Unobtainable Platinum - Due to Server Closure, August 2023


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 39 (28, 9, 2)
  • Online trophies: 12 (11, 1)  Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum:40+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3
  • Number of missable trophies: 3 (Silent Knight, Flawless Display, Point-Counter-Point.)
  • Glitched trophies: None known specific to a trophy, but some glitches are present which have forced people to start over.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: You need to play on normal or above to unlock NG+
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None


Batman: Arkham Origins is the third game in the critically acclaimed Arkham series, taking us back to 2 years after the Bat began his work, displaying a more brash Batman, and where some of his biggest feuds began. Black Mask has hired 8 assassins to kill Batman on Christmas Eve, so instead of waiting eagerly for Santa Claus, he must go out and stop Black Mask and his assassins. Also included for the first time is multiplayer, pitting Bane and Joker's gangs against Batman and Robin in the unique 2v3v3 game mode.

Despite the developers changing hands to WB games, this plays very similarly to the previous games, although there are a few more bugs and the combat is a little more problematic with camera angles. However, anyone who platinumed the previous two games should not have trouble with this as the main concern, the challenge mode, is considerably easier.

There are three missable trophies, but as there are three playthroughs (normal, NG+, IATN) most of them have multiple attempts at them. You should definitely also look out for the Worst Nightmare challenges and Silent Knight from the start, as you may run out of predators where these are possible quickly. With Worst Nightmare, you can die purposely in IATN mode to get the predators back again, but this won't work for Silent Knight. The other two missable trophies. Point-Counter-Point and Flawless Display take part in the Deathstroke and Shiva battles respectively.

As is standard in the Arkham games, there are a wealth of collectibles and side missions. For the multiplayer, you will need exactly 8 people to boost some of the trophies, as some trophies are near impossible otherwise, and you are in for a grind for max level.

Step 1- Play through the story
For this step, simply play through the story. Make sure to do the Worst Nightmare track and Silent Knight as you go along right from the first real predator to save a headache later and attempt the Point-Counter-Point trophy when you reach the Deathstroke fight. Also, it's a good idea to return to the batcave and talk to Alfred whenever you can. You should also go to any Crime in Progress. You can collect any collectibles you come across, and do any side missions you want, although this will be covered later and isn't necessary yet.

Step 2- Most Wanted Missions, collectibles and Dark Knight challenges.
Next, clear up everything you can do in singe player. Any Most Wanted missions or crime scenes you have to complete, do so (Remember to do Flawless Display in the Shiva most wanted). Then find/destroy all 270 collectibles which will be on the map after beating up all of the informants. The first two Dark Knight Challenge tracks are still possible in Free Roam (although rank 15 of Gotham Protector is harder) so do those too.

Step 3- New Game Plus
After completing the story, you'll unlock NG+. There's not much to say about this one really other than what's in the guide. Any missable trophy you didn't get in the first playthrough, make sure you get it now. Side missions aren't required in NG+ unlike Arkham City.

Step 4- I Am The Night
After NG+ you unlock IATN. You only have one life so make regular back ups and restart from checkpoint whenever it seems like you'll die. Again, not much I can really say about this step that's not already in the guide.

Step 5- Challenges
Finally for single player, now you are fully used to the combat and predator gameplay, get all 288 medals, distributed into 72 for Ranked Maps, 108 for campaigns, 72 for custom challenges and 36 for Combat Training. See the guide for all relevant tips.
GLITCH: There is a very beneficial glitch involving the DLC. Provided you have the patch installed, delete it, and upon getting 3 medals in a training challenge you'll unlock BOTH Initiation DLC trophies, whether you have the DLC or not. If you've done all of them already, replaying any one will have the same effect.

Step 6- Multiplayer  (Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023)
Next move onto multiplayer. 8 players are required for a couple of trophies, and some are extremely difficult to get legit so see the trophy boosting thread. The boosting will consist of misc trophies and level grinding to get to the max level. See the guide for boosting methods.

Step 7- Clean Up
If you have any trophies left, get them now. Once you get all of the trophies, you'll get your plat. Congrats!

Special Thanks

Vyrastas- For the Trophy Guide Template.
PowerPyx- For all trophy videos.
ESYLD- For the banner and headers
Obie83- For the Point-Counter-Point method.
Mattigummi- For pointing out that IATN can be reset even after completion
Harry94_- For getting the video links for me
Buttercup- For doing an early correction sweep

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Initiation DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 2 (2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-10hrs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Challenge Mode (Ranked: 72 Medals, Campaign: 108 Medals)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


"Initiation" is a DLC challenge map pack for Arkham Origins, the DLC features 5 new challenge maps (3 combat, 2 predator) and Bruce Wayne as a playable character (Initiation Bruce Wayne, Vigilante Bruce Wayne). You are not required to complete any of the 5 new challenge maps in order to achieve 100% but you should check them out; especially the 'Rite of Passage' campaign which features an interesting, albeit short, narrative of Bruce's 'initiation'.


Step 1: Ranked
For this Step you'll want to earn all 72 Medals across the original Arkham Origins Ranked maps for Bruce's Revenge. To break it down, that's 3 Medals for each of the 12 combat maps and 3 Medals for each of the 12 predator maps. Whilst Bruce Wayne lacks some of Batman's gadgets the combat moves and stealth techniques are essentially the same so nothing too difficult. See the Guide for more details on this Trophy.

