The fourth dimension wall. Trophy

  • The fourth dimension wall.


    Collect Dr. Randell newsclips.

    There are three Newspaper Clippings you need to read for this trophy, 1 in Stage 2, 1 in Stage 3, and the last in Stage 4. They are kind of hard to miss, especially if you're exploring each room but just in case, their locations are as follows:

    • Stage 2 Clipping: After picking up the Pistol in the office, go through the door to the left of the Whiteboard (make note of the # on this board) in the same room. Go past the vending machine and the stairs and enter the right door (use the code from the Whiteboard). On the table in this room is the Clipping.
    • Stage 3 Clipping: After going down the 3 flights of stairs outside, you'll enter the building. Just to the right are some wooden doors. Go through these and you'll end up in the Food Court. On the far side of the room, go to the side with the tables and green chairs. On one of the tables closest to the wall is the Clipping.
    • Stage 4 Clipping: Climb up the stairs until you reach the room above the Dining Area (it'll be a little Kitchen area). The Clipping is on one of the tables in this room.

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