A Minimum of Panic Trophy in Back to the Future - Episode 2: Get Tannen!

  • A Minimum of Panic


    Rescue Arthur with minimal fuss.

    How to unlock A Minimum of Panic

    *Missable* This takes place near the beginning of the game and is not terribly difficult. Arthur is taken for interrogation by Kids' goons and you need to free him without causing too much of a ruckus. There are a few ways to do this, since certain things don't necessarily need to be done in order. To get the trophy wait until you are inside the bar/behind the counter and take out each of Kids' lackeys one by one.

    - Start by grabbing the Chloroform and pouring it into the ink bottle
    - Now turn on the sign using the sign switch
    - Now you must be a bit faster, as Cueball will only stay upstairs for a short period of time
    - Once Cueball is upstairs, activate the Panic Switch
    - Wait until Matches flicks the switch back to normal
    - Pick up the bottle that recently dropped and hit the panic switch again
    - When Matches is fumbling around for the switch this time, use the bottle on him

    If you did this without making much fuss (ie. hitting Matches with the bottle while Cueball is still in the room), then the trophy will unlock. If not, load your autosave and try again. For a more detailed walkthrough, see the "Kid Restraint" trophy.

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