Awesomenauts, roll out! Trophy

  • Awesomenauts, roll out!


    Unlock 3 characters.

    You'll get this once you unlock Clunk (the big robot) at level 3, Voltar (the floating brain) at level 6, and Yuri (the Mojo Jojo (flying monkey) rip-off) at level 11.

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  • Think this is glitched. Unlocked all the characters except the last monkey type guy and still no trophy. Also, it say some characters are locked when they are not? Then they are unlocked for the next game?
  • Well, I believe that when someone picks the character you pick it becomes locked for the round, so I am guessing there can only be one type of character inside each round.
  • you have to get all six characters for this trophy.
  • Same as post #1 this trophy is glitched. I have unlocked all characters twice. Still no trophy.

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