Hill Valley Tourist Trophy in Back to the Future - Episode 3: Citizen Brown

  • Hill Valley Tourist


    Listen to all tourist audio guides in Hill Valley.

    How to unlock Hill Valley Tourist

    *Missable* There are 7 audio tourist guides spread across Hill Valley. To find them simply head to the center of the town square, near the recycling bins and follow these steps:

    Interact with "Self Tour". (1/7)
    Walk left, to the other side of the statue.
    Interact with "Self Tour". (2/7)
    Walk left, passed the Citizen Plus Table.
    Interact with "Self Tour". (3/7)
    Walk left, towards the soup building, then left again passed all of the tables.
    Interact with "Self Tour". (4/7)
    Walk back passed the soup building, and cross the crosswalks to the north side of town.
    Walk to the right, in front of E. Brown Industries.
    Interact with "Self Tour". (5/7)
    Walk to the courthouse, on the east side of town.
    Interact with "Self Tour". (6/7)
    Walk right, passed Officer Parker.
    Interact with "Self Tour". (7/7)

    Refer to "Final Solution" for the trophy walkthrough.

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