Life moves pretty fast. Trophy

  • Life moves pretty fast.


    Clear the second stage.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    This will unlock after you have found the missing documents for GP and take the Zipline off the roof of the hospital.

    While playing through this stage, you'll need two different codes to progress through the game:

    • The first one is located on the Whiteboard in the office where you pick up the Pistol.
    • The second is deciphered through a Whiteboard, a Note and a Painting. You want to make a note of the second top salesman (found on a whiteboard in the same room as the Newspaper Clipping for this stage), his ID # (found on a note in a room next to the office area with the 5 worm-like enemies), and the number on a painting hidden in a storage closet (through a different door in the same area). Subtract the number on the painting from the ID # to get the second code.

    The Pipe Wrench and Pistol are also both located in this stage, so be sure to keep an eye out for those (though, they are hard to miss). Additionally, there is one Newspaper Clipping to keep an eye out for (it’ll appear after you have found the Pistol).

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