Step 2: Campaign
For this Step you'll want to earn all 108 Medals across the 12 original Arkham Origins Campaigns for Campaign Ninja. Once again you'll have to use all the given modifiers during a campaign and you have 3 retries at your disposal. By now you'll know what to expect in each map so again nothing too difficult. See the Guide for more details on this Trophy.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7 3)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 2 (Master Wayne, Come Out of the Cold)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


"Cold, Cold Heart" is the final DLC for Arkham Origins. A single player narrative that takes place after the events of the main game, it focuses on the origin of Mr Freeze as he crosses paths with Batman for the first time. Gameplay wise it is the same as the core game; you'll be completing objectives which include combat and predator rooms. Notable additions to the DLC are a new suit and additional gadgets for Batman.

It will take you roughly 3 hours to achieve 100% and all of the trophies can be earned in a single playthrough. There are 3 story-related trophies which are unmissable (Let it Snow, Drilling for Justice, and For Auld Lang Syne), 3 trophies related to side objectives (Paint the Town Red, Breaking the Ice, and Down with the Revolution), 3 trophies related to combat (Snowjob, Stalact-tactician, and Come Out of the Cold) and 1 miscellaneous trophy (Master Wayne) for a total of 10 trophies.

There are 2 missable trophies. The first one is Master Wayne, which, if you do happen to miss it would not take long to earn by starting a new game as it unlocks very early in the story. The second one is Come Out of the Cold. The opportunity to fulfill the requirement of this trophy is particular to specific situations that take place towards the end of the story. Unlike the rest of the trophies this cannot be earned in free roam once the story is over. See the trophy guide below for more details.


Step 1: Story, ensuring you get the missable trophies.
For this step you will play through the story by completing the primary objectives. You will also want to focus on the 2 missable trophies outlined above. By the end of this step you will have: Master Wayne, Let it Snow, Drilling for Justice, For Auld Lang Syne and Come Out of the Cold. See the guide below for more details.

Step 2: Clean up.
For this step you will want to earn the remaining 5 trophies by completing the side objectives and combat related requirements. Whether or not you worked towards these trophies during step 1, they can all be earned in free roam once the story is over. By the end of this step you will have: Paint the Town Red, Breaking the Ice, Down with the Revolution, Snowjob and Stalact-tactician. See the guide below for more details.


OhArrTeeEyeZee for the videos
RickCoronel for the Anarky tags map
hsishi for Breaking the Ice tip
rotoninja for Come Out of the Cold tip


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Batman: Arkham Origins Trophy Guide

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63 trophies ( 12  48  15  )

  • Congratulations!

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    You should know what to do by now. Get all other trophies for this plat.

  • Shut down an entire Tower Network

    Throughout Gotham City, there are towers, one in each district. You get introduced to them early on, and you are required to destroy two to advance in the story. Destroying them opens up a fast travel point in the area it is located in, and reveals Network Relay locations on the map. To get this trophy, you'll need to shut down a tower, then destroy all 10 Network Relay stations in that area. One batarang will do. They are green lights, and as they are all on the map (once you destroy the corresponding tower), they aren't hard to find at all.

  • Decipher one Extortion File

    See Enigma Unravelled for more information on the collectables in this game. Find any one set of Datapacks to unlock an extortion file and this trophy.

  • Collect all Enigma items

    Enigma items come in two forms in Arkham Origins. Datapacks, of which there are 200, and 70 Network Relays. Datapacks are collected in similar ways to riddler trophies in the previous Arkham games, and network relays are destroyed by batarangs.

    They all can be shown on the map. Datapacks are revealed by going to the Enigma informants marked on the map and interrogating them, revealing a set of 10. Network Relays are revealed by destroying the tower in the corresponding area of the map, as described in Shut Down.

    The network relays are no trouble at all. However, some of the Datapacks require a puzzle to be solved, and some can be quite tricky. Also, a lot require gadgets that you do not have until late in the game, so it is best to save these for after you have done everything else. Some also are in buildings that are not accessable until reaching them in the story. The 20 informants will reveal every location to you, but if you need assistance with any of the puzzles, GamesRadar has a great guide for all 200 Datapacks, sorted by group:

  • Collect every collectible

    This trophy description is misleading. Only the collectibles for the 'Enigma Unravelled' are required, then one isolated collectible after. The Anarky tags and Pinkney Plaques are therefore not required. Once you have collected all 270 collectibles for the Enigma Most Wanted side mission, you will be prompted to return to his HQ. You'll find you are now able to destroy the PC, and the jammer preventing you from previously opening the adjacent door is gone. Hack the door, follow the path and press when you reach the wall with a question mark. Inside you'll find a riddler trophy like the ones in Arkham Asylum and City, and you'll unlock this trophy upon collecting it.

  • Complete a Most Wanted entry

    There are nine Most Wanted entries in total. The first one you unlock is Enigma, but the first you can achieve is Anarky, when you first leave the Final Offer shortly after achieving One Eye Open. For more details on this side mission and the other ones available, see Clean Streets.

  • Capture all of Black Mask's Assassins

    You learn early on that there are 8 Assassins out to kill Batman. You capture all but two through following the story. The other two require Most Wanted missions to capture. The two that you do not capture in the main storyline are:

    • Deadshot- You can start his Most Wanted mission by going to the SOS broadcast you receive about half way through the story.
    • Shiva- For more information on the Shiva Most Wanted quest see Flawless Display

    Also note that not every one of the assassins are marked as captured in the Database. As long as they have red writing over their image they are dealt with. After all eight have been captured or otherwise, the trophy will unlock.

