Hope You're Insured Trophy in Back to the Future - Episode 3: Citizen Brown

  • Hope You're Insured


    Use the DeLorean parts to enter Hill Valley.

    How to unlock Hope You're Insured

    Story Related. This will unlock after using the battery and DeLorean wheel to make a makeshift hovercraft to get into Hill Valley.

     will start by finding your self stuck in the DeLorean, which is jammed through a Billboard. You need to interact with your horn to get the girl on the ground's attention. Ask her to help you and she will show you a tire iron. Trade her Kid Tannen's Flask for it. No you will be on the ground, locked out of town. Interact with the Wheel, using the tire iron to break it off of the DeLorean. Pick up the battery near the wreckage and use it on the wheel. Once this has been done, your trophy will unlock.

    Refer to "Final Solution" for the trophy walkthrough.

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  • Story related can't miss. Please beware!! Before going over the wall with the hover wheel, use the wheel wrench on the gate to get your first demerit for the One Bad Apple Trophy. If you don't you will have to start the game all over again. Grab the battery from the Delorean, use the wheel wrench on the hover wheel, add the two together, over the wall you go.

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