• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Personal opinion) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 12 (8, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 4-6hrs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + local multiplayer + Survival Mode for clean up.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available
  • Extra Peripherals needed?: Yes, 1 Additional joypad.

Babel Rising is some kind of tower defence game. With your divine elemental powers you'll have to prevent humanity from building towers reaching the skies as they go up and up.

Here is all you have to know about the game mechanics:-

Towers: There are three types of towers -

- Great Ziggurat: the easiest, humans come from one spawn point and build their way up all around the foundation in circle.
- Tower of Babel: Same as above except humans come from two opposed spawn points. Their roads never cross so you will have to watch for both roads at the same time.
- Hanging Gardens: the hardest, 2 spawn points and a square-shaped foundation, the roads toward the summit are quite complex as they don’t just follow the tower’s border. It also has arches which hinder visibility.

Powers: There are 3 types of powers for each 4 elements - A projectile, a trail and an ultimate one. The first two are your basic powers, if you don’t use them they charge up and become more powerful when fully charged. The latter is only available after you have killed enough humans; when you use it, you have to press repeatedly or to improve its power. Unfortunately, you can only have two elements at once. Detailed powers:

- Earth: Rock (kills only one human, nothing changes when charged but usable up to three times in a row), Rift (kill every human on its way as you’re drawing it), Giant boulder (creates a big boulder which rolls over every human on its way, following the road to the spawn point and occasionally doing casualties to the tower; best used at the tower’s highest point)

- Fire: Fireball (kills several humans where it falls, can slightly damage the tower when fully charged), Fire trail (every human touching it gets immolated, the trail stays for a few seconds), Meteor shower (meteors fall where you aim, can touch 3 floors at the same time and can destroy tower parts, but only where the carpentry is still visible).

- Water: Rain, this can't kill but slows down humans. Freezing air, every human touched gets frozen, when the ice breaks they die and ice bursts can kill closer humans; the frozen can block the way of other humans. Tidal wave, water floods around 4/5 of the tower maximum height when fully charged, killing any humans lower than that; water level goes higher as you charge it.

- Wind: Thunder, electrocutes every human around it and lingers for a few seconds. Tornado, every human trapped is dead, slowly follows your cursor. Sand storm, wipes out every human on the tower at the point where you aim it and can touch two floors.

Enemies: you will encounter several types of human -

- Workers: basic human, they just follow the road to the summit and build a little portion when they reach the farthest point.

- Priests: Priests have a shield around them which protects them from one of your powers, ultimate powers included. The colour determines which of the four elements is ineffective. Other humans in the shield are protected as well. Sometimes they stop to pray, that’s all they do but still enough to be a pain in a given situation.

- Cursed jar bearers: They bear a cursed jar which they drop randomly on the road which disappears after some time. You have to be extra careful not to accidentally kill the bearer or break the dropped jar, or the power you used will be sealed for a while. When they spawn you will hear some kind of evil laughter.

- Ships: Sometimes the waves of humans will slow down then stop to spawn, then you will hear a horn blowing and a timer with a boat on it, you have to press so the camera travels to the port. Here there is some kind of shooting phase; you have to destroy all the boats incoming with unlimited fireballs. Honestly I don't understand what kind of influence they have over the tower's construction but it's fairly easy to clean every wave perfectly anyway, just aim slightly ahead of the ship's bow.

- Construction towers: They look like siege towers, slowly come close to the tower then opens to act as another spawn point so you have to take them out ASAP. To destroy them, just hit them twice with any power (careful, ultimate counts as only one blow). You will hear drums when they spawn.

Now that you know everything about the gameplay, you're armed to hunt these trophies.

Step 1: Complete the campaign
The campaign is composed of fifteen chapters, where you will basically try to stop the construction of the tower; the only different things are the victory conditions, and difficulty adds up at every chapter. You will also earn every options for the other modes (maps, difficulty etc.).

During this step you will earn:

Babel Falling

You may also earn most of these trophies:

Falling stone
Great balls of fire
Holy wave
Blown Away
Full house

Step 2: Solo clean up
If you miss any of the above trophies, just go in Survival mode, choose the Great Ziggurat tower and easy mode and complete the missing trophy requirements. Note: All of these have to be done either in Campaign or Survival and none other as mentioned in the Trophy Guide

Step 3: Local multiplayer
The game has a multiplayer mode but it's local only so you will require a second controller to earn those trophies. Having another player is optional, you can handle it by yourself leaving the other controller idle. You will have to play at least a round of coop and several short competitive rounds.