  • Master the Shadow Vigilante Dark Knight track

    The Shadow Vigilante track focuses around combat. The challenges must be completed in order and are not retroactive. Below are the Shadow Vigilante challenges:

    1. Perform 5 Counters
    2. Use the Quickfire Batarang 3 times in combat
    3. Reach x8 Combo Multiplier
    4. Perform 3 Special Combo Takedowns
    5. Complete a Fight without leaving focus mode
    6. Score a Variation Bonus of 3
    7. Knockdown at least 3 enemies with explosive gel
    8. Knockdown two enemies with one slide
    9. Perform a Counter in the middle of a beatdown
    10. Get an A grade in a fight with at least a high threat level
    11. Use the power gadget ability 3 times
    12. Perform 20 critical strikes in one combo
    13. X30 multiplier and 7 variations in a single fight
    14. Take out 3 or more enemies with the multi-ground takedown
    15. In a fight, don't get hit and get at least 50x combo and 15 variations

    For assistance in any of these tracks, see the Dark Knight Challenges guide

  • Master the Gotham Protector Dark Knight track

    The Gotham Protector track focuses around crimes in progress and gliding. The challenges must be completed in order and are not retroactive. Below are the Gotham Protector challenges. Also note that number 15 is extremely difficult to obtain after a certain part of the game due to one of the areas no longer stopping street crimes, but it carries over to NG+:

    1. Perform a 75m glide (no grapnel accelerator)
    2. Perform a 25m dive
    3. Complete the 4 basic AR drills
    4. Perform a Grapnel Accelerator Takedown
    5. Stop a crime in progress
    6. Use a Smoke Pellet to set up a takedown
    7. Perform a 250m glide (including grapnel accelerator)
    8. Reach the top of the Soder Cola building in Diamond District
    9. Perform a 150m glide (no grapnel accelerator)
    10. Complete the Intermediate AR Glide Drills
    11. Knockdown 3 enemies with a single shockwave attack
    12. Perform a 50m dive
    13. Complete the advanced AR drills
    14. Glide for 25m while maintaining a height less than 5m
    15. Stop a Crime in Progress in each district

    For assistance in any of these tracks, see the Dark Knight Challenges guide

  • Master the Worst Nightmare Dark Knight track

    The Worst Nightmare track focuses around predator encounters. The challenges must be completed in order and are not retroactive. If you somehow don't finish these by the end of your IATN playthrough, you can die on purpose to reset that mode and get a shot at all of the predators again. Also note that these can't be done in the predator challenge maps. Below are the Worst Nightmare challenges:

    1. Perform an Inverted Takedown, Vent Takedown and Wall Takedown
    2. 3 Silent Takedowns in a single encounter
    3. Finish a predator encounter unseen
    4. Use a Sonic Batarang to lure an enemy into a takedown
    5. Complete a Predator Room without detective vision
    6. Perform a Vent, Explosive Gel, Corner and Hanging Ledge takedown in one encounter
    7. Complete a Predator without using takedowns
    8. Complete a Predator without detective vision and remain unseen.
    9. Perform a Grate, Inverted, Knockout Smash and Ledge Takedown in one encounter
    10. Complete a predator with at least a high threat level unseen
    11. Take out an enemy with the sonic shock batarang
    12. Complete a predator with at least a high threat level utilising at least 5 different takedowns
    13. Eliminate 3 enemies within the duration of one smoke pellet
    14. Eliminate 3 enemies with one propane tank
    15. Pull 2 enemies over separate railings at the same time

    For assistance in any of these tracks, see the Dark Knight Challenges guide

  • Master the World's Greatest Detective Dark Knight track

    This track is unlike the others. To complete this track, you simply must unlock 66% of the database (the final tab in the menu). Levels of the track start at 10% and you advance a level every 4% gained.
    There are 4 types of database, and all contribute to this %.

    • Casefile Report- Completing the nine cases. See Crime Scene Investigator for more details.
    • Profiles- You will unlock profiles as you progress through the story and Most Wanted missions. You also gain completion by collecting the Extortion Files/ Datapacks.
    • Gotham Intel- You gain entries in this by finding and scanning the Anarky and Pinkney collectibles. See Voice of the People for Anarky tags locations, Pinkney isn't needed for anything else and you can do without for this.
    • Synopsis- You'll complete this part of the database after completing the story.

    You don't need to go out of your way for this, getting all of the side missions and collectibles got me this naturally.

  • Complete all Dark Knight challenges

    You'll unlock this trophy after getting the last of the four above. See those trophies for more details on what is needed to do. See the Dark Knight Challenges guide for help on the three more difficult challenge tracks.

  • Complete all Casefiles

    There are nine casefiles in total. Two, the Coventry Tower Deathtrap and Lacey Tower Murders are story related and cannot be missed. Helicopter crash is part of the Deadshot Most Wanted, and starts at the SOS broadcast on the map. The other 6 are given to you one by one as you complete them. The Casefiles themselves are fairly straight forward, as you are pretty much walked through it by Batman's dialogue. Search for red triangles to find clues, and when prompted to, use rewind reconstruction to look for items of interest mentioned by Batman. After you solve the crime, you are given a location of the culprit in the case of the free roam casefiles, and you must go and beat them up before advancing to the next case. After the final case, Crime Alley Shooting, this will unlock.

  • Stop 20 Crime in Progress

    While travelling through Gotham City, you'll occasionally hear a GCPD radio talking about something going on, and the top right corner will point you towards the crime in question. There will be quite a few enemies at each to defeat, but nothing too taxing. It's best to take these as they are given to you to prevent running around at the end to find them. You should hit 20 by the time you have everything else done.

  • Hear everything Alfred has to say

    Alfred is situated in the batcave. You can use on him to listen to some dialogue from him from time to time. Whenever you get the chance after leaving buildings you enter as part of the story or a boss battle, return to the batcave using fast travel, look for Alfred (he has 3 or 4 spawn points) and speak to him. For some you may get xp for 'Alfred's Wisdom', these are the ones that you need.

