• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 31 (17, 7, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: Approximate Time for Platinum: 20-22 Hours (10 hours for 1st playthrough, 10 hours for 2nd and 3rd playthroughs)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3
  • Number of missable trophies: 4 - Bad Case of the Mondays, LEAGUE OF SHADOWS, World's Snazziest Dresser and The Collector
  • Glitched trophies: See Step 0 for further information
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is a stand-alone, game from the WB Studio's Batman Arkham series that takes place a few months after the events of Batman: Arkham Origins. The game essentially is a 2-D platformer with 3-D elements with a "Metroidvania" type playthrough system. In other words, the game requires you to backtrack many areas of the game to retrieve new/updated gear to progress in other areas of the game. The game features a similar combat system to its big brother games, as well as the gear you acquire and detective cases within the game separate from the story. The game does not require XP to level up, instead your gear and its upgrades are conveniently hidden within the confines of Blackgate Prison. Lastly, the game requires 3 playthroughs while defeating the 3 main bosses (The Joker, Penguin and Black Mask) in a different order (or at least who is defeated last) prior to facing the game's final boss. Doing this will net you a different Bat Suit part required for World's Snazziest Dresser and The Collector.


Step 0: Knowing what to expect and what to do:
The game for the most part is straight forward and will feel kind at home for veteran Batman: Arkham players. The platinum trophy on the other hand is quite complex as the game doesn't give you much information to a couple trophies. Furthermore, the game has several things that separate it from the console versions that you may or may not like.

Scanning: Not to be confused with Detective Mode, scanning involves using the touchscreen to analyse objects, clues and collectables. This also includes interactive objects to progress through the game. For the most part, you must scan all items at least once to interact with it to use your gear on it. For example: If you want to hit an alarm with your Batarang that's already highlighted in Detective Mode then you MUST scan it first, however, the clues for cases required for the World's Greatest Detective trophy usually require Batman to be in close proximity of the clue to be scanned which makes this system even more complex.

Map Navigation: One of the biggest drawbacks of the game in my opinion is its poor map design. As mentioned, the game plays on a 2-D format, but the game also has a lot of 3-D navigation like interacting with backgrounds or moving within the background. Unfortunately, the game’s map is only 2-D which can cause some frustration and even getting lost during multiple playthroughs. When in doubt, always scan the area to look for hints within the map.

Fixed Glitches: At launch, this game was full of bugs and glitches that prevented many players from accessing certain areas or obtaining certain items that would block requirements needed for the trophy it's related to. Fortunately, Patch 1.01 released on 07 Dec 13 seems to have fixed all reported problems. I have personally went through the game again post patch and didn't have any problems.

Step 1: Complete the story in any order, complete all Detective cases and find all available collectables/upgrades (optional):

As with most games, in this Step you'll unlock the majority of the trophies. You'll also want to mind the two missable trophies Bad Case of the Mondays and LEAGUE OF SHADOWS. Both technically can be achieved through another playthrough but this should be attempted in your first playthrough when you have an un-upgraded Batman, see those trophies for more info. You'll also make your first Step towards World's Snazziest Dresser and The Collector.

The main game is divided in three areas: Cell Block, Administration and Industrial. Each area has a main boss and a sub boss as well as destructible items that mirror the area's boss. Once you scan one of the destructible items (e.g. Penguin's Bird Cages) they will always be highlighted which is very helpful.

If you have collected all available of Batman's suit parts up until this point, you should obtain the Blackest Night (Zombie) Suit. Wearing this makes you impervious to damage which will help you speed run and plow through your preceding playthroughs skipping very annoying areas and be able to cheese the bosses. It's up to you whether you want to find all upgrades in this playthrough or not, but I found it simpler to collect upgrades than bypassing them and some may help with a few sections if needed.

Towards the end of the game you’ll be prompted with a point of no return message. It's okay to proceed but after the end of the game you'll have the option to Continue or start NG+, make sure you hit Continue on your save file if you haven't completed your collectables side quests.

In this playthrough you should unlock:

Last Laugh
Cobblepot's Plot Was All For Naught
Face Off
Domestic Disturbance
CSI: Blackgate
Now You're Getting It
In the Flow
Armored Edition
Talk to the Hand
Cage Match
Born on a Monday
The Man Who Sometimes Misses
Fresh Beats
He's Sleeping
Oral Hygiene
Bird on a Wire
Unnecessary Roughness
Grave Digger
World's Greatest Detective
Cat Scratch Fever
Bad Case of the Mondays

and depending on your path:

Flew the Coop or Party Pooper or Circuit Breaker

Step 2: Complete NG+ defeating a different boss last:

In NG+ all Detective Case clues and Bat Suits will carry over. Your upgrades and WayneTech gear do not, thus requiring to search for it all over again but you can skip finding upgrades until Step 3 as it's the last step needed for The Collector. Also, if you missed Bad Case of the Mondays or LEAGUE OF SHADOWS then you can do it here.

