• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 21 (4, 8, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 7-10 Hours (Estimated Time to Plat Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: All cumulative trophies (see Glitch Warning)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: There are NA and EU lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Introduction: Welcome to Barbie’s first outing on the PS3. As you would expect, this is an incredibly easy trophy list that could probably be completed by almost anyone. What you may not have expected, however, is that it would be an incredibly grindy experience. Between having to rescue around 45 puppies for a specific trophy and every dog being on an energy timer despite the game having no microtransactions whatsoever, this is a game that will possibly test your patience if you aren’t into such games.

GLITCH WARNING: There is a possibility that cumulative trophies such as Winning Smile and Ton of Fun will not pop when they are supposed to. This can be fixed by simply reloading the game, after which the trophies should start popping once you rescue a puppy and get partway through the vet minigame. If you fear that a trophy hasn’t popped when it should, make sure you reload right away because if you wait, you’ll likely trigger more trophies and by the time you get around to reloading the game, you may end up with 4 or 5 trophies at once, which may look suspicious to the uninformed viewer.

Step 1: Kennels, Teeth, and Obstacles, Oh My!:

The trophies that you will want to focus on first are Winning Smile, Ace Instructor, and Take Me Home as once you get these done, your path towards Flea Flurry will go much more smoothly as you will be able to just go through the motions with each puppy once the former two are done. Once you have every kennel, you will be able to invest bones into the best puppy decorations for each puppy, halving wait times for energy regeneration (you make as many bones from graduation as you spend on the best decorations, so between graduation and the three minigames per dog, you will still be profiting from this). You should also be working on Power Player at this time as playing with your dogs is entirely optional, so you’ll have to make an effort to be there for your dogs if you want this trophy.

Step 2: Aren’t Fleas Just the Worst?:

At this point, you should be focusing on getting dogs in and out as fast as possible, investing in decorations for all of your puppies and making sure your kennels don’t fill up. By doing this, you will be on the fast track to getting the roughly 45 puppies you need for Flea Flurry along with, hopefully, the platinum.

Step 3: It’s Time to Clean Up:

You likely won’t have to do this as you should have gotten everything else, naturally, from going for Flea Flurry, but if you have something left, then refer to the guide to see how to do it.

[PST would like to thank Walter-kun for this Roadmap]

Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue Trophy Guide

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21 trophies ( 4  )

  • Earn all of the trophies in the game

  • Complete a rescue mission

    When you go out to rescue puppies, you’ll notice that your phone will start ringing after some time has passed. Answer the phone with , follow the arrow to the destination, utilizing your map if you have to ( to open it), and complete whatever the game has you do. Afterwards, simply return to the rescue shelter with the pup to get this trophy.

  • Name a stray puppy

    When you bring a puppy back to the rescue shelter, it is very likely that you’ll have to give it a name. Just enter in anything you want or use the random button to let the game pick a name for you and this trophy is yours.

  • Find a perfect home for a puppy

    When you send a puppy off for graduation, there is a likely chance that you will have to find a suitable owner for it. You will be presented with a list of six potential owners and upon highlighting one of them, you’ll get a profile of them on the upper-right corner along with a profile of the dog on the lower-right corner. In between the two profiles is a caption that tells you if the owner and the dog are a good match. Unfortunately, while the game will define a good owner as someone whose profile is similar to the dog’s profile even if one or two details don’t match, all six details have to be perfect matches for this trophy. Thankfully, this isn’t too hard to figure out as long as you look at the profiles instead of just going by the match indicator and even then, there’s a good possibility that you’ll get this naturally as in most cases, there are only one or two potential owners anyway and there’s a good chance of them being perfect fits.

  • Play with a puppy in the Kennels

    See Power Player for more details.

