Hawk, wolf, puma and bear Trophy

  • Hawk, wolf, puma and bear


    Kill 1000 droids/creeps.

    Easy trophy, it'll come in time. Using skills that attack multiple enemies (Clunk's Explosion, Froggy G's Splash Dash, Sheriff Lonestar's Dynamite) will help. Droids are the little robots that come out each team's base, and automatically goes after the enemies turrets. There are the little ones, the flying ones, and the super droids which carry rocket-launchers that spawn after you destroy an enemy turret. Creeps are the neutral enemies you can find in all levels (horned things in Ribbit IV, worms in Sorona, and robots in AI Station 404). Either way, you can check your progress by going to Help & Options > Stats and looking at the "Kills" section.

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  • YES, a salute to BRAVESTAR! a classic cartoon from TMNT era!

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