Depending on your choice, you may unlock:

Flew the Coop or Party Pooper or Circuit Breaker

Step 3: Complete NG+ again, defeating the one boss you haven't defeated last, last and re-collecting Armor/Rush/Gauntlets:

During this playthrough, if you see an unopened WayneTech box, go ahead and collect it as you'll have to re-collect all of Batman's upgrades to fulfill the requirements for The Collector. Also of note if you see a [?] and an open box, then it was a Bat Suit part previously collected and can be ignored.

If you have done all the Steps in this order then you should unlock:

Flew the Coop or Party Pooper or Circuit Breaker
The World's Snazziest Dresser
The Collector

and hopefully:

The Dark Knight

 [PST Would Like to Thank rotoninja for this Road Map]

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Trophy Guide

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31 trophies ( 17  8  )

  • Unlock All Other Trophies

  • Find every pickup and detective case


    Another complex trophy based on the lack of information it provides. For this trophy you must:

    • Complete all 14 Detective Cases (see World's Greatest Detective)
    • Find all 3 Rush upgrades
    • Find all 3 Gauntlet upgrades
    • Find all 8 Armor upgrades
    • Gel Launcher Proximity Upgrade
    • Acquire all Bat Suits in game (see World's Snazziest Dresser)

    You do not need to find the Joker's Teeth, Penguin's Bird Cages and Black Mask's Masks.

    The reason this trophy is considered missable is due to the requirements for the World's Snazziest Dresser trophy. If you miss one of those you will be forced to go through the game again to meet its criteria.

  • Defeat Joker

    This fight is pretty annoying the first time round. When the fight starts, immediately knock him down with your line launcher. In the next phase he'll shoot at you 3 times with a pistol, just roll towards him when the targeting gets close. After his third shot he'll reload and if you're close enough then you can combo him. In the next phase he'll run around with a stun stick. Quick fire your explosive gel on the ground with and stun him as he runs at you, you can then combo him once again. You'll need to do this 3 times. For the last phase he'll release his Joker gas thus setting up a time limit in which you have to beat him. He'll mix up his previous attacks to kill you during this so just counter them with the previous methods.

  • This fight is also a pain first time through. During this fight, you need to disarm all of Penguins thugs before attacking him. Do this by using the grapple hook from behind them. You can distract them be hitting the extinguishers or by firing your gel on the ground. Once they are cleared, get above Penguin and glide kick him, follow up with a takedown and a mini QTE (Quick Time Event). Rinse and repeat with each phase adding more thugs and flying drones. The drone can easily be taken out with Batarangs or Explosive Gel.

  • Defeat Black Mask

    Easiest boss of the game. Scan both the first lamp and the wall alarms. Batarang the alarm on the far right. Black Mask will go nut so take this time to cut the lamp and go into the grate under it. Traverse the right side of the map under him. Pop up on the other side and Batarang the left alarm and quickly go back underneath and move to the left under him. When he slowly walks over, take him down with .

  • Catch Catwoman in Gotham City

    This trophy is earned during the intro/tutorial of the game, counter her attacks like a normal thug and initiate a beatdown when the appears above her head.

  • Complete your first detective case

    See World's Greatest Detective

  • Get a 12 hit combo

    Simple enough and it may be your first trophy.

  • Get a 25 hit combo

    There are a many fights were you can earn this, especially any fight that has a thug that requires a beatdown as that usually lands 23-35 hits.

  • Get a 50 hit combo


  • Get a 100 hit combo


    This may be the hardest trophy in the game but is quite attainable. The main problem is that there is only one confirmed place to achieve this. When you're looking for Shock Batarangs in the Administration building, you'll hear The Joker mentioning that it's "pretty funny" that you're attempting to beat him up. Soon after you'll be swarmed with thugs in which 3 will require beatdowns. Each beatdown will land you 23-25 hits so this is the ideal place. The problem lies within enemies being able to hit you while countering so you'll constantly be spamming . Try to keep a good balance of thugs on both sides of you and watch for the unblockable attacks by the knife thug. If you mess up early, simply just restart the checkpoint and you'll be right there again. Here's a video courtesy of skroq to show where and how:

  • Beatdown 10 thugs

    Self-explanatory. Press to cape stun and to start the beatdown on them, this can be done on any thug.

  • Perform 20 stealth takedowns

    Self-explanatory. Press undetected behind a thug for a silent takedown, this can be done while under a grate as well.

  • Die from inhaling gas

    The Administration area is literally filled with the Joker's green gas, just walk around in there and wait until you die from exposure.

  • Unlock the Zombie Suit

    The inventory calls this suit the Blackest Night suit. Keep a constant look out for [?] images during the game to retrieve the parts. This makes you impervious to damage. Plus, it looks cool.

  • Complete all detective cases

    There are a total of 50 clues spanning 14 cases throughout Blackgate Prison. You must sweep the screen looking for magnifying glasses and analyze clues to solve the cases. Many require appropriate gear to reach and most have to be close to Batman to analyze making this quite time consuming.