  • Find a puppy by following its paw prints

    This is an alternate method of finding a puppy. When your phone starts ringing, instead of answering it, open up the map with and see if there are any markers on the map that look like a paw print. If there are, go to that marker. Once you go to the marker and accept the mission, you’ll just have to follow the paw prints that appear on the ground (there’s an arrow to help you if you get lost somehow or can’t see the paw prints as they’re fairly small). I personally recommend staying off of your bike for this as it will just make it harder to make tight turns, which makes this take longer. Once you see a marker with a puppy on it, just select it with to get your puppy and the trophy.

  • Earn the trust of a puppy in hiding

    When you find a puppy, there is a chance you will have to get it out of hiding. This brings up a minigame where you have to look at what the puppy wants on one side of the screen and push the in the corresponding direction according to a wheel on the opposite side. Once you do this three times without messing up, you will have to press to collect the puppy and get this trophy. This is a fairly common occurrence early in the game, so this will be one of your first trophies.

  • Find a puppy in the hedge maze

    When you find a puppy, there is a chance that you will have to go into a hedge maze and find the puppy. Just guide Barbie through the maze with the and find the dog. You can bring up a shot of the entire maze with and I recommend doing so as it will allow you to map out the best route to get to the puppy. Don’t worry about the bones as they only add to your bone count, which you won’t need help with.

    If you somehow don’t have this by the end of the game, try going for missions in the suburbs area as this area has a good chance of spawning a hedge maze due to the hedges lining the area.

  • Guide a puppy out of the storm drains

    When you find a puppy at a sewer entrance on the sidewalk, you will have to guide it out in a minigame.

    You will start out at the exit where you will have to move the flashlight until you see the dog. I personally recommend moving along the pipe so you can map out the route to the exit before you find the dog. This is especially helpful when the dog spawns in the middle of a long straightway as it will let you know what direction to go in.

    Once you find the dog, just move the flashlight to where you want it to go and, as long as it can see the light, it will move towards it. Unfortunately, it can’t see the light through corners, so you’ll have to wait for the dog to reach a turn before you start guiding it down the next part of the path. I recommend ignoring the bones along the way as they only increase your bone count, which you won’t need help with.

  • Give dental care to a puppy

    This is one of the vet minigames that will trigger upon sending a puppy to the rescue shelter and consists of two minigames that have to be done twice each.

    First, you will have to select a tooth using the and press to select it. If you select a tooth with a cavity or some bad plaque, you will go into the appropriate minigame. It may be hard to find the appropriate tooth if it’s on either side of the puppy as the skin of its mouth may be covering up the damage, but if you have trouble finding a tooth, just select each tooth until you get a bad one.

    For cavities, you will be treated to a timing minigame where you have to hold until the arrow on the right side of the screen meets with the orange part of the bar. The arrow moves somewhat fast as it nears the orange section and it doesn’t bounce back when it hits the top, so it may take a couple tries at first, but thankfully, messing up just lets you try again with that tooth and doesn’t reset any progress.

    For plaque, you will have to do a Simon-esque minigame where the game will flash four directional inputs at you and you have to copy them exactly once it’s done. This is incredibly easy to do as long as you’re paying attention, but if you screw up, you’ll just reset that minigame and won’t lose any progress.

    Once you’ve fixed all four teeth, you’ll get the trophy.

  • Teach a puppy to "stay"

    This is the final part of the obedience minigame, which consists of three parts and will be one of the possible minigames that you have to do for dog training.

    For the first part, you’ll just have to pull the dog towards you with the if it either stops or runs ahead of you. I personally recommend just alternating between and for this part as unneeded presses will not count against you at all and this will allow you to zone out for a bit, which may be necessary given how grindy the game is.

    For the second part, the game will switch to a side view and you’ll have to press the correct button as you approach the street corner to have the puppy sit. You shouldn’t have any trouble with this since while the button prompt is kind of small thanks to the developers specifying that the button must be pressed (presumably opposed to licking it or having your dog eat it), it still shows the appropriate button and you’ll have plenty of time to figure out what you need to press anyway.

    For the final part, you simply have to back up using and press a button command when the game tells you to. You won’t have as much time for these and missing it will reset this entire part, but it should still be more than enough to press the button in time.