    There has been some discussion about whether this is missable or not. Some have claimed going back and forth from the batcave, speaking to him everytime and eventually getting the trophy (albeit some repeat dialogue) despite not talking to him much in the story. Others such as myself didn't have such luck, and had to do this in NG+. It is best to talk to him whenever you can as stated above, and if you don't get the trophy, speak to him a few times more after the story is over.

  • Obtain all the medals on Combat Training maps

    The Combat Training maps are sort of a mixture of Combat and Predator challenges, in the sense that it is combat, but to get medals you need to pull off certain moves rather than racking up points. The combat training maps are unlocked when you encounter new enemies and get new upgrades (A map will not unlock until you have everything required to get 3 medals). They are not hard to do at all, and shouldn't take more than a couple of tries each, I got them all on my first try. Complete all 12 maps with all 3 medals on each to unlock this.

  • Obtain all the medals on Custom maps in Challenge mode

    The custom maps aren't difficult. They are the ranked maps (see medalist for tips, but you can choose any boosters you want to work with. Therefore you can just choose the 3 positives which are health regeneration and one hit batarang, and infinite shock gloves for combat or faster movement for predator. By the time I had got through the ranked and campaign maps, I already knew what to do to get the medals, so I got the medals first, then spammed my batarang near enemies (:l2) to finish it quickly. Activate the shock gloves (+) at the start of combat maps to rack up high combos to get more points (each hit adds two to the combo). After completing all 24 maps to 3 medals, you'll get this.

  • Acquire all upgrades

    There are a total of 59 upgrades. They are distributed into Close Combat Upgrades, Invisible Predator upgrades and Auxiliary upgrades. The first two- which have 21 and 23 upgrades respectively, are unlocked using upgrade points which you receive when levelling up. You get XP by completing objectives, encounters with enemies and collectibles. It's possible to get enough in one playthrough (including doing every side mission and collectible) but you'll be cutting it extremely close. But you should definitely get enough by the end of NG+ and everything else, I had 8.5m spare xp with only I am the night mode left.
    Then there are the 15 auxiliary upgrades, which are unlocked by doing the most wanted missions and getting to level 3 and 10 in the first three Dark Knight challenge paths. You don't need to purchase these, they are automatically unlocked when you complete the required task. See Clean Streets and Legend of the Dark Knight for help unlocking these upgrades.
    All upgrades are carried over to NG+. Once you have bought or unlocked all upgrades, you'll get this trophy.

  • Reach x50 Combo

    If you've played the previous games in the series, you should be familiar with the combat. If you get hit, blocked or you go too long without hitting anyone you'll break your combo. This isn't as bad as it may seem, as you will receive shock gloves through story progression. Once it is charged, and you activate them with +, it is impossible to be blocked, and every hit adds x2 to the combo (x3 if it is also a critical). As long as there are enough enemies this enables you to easily get this trophy.


  • Complete a predator encounter without ever being spotted

    This trophy is best combined with Silent Knight, please see that trophy for more details on getting this one.

  • Take down 100 enemies who didn't know you were there

    This is cumulative, as long as you stay quiet through all the predators you should get this by the end of your third playthrough. See Silent Knight for tips on taking down as many enemies as possible silently. If you don't have this by the end, go around Gotham and take out enemies on rooftops without them spotting you until you get the trophy.

  • Complete a predator encounter using only silent takedowns

    A silent takedown is when you takedown someone from behind without them seeing you, and as the name suggests it is unheard. Firstly, any predator encounter in the story will do, as long as none have armour (as these can't be taken down silently). This is considered missable, as if you never get this you will have missed it, and eventually all predators will have armoured enemies. I used the predator in the GCPD building. Use detective vision to find isolated enemies, from vantage points fly down behind them, take them down with and quickly press to get back up to higher ground again (As while it is silent, it is likely someone will alert the others to the body). Then repeat for all the other enemies. Most of the time, the enemies will eventually group together out of fear making this a little more annoying, so also use smoke to your advantage and throw it at the group to silently take down them without being seen by the rest of the group.

    Note that if you get spotted, you can still perform silent takedowns as long as they lose you, although Anyone see that? will be negated. After taking down an entire room of enemies with silent takedowns only, this will pop, and Anyone see that? will also pop if you did it without being spotted.

  • Glide across Bridge without touching ground

    For this, I started on the pipe just south of the bridge, just about in the Coventry area. To cross the bridge without touching the ground, you will need to utilise the grapnel accelerator (,,). Whenever you get the grapple prompt (unless you are really close to it), do the grapnel accelerator move and you'll get a burst of speed and fly right over the thing you are grappling onto. Repeat the grapnel accelerator trick until you are safely on the far end of the bridge. There are plenty of overhead wires to make this simple.

  • Use the Batwing to travel to all Fast Travel points

    As mentioned earlier, there are towers in each district, making 7 in total. After taking out a tower, a fast travel point will be opened in that area. Some will require gadgets to access, so you will not be able to take down the northern-most tower until you get the glue grenades, so therefore you will need to be that far in the story before you can get this trophy. After you've taken down each tower, fast travel to each location to unlock this trophy.