During this step you will earn:

Cruel God
Break the ice

[PST Would Like To Thank GastNDorf for this Road Map]

Babel Rising Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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12 trophies ( 8  )

  • Crush 20 workers with one giant boulder. (Campaign, Survival)

    You have to kill enough humans with an Earth element to launch the ultimate Earth power. Once done, wait for enough humans to walk on the tower (let them build it for a bit if necessary) then aim for the highest point on the tower and launch the giant boulder to let it roll over them.

  • Damage 5 tower blocks with one meteor shower. (Campaign, Survival)

    This is the ultimate fire power so charge it by using a fire element until you can use it. You might have it without even trying but the basic strategy is to aim for highest parts of the tower where you can see carpentry as this is the easiest to break. As it can damage several floors at the same time, your best bet is in the Tower of Babel, just try to aim both unfinished roads at the same time. You can also aim for the summit of Hanging Gardens.

  • Use a tidal wave that spares cursed jar bearers. (Campaign, Survival)

    This trophy is quite tedious. You have to use a water element to charge your ultimate water power. Once done, you need to have one or more cursed jar bearers high on your tower (you should let it build at 3/4 of its height) and launch your tidal wave so that at least one survives. Don't charge its power with or above 10% or the wave may go higher. Note: The jar bearers have to be there when you unleash your power, dropped jar won't count but if the bearer drops it during the tidal wave, that’s fine.

  • Use a sand storm to send a worker flying far away. (Campaign, Survival)

    This is the wind ultimate power. Use a wind element a lot to be allowed to use this, then let the workers build about 4 floors or higher. Try to gather numerous workers (rain from water element helps) next to the highest current point and use your sand storm to send them flying in the air! I'd say this is kind of a luck based trophy but if you do accordingly you'll put all the chances to your side.

  • Kill 10000 workers over multiple sessions. (Campaign, Survival)

    You will most likely unlock this during the campaign. I personally unlocked it in the last chapter but I assume this is possible to not unlock it as I failed 2 or 3 chapters once and the length of some chapters may vary from a person to another. If you haven't earned it by the time you finished the Campaign then keep the slaughter going in Survival mode, without pressure and tons of workers to slay.

  • Kill 50 workers. (Campaign, Survival)

    You will earn this after finishing the first chapter because that requires 75 kills.

  • Complete the campaign.

    The campaign consists in 15 chapters which are as follow:

    I - Foundations: Kill 75 workers
    II - Fire and brimstone: Withstand 20 waves of workers
    III - False prophets: Defeat 40 priests
    IV - Deluge: Resist for 8 minutes
    V - Wind of change: Kill 450 workers
    VI - A New beginning: Fight off the workers for 9 minutes
    VII - Cursed path: Spare 25 cursed jars
    VIII - Rosary of souls: Score 100,000 points
    IX - Sea legs: Destroy 72 ships
    X - Under siege: Destroy 30 construction towers
    XI - Divine Gardens: Kill 450 workers
    XII - Accursed Priests: Withstand 42 waves of workers
    XIII - Babel Towers: Destroy 5 construction towers (/! You then have to kill 25 priests)
    XIV - Soul collector: Score 500,000 points
    XV - Last stand: Resist for 20 minutes

    Note: The first five chapters take place in the Great Ziggurat, the next five in the Tower of Babel itself and the last five in the Hanging Gardens. Most of the chapters are not that hard except the last ones which will require some patience. The strategy is always the same, just do your best to stop the tower construction.

    You won't be able to choose your elements in most chapters but if you can, choose wisely and take the elements you're most comfortable with. Fire and wind are good for mass killing, water is great for keeping your combo bar up and slowing down humans, earth is great for precision strikes (for preserving the jar bearers, mostly).

    When the victory condition is a score requirement try to do high combo multipliers, it is done by using several different powers without the combo bar turning off which happens if you don't hit anything within a few seconds.