    You’ll get your trophy once you’ve done all three parts.

  • Clip a puppy's nails without making a mistake

    Don’t worry, this trophy really isn’t that hard at all. This is one of the possible dog grooming minigames and you will see it quite a bit, so you’ll have plenty of chances.

    In this minigame, you will start off with the game telling you what numbers correspond to which nails on the dog’s paw. If you’re having trouble with this awkward set up, it may be useful to note that the game will only have them in two different orders: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 4, 3, 2, 1, which are left to right and right to left, respectively. Thinking about it like this will make it easier to find the appropriate nail.

    After a short amount of time, you will get the order in which you have to clip the nails, represented by the numbers they were assigned. Simply look at the nails in whatever order the game put them in and then use + to clip the appropriate nails. Beware that if you clip the wrong nail by accident, the game will just do nothing, so if you mispress the buttons, it may be hard to tell. That said, this shouldn’t give you much trouble and once you do this for both paws of a puppy without clipping a nail out of order, you’ll get this trophy.

  • Bathe, blow dry, and brush a puppy

    This minigame is one of the possible dog grooming minigames and consists of a whopping four parts, though they’re all very short.

    The first part consists of you putting shampoo on the dog by using the to hover the shampoo over the dog and holding + to pour shampoo on the dog. Unfortunately, you can’t move the bottle at the same time as you drip out of it, so the best strategy for this is to hover slightly ahead of the dog and stop at the end where it stops so you can get some shampoo in at that moment. It may also stop in the middle of walking, allowing you to get some drops in if you’re lucky enough to be near it.

    The second part is exactly the same as the first part, just with a shower head instead of shampoo. The same strategy applies here.

    The third part of this is thankfully far easier than the first two as you will just have to move the circle cursor with and keep it on the dog, which is very easy to do for the few seconds that you have to do it. You don’t even have to press other buttons as the hair dryer runs automatically.

    The final part of the minigame involves you following some prompts where you must hold the in the indicated direction until you brush the dog’s hair. This is also very easy and you will have to do a mere three prompts to clear this part.

    Once you’ve done all four parts, you will get this trophy.

  • Rescue 25 puppies

    You will get this trophy naturally as you go through the game. You will have to rescue somewhere in the realm of 45 puppies for Flea Flurry anyway, so you’ll get this a little over halfway through your platinum efforts.

  • Adopt your own puppy

    This trophy requires you to get every kennel in the game, the last of which is your personal kennel that lets you adopt a puppy, and then move a puppy into it. This will require a total of 1800 bones, which you will get naturally from graduating puppies and completing minigames so long as you don’t spend bones on kennel decorations beforehand.

    Once you do this, there are two ways to get the trophy. You can either let every other kennel fill up so that the next dog has to go into the personal kennel, or you can choose to adopt the puppy instead of passing it off to a new owner when prompted during owner selection. Either way, you’ll end up getting this trophy.

    Also, just because you adopt a puppy doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. You can graduate it like any other puppy, but you’ll be given a notification beforehand that you can’t play with it once it has a new owner. Not that this is different from any other puppy in the game, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you really like your digital puppy.

  • Play with 25 different puppies

    At any point while owning a puppy, you have the option to play with it. Simply select to play with the puppy from its kennel and play a game of fetch with it before you return to the kennel. It barely takes any energy and even without any decorations, you should not have a problem regenerating the energy quickly. I recommend keeping track of which puppies you’ve played with while going for this trophy to make things easier on yourself. Alternatively, you can just only play with them right before you graduate them as dogs can be graduated regardless of their current energy.

    Either way, just play with 25 different puppies and this trophy is yours. Assuming you play with all of your puppies, you should get this soon after Ton of Fun.

  • Vaccinate 10 puppies

    This is one of the possible vet minigames and while this means you won’t be able to grind it as these minigames cannot be selected randomly, you will definitely have this before you have Flea Flurry.