    You may use a detailed text/picture guide created by jmac92123 here:

    World's Greatest Detective - Detective Clue Locations

  • Find and destroy all Joker teeth

    Just like Batman: Arkham Asylum but much easier to find and they explode on contact, there are 20 in all. You'll probably run into them by accident and get them without trying, just scan and Batarang them.

  • Find and destroy all Penguin bird cages

    Similar to Joker's teeth, these will explode on contact and may even land on you. There are 20 in all and they are not that well hidden. Just scan and Batarang them.

  • Find and destroy all of Black Mask's masks

    These are a little trickier to find as they don't explode and are stationary. Once scanned they'll show as yellow in Detective Mode so aren't too hard to find.

  • Obtain all Batsuits attainable through gameplay


    This trophy is kind of complicated as the path to it is quite ambiguous. In order to get this trophy you need to find all available Bat Suit parts in the game that are marked with a [?] on the map. Three of the four suits will be missing a part to complete it and only one is available per playthrough and it's boss specific. In other words you need three playthroughs, each with a different boss for the last boss prior to reaching Arkham Wing. For example you may fight the bosses in this order:

    Joker - Black Mask - Penguin (New 52 Suit Path)
    Penguin - Black Mask - Joker (Red Son Suit Path)
    Joker - Penguin - Black Mask (One Million Suit Path)

    After finding out Catwoman's scheme she'll send you on a scavenger hunt involving 5 traps that were created by the last boss you defeated. After you find/complete the last trap, ensure you pick the Bat Suit piece located at the last trap! Specifically, Black Masks' boxes are not close to the circuit breakers so you'll have retrace your steps. If you do not and move onto NG+, it will require another playthrough for that boss path.

  • Find all armor upgrades

    There are a total of 8 upgrades marked by a [?] throughout the prison.

  • 2112


    Find all RUSH upgrades

    There are a total of 3 upgrades marked by a [?] throughout the prison.

  • Find all gauntlet upgrades

    There are a total of 3 upgrades marked by a [?] throughout the prison.


Secret trophies

  • Defeat Bronze Tiger

    This is an extremely simple fight that's recycled from the Catwoman fight. Just follow the counter and stun prompts when available and roll to dodge his jump attacks.

  • Defeat Solomon Grundy

    If you're not going for the Case of the Mondays fight, this is still pretty easy. Scan both the sewer exhausts and electric panels. You'll want to place explosive gels on the sewer exhausts and detonate them as he runs over it. While he stumbles, Batarang an electric panel that is connected to a wire that he can run into to shock him. Rinse and repeat two more times. You can easily roll through is charges.

  • Fairly easy boss fight. Move from cover to cover while he takes to aim at Batman. This will lead you to a simple thug fight in a building followed by you being forced to huddle behind a wall. Batarang the spotlight (he seems irritated with it) to blind him then Line Launch across to end the fight.

  • Defeat Catwoman

    Catwoman is the final boss of the game and pretty annoying. The first phase is similar to your first encounter with her. In the second phase she'll blind and attack you, the problem is that you can't see her or the counter prompt. Also, for some reason it seems as if there is a delay when you press . When her eyes appear is when you can counter with . If a stun is available you'll be prompted with a , do so and beat her down. The third phase there will be phantom images of her feigning attacks. Just wait for a counter prompt where you'll have to time three straight times with , , followed by a beatdown when the appears above her head.

  • Defeat Grundy using the Shock Batarang and water


    You'll need the Shock Batarang from the Administration area before starting this fight. Simply scan the large puddle on the ground. When Grundy does his charge attack, Batarang the puddle and fry him. If you don't have the Shock Batarang you'll have wait until your next playthrough. It is best to avoid the Industrial area until you acquire the Shock Batarangs as you don't want to initiate the fight without them.

  • Defuse all Joker presents

    If the Joker was the last boss before final boss, you'll have to search for 5 presents armed by the Joker. Each has a box that will give a [?] for the next present. The presents are disabled using the Crypto Sequencer. When you disarm the last present, there will be a Bat Suit piece at the last box. Make sure you grab it.

  • Rescue all Penguin hostages

    If the Penguin was the last boss before final boss, you'll have to search out 5 hostages guarded by armed thugs. Each hostage will have clue for the next hostage marked by a [?] on the map. When you save the last hostage he'll be sitting on a box that contains a Bat Suit piece, make sure you grab it.

  • Disarm all Black Mask junction boxes

    If the Black Mask was the last before final boss, you'll have to search out 5 explosive boxes armed by 3 circuit breakers. When you initiate the sequence, you'll have to use Detective Mode to search them out and each one has a time limit. Use your Gel Explosive on the breakers and detonate them by pressing , , at the same time. You may have to retrace your steps to the box that contain the clue and mark [?] for the box. The last box contains a Bat Suit piece, make sure you retrace this one as well and grab it.

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