One Bad Apple Trophy in Back to the Future - Episode 3: Citizen Brown

  • One Bad Apple


    Collect every Demerit in the game.

    How to unlock One Bad Apple

    *Missable* There are 7 demerits in this game. You unlock them by doing "bad" things throughout town. 3 of them are story related (PDA, Contraband, and Dog Owning). The others are:

    • Messing with the city gate. Interact with the Gate outside of Hill Valley with the Tire Iron equipped. This must be done before entering the city via the DeLorean's Wheel. (Huge thanks to WeakerYouth for finding this one.)
    • Loitering: Interact with the Guard Shack near the Courthouse.
    • Misuse of the Squawk Box: Interact with the Squawk Box in the center of town a few times.
    • Messing With The Statue: Interact with the statue a few times. (Not while George and Lorraine are arguing.)

    Refer to "Final Solution" for the trophy walkthrough.

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  • PLEASE HELP ME i can't get this last trophey ! i don't understand, here is what i've done thus far: - messing with the door, beforte entering the city - interacted with the guard (story related, as soon as i entered the city: when i go next to him after that, i only can talk with him, there's no way to get a demerit) - interacted with the box near the statue til i got a demerit; after that he doesn't want to touch it again) - touched the statue; i got a demerit (done it several times, same demerit each time) - have had the 3 demerits story-related (PDA, alcohol, doggie). even after all that, i've had no trophey... i don't understand, did i miss something or did sth wrong ? i'm thinking about it but ahve seen no other way to get a demerit... :/ any help welcomed, thanks ! cheers
  • i forgot to mention i'm playing in EU version.
  • i've tried to do exactly what is written in the mini-walktrough by T_I_M_B_O, but still no trophey. there might be a slight difference in the beginning of the game, after entering the city: i'm story-related stuck with the cop near the statue, and can't interact with him later (i mean, i only can talk with him after that, i'm not able to get a demerit... see what i mean ?). does it count as a demerit ? is there another way to play this part of the game ? please help me, this is my last trophey for this game, and i've played it 4 times to get this f***** trophey but i just can't get it..........
  • I FOUND IT ! this was tricky ! so, for everybody: to get this trophey, you must do whatever is written in the walkthrough BUT you must try to open the door to the left of the cop near the Courthouse to get the demerit. you'll miss it if you don't interact with the door !!! thanks to for helping me out ! :-)
  • After knocking the statue around to block the camera, hit it a third time. I missed that one> best to make a safe before having the guitar battle with Leech. You should see the trophy pop after Jen calls to your from the park. If it doesn't, just reload and try to figure which one you missed.
  • I got all the demerits apart from messing with Sqwark Box, it does not issue me with the demerit after interacting with it 3 times.
  • This was annoying but easy 100
  • How in the fuck do you get the stupid demerit for the Squawk Box.

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