  • Successfully battle Shiva without taking any damage

    To unlock the Shiva Most Wanted and the oppurtunity to get this trophy, go to this point on the map located in the spoiler tag. I highly recommend having the shock gloves for this first for reasons I'll cover below:

    There you'll find an apparent crying baby in a pushchair, but as soon as you investigate you find a tape recording and you get ambushed by Shiva. She sends you to a location of an innocent man about to be killed. Go inside the building there, destroy both of the generators, defeating the ninjas who ambush you, and set the man free. Next, follow the blood trail to find the other cop, only to get ambushed again by Shiva.
    Next you are directed to a confrontation with Shiva, where you will get into a battle and where you must not get hit to get this trophy. I did it by jumping around a lot, hitting a ninja every time and countering when they tried to counter me. Everytime I got a combo move, I used the takedown (+) to take down one of the ninjas quicker. Around the time I had Shiva and one ninja left, I had the shock gloves fully charged, and I used those to wail on the final ninja, the enemies afterwards and of course Shiva. Remember to look out for counters the entire time to avoid getting hit, and don't try to dodge blade attacks (the yellow circle) as it risks getting hit. This took me a few attempts, don't take damage at all and you'll get the trophy. If you don't get this the first time you do it, you still have NG+ and IATN mode to do it. However it is much easier in the normal mode for obvious reasons.

  • Complete Deathstroke without failing a single counter

    This trophy can be extremely frustrating. Believe it or not, it is probably easier to get this on your NG+ playthrough despite the lack of counter icons, as to make the method I will outline below more effective, you will need to have the upgrade that gives you combo moves at x5 combo rather than x8, but this is still possible to pull off without it.

    This method consists of using the batclaw slam (+ then ) over and over. When you get a combo move, do a takedown (+). If you hit him too many times consecutively, he will counter you with a move that doesn't have counter icons even on normal, and can be difficult to counter. In addition to the batclaw slams, I would occasionally jump over him and hit him just once.

    After taking a bit of damage from him, he'll stun you then jump at you and spam you with strikes which you must spam counters in return. Then you'll be able to beat him down. The second phase should be treated in the same way, except if he hits you you'll need to hit counter twice with good timing. Also, Deathstroke may attach a remote claw to you and a propane tank will be launched towards you which you will need to counter before impact. Then the same stun sequence will repeat, and go into the final stage. Still keep the same tactic, but if he counters you you will need counter 3 times in response. Next there is one final stun sequence before the fight ends. If you didn't fail a counter, you'll get this.

    A massive thanks to Obie who brought this tactic to my attention. I didn't get hit once with this method. If you don't get this the first time you do it, you still have NG+ and IATN mode to do it.

  • Use every Freeflow Focus gadget in one combo

    There are five Freeflow Focus gadgets you can use. The button prompts are:

    • Batarang (,)
    • Explosive Gel (+, repeat to detonate)
    • Batclaw Slam (+,)
    • Concussion Detonator (+)
    • Glue Grenade (,)

    The earliest you can do this is upon unlocking the glue grenade. Find a good amount of enemies together for this. Start the fight, then go through the list doing these one at a time, with a normal strike between each one. Be careful to not get carried away either and still counter and dodge to avoid getting hit. Make sure you are accurate with your gadgets, especially the explosive gel as if you miss you break the combo and have to start over. If you fail a couple of times in a group and there are too few enemies to get all of these in one combo, consider abandoning that group and looking for another. Once you get all of these in one combo this will unlock. This took a few tries for me.

  • Glide 26 miles total

    This is most likely impossible to miss while going through the story, doing side missions and collecting the datapacks. I got this naturally around 3/4 into the story. You don't need to worry about this.

  • Obtain all medals on the original Ranked Maps in Challenge mode (as Batman)

    Unfortunately, the tricky Challenge mode returns in Arkham Origins. Those who platinumed Arkham City will be pleased to know however that these are considerably easier than the ones from previous games, so if you had no problem with those, you should have no problem with these either. They can be a bit hard to tackle for those who haven't done challenge maps before. They are split into combat and predator. In combat, you need to get a fixed number of points while in Predator you need to do certain tasks to gain medals. These are further split into normal versions and extreme challenges. The normal ones will all be unlocked by the end of the story, while to unlock the extreme challenges you need to complete the first four campaigns (See Olympian), or are unlocked through NG+. In extreme variants, enemies are of more powerful variants, of higher numbers and the medal requirements are tougher. You should also note that for the predator challenges you'll need upgrades, the hardest being the Sonic Shock Batarang at Worst Nightmare rank 10. There are 24 maps in total, 12 of each type and 72 medals up for grabs in total.
    General tips for the Ranked Maps:


    • Hit, jump, repeat. When you get a combo move, jump into a group of enemies and use the bat swarm (+) to gain points. As soon as you get enough charge for the shock gloves, activate them.
    • Try not to get hit. Jumping continuously can do the trick but sometimes it is necessary to counter too so don't neglect it. If you remain unhit for the entire challenge, you get 7000 points in bonuses (500 for each round and a 5000 bonus for not getting hit in the entire fight). Also, if you don't break the combo during a round you get 1000 bonus points.
    • For armoured or Titan enemies, you can use a combo takedown (+) if you wish, but you will lose potential points from that enemy, and you can gain a lot more from the bat swarm. You will be able to take down these enemies easily with the sonic shock gloves.
    • The ground takedown (+) when an enemy is on the floor can be effective for points if pulled off but is dangerous as it is impossible to counter an enemies strike while in this move, so use it at your own risk. Definitely use it on the last enemy if possible, or the last couple if the rest are stunned or on the floor.


