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  • Party at Sky Vault


    Win a game session with 2 friends splitscreen.

    This one requires 3 controllers (DualShock, PC Logitech Pad, and the official Sony remote control for a Blu-Ray player all work, but not a Move controller). And if you happen to have a PS2 controller with a convert wire, it'll only take 2 controllers.

    It can be done in "Battle", "Private Match" and "Practice". This can be quite tricky to do solo as the bots can actually be pretty difficult sometimes, so it's suggested you either actually play with 2 friends, or you get 1 or more friends on the opposing team to make it easier for you, e.g. letting you kill them for Solar, not helping their teammates, etc.

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  • Such a pain if your stuck with 1 controller and no friends to bring over controllers lmao.
  • I have the three controllers, but no friends who want to play.
  • add me if u wanna boost this... i have an extra controller (2 total) PSN-ID= Kuroitatsu
  • I have done this twice in practice, playing 1 controller.. & the other doing nothing. I still defeated the enemy base & i did not get the trophy.
  • I'm not positive, but I think you need to be in an online session, not practice.
  • yeah u have to be online session to get this trophy... my mates airnt good at this game so all the hope in the world is to train my mrs up lol (wish me luck)
  • online can be private. so yea
  • I have every semester, after exams, a gamenight with around 10 friends --> Problem solved? No, we only can play with 6 O_o
  • my mrs and I was on battle online split screen and won the game but no trophy i was gutted then i found out it has too be a private match... so have too do it all again lol and its the last trophy im after as well grrrrrrrrr
  • just to comfirm my mrs and I have just got *BLING* for this trophy... what we done was turned on 3 duelshock controllers on, got 1 of my mates on my playstation network and he turned his 3 controllers on and played a private match and took it in turns to win and at the end of winning u will get the *BLING*
  • anybody got 3 controllers and wanna do this? PSN: CyrahOmega
  • Gah only missing this trophy and the invite one -.- I have 3 controllers no friends that have the game and no friends to help me defeat the bots. :/
  • Has anyone tried using two controllers and someone on their friends list (it says split screen and 2 friends...) because I only have 2 controllers so I'm wondering if that would work
  • Practice with splitscreen (three controllers total) definitely works for the trophy.
  • I'm looking to boost this. PSN ID: ryuji_sakujo

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