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    Get a 100 hit combo

    How to unlock LEAGUE OF SHADOWS


    This may be the hardest trophy in the game but is quite attainable. The main problem is that there is only one confirmed place to achieve this. When you're looking for Shock Batarangs in the Administration building, you'll hear The Joker mentioning that it's "pretty funny" that you're attempting to beat him up. Soon after you'll be swarmed with thugs in which 3 will require beatdowns. Each beatdown will land you 23-25 hits so this is the ideal place. The problem lies within enemies being able to hit you while countering so you'll constantly be spamming . Try to keep a good balance of thugs on both sides of you and watch for the unblockable attacks by the knife thug. If you mess up early, simply just restart the checkpoint and you'll be right there again. Here's a video courtesy of skroq to show where and how:

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  • Got it second try after watching this video, thanks! Adjusting to the difference in combo speed (from console Arkham games) was the biggest hurdle in getting this for me.
  • Can't seem to get this for the life of me. I keep getting 70-80, then getting hit or screwing up. Are there any costumes that give you abilities or anything that will help in any way?
  • Well dont upgrade your melee abilities to get more hits. Also, if you screw up reload before killing all thugs because the game auto saves after the last one which means another playthrough to make this trophy worse. Lesson I learned.
  • Yeah your right this one is tough. I am having difficulties as well. Tried both countering and attacking approaches but no luck so far.
  • This one is really frustrating. Make sure that you are very quick when tapping "O" to cape stun. If you press it too long, he crouches instead. I'm not sure why they wouldn't disable crouching in fight mode, but it took me a while to figure this out. I was going to buy this again on PS3 for the Plat, but this trophy has changed my mind.
  • Funny me too on the PS3 purchase but I not sure if I can stomach this trophy again. Everything else trophy wise was pretty easy. The game is on sale this week but I really don't know. Seems like I had to leave a couple of big guys towards the end and that was the successful strategy for me if I recall. One of the final big guys tries to screw you right around hit number 98. He got my twice. I really wanted to wring the neck of the developer who thought that would be cute.
  • I found this trophy difficult to obtain as doing any of the following ends the combo: - being hit by the enemy - blocking when no one attacking - punching and hitting no one - punching and hitting an enemy whilst they're blocking I ended up getting the trophy by ONLY blocking (press TRIANGLE once) when the attack symbol appears. Batman will block and counter-attack. Pressing the TRIANGLE multiple times would stop the combo, so only press it once. It took a few attempts however was a much easier method.
  • F*ck this trophy, after 5 hours still not able to get it, My highest is 89
  • I've been at this for hours. I comboed this part before and got less than 100 without powerups. #7's way works, I got to 99 (before messing up) only attacking the beatdown guys and countering everything else. Not easy. Charging my vita, then back at it.
  • Obnoxious as hell. Doing this trophy gives a clear indicator for why there is so little combat in this game. The controls are really inconsistent and unresponsive pretty frequently. I did end up getting it but it sure felt like a lot of luck. Basically, I focused on getting the beatdowns going on the purple thugs, which usually means only getting attacked from behind while wailing away. Those attacks are easy to counter and then go back to beating on the guys. The hard part was transitioning between thugs without failing. -Don't mash the attack button. Doing so can often result in punching air and ending the combo. -Don't let dudes get to bunched up around you or they will throw attacks you can't counter. Punch them away once in a while. -Use the cape stun and vault moves to contr
  • HAHA, not possible if a batman is upgraded LOL. Idiotically UNOBTAINABLE. Hint : do not go to this section late in the game....
  • i get one purple guy down, that's the best i can do. 43 hits or some rubbish. not to mention my vita is some 2nd hand piece of crap and the control stick keeps going up even at rest.

    combine all that with ridiculous 3 button combat and guys always trying to punch and kick you in the back its the most retarded crap i've ever seen in a game in a long, long time, and the dev should reconsider his career.

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