No Rest for the Wicked Trophy

  • No Rest for the Wicked


    Win 30 Story missions or Versus matches.

    • The description for this trophy is a little misleading because you can actually get it through a combination of Episodes and Versus matches but it is unknown if the DLC Story Operations will count towards this.
    • You can track your progress towards this trophy: Command => Career => Stats and looking at the "Matches Won" and "Missions Completed" stats.
    • I'm not 100% sure but I think the Prologue counts towards this.

    If this hasn't popped by the time you have Commander and Collector and Tour of Duty, then create a Private Versus lobby (Main Menu => Versus Private => Versus Maps - Classic) and use the following settings:

    Character Select Style: PvP Classic
    Bots on Team 1: Fill
    Bots on Team 1: 1
    In Game Chat: Leave on the default
    Data Center: Use Optimal.
    Choose Map: Capture - Outback

    Now choose any character you please but my preference would be for Montana, since he's built like a tank and can take and deal a lot of damage. Once the game starts, go ahead and capture all 3 Energy Collectors then focus on keeping the Enemy bot away from them. If all goes to plan, you will win the match in 4-5mins. Rinse and repeat for as long you feel up to it.

    Do note that losing a Versus match or failing an Episode, will void that attempt and force you to replay it from scratch until a win has been achieved but you can make life a little bit easier for yourself by using the following controller setup:

    You are going to complete way more than 30 Episodes and Versus matches whilst going for the /100% so don't worry about this trophy.

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