Lost Property Trophy in Batman: Arkham City

  • Lost Property


    No crimefighter should be without this

    How to unlock Lost Property

    Story related. If you want more info, continue reading. Otherwise, know that this will unlock through the natural progression of the story.

    At the end of the first Robin section, you’ll find a piece of Batman’s equipment that he should have on him. There will be a group of about eight thugs around him. Once you knock them all out, the scene shifts to Batman and the trophy will unlock shortly after.

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  • can't believe once I got all the addons completed. they bring a new one.
  • Hooray! Robin DLC!
  • When will it be released. Anyone know?
  • @Plas I can't really guess, however I can probably tell you the price will most likely be around $9.99 USD, seeing as how that's the price of the Catwoman bundle.
  • damn lots of DLC that iam gonna play BMAC....BRING IT BATS!!!! >:D
  • I gotta say Rocksteady really improved, they promised us a better sequel and they truly surprised us. Cant wait for Arkham World.
  • like a mask?
  • when is it gonna be availble, can't find it in the ps store.
  • It'll be released on May 29 (in the UK, at least).
  • Cannot wait!
  • you'll get this after beating all the henchman staring at batmans belt.

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