False Impressions Trophy in Back to the Future - Episode 5: OUTATIME

  • False Impressions


    Impersonated three people over the phone.

    How to unlock False Impressions

    *Missable* Inside the "House of the Future" exhibit, there is a console on the wall that activates a "phone helmet". Using this phone you can make calls and pretend to be someone else. The first thing you must do is go over to the Phone Booth of the Future, near Trixie's info booth. Once inside there, Marty will take note of the phone number.

    Now head back to the House of the Future, activate the console, and press the green button. When given the option, chose to call the Phone Booth of the Future's phone number. Trixie will answer and ask who is calling. You must select "Carl Sagan", then end the call. Call back using the same method, but this time select "Kid Tannen". Repeat this process one more time and choose the name "Some Guy". Upon ending this final call, your trophy will unlock.

    For more information, refer to the trophy walkthrough under "The Future isn't Written ".

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  • This ones easy. In the house of the future exhibit, click on the console with the red, green and blue buttons. First you have to go to the phone booth of the future so you know the phone number for it. After that in the house of the future, click on the green button from the console which activates a futuristic phone to come down. It gives you a choice to call the Brown residence or the phone booth of the future. Call the phone booth and once Trixie answers it'll give you a few people to impersonate. Just do this with three different choices, (people), and you'll get the trophy.

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