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    Win game sessions with six different characters.

    The six different characters (in order) are: Clunk, Froggy G, Yuri, Sheriff Lonestar, Leon Chameleon and Voltar.

    You can go to Help & Options > Stats and look at the "By Class" section to see your win percentage. If any of them are at 0, you've obviously never won using that character. Apparently you can do this either from start to finish or by joining late into a game. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you win a match where you were in it from beginning to end.

    Note: This trophy has glitched for many people, requiring them to win more than one game with certain characters. If it doesn't unlock for you, don't worry, just win a few more games and you'll get it.

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  • Anyone have any advice on doing any good with Voltar? I know he's supposed to be the healer, but he seriously sucks pretty hard at attacking!

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