    This minigame consists of three small parts. You will first have to hold + to fill the vaccine, after which you will have to press when the blue circle lines up with the purple hollow circle. After this, you will have to hold + to administer the vaccine to the puppy.

    After doing this 10 times, you will have this trophy.

  • Finish trick training 10 times

    This is one of the possible training minigames. While you can grind this out by manually selecting trick training for dogs who have done a training session other than tricks, it will be unnecessary as you will inevitably do this 10 times by the time you get Flea Flurry done.

    For this minigame, you will first have to do the button combination indicated on screen, after which the dog will perform the trick and you will get a meter where you have to press when the bone is in the middle to feed the dog a bone. If you press it outside of this area, the dog will still get the bone, but it will fill the trick meter less, meaning more repetitions of the trick. Done correctly, you should only have to do 4 or 5 repetitions before you fill the meter. It should be noted that if you want to get things done more quickly, after you align the bone on the meter, you can either spam the required button/stick movement or start holding the required combination before the game prompts you to get the trick part over with quickly.

    Assuming you aren’t grinding this, you will likely get the trophy somewhere around your 30th dog.

  • Remove fleas from 15 puppies

    This is by far the biggest grind of the game, requiring you to save roughly 45 puppies in order to get it. While you don’t have to do this activity as much as you have to brush teeth or clear the obstacle course, this happens to be one of the vet minigames, which means there is no way to do it manually, thus you will get it every third dog or so and there is nothing you can do to make it appear more.

    Besides the tips in Step 2 of the roadmap, for any puppy rescue where you have to go to the construction site or the suburbs, instead of going along the road, take a hard left from the rescue shelter and ride on the path on the grass. It'll get you to the construction site far faster than taking the road. This will make things that much shorter.

    This minigame is simple and simply requires you to move a dropper side to side with and use to drop water drops on fleas to instantly kill them.

    You’ll have to do this to 3-4 fleas per wave for three waves before you win. I personally recommend trying not to constantly follow the fleas as they tend to move fast and will likely get out of your way more often than not. I personally recommend following them at first and then staying in one spot until they either kill themselves like idiots or start dancing around your drop, at which point their movement should be predictable enough that you should have no problem killing them.

    Once you’ve done this 15 times, you will have this trophy and more than likely the platinum.

  • Help 20 puppies clear the obstacle course

    This seems like a very grindy trophy seeing as how you have to clear a minigame 20 times even though it has to be done for roughly every third puppy. Thankfully, you can send puppies who had a different form of training into the Training submenu in the rescue shelter, and manually select Agility training so long as they’ve done their required training already (going in with a dog scheduled for different training will just prompt that specific training). I recommend keeping track of what training each dog has done to make this easier to keep track of.

    This is an incredibly simple minigame in which you just have to press the buttons as they show up on the top of the screen. This is all that the minigame consists of and once you’ve done this about 10 times, you’ll be done with the minigame.

    Do this for 20 different puppies and you’ll have the trophy.

  • Brush the teeth of 20 puppies

    This seems like a very grindy trophy seeing as how you have to clear a minigame 20 times even though it has to be done for roughly every third puppy. Thankfully, you can send puppies who had a different form of grooming into the Grooming submenu in the rescue shelter and manually select the Brush Teeth activity so long as they’ve done their required grooming already (going in with a dog scheduled for different grooming will just prompt that specific grooming and going in with a dog who hasn’t had training yet will bar you from grooming it until you’ve trained it). I recommend keeping track of what grooming each dog has done to make this easier to keep track of.

    This is an incredibly simple minigame that requires you to brush each of the six sections of a dog’s teeth. You can select a section with and press to start brushing. You will have to rotate clockwise if you’re brushing either the middle column or the right column (the dog’s left) of teeth and you’ll have to rotate counter-clockwise if you’re brushing the left column (the dog’s right) of teeth. Once all six sections are pearly white, you will be done with the minigame.

    After doing this for 20 puppies, you’ll have this sparkling trophy.

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