weapon capable of killing a person in one shot from any distance (depending on where you hit them) and it also does decent damage to non armoured vehicles. To counteract this however it needs to charge before firing and has a long reload time.



      You fire the railgun more or less as you would any other gun. However as it needs to charge it does not fire immediately when you press the fire button ( or depending on setup). When it is fired the charging time is indicated by 3 beeps and arrows pointing toward the crosshair, once charged the weapon fires. A point to remember when using the railgun is that you can press to steady the scope and reduce weapon sway.

      You may find it quite difficult to get a kill with the railgun as you need to track your target whilst the weapon is charging. Persevere and you will eventually get the kill.

      The Schipunov 42 is the new emplacement in Final Stand. It fires a volley of projectiles, has a magazine size of 4 and is effective against infantry as well as vehicles.



      As with the other AT emplacements you are quite exposed whilst manning the SC-42 so you will need to keep an eye on your surroundings whilst using it. I would recommend trying to kill infantry with the SC-42 as although it can damage vehicles it is far more effective against people and can kill them without the need to reload.

      Pickup Locations

      You can see the locations of the pickups on the images below. Although they were taken on Conquest Large I have included the locations of Conquest Small as well.

      Key to the following maps is as follows:


      • Orange - Same location on Conquest Small / PS3 and Conquest Large
      • Red - Location on Conquest Small / PS3 only
      • Green- Location on Conquest Large only
      • A - Indicates position of a XD-1 Accipiter pickup
      • R - Indicates position of a Rorsch MK-1 pickup
      • H - Indicates spawn position of the HT-95 Levkov

      Giants of Karelia


      Hangar 21

      Operation Whiteout

    • Complete all Final Stand Assignments

      This will be the most time consuming and potentially frustrating trophy in the DLC. There are 2 bronze, 5 silver and 1 gold Final Stand assignments that you will need to complete for this trophy. As one requires you to play for 10 hours and win 10 rounds on each map this means a minimum of 10 hours play time on the new maps and at least 40 rounds although I suspect it will take a lot more rounds than the minimum.

      For descriptions and tips on how to complete the assignments visit my Final Stand Assignments Guide.

      The premium only Phantom assignment, Phantom Operative is not needed for this trophy.


    Secret trophies

    • Get a kill with an icicle

      On the map Operation Whiteout you can pick up one of the icicles from a building at C flag CQ large, B flag CQ small. When picked up this icicle becomes a replacement for your knife and you can use it to knife people in the same way you would any other knife. Get a kill with this icicle knife to get the trophy.

      Note you do not need to run around with the icicle equipped. You can switch back to your gun and play normally as the icicle replaces your knife. However, if you die you loose the icicle and will need to pick it up again.

      A video showing how to get this trophy is below. Even though there are icicles hanging from many of the buildings on this map, it is only this specific one that you can pick up.

      Credit to Harry94_ for the video.

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