    • Take your time. You don't need to do the medals on the first enemies you KO. Some are a lot easier when there are less enemies left, so wait. If you get spotted, swing quickly around the vantage points and wait for them to lose sight of you.
    • Make full use of detective vision. In some predators, there is an enemy with a jammer, so take him out first (except for one where you need to leave the jammer enemy until last, disrupting the jammer won't negate the medal as long as you keep that enemy standing).
    • Use PowerPyx's videos. They are an invaluable help for getting all three medals in a fast time, indicating the best spots for some medals. The playlist can be found here: Batman Arkham Origins - Predator Challenges - YouTube
    • Use your gadgets wisely. The Remote Claw can be used to quickly attach non-armoured enemies to vantage points, the Sonic Shock batarang can be used to lure enemies to where you need them to be, or blown up for an easy knock down.
  • Obtain all medals on the original Campaign maps in Challenge mode (as Batman)

    Campaigns are three Ranked maps in a row, which must be done in one sitting. They are either in the order combat-predator-combat, predator-combat-predator, or all three of one type. There is an extra curveball, with 3-5 modifiers, good or bad, that all need to be used at some point in the campaign. There are 12 campaigns, with 9 medals each making 108 medals in total.

    Below are some general tips for the campaigns:

    • Pick your boosters wisely. You have unlimited retries on the first map so it is advised to pick the boosters you are most likely to struggle with for the first map, with positive boosters for the ones you struggled with in the solo ranked maps. Some negative boosters can actually work in your favour such as premined predators, these can blown up to take down enemies. Some campaigns have a free medal booster, save this for ones you are least confident about.
    • However careful you were in the solo maps, be even more careful in campaigns. It isn't a race. As already mentioned, you only get 3 retries past the first map so don't waste them. It may have been standard for you to restart instantly if you mess up, like it was for me, if so, no longer do this unless you are absolutely sure it's impossible to do.
    • There's no harm in redoing the solo maps until you are absolutely confident in successfully completing a map regularly. If you struggled on a map, replay it if you barely scraped through it.
  • Scan 20 Anarky Tags

    Across Gotham City, there are hidden Anarky Tags on buildings only visible using detective vision. There are 24 in total, but for this you only need 20. Refer to this video for locations, full credit goes to PowerPyx.

  • Complete all Most Wanted missions

    There are nine Most Wanted missions in total.

    • Enigma- Unlocked after taking down the first tower, see Enigma Enravelled and First Riddler Trophy for more details on this.
    • Anarky- Unlocked after leaving the ship early in the game. You need to defuse three bombs and then take out Anarky and his thugs in the courthouse.
    • The Penguin- Unlocked after escaping the GCPD. Go to the points on the map, take out the nearby enemies then use your disrupter on the crates. There are 6.
    • Deadshot- About midway through the game you'll get contacted about an SOS broadcast. Do the crime scene there, and then do the predator with Deadshot in the Bank.
    • The Mad Hatter- Unlocked after escaping the GCPD. Go to the point and do the freaky platforming inside, then defeat the enemies.
    • Bird- You'll get contacted about a gang fight. Break this up and you'll learn about another fight, do the same for that one. You'll need to scan something nearby, then go to a club, and defeat Bird and his goons.
    • Escaped Blackgate Prisoners- I unlocked this after doing all crime scenes and other Most Wanted missions (except Enigma). Go to the 20 separate criminals on the map, and take out each group with them.
    • Shiva- See Flawless Display for more information.
    • Black Mask- After leaving the steel mill, you'll get the location of 6 drug stashes to destroy with Explosive Gel. After doing all 6, do the predator in the church.

    Complete all 9 for the trophy.

  • Complete New Game Plus

    New Game Plus is unlocked after completing the story for the first time on medium or above. All your upgrades, collectibles and Dark Knight challenges are carried through to NG+. The tougher enemies come earlier in the game, and are higher in frequency. Finally, there are no counter icons so you need to rely on looking for enemies trying to hit you to counter, or continuously jump over enemies. You don't need to do side missions again so you can just go straight to objectives. This will pop at the final cutscene.

  • Finish I Am The Night Mode

    If you think you were done with the story at NG+, that was just a warm up. I Am The Night Mode is exactly the same as New Game+, but you cannot die- die once and IATN mode is reset. Luckily it autosaves so it doesn't have to be in one sitting unlike some games, so you can also back up your save to a USB or PS+ before dangerous moments in the story to prevent losing your save. Another feature you can take advantage of is restarting the checkpoint. If you are low on health, you can restart before you die and suffer no penalty.
    You'll have completed the game twice before so this isn't really bad, especially with the two measures mentioned above, but you should take things slow and not risk doing side missions as it just offers more chance to die.

    However there are a few times when it is really easy to die. A list of these are situated below:

    Hostage Situations- In some predators an enemy will grab a hostage, if they see you it's game over.
    Firefly- In the Firefly boss battle, when you go flying into the air after grappeling onto him, you will fall off, you must immediately regrappel or you die.
    Environmental hazards- some can kill you instantly. For example the electric water in Blackgate.
    Joker- In the final confrontation with Joker, you must hit counter or he will shoot you and it's game over, so close to the end

    This will pop in the final cutscene.

  • Take down 6 different Elites in a match, using 6 different methods as Batman or Robin in multiplayer

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    For this you'll need a full lobby (or 7, as long as Joker and Bane are both full) and this is best done in a private match as this is nearly impossible legit. As a hero, you must do 6 different takedowns on different enemies.
    Takedowns you could do include:

    • Silent Takedown
    • Ground Takedown
    • Inverted Takedown
    • Ledge Takedown
    • Grate/Vent Takedown
    • Exploding Gel
    • Explosive Batarang (Batman Only)
    • Reverse Ledge Takedown
    • Corner Takedown
    • Knockout Smash

    Any 6 of these will do. Communication is key to make sure you don't do a repeat move or takedown. Then repeat with whoever is Robin. Note that if the intimidation meter hits max the game will end, so the Elites who have already been taken down should go and kill the hero not boosting repeatedly to avoid hitting the top, ending the game. As soon as the sixth takedown is done, you'll get this. You'll also get Know Thy Enemy at the end of the game.

