Allied Reinforcements Trophy in Battle Islands: Commanders

  • Allied Reinforcements


    Donate a unit

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  • The easiest way to achieve the last 3 Alliance related trophies is to create a junk account on your PS4 or if you already have another account is it. Play the game for a bit with that other account to where you have enough currency to create an alliance. You'll have to wait an hour before you can request a unit. After that, request a unit. Now go back to your normal account you usually play with. After that hour passes, join the alliance that you created with the junk account. Go to Replay tab and share a replay. Go to Alliance tab, click on All Messages until it changes to Donations and you will now see the donation request from that other account. Donate any unit. You will now be able to get these last 3 all in one go. Allied Reinforcements New Recruit Intelligence Debriefing

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