    The last chapter is a real pain as 20 minutes is very long. Moreover, the humans will gain extra speed when the timer shows about 4 minutes remaining. You may want to take wind and water as elements, the first being quite good to kill a lot of people at the same time, the second being useful for slowing down a road while looking at another. Also. their ultimate powers are more efficient and will let you catch your breath while lasting longer than the others. Also, there is a trick to shave off some time with water. When you feel there is going to be a wave of ships, kill the remaining humans while keeping up one alive (the least high on the tower preferably) and slow him down with rain repeatedly, when he's too high kill him with freezing air. If done correctly you can win up to 30 seconds at a time; there are 3 waves of ships during the battle so that makes one and a half minute in total. It seems so few but can be crucial at the same time.

  • Send 10 maximum difficulty waves to your opponent in a versus multiplayer match.

    Choose a competitive mode in the menu, any will do as they're basically the same and only the timer varies. The Great Ziggurat in easy mode is most advised.

    First let me explain what a difficulty wave means. When you finish a combo in competitive mode, there is a red evil worker icon (just like the trophy picture) which goes from your combo bar to the screen of the other player, this is a difficulty wave, it just adds more humans on the player’s tower. Next to the icon there's a number, this is the level of the wave. What you want to do is the number being 24, which is the maximum. I can't say how much you need to score in a combo (anyway that’s really hard to plan it while playing) but I can say you have to do a combo of around 14 or more to achieve a maximum difficulty wave.

    A tip for doing quick, high combos is to take earth and water elements. With water you can keep your combo bar full with the rain, as long as it hits humans (but it doesn't add to the combo unless you use it first). With earth you have the rocks which charges very quickly and of course counts as a combo each time you use another power between two rocks i.e. use rain - use rock – use rain – use rock = 3 combos using two powers and your bar stays full for a moment and it just took around 6 seconds, you have the other two powers to help to.

    One last important point if you're doing this alone with two controllers: The idle one is likely to lose very fast, say 5 minutes of game. It's okay if you don't do it in one round but you have to do it in one session! This means you can't go back to the menu, you have to hit the restart button and keep going until you earn the trophy or the progression will be lost. This doesn't take too many rounds anyway but be careful of this while attempting the trophy.

  • Kill 30 workers frozen by the other player in a coop game.

    This time choose coop mode from the menu. The Great Ziggurat in easy mode is once again your best bet.

    All you have to do is having the second player freezing humans with the freezing air from water element and the main player must kill them before the ice breaks. It breaks quite quickly so I recommend you use quick powers, thunder works best and the rift is good enough to. It means the main player should take wind and earth while the other get fire and water. I don't know if this has to be done in only one round but there's no reason you shouldn't as this is really easy.

  • Earn the highest distinction by performing power combos. (Campaign, Survival)

    The distinction is the word which appears on the screen after you reach certain combos. I can't say which one is the highest for certain but it's fairly easy to do. If you haven't earned it naturally until the end of the campaign, you can go in Survival mode, choose the Great Ziggurat in easy mode and do the trick for high combos with earth and water I described in the Cruel God trophy guide. With this trick you can potentially do infinite combos so there's no reason you don’t earn this.

  • Destroy 15 cursed jars in a single game. (Campaign, Survival)

    Don't bother trying to focus on this trophy in chapter VII (because I'm sure you would ) or any other campaign chapter as breaking cursed jars are quite a handicap in that the bearers are scarcer in the Campaign than in Survival mode, plus the latter is also way easier. Note: You may earn it naturally during the Campaign anyway. Over than that it's an easy trophy, just aim your powers to the bearers as soon as you spot them and it won’t take much time. Having one or two powers sealed is okay if you chose the easy maps and modes.

  • Survive 5 minutes when the tower is almost complete. (Campaign, Survival)

    Just like the last trophy, don't bother earning this in the Campaign as it's too risky and moreover you may not have enough time for surviving 5 minutes. What you want to do is choose Survival mode, The Great Ziggurat in easy mode then let the workers build the tower to the summit. When you judge the tower is really high, just try to slow down the flow of workers (you don't want to let 10 workers go to the summit at the same time and let them finish the tower instantly), try to let them pass one by one with some space between them. You know you're ready to survive when the workers build a flat summit on the tower and began to build a house on it. On the Great Ziggurat it looks like some kind of round temple with columns, if you're doubtful you can let them build it completely just to see how it is then restart but there's no reason to. Once they build at least one column, you know it's time stop them at all cost. Any power will do, just take those you're most comfortable with.

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