Solus War Hardcore Hero Trophy

  • Solus War Hardcore Hero


    Complete all Story missions on Hardcore.

    General notes:
    • The description for this trophy is very misleading because it implies you have to do the Prologue as well but this is wrong, since that Episode has no difficulty options so doesn't count.
    • You can track your progress towards this trophy: Command => Career => Stats then looking in the "Missions" box and seeing which missions have a Medal by them.
    • This trophy only relates to the 8 numbered Episodes in the "Story" menu and not the 5 Operations found in the "Operations" menu.
    • For your convenience, I have created a tracking sheet for this trophy: LINK

    Hardcore mode is available from the start and is accessed by going into the pre-mission options screen for your chosen Episode and changing the "Hardcore" option from "Off" to "On". I don't recommend attempting this trophy until you have played through the story at least once on Normal and/or Advanced, have more Gear items available and levelled up each Battleborn character a few times so they are more powerful. The main change that Hardcore brings to the game is that you only have 1 life so death means instant failure and having to redo the Episode from scratch. Don't let the Checkpoints fool you, as they are only there for stat tracking purposes and won't revive you if you die. If you play in Co-Op, then you will only wipeout if everyone else dies before they can revive you.

    For Episode specific tips, see the following trophies:

    Divide by Zero Hour
    Mister Wolf's Wild Ride
    Shock the Trooper
    Remnants of Codex
    Traps and Treasure
    Desperate Measurements
    A Booming Business
    A Tyrant Undone

    For general tips, see Solus War Hero Advanced but see here for an in-depth walkthrough of every Episode: LINK.

    You can also attempt this trophy with randoms during the weekly Hardcore Spotlight that runs from late Friday to sometime the following Monday. The Hardcore Spotlight is broken down into the following categories and runs in a 3 week loop so you get a new one each week, before it repeats itself:

    Hardcore Spotlight: Bliss (Episodes 1-3)
    Hardcore Spotlight: Ekkunar (Episodes 4-6)
    Hardcore Spotlight: Tempest (Episodes 7 and 8)

    Hardcore Spotlight notes:
    • The Hardcore Spotlight is pre-set to Advanced difficulty so adjust your tactics accordingly.
    • I strongly recommend doing this solo, because the difficulty scaling goes crazy once you start adding more players into your game.
    • The Hardcore Spotlights only apply to the main story and not the Prologue or any of the DLC Operations.
    • You must finish Episode 8: The Heliophage (on any difficulty), before the Hardcore Spotlight will permit you to access it.

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  • Does this mean both difficulties or can you get this from only normal mode?
  • i'm looking for help with this trophy and lore challenges. psn: girls_with_guns (eastern time zone, -5 GMT) thanks
  • Add or invite me. Going for the platinum. Got mic.
  • @1: You can do this on Normal or Advanced :).

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