  • Reach max level with the Joker faction in multiplayer

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    See Gotham All-Star for more details on levelling online.

  • Reach max level with the Bane faction in multiplayer

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    See Gotham All-Star for more details on levelling online.

  • Reach max overall level in multiplayer

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    In Arkham Origins, you gain XP separately for Bane and Joker's factions, while these contribute to your overall level along with XP gained as a hero. The max level for each is 30. When you are max level for the factions, you won't quite be at level 30 overall, so will need to get a bit more XP as a hero. The best way to level up the factions are to find a control point and do the following:

    1. One team (should be Joker's gang) captures the middle (or any) objective.
    2. The other team hops in and out, gaining 25xp.
    3. The team who originally captures, recapture gaining 125xp.
    4. Use the tactical dart as Bane's gang and shoot the other player or Batman whenever possible to gain 200/300xp a go.
    5. While this is going on, Batman should scramble the other objectives repeatedly to gain 400xp per time
    6. Repeat for the matches duration.

    To occasionally increase your xp earnings, open Penguin crates, which may contain xp boosts. Once your overall level hits 30 you'll get this, and when your faction levels hit 30, you'll get their respective trophies too.

  • Kill a Hero to bring back your entire gang when at 0 reinforcements on a full multiplayer server

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    For this you'll need a full team of 3. The number of people on the other teams do not matter, although to boost faster, a full lobby is preferable. This can also be boosted in a private match. One team needs to keep killing the other until the other team have no reinforcements left. Then, kill all but one of the players remaining, who won't respawn. Then, let the last man standing kill Batman or Robin, and the last persons team will respawn, getting him the trophy. Then repeat this for the other two players on the team with no reinforcements. Then, the team who just got the trophy should start killing until the other team is on 0 reinforcements then repeat. You'll need to do this again in a new game for the people who were the heroes.

  • Win a round of each map with each faction in multiplayer

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    There are four different maps on multiplayer:

    • Wayne Chemical Plant
    • Blackgate Prison
    • Joker’s Funhouse
    • Wonder City Robot Factory

    For this, you must win a game on each map as all three factions (Bane, Joker, Heroes), meaning 12 games in total. This can be done legitimately but it is easier to boost this in private matches as you can choose your map you need easily. You cannot choose your faction, but can make the odds of being the faction you require higher by choosing your preferred faction in options > game options. Note you need a minimum of 3 to start a private match. You'll need 36 games minimum to get the trophy for all 3 of you.

    The quickest way to win a match on private as an elite is to capture all 3 control points, which decreases the enemies' reinforcements much faster, then killing them until you win. As Batman/ Robin, just KO enemies until you win. Using variation in your takedowns increases the intimidation meter much faster.

    WARNING: Hunter Hunted does NOT count towards this trophy.

  • As a Hero, defeat 4 Elites within 40 seconds without using melee in multiplayer

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    This is another one that is nearly impossible legit, the easiest way to do this is boosting with 5 people minimum. The easiest way by far is putting explosive gel on the floor, getting 4 elites to crowd around the gel, then blowing it up. Otherwise just don't tap at all.

  • As an Elite, earn 4000 XP in a single multiplayer match

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    If you are using the boosting method located in Gotham All-Star, you should be regularly hitting and surpassing this every match. If you aren't boosting XP, this isn't too bad either, as if you win the game you get half of what is required, so you can easily make up the other 2000 by taking the objective and killing the opposite faction.

  • Fully upgrade a weapon in multiplayer

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    For this, I recommend just sticking with the first gun you have until you get the trophy. You gain weapon XP separately to other XP, and the max level for it is nine. Once you've hit max level the trophy will pop. Similar to regular xp, you can get boosts out of Penguin crates.

  • Earn a level of prestige in multiplayer

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    After reaching max level with both factions and overall, go into Character loadout and there will be an option to prestige. Do so for this trophy. See Gotham All-Star for more information on levelling easier.

  • Defeat each of the enemy players at least once in a multiplayer match

    Unobtainable - Server Closure, August 2023

    You will get this alongside Predator Paragon, after the game is over. See that trophy for more details.

    WARNING: Hunter Hunted does NOT count towards this trophy.


Secret trophies

  • Identify Black Mask's assassins

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    You will start the game in Blackgate Prison. After advancing through, you'll come to a boss fight with Killer Croc. He isn't too difficult to beat, stunning him will allow you to cause damage, and when he starts throwing propane tanks, you can throw batarangs at them to decrease his health even further. After defeating him, you'll come to the batcave. You'll need to access the computer, and you'll get this shortly after the cutscene.

  • Defeat Deathstroke

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    You will find yourself in The Penguin's boat, The Final Offer. Right at the end of your time in the boat you will encounter Deathstroke. There's also a missable trophy associated with this fight, Point Counter-Point, and all details of this fight will be found there.

  • Who is the Joker?

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    Later you'll be drawn to a crime scene for the supposed death of Black Mask. Scan the evidence indicated by red triangles and rewind the reconstruction to find new items when prompted. You are pretty much walked through the crime scenes on this game so you shouldn't have much trouble solving it. Once you are done with the crime scene, you'll get this trophy.

  • Find the Black Mask

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    After the crime scene above, you will have to infiltrate the Police Station. After this you will go into the sewers, then will need to head to the Gotham Bank to find Black Mask. After the cutscene where you find him, the trophy will unlock.

  • Save a life

    Story Related and cannot be missed.

    You will find yourself in a Hotel. When you reach the top, you will get into a fight with Bane, who is extremely strong due to Titan. You'll need to use ultra stuns (,,) followed by beatdowns (mash ) to inflict damage on him. When you have an orange combo meter, use the Combo Takedown (+) to partially destroy his titan canister.
    The fight will eventually move to a rooftop, where Bane will go crazy and be incredibly hard to hit. Use the other enemies to increase your combo, then do the same Cmbo Takedown as before. There are also times where he is still, so you can use the ultra stun and beatdown combo. Repeat until the fight ends. After the resulting cutscene the trophy will unlock

  • Story Related and cannot be missed.  This is unlocked after completing the game.

    The main threat here isn't the Joker, but the previous fights with Bane. For the first phase of the fight, use the same methods outlined in the One Rule trophy. Eventually a cutscene will play, Bane will inject himself with more Titan, massively inflating him and Batman will destroy the floor. Then you'll be in a little cat and mouse battle with him, and you'll need to get to where he can't see you and take him down to take down his health. After this you'll continue on to a few more enemies then to a cathedral where you will find the Joker. This is extremely simple, you just need to hit him a couple of times then it will go into a beatdown section, ending the game. This will unlock in the final cutscene.

DLC: Initiation

2 trophies

  • Obtain all 72 medals on the original Arkham Origins ranked maps (as Bruce Wayne)

    As mentioned in the Road Map, you need to earn all 72 medals on the original Arkham Origins Ranked maps, just like you did with Batman for Medalist in the core game. As such you are not required to complete any of the 5 new challenge maps for this Trophy. Bruce Wayne plays just like Batman, albeit with some differences in the gadgets he possesses. The medal requirements for both combat and predator are not difficult to fulfill, especially with the tips provided in the following Supplement (credit to x410xDragon and luffybuggy for this): LINK

  • Obtain all 108 medals on the original Arkham Origins campaigns (as Bruce Wayne)

    As mentioned in the Road Map, you need to earn all 108 Medals on the original Arkham Origins Ranked maps, just like you did with Batman for Olympian in the core game. As such, you are not required to complete the 'Rite of Passage' campaign made up of the 5 new challenge maps for this Trophy. By now you should be familiar with every medal requirements on each map after tackling them on Ranked. You also have 3 retries available on every campaign that you can use at anytime. See here for a text Guide (credit to shrapx for this): LINK

DLC: Cold, Cold Heart

10 trophies

  • Find all Activist tags in Cold, Cold Heart

    There are 12 Anarky tags scattered around Coventry and Diamond District. Just like the main game, they need to be seen and tagged in Detective Mode. Whilst 11 of them can be found at anytime, the final one (#12 on the map below) is not available until after you collect the second cryodrill part in Diamond District as part of the story. Once you have found all 12 Activist tags the trophy will unlock. A video guide as well as a map of the tags' locations can be found below (credit to Gaming Since Gaming):


    Credit to an unknown person for the image.


Secret trophies

  • Take no damage when playing as Bruce Wayne


    This should be the first trophy you unlock if you do not miss this. You need to ensure you do not take damage at all from foes when playing as Bruce Wayne up until you suit up as Batman. It's not difficult at all; in the combat sections the counter icon is displayed as enemies are about to attack and in the predator section you simply need to sneak up behind enemies and perform silent takedowns. To make this trophy even easier, you can restart checkpoints at any time if you do take any damage and try again. A video guide can be found below (credit to Codebreaker1234):


  • Receive the Extreme Environment Suit (XE Suit)

    First story-related trophy, cannot be missed. The trophy unlocks once you equip the XE Suit.

  • Assemble the cryonucleation tunneller - the cryodrill

    Second story-related trophy, cannot be missed. The trophy unlocks once you collect both parts of the cryodrill.

  • Stop Freeze and bring Boyle to justice

    Third and final story-related trophy, cannot be missed. The trophy unlocks once you complete "Cold, Cold Heart".

  • Free all civilians frozen in cryogenic ice

    There are 20 civilians frozen in cryogenic ice, found in both indoor and outdoor locations of Coventry and Diamond District. They cannot be freed until after you equip the XE Suit. However, you are able to approach and analyse them at any time, which marks their location on the map system. Freeing the frozen civilians simply involves approaching them and holding to break the ice they're in. Once all 20 civilians have been freed, the trophy will unlock. Even though they are much easier to find than the Anarky tags, a video guide can be found below (credit to Gaming Since Gaming):


  • Stop Anarky thug operations in South Gotham

    There are 4 Anarky thug operations in South Gotham that must be stopped for the trophy. 3 of them are available as soon as you arrive in the Coventry district but the 4th one is not available until after you equip the XE Suit and have completed the previous 3. Stopping the operations involve knocking out Anarky thugs and later destroying bombs. A video guide can be found below (credit to Batman Arkham Knight):


  • Get 3 enemies frozen in one attack

    For this trophy, you need to get 3 enemies frozen in one attack. The easiest way to accomplish this can be seen in the video below. You can also use a cryogenic fluid canister to freeze 3 enemies simultaneously (credit to NamelessDreadx37x):


  • Takedown 2 enemies with one stalactite

    To earn this trophy, you simply need to aim and throw a thermal-charged batarang at a stalactite when 2 enemies are below it so that it drops and knocks them both out. A video guide can be found below (credit to LUKYNOfyi):


  • Perform 3 ice wall takedowns


    To unlock this trophy, you need to perform 3 ice wall takedowns. This trophy is missable because there are very limited opportunities to complete the requirements and it cannot be earned in free roam. There are 2 ice walls during the predator situation in the Organics Research Lab and at least 2 ice walls during the final boss fight. Also, performing ice wall takedowns on the final boss count towards the trophy, despite not actually knocking him out.

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